We tried to give him a profile on Manline – 25th February 2001

Sunday 25th
5 weeks + 4 days to go!

I went skiing today!!! 🙂

It was Cat’s sister’s birthday earlier on this week and she went to Tamworth indoor snow thing and let me got too! I really did need to ski! I can still do it pretty well too! 🙂

Cat and I were both sooo excited cos we love skiing and haven’t done it for about a year. When we arrived we were already in the mood cos everywhere was snowy all the way down the motorway. We went inside and could see the main slope. We just wanted to get on and ski but you have to be allocated cards so you can only go on at a certain time.

We were finally allowed to go get our boots and skis and go onto the slope. It took ages to get to the top cos we had to go up this really slow travellator thing. Neither of us wanted to go first once we got to the top, just in case we’d forgotten how to ski! I went first in the end and I hadn’t forgotten at all! 🙂

We were only allowed on for an hour cos that’s how much £20 gets you (rip-off!) and most of the time was spent getting back up to the top cos we’re pretty fast so it didn’t take long to get to the bottom. I think we went down about 8 times altogether, which isn’t really that much.

There were some big icy patches on the slope which even good people fell over on. Cat and I didn’t fall over once though cos we had the Pra Loup experience when we spent about a week skiing on ice!

We didn’t want to stop skiing but we had to cos you get charged an extra £5 for every extra 15 minutes you ski. We got some lunch there and then looked round the Ellis Brigham shop at the ski gear. It really is a sport for rich people! It’s so unfair! I could never afford all the things you need!

I went back to Cat’s for a bit and we signed Mr L up for a few crap newsletters on the internet. We tried to give him a profile on Manline which seemed to be a gay dating site but unfortunately we ran out of time cos her dad came in to drop me off at home!

Jake told me he’d phone at 7pm tonight but he didn’t. I was really worried cos he normally phones when he says he will and he’d been saying how much he wanted to speak to me for a long time today cos he wasn’t skiing. I hate the feeling I get when he doesn’t phone. It’s a horrible sense of dread and sort of helplessness cos I can’t do anything about it.

He eventually rang at about 8:40pm and said he’d phoned home first and couldn’t get rid of his brother which is why he was so late phoning. I wasn’t annoyed with him cos it wasn’t his fault and I was just sooo relived!

He passed Level 1 of his course which means I’m now going out with a ski instructor! That does sound good! 🙂 He kept saying how pleased he is and would like to teach Cat and me how to improve at skiing! I didn’t like that idea at first cos I thought I might feel stupid and he’d show off but the more I think about it, the more I like it! He could be quite useful really! 🙂

He told me he’ll phone at about 4pm and not to worry if it’s a bit later cos he’ll be finishing his breakfast!


Today’s emails →

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‘Unique’ in a nice way – 25th & 26th February 2000

Friday 25th to Saturday 26th Skied in the morning and didn’t fall once. It was only me and Cat in the afternoon lesson because the lads buggered off somewhere. It was either icy or slushy but good.

When I took my skis back. I saw a Scottie dog which made me realise that I didn’t actually mind going home.

We had our badge presentation and Alex wore shorts.

The coach journey went quite quickly because I slept for quite a while. We managed to get an earlier ferry using the injuries as an excuse for them to let us on. Mr L’s stalkers (they sat outside his room until 2am – sad!!) were on it.

We arrived back at school at about 4:30pm. I got a daft certificate off the teachers saying, “This is to certify that she was in the right place at the right time, wasn’t she Robbie?” I didn’t really understand it. I think they were basically saying that I managed to stay faithful to Jake.

As I was crossing the Channel on the ferry, messages started coming through on my phone. One was from 18th February saying, “NIGHT NIGHT SLEEP TIGHT DON’T LET THE BED BUGS BITE!! OR ANYONE ELSE LIKE CAT!! IF YOU’RE READING THIS IN THE MORNING, WELL GOOD MORNING!! LOTS OF LOVE JAKE xXx”. I got others as well when I got home but they just said stuff about him being tired and about Sarah dumping Hugo.

I phoned up Hayley and she confirmed that what she did with Andy’s true. She yelled at Lizzie on Thursday and made her cry because Lizzie snogged Big Paul but he slept with Georgia Dean and then Big Paul had a go at Hayley for upsetting Lizzie. Fair enough, Hayley’s a bitch and had no right to do that. Lizzie didn’t know about Georgia so it’s hardly her fault.

I also spoke to Sarah and she told me she’d dumped Hugo because he’d been slagging off her accent and asking if her mates live in slums because we have so many parties.

