Totally unnecessary and totally pathetic! – 13th December 1999

Monday 13th The weekend has not put a stop to Hayley’s pathetic attempts to wind me up. This morning she was giving out Xmas cards very obviously by yelling the person’s name and stating that she had a card for them before flinging it across the room. Many came in my direction, some of which hit me followed by the comment, “Ha ha!! That was a good throw!” from the Twisted Bitch herself but none of them were for me. She didn’t give Lizzie one either. Sad cow!

Even though she’s not given me a card, I’m giving her one because otherwise it’ll only be an excuse to slag me off. If I didn’t then she’d make sure everyone knew about it whereas the fact she didn’t give me one will probably go unnoticed because I’m not going to make a big fuss about it.

She also had a dig at Lizzie in a room full of people today as well. A lot of people suspect that Gethin might fancy Lizzie so today Gethin said, “I don’t fancy you Lizzie.” Hayley heard this and yelled, “Oh well, Lizzie thinks everybody fancies her!” That was totally unnecessary and totally pathetic!

I managed to block the SIM card on Lizzie’s phone today by trying to guess the pin number one too many times. She was pissed off to start with but, unlike Hayley, was back to normal with me about 10 mins later. And people wonder why I’m better mates with Lizzie than Hayley! I was worrying about the phone all day because I thought she might not get it sorted but thankfully she did.

I saw the gorgeous Riley tonight. I’ve not seen him for ages because his family moved to a different area of his village but he was at the infants Xmas party at the primary school tonight. I went along to help my mum sort the kids out and he went to watch his brother who’s in my mum’s class. Riley’s still fit as ever!



So I sent him another saying, “YOUR LIFE IS NOT FUCKED! IT’S ONLY LIZZIE 4 GOD’S SAKE! YOU’RE RIGHT, U CAN’T DO OWT BUT U’LL GET OVER IT. THERE’S PLENTY OF OTHER GIRLS ABOUT e.g. ZOE. U LIKE HER DON’T U?” That may have sounded a bit harsh but he needed telling. Poor lad, I do feel sorry for him.


She was his lobster – 25th October 1999

Monday 25th I went into Warrington with Zoe today because she wanted some shoes. We stopped off at McDonald’s for lunch and Oscar was working there so he talked to us for a bit and told me what Aled had said about waking up, seeing me on his bed and thinking, “Yeah!”. He then started saying how we should do something tomorrow but had to go so he said to phone him this evening.

He ended up on the 4:40pm bus home with us and I gave him my phone number and my mobile number so he could ring me. I also gave him Brett’s mobile number because he’d been going on about how he wanted it for future reference (e.g. for prank calls!).

We talked a lot on the way home. I said mostly about how I felt really guilty about Sarah and Oscar told me he reckoned Aled and I should get together. Then Oscar went on about how he really liked Lizzie and stuff and how she was his lobster (he got that off Friends!) and how he wanted to meet Brett and then burst him with a pin. Zoe kept pretty quiet for once!

This evening, Oscar rang and we decided to just get the bus into Warrington and decide where to go from there. Then we just talked about Lizzie + him and me + Aled. He says he’ll find out if Aled likes me or not. He might be coming tomorrow and all. That could be very awkward but I can’t decide if it actually will be or not.

I’m scared now as well as confused! I really don’t know what to expect.


P.S. Keely Wade who I used to be best mates with in primary school won £10,000 this morning on Key 103’s Fiver Fever thing. How lucky is she?!

“We’ve been going out for about 24 hours now” – 15th August 1999

Sunday 15th Abby and I were feeling guilty today about spending loads of time with Rhian and not much with Tom and Minnie so when they asked us to play Gladiators with them, we agreed. It was actually quite good fun! We did that Gauntlet game down the hallway using pillows and cushions. When it came to Rhian’s turn to be timed, she began running and didn’t have to battle her way to the end because we all dived out of her way!

Grandma L took us out for high tea at Mackays Hotel this evening. It was quite nice and Auntie S was telling us stories about some play thing that she was acting in which included a commentary of a fake horse race that featured a horse called Hoof Hearted. Tom found that rather amusing!

