What the hell is wrong with me?!? – 17th to 20th December 2000

Sunday 17th I am sooo worried!! If anything, my legs have got worse cos from my feet to my tummy button is all sort of numb. I can’t stop getting upset about it. What the hell is wrong with me?!?

Jake took me to see The Family Man at the cinema tonight. It was a really good film and took my mind off my legs a bit.


Monday 18th Mum took me to the doctor’s today about my legs. He did lots of little tests to me but said that he really doesn’t know what it is. He did say not to worry seeing as my hand’s better but when you lose the feeling in your legs, it’s a bit difficult not to!

A few of us went round to Isaac’s tonight cos we had nothing else to do. We started a ransom note style letter to Hugo to go with the book we got him and it looks really good!

Sarah told me that the last time she was at work, some woman had paid by credit card and Sarah noticed her name was T. J. Taylor! Weird! Then, Sarah (being Sarah!) asked her if that was her real name!


Tuesday 19th A group of us went to the Sports Club tonight and, other than Hayley being her usual loud, annoying self it was quite good!

Later on, we moved to The Beech Tree where Jake was with him fellow Venture Scouts. Ahh, how cute!


Wednesday 20th It was the last day of school today before Christmas! Rather than go to Mr H’s sad college assembly where you’re forced to sing stuff like Old McDonald, play charades and eat biscuits, Cat and I went to church. That was quite good and it made me feel much more Christmassy!

The Swing Band played in the big school assembly which’ll be the last Xmas assembly for me at school 😦 Oh well!!

Then a few of us progressed on to The Coach and Horses. Mr P-K, Mr L and Mr B were all there too so that kept Cat happy!

It was the grading for our blue belts at kickboxing tonight and I’m really upset I’ve had to miss out cos of my legs. So, Jake took me to the cinema again to see Meet The Parents which is really funny!



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