Hayley also told me that on the Friday I left for France, she’d chatted to Jake and he’d asked why the hell I liked him. She said I just did or something and asked why he liked me. He said I’m just unique and lovely and a skier! She said he meant ‘unique’ in a nice way and was being dead soppy. She said I’d know what she meant if I’d been there. She told me that as the coach left, he looked like he was going to cry and said he wanted to run on the coach and go with me. He then made her run to the other end of the school so he could wave at me one more time. Aaah, sweet!


Some stuff I found in the hotel at Pra Loup:





Glandular fever which he caught off a hooker! – 24th February 2000

Thursday 24th This was the best day of skiing so far!! I didn’t fall over once and we were bombing it down the mountain. Leather Steve said it was good to see me at the front with the lads.

In the morning, Robbie wanted a photo of me but I didn’t want him to take one because Jake would see it if it was bad. He tried again later saying, “But Jake’ll want one of you!”

We had a test in the afternoon lesson. I got the silver badge (we couldn’t get higher than that in our group).

I’ve decided that Ivor Ward on his snowboard is definitely pretty damn fine!

In the evening, with it being out last night, I got a bit pissed on Alex’s vodka (he didn’t know!) and I was in Mr L (Phwoar!!) and Mr C’s room with Cat, Katie and Janine. I was moaning about my hair and Mr L said it looks nice down cos it looks really natural. I’m going to wear it down more often. He also likes my Fila fleece. Well, I want his blue Quiksilver one. We should’ve swapped!

Fila fleece

[The Fila fleece.]

The evening was awful. Robbie’s mates nicked his hair gel or something and he must have got annoyed because, at tea, Aiden Fallon said to him, “It’s just hair gel, it’s not like your mum’s died or anything!” unknowing of the actual situation. Robbie got upset and Mrs K came and spoke to me and went on about how I’ll have to do a lot of supporting and stuff. This made me think and then I couldn’t stop crying.

It’s really worried me now. It’s also the fact that Jake’s not even told me but he’s told Hayley. I don’t know what to think of that. He probably thinks I’d be scared off. I don’t think he realises that I know.

Happy hour in some pub but I still wasn’t very happy. I was telling Ivor about the Maggotboy story because he knows Aled but Declan Churchill said it looked like I was chatting him up and vice versa. If I was single, that could quite possibly have been the case but I’m not so it wasn’t.

I was still pissed off at the disco. This was the ticket we needed to get in →


Alex got mobbed by girls, Robbie got upset again but ended up snogging someone (we think) and I nearly got upset again.

I phoned Jake before all the Robbie stuff at tea happened. He said he still had a sore throat and that it was glandular fever which he caught off a hooker! He’d better have been joking!! He also mentioned something about me seducing Aled. Worried!


Ice, darkness and fire combined – 23rd February 2000

Wednesday 23rd Lesson at 9:00am so I’m knackered. Did a slalom which was good. At lunch, Cat and I went with the crap lot again, I fell in a Natural Fun Pipe thing in front of Fit Alex which was a bit embarrassing!

Went back in our group for the afternoon for a lesson. Declan Churchill pointed out that our instructor, Leather Woman (Patricia), looks a lot like the lead singer of Aerosmith, Steve Tyler, so we’ve been calling her Steve all day. She’s now known as either Leather Steve or Psycho Bitch no.2 after she took us down a red run. It was top but scary! Cat and I got bored so I complained my knees were sore and we went down in the bubble. They were quite painful actually.

The torchlight descents were on in the evening. I did the little one because I chickened out of the long one due to ice, darkness and fire combined! Ours was crap but funny. We got daft little kids’ torch things like that à


Cat did the big descent and said she’s never been so scared in her life! Most people did the short one.

Me torchlight descent

I got extremely pissed off at about 11:00pm because I rang Jake and someone else answered (don’t know who) and got him. It was really noisy wherever he was and he said he had a sore throat and something about watching football on TV. I think he was drunk which would’ve been bad cos there are only 4 lads there and loads of girls. I really did miss him. I kept thinking that if he was drunk he might not refuse any offers from girls.

I got Jake’s address of Robbie. He’s got really nice writing as well.

Cat just told me that she had a flashback to Austria. She told me that the day after the disco, Mrs L and Mrs K had seen me and Jake stood together and had said that we made a lovely couple. They didn’t realise that it was Emma that he’d been with [snogged].

Later on, we went and sat downstairs with the teachers. The new Artful Dodger song reminds me of Fit Alex now because he was sat there singing it to himself.


Psycho Bitch, Leather Woman and Nadine – 22nd February 2000

Tuesday 22nd Cat and I skied early with the beginners because Mr L wanted us to go along because we’re “able skiers” so we could pick up people out of the snow and trees and stuff! Hannah L also told us we were good skiers.

