Saturday 1st January 2000 (I was going to put 1999 then!)


Well, my memories of New Year’s Eve 2000 are not particularly good ones. To say my night was a let down would be an understatement. The word ‘shite’ pretty much describes it. There were some good parts but these were outweighed greatly by the bad ones.

My mates (Cat, Sarah and Lizzie) all came round to my house to get changed and stuff and then we were dropped off by my dad at Poppy’s house. We collected Poppy then went round to get Karen. We wandered about the village for a while looking for a party, got bored and went back to Poppy’s.

At 10:30 pm we went round to Zoe’s for the party. My sister and Jacqueline turned up and we ended up staying over until about 9:00 am this morning. We then walked back to mine so they could be picked up to go home. I slept until 5:30 pm this evening. That is basically how the night went.

Good points

  • I was with all my mates all night.
  • The gorgeous Danny Barnes was at Zoe’s and he put his arm round me for a photo.
  • Kate and Laura phoned me from Wick’s street party to say Happy New Year. They said that they were enjoying themselves and to tell Abby they’d seen Ashley Ewart. They said they’d tell Duncan to phone me or send me a text message too.
  • Hayley wasn’t there because she was working.

Bad points

  • When my dad dropped us off at Poppy’s, 2 lads were whistling and shouting stuff at us and he had ‘a word’ with them and they were yelling back at him. I was then worried that he’d be worried.
  • Before the time we could go to Zoe’s there was nothing to do, it was cold, rainy and the village was dead.
  • Laddered my tights badly.
  • Got drinks spilt all over me.
  • Told Lizzie, Sarah and Cat what went on with me and Nathan which’ll probably get round everyone now, knowing Lizzie.
  • Slapper Jacqueline snogged Danny.
  • Hardly anyone at Zoe’s.
  • Phoned Brett but he didn’t answer his mobile so I left a quick message on the answer service. Phoned his home phone and spoke to his dad who sounded really pleased I’d phoned but told me Brett wasn’t in. I left my mobile number for him but he never rang back.
  • At about 2:00am, Abby turned up and snapped at me all night because she wanted to go home.
  • At about 4:30am, I listened to the messages on my answer service and there were 4 from Dad, all saying things like, “Where the hell are you? When are you coming home? I don’t like your attitude and we’ll have to bloody sort it out!” I phoned him and he said more or less the same thing plus, “Happy bloody New Year!” I then got upset which was a bit embarrassing. He also left messages on Sarah and Lizzie’s phones. Abby rang home too and he was nicer to her which didn’t exactly make me feel better.
  • Got a bit of sleep and apparently snored and got laughed at.
  • Not in Wick.
  • Kept seeing celebrations on TV and saw how much of a good time other people have had.
  • Had to walk home this morning. It was freezing and my feet went totally numb.

My mum didn’t realise what Dad had said to me and was sympathetic towards me. Dad did apologise before and said it was worry and alcohol which made him do it. I’m still annoyed because it spoiled my night.

I spoke to Sarah before and she said she’s spoken to Hayley and she said Hayley’d had quite a good night and that she’s seeing some lad she met at bowling. Good. My mum reckons that if Hayley gets a boyfriend it’ll take her mind off stuff that I do so maybe she’ll leave me alone. I hope she’s right, although Hayley will love the fact that she’s got a boyfriend and I haven’t. I have to say that I couldn’t give a toss right now.

There are lots of programmes on TV about last night and they keep including bagpipes. It makes me realise how much I really want to be in Wick right now. I miss it so much.


He bloody well laughed – 23rd & 24th December 1999

Thursday 23rd I went to the Trafford Centre today with Lizzie, Cat and an Australian girl called Sarah who’s staying with people who live near Cat. It was an alright day but I didn’t buy much.

This evening I went out to the The Smithy pub with Lizzie, Gethin, Big Paul and Stuart Hobbs. It was fine until I somehow got onto the subject of Grandma and I told Gethin about the fire she’d had. He laughed. He bloody well laughed. Well, to me and I’m sure most other people, it is just not funny but Lizzie joined in laughing too. I was telling them not to but they just wouldn’t stop.