I was getting a bit paranoid though today about how much people know about me and Duncan. I’m sure my Auntie S knows because it was all her friends at the party and Rhian wasn’t being too subtle when she grinning and stared at me as Duncan’s name cropped up in conversation.

I also panicked a bit when this Murray bloke came out of the staff section of the hotel and started talking to us because he’d been at the party. It’s just that every time someone asks if I enjoyed myself, they look as if they know something.

I spoke to Duncan on the phone at about 11:30 am because Kate phoned to say goodbye because she and Amelia went back to their mum’s in Brighton today. Duncan must have been put on the phone and I was told to come and speak to him so I did. It wasn’t a long conversation, he just asked if I had a hangover and if I remembered. Of course I remembered and I told him that.

He just said how he didn’t want me to go again and that he’d keep in touch and hopefully we’ll see each other at Christmas. We don’t think we’ll see each other until then because he was going to the airport in Inverness with Kate and Amelia and their flight was quite late. He said he might phone later in the evening though.

He did at about 8:00 pm or something. Rhian had been on the phone to Laura and when she hung up, she saw that a number had been waiting to get through so she phoned it and found out it had been Duncan trying to get hold of me. I spoke to him and he wanted to meet up somewhere. I made the excuse that I had to stay in with Tom and Minnie when I was actually going down the town with Abby and Rhian anyway. I did that partly because I thought it might be awkward seeing him again now we’re sober and partly because I didn’t want to say goodbye again.

I went out with the other 2 and we were given until 10:30 pm seeing as it was the last night. At about 9:00 pm I decided I wanted to see Duncan after all because it’ll probably be at least 4 months until I see him again and I might have regretted not spending my last night with him. Abby dialled his number and handed the phone straight to me when it began ringing. Duncan answered so I told him I’d escaped and asked if he could come down and meet us. He actually wanted me to go to up there because there was nobody in but the others couldn’t be bothered so Duncan came to us.

Abby and Rhian had spotted Ashley and Greg kicking a can about by the bank so Duncan and I just followed them round and wound them up a bit when they came out of the chippy by saying we’d just seen Ashley and Greg drive past loads.

Duncan was being quite talkative actually. I thought he’d go all quiet on me again but he didn’t. He was taking the piss out of Rhian’s late night eating habits and the fact she’s a bit unfit because of that. She didn’t seem to care but then she says he’s always winding her up.

As we were walking down by the river, the other 2 were shouting something to us which I couldn’t quite hear. I only realised they were telling us to hold hands when Duncan said, “Shall we just do it to keep them happy?” but Abby just grabbed a hand each and put ours together in the end anyway. We were stood there holding hands on the bridge, waiting for the others to catch us up, and Duncan said, “We’ve been going out for about 24 hours now.” [Milestone.] I thought it was really sweet of him to notice and point it out to be honest because I didn’t really think about it.

He also told me that when I phoned he thought it was because I was going to tell him that I was staying for a few more days. I felt really snidey for getting his hopes up then.

He was telling me that Kate, Amelia and his sisters were all wanting details from him last night. Sounds familiar because I was getting the same off Rhian and Abby. Those 2 were telling me last night that that Diane woman had been asking how the love-match was going and stuff. Also, apparently Frances had been following us round and checking up on us.

It started raining so we ended up sheltering at the bus stop. Duncan was trying to warm my hands up and kept holding them tighter when I loosened my grip. He did the same when Melanie turned up with some other girl and came over. We thought she was going to have another go at us but instead she asked which one she’d been picking on the other day and then apologised to Abby. I suppose that’s something anyway. You wouldn’t get an apology off most people.

After that we made our way home. Duncan walked with us to the passage where we said our goodbye. We kissed once and then hugged for ages then kissed quickly on the lips before I turned to go. He still had hold of my hand so I told him to he had to write and phone and things and he told me he would.