The morning lesson was quite good but icy again and I fell and hurt my left knee.

I got Jake a postcard at lunch and then skied again with the group in the afternoon. The bottom slope was really icy again and EVERYONE fell over!

There was a disco in the evening but Cat and I didn’t go. Instead, we sat in our room and bitched about people (Lizzie and Hayley mainly!) and she managed to get a photo of me having a laughing fit. We then both got worried we were getting cold sores cos our lips were tingling but it might just have been because of the sun.

I phoned Sarah and she’s been round at Floyd’s. I’m in shock now because she told me that Hayley had sex with Andy in his car in LA Bowl car park.

We were telling Janine about our ski instructors earlier and what we’d called them and we asked her what hers was called and she told us, “Nadine”. It doesn’t quite fit: – Psycho Bitch, Leather Woman and Nadine!


He said he wouldn’t go in any strip clubs – 21st February 2000

Monday 21st The skiing was brilliant! The lower group was a bit boring but nice and easy and stress-free after Sunday!

It was some lad called Phil’s birthday today and he twisted his knee at lunch and can’t ski. Poor lad! That’s such bad luck!

Skied all the way down the mountain in the afternoon (2 hours) and didn’t fall once! Getting better at coping with ice and more confident cos there are people in the group far worse that me!

Helen something broke her collar bone in 2 places today – can’t ski anymore.

My knees are painful.

I keep having laughing fits (e.g. when Cat spoke French to some lad and said she was 60!).


There was a ski show/competition on at night. There were people doing jumps and stuff and there were lights and fireworks. It was sponsored by Salomon so there was loads of advertising.

Kept seeing people in Quiksilver gear all day. That make reminds me of Jake because it’s his favourite and he picked out a Quiksilver advert on a leaflet in Amsterdam as his favourite shop the other day when the rest were like sex shops and stuff!

I phoned him again. He was just coming out of a restaurant in Paris and was around the red light district. He said he wouldn’t go in any strip clubs because it’s disgusting. Good!! He told me well done when I said I’d made it all the way down the mountain on my feet. He told me Aled’s constantly pissed so that made me even more worried. The conversation ended abruptly because the phone cut off.


She gained the name Psycho Bitch – 20th February 2000

Sunday 20th P. [Period.]

I woke up feeling fine but then I suddenly went really hot and dizzy with really bad period pains and I was sick. I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to ski but I had some paracetamol and O was okay again.

I skied before lessons at 9:00am with the teachers and some lads. The teachers said Cat and I were good. Some of it was really good but some was bleeding scary cos of the ice on the slopes. When I fell over Fit Alex helped me up and checked I was ok. Mmm! Sorry Jake!


My ski boots were a bit tight so I went to change them with Cat and Mr L. This meant we missed most of our ski lesson so we went with the teachers again. It was very scary but good!

We were put in the advanced group for our lessons in the afternoon. Our teacher, Nadege, took us over pure ice, didn’t wait if someone fell and yelled at us so she gained the name Psycho Bitch!

The bottom slope was terrible. There was no snow whatsoever, Cat, Robbie Taylor and I got pissed off so we either walked or slid down. Psycho Bitch then told Cat and Robbie to move down a group but gave me the option of staying in hers. I went.

I was getting on quite well with Robbie but he reminds me a lot of Jake which made me miss him even more. I phoned him in the evening and got through. He’d just arrived in Paris with the Art trip and told me he was sharing a room with Aled Brownlee, Danny Barnes and Ian Robertson. That’s not good! I don’t trust Aled!

I saw Robbie phone home. I think his number’s 01925 ****** but I’m not sure.

Katie fell down a cliff today but she was okay. Mr L and Ivor Ward (who’s quite nice looking with a tan, no glasses and his snowboarding gear!) helped her out.


He skived just for me! – 18th & 19th February 2000

Friday 18th to Saturday 19th Jake sat in the common room with me all morning. He had lessons but he skived just for me! He then came down to the bus turning circle with me and before I left we had a couple of very, very nice snogs. He told me he’d miss me and that I had to avoid any male ski instructors.

When I got on the coach, I found myself infront of Robbie Taylor [Jake’s brother] but it didn’t really matter in the end because he didn’t say much.

Jake and Hayley waved me off and then, as the coach was pulling out of the road by school, I saw Jake run to the other end of the school followed by Hayley so he could wave me off again. That was really sweet!

The journey was very, very long and very, very boring. It took us 29 hours to get to Pra Loup and I only had about an hour of sleep.