We got bored in the pub so Big Paul just drove us round. It was fine for a while and I was back in a good mood until Gethin swapped places with Stuart and sat in the back. He was constantly calling me a bitch and stuff and, although he was saying it jokingly, it was beginning to annoy me.

Rather than yell at him (there was no real reason to do so other than the one I have just mentioned about calling me a bitch and, if I had have shouted, the others may have thought it was petty) I decided just to annoy him back so I started making him paranoid by asking Lizzie if she’d “told him” and then mouthing “Amir” at her. It worked but also annoyed Lizzie a bit which I didn’t want to do really.

When Lizzie’d gone and Big Paul dropped me off Gethin wouldn’t let go of my wrists coz I’d been getting a nerve between his bicep and tricep which hurt and Big Paul got annoyed with me coz I wouldn’t get out of the car. What he didn’t realise was that I couldn’t get out. Bloody Gethin’s fault again! Grrr!!

Gethin did actually compliment me at one point so I forgave him for a while but that only lasted a few minutes. He said I reminded him of Pamela Rhodes and Keely Wade when I got out of the car for a bit. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing but the other lads assured me that it definitely was. Gethin also said that I was “looking rather pretty tonight”. Don’t know where that came from. Maybe he realised he’d pissed me off.

Lizzie told me the other day that Hayley’d met [snogged] Big Paul at the party but now I’ve been told by Big Paul that he doesn’t think he did. Hmmm… interesting!


Friday 24th (Christmas Eve!)

Boring day. All my presents are under the Xmas tree and I’ve been wanting to open them but can’t. There are some very odd shapes amongst them. The dog opened one of mine so I know that Karen bought me a bright pink stress-reliever keyring. I’m not bothered coz I got her a pretty crap present too!

Just got a message from Rhian. She says she’s bored and freezing in the Orkneys and on the brink of cracking up. Nothing different there then, except her location”

I miss being in Scotland for Xmas. I know Mum wants to spend it with her side of the family this year and I don’t mind that but I still love being up there so much. Maybe next year.


All I wanted to do was snog Leon – 21st-22nd December 1999

Tuesday 21st I went ice skating today with a few members of Lizzie’s swimming club. There was me, Lizzie, Amir, Damon, Becki, Leon and Brett and Leon’s nephew. It was quite good apart from the fact that all I wanted to do was snog Leon. At one point, Damon said Leon still fancied me but I think it was only because Leon’d said Damon fancied Lizzie. Damon was also nodding his head and pointing in my direction after getting Leon’s attention, as in a ‘go for it’ kind of way. I wish he had’ve done!

When we were on the bus, Becki was going through Leon’s phone and ringing his mates and telling them she loved them and stuff. One of them was Reevesy (Brett said he still likes me) but I don’t know if he believed it. Later on, Lizzie and I were giving Becki numbers to phone, one of which was Aled’s. She rang but he was out so she just told whoever answered that she was Tess. I hope he doesn’t ring me back now.

Zoe kept phoning because she knew Brett was there but he didn’t want to speak to her coz he says he can’t stand her!

I saw Oscar’s new girlfriend in McDonald’s earlier on today. He pointed her out coz he was working. She’s not really pretty or anything but she looks really nice.

I think I like Leon again now, damn it! I hardly spoke to him but I can’t help it. Lizzie’s not sure if he’s going out with Becki or not but I think it’s pretty likely seeing as his phone’s full or messages from her.

Gethin’s now seeing Lizzie officially. We rang him and I made him ask her and it worked!


Wednesday 22nd Aled phoned this evening to see if I’d phoned him yesterday! I explained what’d been going on and he just told me that he’d heard about Gethin and Lizzie, and Gethin and Hayley at the party. That was about it.

I got a certificate at kickboxing tonight to show I’m now a white belt. We were doing a bit of self-defence and a jump side kick and a more complicated back kick thing. It’s so good!

Zoe informed me earlier that she’s now going out with Brett. He is one confused lad! It was only yesterday that he was saying how much he couldn’t stand her but I now think that was only coz Lizzie was there.


The Horny Angels – 16th December 1999

Thursday 16th Sarah told me today that yesterday Hayley apparently was nearly crying when I turned away from her while she was speaking to me. I don’t even remember doing it so it won’t have been intentional. Sarah didn’t see it happen, Hayley just told her that when I did it her eyes started “filling up”. Why? She’s so unbelievably soft!

