Ice, darkness and fire combined – 23rd February 2000

Wednesday 23rd Lesson at 9:00am so I’m knackered. Did a slalom which was good. At lunch, Cat and I went with the crap lot again, I fell in a Natural Fun Pipe thing in front of Fit Alex which was a bit embarrassing!

Went back in our group for the afternoon for a lesson. Declan Churchill pointed out that our instructor, Leather Woman (Patricia), looks a lot like the lead singer of Aerosmith, Steve Tyler, so we’ve been calling her Steve all day. She’s now known as either Leather Steve or Psycho Bitch no.2 after she took us down a red run. It was top but scary! Cat and I got bored so I complained my knees were sore and we went down in the bubble. They were quite painful actually.

The torchlight descents were on in the evening. I did the little one because I chickened out of the long one due to ice, darkness and fire combined! Ours was crap but funny. We got daft little kids’ torch things like that à


Cat did the big descent and said she’s never been so scared in her life! Most people did the short one.

Me torchlight descent

I got extremely pissed off at about 11:00pm because I rang Jake and someone else answered (don’t know who) and got him. It was really noisy wherever he was and he said he had a sore throat and something about watching football on TV. I think he was drunk which would’ve been bad cos there are only 4 lads there and loads of girls. I really did miss him. I kept thinking that if he was drunk he might not refuse any offers from girls.

I got Jake’s address of Robbie. He’s got really nice writing as well.

Cat just told me that she had a flashback to Austria. She told me that the day after the disco, Mrs L and Mrs K had seen me and Jake stood together and had said that we made a lovely couple. They didn’t realise that it was Emma that he’d been with [snogged].

Later on, we went and sat downstairs with the teachers. The new Artful Dodger song reminds me of Fit Alex now because he was sat there singing it to himself.


2 thoughts on “Ice, darkness and fire combined – 23rd February 2000

  1. Huh. At first I was excited because I’d never heard that song before and I like new music. Then? Not so much…


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