They kept the scallies at bay – 8th & 15th December 2002

Sunday 8th  Jonas said that next year he might go down south and work with his dad so when I told him I might put my name down for northern jobs, he looked all sad and disappointed. 🙂 He did also say that he’ll probably stay in the north if he doesn’t work with his dad.

We all went to Visage on Tuesday and Jonas kept telling me he loved me. When I was on my own outside waiting for Jonas, Welsh Matt was very sweet and asked if I was ok and offered to wait with me. Jonas told me that Ross thinks I’m nice.

Jen and I went up to the accommodation office at uni on Friday to complain about our landlord. We said about the heating problems and how my door doesn’t lock and hasn’t been fixed since the break in. The woman took it all really seriously and is writing a letter to them to ask for them to do something about it all.

I stayed at Jonas’s last night because our heating went off AGAIN!! I got to listen to him and Pierced Sam practicing singing and playing band stuff. Surprisingly, we had heating again today. Wow!


Sunday 15th  I had a hell of a lot of work to do at the start of this week As usual, I left it all until the last minute so it’s pants but at least I got it done.

We all went to Heaven + Hell on Tuesday. Alexa was being very drunk and loud and started arguing with some lad in the queue. Jen ended up getting off with one his friends called Ben and got very pissed off with Andrea who was telling her he’s a boring accountancy geek.

I saw Paul and Joy (Jonas’s housemates) but not many other people I know. Kevin buggered off at the end of the night and didn’t tell us so Archie and I were left waiting for him in the freezing cold. We’d already queued for our coats for ages. We would’ve been even longer had Tara and Aletta not complained that we were the only ones that had obeyed the bouncer’s orders to stand against the wall. Everyone else just muscled in.

I spent all of Wednesday and Thursday skiving lectures to get my Ecology report done. I know it’s complete crap because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

Sarah came to visit me on Friday. She told me that Oscar Price has died. It happened on Wednesday. I was pretty good mates with him in college because he went out with Lizzie. He’s had leukaemia for ages but it’s still a shock and very awful. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all night. 😦

We went to Heaven + Hell again. There were lots of pervy scally locals so it’s not the best night out I’ve ever had. Paul and Dave were there though so they looked after us and they kept the scallies at bay.

Hayley Pearson, who I’ve not heard from for ages, texted me saying a lot of people are gathering for a drink because of Oscar. I really wanted to go so I stayed at Jonas’s last night and got the train home today. I met everyone in The Beech Tree at 2pm. It was nice to see so many people there. I really feel sorry for Aled Brownlee. He’s been best mates with Oscar for ages. I’d be gutted if anything happened to one of my best mates.

I found out his funeral is on Tuesday at the church. A lot of people are going so Lizzie and I are going to go too. We feel like we should because we knew him quite well in college. I’d want lots of people to come to mine.

I went to see Grandma S this evening. She doesn’t really know who I am anymore but seem happy enough.


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