Sarah also told me that Hayley now quite likes Reevesy and that she’s planning to snog him or something just to spite me. Why would I care if she did that? I’m the one who rejected him. In actual fact, I’d be quite glad if she got together with Reevesy because maybe then she’d have someone else to be paranoid around other than me!

Zoe also said that Hayley fancies Reevesy and they’re going to the cinema with him and Brett this weekend. They keep talking about it in front of me like they’re trying to wind me up but in actual fact I couldn’t care less! I think they think I’d be bothered. Ha, yeah right!

Zoe keeps going on about Brett like they’re the couple of the century or something but a message I got the other morning makes me think that Brett thinks otherwise. It said, “TESS CAN U TELL ZOE I ENJOY HER COMPANY BUT I CARED 4 LIZZIE A LOT + I CAN’T CARE 4 ANOTHER GIRL 4 A WHILE YET. THAT’S MY FINAL DECISION. I DON’T WANT TO SEE ME OR U GET HURT AGAIN.” Even after I showed her that she didn’t change her tune!

We had the college Xmas quiz tonight. It was okay and our team ‘The Horny Angels’ [Oh, no.] came 3rd out of 15. Hayley was pissing me off though. She just shouts all the time when she’s talking to you, even if you’re right next to her, and she laughs really loudly too. Then someone mentioned Scousers and so she was doing an AWFUL Scouse accent for most of the night. AAARRGGHH!! She irritates me sooooo much!

Freda is having a party tomorrow night but I think I’m destined to be single all night because not that many lads are going.


All I want to do is punch the living daylights out of her – 15th December 1999

Wednesday 15th Hayley decided to speak to me yesterday when I gave her a Xmas card and she gave me one back. She gave Lizzie one too. I still can’t stand that girl though. Everything she does irritates me and all I want to do is punch the living daylights out of her whenever she comes near me!

Today was the Senior Citizens’ Xmas Party at school. They first years were doing it because Mr M (who organises it all) is their head of year but any college students who wanted to help out could. I did because I didn’t want to do Biology with Mrs P.

I think the party went okay. Rachael Hollins snogged Adrian Ford at one point (nobody knows why!) and I managed to drop a box full of mugs. There were about 30 of them and only 3 remained intact. Just my luck!

I did my CLAIT exam [some computer literacy thing] this afternoon. I passed the mock exam that I did last week but I don’t know about this one yet.

I was also graded at kickboxing tonight. It was pretty easy because all be had to do were the basic evasion and punching stuff. I passed so that means I am now a white belt. I doesn’t sound very impressive but I’m pretty pleased.


Totally unnecessary and totally pathetic! – 13th December 1999

Monday 13th The weekend has not put a stop to Hayley’s pathetic attempts to wind me up. This morning she was giving out Xmas cards very obviously by yelling the person’s name and stating that she had a card for them before flinging it across the room. Many came in my direction, some of which hit me followed by the comment, “Ha ha!! That was a good throw!” from the Twisted Bitch herself but none of them were for me. She didn’t give Lizzie one either. Sad cow!

Even though she’s not given me a card, I’m giving her one because otherwise it’ll only be an excuse to slag me off. If I didn’t then she’d make sure everyone knew about it whereas the fact she didn’t give me one will probably go unnoticed because I’m not going to make a big fuss about it.

She also had a dig at Lizzie in a room full of people today as well. A lot of people suspect that Gethin might fancy Lizzie so today Gethin said, “I don’t fancy you Lizzie.” Hayley heard this and yelled, “Oh well, Lizzie thinks everybody fancies her!” That was totally unnecessary and totally pathetic!

I managed to block the SIM card on Lizzie’s phone today by trying to guess the pin number one too many times. She was pissed off to start with but, unlike Hayley, was back to normal with me about 10 mins later. And people wonder why I’m better mates with Lizzie than Hayley! I was worrying about the phone all day because I thought she might not get it sorted but thankfully she did.