I really didn’t want to leave him. It makes going home even worse than usual. I really do like Duncan and I think he really likes me too. Christmas just seems so far away 😦


Some grotesque teenage beast of a boy – 6th & 7th August 1999

Friday 6th Rhian, Abby and I went swimming today. The main reason behind it was not to swim but to see Ben McFarlane. We did but only briefly. He wasn’t actually doing his pool attending like we’d hoped but he was in the shop part.

I saw Rhian’s friend Laura Morgan’s brother, Duncan, today. The rest of his family are in Florida but he’s stayed here with his auntie who’s having a barbeque tomorrow to which we’re invited. Duncan was working in his parent’s café today and Rhian was ordered by Auntie S to introduce us to him, seeing as he’ll be at this barbeque as well, but she didn’t.

Instead, Rhian got food and I got a good look at Duncan. I’ve never seen him before but Abby saw him at Christmas and Rhian sees him all the time and they both told me he was minging. So, I went in there expecting him to be some grotesque teenage beast of a boy but in fact I was pleasantly surprised! I mean, he’s not drop-dead-gorgeous but he’s not half as bad as I expected. Abby did actually say he’d improved though.

We went for another walk around the town tonight and saw Greg Thompson again. This time he was stood on a street corner with 3 other lads. I gave Hayley a ring from the phonebox (I’m not missing anything apparently) and these 3 lads (different ones) started whistling and waving. Then they came over and went in the phonebox next to us but they were only pretending to use the phone. Unfortunately, none of them were nice looking!

We were also getting attention off some builders working on Woolies, one of which was quite young and quite nice but they were up high on scaffolding. At one point the nice one came down and we thought he was following us but he turned down some other street.

I got the full registration plate of Ben’s car. It’s OLL 3415. [Jesus.]

Greg’s car, well, the one he was in last night is K24 JPT. Rhian left a message on the back of a sweet wrapper in the windscreen wipers saying:

I ♥ G. Thompson 4 ever. ♥ me! xxx

She wrote another tonight saying:

Greg Thompson is a BABE! ♥ from me! xxx
P.S. If you wanna know who “me” is, keep watchin’ those wipers!

She says she’ll stick it on the car tomorrow.

She is now in the process of writing a wind-up letter to James Douglas (for me to give to him when I get home) which implies she rather fancies him. In fact she does because she’s seen his photo but this letter isn’t exactly a serious one.


Saturday 7th Rhian, Abby and I went to Thurso this afternoon but it was more boring that Wick so we came back again.

Greg Thompson was stood on his usual corner so we had to walk past him about 5 times for Rhian’s benefit. I made sure we walked past the café too so I could catch a quick glimpse of Duncan. I saw him but I don’t think he saw me.

I went to the barbeque tonight. It was quite good because there were quite a few young people there. As well as me, Rhian, Abby, Tom and Minnie, there was Duncan and his soon-to-be step-cousins Kate and Amelia.

Amelia’s only 11 but Kate’s 14 I think so we four older girls went for a walk in the dark and saw the K24 JPT car drive past loads with Greg in the back yelling things like, “You’re looking cracking tonight, girls!” Kate’s got a boyfriend back in Brighton but she says she’ll come with us to stalk Greg and co. another day.

As for Duncan, well, to start with he was being a bit quiet but as the evening went on he made me hold Tom still while he squirted him with a water pistol then threatened to get me with it. Later on, he began to sit with us in the kitchen and stuff and spoke a bit more and laughed at us when we were doing Steps ‘5, 6, 7, 8’ in the talent show until he fell asleep. [The bottle of Whyte & Mackay he had in his possession might have had something to do with all of that.]


Nothing really interesting happened but we caught each other’s eye the odd time and he usually came in the room I was in. I don’t really think he’s interested in me. Same old story!

He fell asleep again later so I was given his fleece by someone when we went outside again. It smelled nice.

Anyway, I’m going to bed.


Diving around our house, dangling at me – 1st August 1999

Sunday 1st I knew it! I’m probably hardly ever going to see Emma and Keira anymore now they’ve found love in Appleton. Emma just phoned me, you see, and I got all excited, thinking that maybe something interesting was happening later. No such luck. All she wanted was Keira’s phone number because she’s lost her address book and Gavin’s asked Emma to go and visit them later on.

