He said he wouldn’t go in any strip clubs – 21st February 2000

Monday 21st The skiing was brilliant! The lower group was a bit boring but nice and easy and stress-free after Sunday!

It was some lad called Phil’s birthday today and he twisted his knee at lunch and can’t ski. Poor lad! That’s such bad luck!

Skied all the way down the mountain in the afternoon (2 hours) and didn’t fall once! Getting better at coping with ice and more confident cos there are people in the group far worse that me!

Helen something broke her collar bone in 2 places today – can’t ski anymore.

My knees are painful.

I keep having laughing fits (e.g. when Cat spoke French to some lad and said she was 60!).


There was a ski show/competition on at night. There were people doing jumps and stuff and there were lights and fireworks. It was sponsored by Salomon so there was loads of advertising.

Kept seeing people in Quiksilver gear all day. That make reminds me of Jake because it’s his favourite and he picked out a Quiksilver advert on a leaflet in Amsterdam as his favourite shop the other day when the rest were like sex shops and stuff!

I phoned him again. He was just coming out of a restaurant in Paris and was around the red light district. He said he wouldn’t go in any strip clubs because it’s disgusting. Good!! He told me well done when I said I’d made it all the way down the mountain on my feet. He told me Aled’s constantly pissed so that made me even more worried. The conversation ended abruptly because the phone cut off.


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