I saw the gorgeous Riley tonight. I’ve not seen him for ages because his family moved to a different area of his village but he was at the infants Xmas party at the primary school tonight. I went along to help my mum sort the kids out and he went to watch his brother who’s in my mum’s class. Riley’s still fit as ever!



So I sent him another saying, “YOUR LIFE IS NOT FUCKED! IT’S ONLY LIZZIE 4 GOD’S SAKE! YOU’RE RIGHT, U CAN’T DO OWT BUT U’LL GET OVER IT. THERE’S PLENTY OF OTHER GIRLS ABOUT e.g. ZOE. U LIKE HER DON’T U?” That may have sounded a bit harsh but he needed telling. Poor lad, I do feel sorry for him.


She’s such a slapper – 12th December 1999

Sunday 12th I received a text message from Lizzie last night which has put me in yet another awkward position. The message said, “TESS, GETHIN JUST SENT ME THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE. WHAT’S GOING ON?… MY LIFE BELONGS WITH YOU. SEE YOU SOON, LOVE GETHIN XXX”

This is a problem because I had just reassured Sarah that it is not Gethin that fancies Lizzie because Emma had been saying on Friday that someone did but wouldn’t say who. Sarah really likes Gethin so I promised to find out if it was him. Emma told me it wasn’t but going by that message and the way he’s been flirting with Lizzie, I think Emma must be lying.

Now I have to make the decision of either keeping quiet and letting Sarah find out herself in a possibly bad way or telling her myself and breaking it to her gently. I think I might just leave it as it is not definitely true.

I had a phone call from Zoe this evening. She told me that this weekend she’d phoned Brett and asked him if he wanted to go bowling with her, Rochelle and Chloe because she “felt sorry for him”. Did she bollocks feel sorry for him! She asked him because she fancies him and also because she doesn’t like Lizzie so she thought it might be a good way to hurt her feelings.

The next confession was pretty much what I expected her to have done because she’s such a slapper. She snogged him and is now “sort of seeing him”. Not only did she begin to slag off Lizzie to me but she then had the nerve to say, “Will you stick up for me if anyone starts slagging me off tomorrow?” Well, I came straight out and said very simply, “No”.

How can she seriously expect me to stick up for her when she is in the wrong after she’s spent weeks doing exactly the opposite in the Hayley situation for me when I’m not totally at fault? That really pissed me off!

While I was at it, I told her to stop slagging off Lizzie to me too because I’m mates with her and it’s unfair to say things at all, never mind to me. I know her intention is that I go back and repeat it all to Lizzie but I won’t because there’s no need for her to know really. It’d only upset Lizzie.

So much for it taking Brett 18 months to get over Lizzie! Leon, Reevesy and Chris (Leon’s nephew) also went bowling. The fact that Leon went made me feel really jealous, although I don’t know why because as far as I know he didn’t do anything with anyone.


I turned round and told her to grow up – 10th December 1999

Friday 10th Even more trouble with Twisted Bitch Hayley today. I’d been having nasty, nasty looks off her all morning and then when Lizzie and I were talking about David Beckham getting banned from driving for a while, Hayley came out with, “They’re all a bunch of lying tossers!” for no apparent reason.

As Hayley was going out of the room, Lizzie turned to me and sort of asked what the hell Hayley’d been on about and then when we walked past Hayley, she said, “Oh Lizzie, if you’re going to bitch about me, at least do it to my face!”

I started shaking my head with a disapproving look (directed at Hayley, of course) and she said, “I don’t know why you’re giving me that look, Tess.” So I turned round and told her to grow up. That was a stupid thing to do (but I was wound up at the time) coz it gave her the perfect excuse to yell at me. She started saying how I was the one that needs to grow up (bollocks!) and how I’m doing exactly what ‘they’ (Lena, Lindsey Bullman, etc.) did to us a while back which I’d promised I wouldn’t do.

I just began telling her it was her own fault for not speaking to me constantly but she must have known it was coming and, not wanting to hear it, stormed off. She knows it’s her own fault that I don’t like her at all anymore but she just doesn’t want to hear it.

I found out from Zoe later that, after Hayley stormed off, she’d burst into tears. That will have been purely for sympathy purposes and to make me look like the bad one. The annoying thing is that some people actually take her on and believe every word she says.