It’s a shame Gavin’s mate Nathan Holmes wasn’t interested in me very much at Davis Nolan’s little party thing because I was curtained interested in him but then that’s just the way things always seem to work out for me!

I have suspicions about what’ll happen next now. I reckon that on Wednesday when I go up to Scotland for my holidays and Emma’s friend Suzanna comes back from hers in Germany, Emma’ll arrange to go and visit Gavin and she’ll take Suzanna along. Also at Gavin’s will be Nathan. Nathan will decide he likes Suzanna and vice versa so by the time I get home again it’ll be Emma + Gavin, Keira + Maz and Suzanna + Nathan. Everyone’ll then forget about me and I’ll be forced back into choosing whether to go out on those fun-filled nights to the Sports Club with Hayley or stay at home and watch TV.

Okay, I think that’s enough negativity for one day. Let’s change the subject…

My Grandma L has come to stay with us for a couple of days. She actually lives in Wick with my Auntie S and her family but she’s been staying with my Uncle R near Cambridge. She’s going to travel back to Wick with us on Wednesday. I’ve not seen her since Christmas so it’s nice to spend time with her.

My Grandma S who lives in Rochdale couldn’t lock her front door or something so we all, plus Rosie (our Scottie dog) went to visit her this evening and my dad sorted the door. The two Grandmas just sat and chatted and forgot things and laughed about forgetting things then forgot what they were laughing about! I love them both. They make me smile.

I’ve recently developed a fear of daddy longlegs. I’ve never been too keen on them but with the hot weather, they’re all growing to unnerving sizes and fluttering and diving around our house, dangling at me. Urgh!!

I was also dived at by a great big furry moth before. I don’t like them much either. I agree with people that they can be very beautiful but when trapped in a bathroom with one hurtling at me, I tend not to like them as much.

Loads of frogs appeared in the garden before. It has been extremely hot and dry for a few days so they probably welcomed the nice, wet, cool thunderstorms of earlier on. They were all leaping about and they varied from great big ones to the tiny froglets that only emerged a few weeks ago.


Destined for disappointment – 28th July 1999

Wednesday 28th Yesterday I went round to Emma’s. It didn’t seem to be a problem with Hayley coz I asked her but she didn’t want to come. The people who did go were me, Emma (obviously!), Maisie Jones, Keira Osborne, Patrick Campbell, Dougie, Ed, Davis, Brian Short, Stuart Hobbs and Gethin. All we really did was sit and talk and then Davis said we could all go round to his for the night if we wanted coz the rest of his family are away.

So, later on, I went back round to Emma’s and we got the bus to Warrington bus station and then one to Davis’s. Patrick didn’t go but Isaac McFarlane did instead. When we got to Davis’s, I was quite pleased to see 3 lads I didn’t know stood there. Well, one of them was Gavin Bilson who I have met once before but I didn’t know the others. They were Mark Parry (a.k.a. Maz P) and Nathan Holmes.

I kind of thought I could’ve been in with the chance with one of them seeing as Maisie is going out with Brian and Emma went with [snogged] Gavin but I was yet again destined for disappointment. You see, even though Keira still likes Dougie, she also seemed to have her eye on these two lads. Unfortunately, they (especially Maz P) seemed to quite like her too. I decided I much preferred Nathan anyway and he began to talk to me a bit and seemed really nice.

I sort of nearly fell over at one point when Keira and I were testing our sense of balance but he stopped me by putting his arms round my waist. He didn’t let go for quite a while either.

All 3 are 17 I think and Gavin had a driving lesson in the morning and Nathan left at about 1:30am with him coz his dad was away and his mum was at home on her own or summit. Keira got a hug off him as he left. I didn’t. What am I doing wrong, hey?

Keira ended up going with [snogging] Maz P and they went into the spare room and slept.

Sleep was something which I didn’t get any of. Neither did Dougie or Stuart. It was fun actually when we were the only ones awake. We just talked and threw things at Ed and Gethin and then we attempted to get cola bottle sweets in the bowl-style lamp shade. We got 3 in so Davis won’t be pleased when he finds them.