There was an extra lad who came on the trip with us. He’s called Alex and is Mrs K’s friend’s son. He’s in my year and came with us because he couldn’t go with his school in Bolton because of exams or something. He’s a rugby players and is extremely nice looking.

Before I crossed the Channel, I got some texts. One was from Hayley saying, “HOPE U R NOT BORED. ME + JAKE HAD A NICE CHAT ABOUT U. HE REALLY REALLY LIKES U. ENJOY YOURSELF, B CAREFUL, C U SOON LUV HAYLEY xx”.


I then got questioned about me and him by Mrs L so I texted him telling him and he sent a reply saying, “TELL MRS L 2 STOP BEING SUCH A BIG BULLY. HAVE U HAD THE HONOUR OF HER KIDS SAT ON YOUR LAP YET? IS MY BRO ANNOYING YOU YET? LOVE JAKE xxx”. Hannah and Jack L came with their mum. They’re really sweet actually. I know them because they want to Austria as well.

I had a phone call from Hugo as well. He wants me, Jake and Sarah to go round to his in March. I also spoke to Hayley. Jake’s told her about his mum and said she had good days and bad days and he sometimes gets depressed about it all. He told her that he’s not told many people at all. I did get a phone call from Jake himself but he didn’t say much. I really started to miss him at that point.

When we finally arrived at the Marmotel we found out that Claire and I were sharing a room with Janine Worsley and Katie Downes. The room itself was crap and so was the food but the rest seemed okay.

Tried to phone Jake using 0044… etc. but I got the BT Cellnet woman. Spoke to Mum to let her know we’d arrived safely.


The French kids set off a firework int corridor – 18th February 1998

Wednesday 18th Half our group gave up after lunch so me and Georgia got stuck with Emma’s group. Freddie crashed into me and was nice about it. It only Emma they seem to have a problem with.

The 3 of us then split up from their group coz we’re too good [Good on the scale of beginner skiers, that is.] and Sonia took us down another slope. We really got the hang of parallel turns and went so fast. It was brilliant!

Ski Austria '98 Tess wabbit

[Here I am in Austria seemingly shocked to the core at the French kids and their corridor firework.]

After lessons, we met back up with the other groups at the top and got to choose whether to ski down or get the chairlift back to the hotel. I skied with Rachael Hollins, Charlie Wilson, Ralph and others. I ended up getting stuck on a lift with Cameron Anderson and Ralph but they were ok to me. Me and Ralph got down the Fun Park dead fast and ended up at the bottom alone together. We were getting on quite well actually.

Me and Rachael H got split up to go down different routes so I was left with Ralph and some Year 11s. Me and Ralph [Not again! I’d normally got the hang of ‘me’ and ‘I’. I blame the altitude.] nearly got all the way down the slope without falling and then he crashed into me near the bottom.

In the evening, I went into the games room and played table tennis with a football with Ralph until some girls from Chipping Norton (the other English school) joined in and wrecked it.

The French school’s teachers were having a fight with our teachers coz some of the French kids set off a firework int corridor and had been nicking money.

Emma is really pissing me off. She thinks she knows everything but doesn’t. She is so boring sometimes. [Pot. Kettle. Black.]


Rolling down a hill with Jez – 17th February 1998

Tuesday 17th We got put into different groups again. I got put in the better group to go down the big slope with some instructor called Sonia who had a go at you if you fell over. In my good group there was me, Rachael, Georgia, Josie Nichol, Jim Brackenhurst, Graham Baxter, little 5 yr old Jack L (Mrs L’s son) and Miss P.

After lunch we went all the way down the mountain. It was quite steep and some parts were quite scary. We also did the slalom and jumps and stuff.

It was good at lunch. The kitchen staff had made packed lunches which we ate in the café at the top of the mountain. We had from 12:00 noon ‘til 1:30pm and we all had a snowball fight coz it was the one snowy day we’d had.

I ended up rolling down a hill with Jez which I can’t say I minded really! I still like Jez and Ferny but Ralph, Freddie and Graham are being horrible to Emma still.

Simon Bell fancies Emma! Ha ha ha!!! Or so Rani said when we went to McDonald’s this evening.

It was good on the way back from there. Ralph, Freddie etc. didn’t come, they went to a pizza place. We got left with Mrs L’s 2 kids which we didn’t mind. There was Jack (5) and Hannah (8). Rachael had Jack on her back and I had Hannah on mine and we were walking through the streets chanting:-

We’re the Spice Girls check it out,
We wear knickers inside out,
Wonderbras are all we need,
We’ve got girl power up our sleeves.

Hannah was leading it and it didn’t half turn a few heads. [Brits abroad, yo. Once again, sorry Europe.]