Luckily though, some people (especially those who’ve been on the receiving end) know what she’s like. Emma’s been joining in slagging her off and again making me feel better about the situation by actually understanding how I’m feeling about all this (pretty pissed off!) and why.

Cat was saying how Hayley does tend to categorise people and I’m the unlucky one who’s ‘best mate’ (ha, yeah right!). Cat also thinks it’s about time she just let go and allowed us to just drift apart instead of being so possessive all the time.

The 2nd Xmas concert was tonight. I hung about in the back until we’d done Swing Band then went to The Coach and Horses pub with everyone. Nowt interesting happened really except there’s now tension between Suzanna and Gethin, and Suzanna and Emma for some reason.

Aled rode next to me on his bike when I was walking round to Mum’s school after school. I thought he’d just ride straight past coz I’ve not spoken to him for ages but as soon as he saw me he stopped, narrowly missing a collision with a car! He was just telling me about Oscar and his potential girlfriend and I was filling him in on the Lizzie-Brett situation.


Snotty little bleeders – 9th December 1999

Thursday 9th I went into Warrington with Lizzie today in search of a black skirt for partying in but all I got was a pair of gloves. We were also on the lookout for fit lads although there don’t seem to be many around! We did see Freddie Bevan and said hi.

Hayley wasn’t pleased about us going to town. I know because this morning I was talking to Rachael Hollins and she asked if I’d heard what Hayley had just said. Apparently she’d spoken obviously loudly for me to hear but I hadn’t so Rach told me she’d said, “Some people are going to town today without inviting other people.”

Bitch! Why shouldn’t I go to town without her when she’s such a cow to me all the time? She had lessons all day too and she knew I knew that. What is her problem?

It was the 1st night of the Xmas concerts at school tonight and Abby had her saxophone nicked. Mr P was really unsympathetic and Dad was really cross. He says he’s going into school tomorrow to speak to Mr C the headteacher because we shouldn’t have to pay for it seeing as instruments are meant to be safe in the room allocated for them. He also said he’d like to get his hands on “the snotty little bleeders who nicked it”. They wouldn’t stand a chance if he did!

I wish Hayley’d move schools. I shouldn’t let her bother me but it’s not nice knowing you’re constantly being slagged off by a twisted bitch like that. The thing is, she’s too soft to go anywhere out of the village so the chances of her pissing off and spreading her misery elsewhere are pretty low.


SHIT SHIT SHIT PLEASE HELP!! – 8th December 1999

Wednesday 8th Lizzie dumped Brett this morning. It wasn’t unexpected for me but I don’t think poor Brett saw it coming. She’s been going off him for a while now but she said last night was the final straw. I got a text message last night from her explaining what he’d said. It said, “OH MY GOD! I JUST GOT A MESSAGE FROM BRETT ASKING IF I WOULD SLEEP WITH HIM! OH SHIT WHAT SHOULD I DO? SHIT SHIT SHIT PLEASE HELP!!”

Basically it panicked her slightly! So this morning she dumped him via text message. It just said stuff about how she thought they shouldn’t see each other anymore because they wanted different things out of their relationship and stuff like that. She got one from him later apologising and asking why and saying he’d gone home from school because he felt sick. I reckon he just didn’t want his mates to see him being reduced to a jabbering wreck by a girl!

I do feel sorry for him though. He really, really likes Lizzie and he must be so gutted. It’s like what happened to Oscar all over again except she dumped Oscar because he wouldn’t do much whereas Brett wants to do more.

Speaking of Oscar, I spoke to him at lunch to tell him the news of the break up but he said he didn’t care because he is getting a new girlfriend on Monday. It sounds like he’s ordered her from an Argos catalogue!! Apparently she works at McDonald’s with him, is called Dion and is nice. That was all I could get out of him except that he’s happy.

Later this evening, Lizzie phoned and said Brett had phoned her and started asking why again and asking if there was anything he could do to get back with her. He also said that it’d take him about 18 months to get over her because it took him ages to get over his last girlfriend and he loved Lizzie more.

He then asked if she’d cried. She told me she felt like a right hard cow when she said no. Well, I think Brett’s being a bit wet really! He won’t get anywhere using the soppy approach with Lizzie.