Dougie and I were doing a lot of giggling. I’m not sure what about but it was really funny!

Earlier on, when Gethin was awake he was really getting on my nerves. He was being really creepy and kept lying on the floor next to me and stuff. Ed was doing it later and head his arm round me and was playing with my hair and stuff and kept kissing me but I didn’t mind so much from him. Plus everyone expected summit to happen with me and Gethin for some reason but the idea of that makes me feel sick!

Dougie, Keira, Emma and I all left at about 10:00 am and got the bus back home. On the way, Emma said it would be good if she went out with Gavin and Keira went out with Maz P. Then she added on that it’d be good if me and Nathan got together. I wish! It won’t happen, believe me!

When I got home I slept from about 11:30 am to 6:30 pm and I’m still tired now.

I want armchairs and sofas like Davis’s. They’re so cool. They’re sort of reclining ones and so comfy.


P.S. I got told by Stuart that Paul Nutt’s Hotmail password used to be Tessa. Creep!

I get all the gimps! – 22nd July 1999

Thursday 22nd We went to Bobbejaanland theme park or “Bobberjobberland” as we renamed it! We did a concert there which, again, went well and I discovered a couple of nice looking waiters equipt with baseball caps called Jo and Jan so I stared at them for a while.

We were allowed on all the rides for the rest of the day. I went round with Emma, Keira, Dougie, Cat, Charlie Wilson, Ed and loads of others. On this water ride thing, there were these 2 ugly lads who were smiling at me in the queue. They then tried to talk to me but I didn’t understand. As usual, I get all the gimps!


After going on the water rides I was soaking and the rain didn’t help either. It was Mr P-R who was splashing everyone with the manky greeny-brown water that had the worst effect. Prick!

We wanted to warm up and dry off a bit so we went on the Revolution which was indoors. There was a good looking lad that Emma, Keira and I had spotted during the concert who was stood behind us in the queue. He was with his mates by then though and turned out to be a right creep! Typical!

We had tea back at the hostel. As the bloke behind the counter handed us the plates of food, he turned round and grinned at his mate as he said, “Bon appetit”. We realised later on that it was coz we’d all thought the meat was beef but it was in fact horse tongue!

That night went pretty much the same as the last one had with us all visiting each other until very late. Charlie decided he fancied Emma and was constantly asking where she was. She was in the room of Essex slags, I think keeping an eye on our lads but I didn’t tell him that coz she told me she doesn’t like him and I hadn’t got to let her go with [snog] him or anything.

Later on, when we’d all had a bit to drink, I went in Charlie’s room, sat down and talked to Joe Anson and Anthony Wiley. I turned to talk to Charlie who was on his bunk, only to discover Cat had wrapped her arms round him and was lying down behind him rubbing his chest! Charlie was giving the rest of us an oh-my-God-what’s-she-doing kind of look but we all went and left him.

I ran up the corridor to Davis and Dougie etc. and told everyone they had to come and have a look at Cat. Emma was the only one who did actually come and by the time we got back, Charlie had turned over so the 2 of them were sort of intertwined. It was so funny coz it’s not the kind of thing you expect from Cat!

We found out later that Cat had actually launched herself at Charlie and he hadn’t resisted so they ended up going with [snogging] each other. That was even more amusing. I also realised that I quite like Charlie myself but I managed to convince myself that it was only because there was nobody better.

I went in my room later with Davis and Heidi Warner coz they weren’t allowed on their own in a room. I just got talking with Davis and he said that I should go into town with him and Gavin Bilson etc. when we got home. I hope he means it and gets in touch coz I can’t stand the thought of being bored again.

Keira got a bit upset before we slept coz Dougie was giving her mixed signals or summit. She said at Bobberjobberland she’d been getting on really well and stuff with him but that evening he’d been really off with her. She was confused so she got really upset.

Cat also began to piss the rest of us off today coz she was being really miserable and constantly had a long face on her.