I feel so shady! – 3rd & 4th January 2000

Monday 3rd We went bowling but Andy and co. didn’t turn up so Hayley was gutted and kept ringing him and stuff all night. We found 2 other 20 year olds though. I think they were a bit sad but one of them was alright looking. He reminded me of Leon actually. They’d been staring in our direction for quite a while and Freda and Hayley eventually waved them over and they came. They were sat with us until we had to go.

Karen decided she fancied them and we told them. I wish we hadn’t because she ended up snogging Russ (stupid name but the nicest one!) in the car park. Damn it! The other one was called Brian.

Spike out of 911 (the boy band) was there too with 2 other blokes. He’s really short! All night he kept staring at us too but I think it was just because we were staring at him. He was drinking Bud Ice and his real name’s Simon (it said on the screen) and he uses number 10 purple bowling balls (same ones as me!).

Lizzie kept getting messages from Leon tonight. He was asking if she’d snog Damon. They’re going bowling tomorrow and we could’ve gone but we’re going to the Trafford Centre now so we can’t. They might come too though because you can bowl there. I’d prefer it if I didn’t still like Leon. Becki’ll probably be there and they snogged at ice skating when I couldn’t go.


Tuesday 4th I went to the Trafford Centre today with Lizzie and Sarah. The shopping part was boring because Lizzie couldn’t find what she wanted so she dragged us round all the shops about 5 times but the lad-spotting was quite good!

There were a load of Millwall Youth team (football) wandering about in identical tracksuits who were mostly rather nice but the highlight of the day was seeing Trotter. About 5 minutes before Lizzie spotted him in the food bit, I’d said, “Oh, I’ve not seen Trotter for ages” so I didn’t believe her when she said it was him until I turned around. He was with his mum and younger brother and was looking as gorgeous as ever!

We went back to Sarah’s after shopping and we got bored so started ringing people. We thought Leon, Brett and co. might still be bowling so we decided to send a message to one of them declaring our undying love or something. Our victim was Amir. I wrote the text message but sent it from Sarah’s phone because nobody with him knows her number.

The message said, “AMIR, I REALLY REALLY WANT U! I CAN’T CONTROL MYSELF ANYMORE. XMAS HAS LASTED TOO LONG WITHOUT U. IF U R INTERESTED, TEXT BACK. xxxxx”. We then tried to ring him but his phone was switched off. We got hold of Leon and he told us that they had all gone home so I just said on Amir’s answer service,” It’s his answer thing. What do I say? Help me! Oh my God!” as if I fancied him and was with my mates or something.

I don’t think we should’ve done it now because Lizzie told me afterwards that he hadn’t had a girlfriend for ages. Now we might get his hopes up and he’ll only end up disappointed if that happens. I feel so shady!

Back to college tomorrow. I don’t want to go. I have to face Adrian, Charlie, Oscar and Trotter and I don’t want to!


P.S. I’ve just remembered something Lizzie said. She said that last time they went ice skating, Damon and Amir asked where I was and someone asked Amir if he fancied me and he didn’t answer but smiled. I think she was winding me up.

All under the impression that I did 3 to Nathan – 2nd January 2000

Sunday 2nd I’m still longing to be in Wick and so’s Abby. Every time I hear anything to do with Scotland I feel like crying! I let Abby send a text message to Laura’s phone today seeing as they didn’t get to speak on New Year’s Eve. She said, “HI LAURA IT’S ABBY. DID U HAVE A GOOD TIME ON FRIDAY? SORRY I COULDN’T TALK 2 U OR KATE. DID U SEE ASHLEY? I REALLY REALLY WANNA B IN WICK. SPEAK SOON LUV A xxx”.

She got one back saying, “HI! WHEN R U NEXT UP? DUNCAN TRIED TO PHONE TESS BUT NO ANSWER! SEE U SOON LUV LAURA + KATE.” I don’t think Duncan did try to ring because my phone never said I’d missed a call. He can’t have tried very hard to get hold of me if he did.


I spoke to Emma this morning on the phone. She says Gavin’s party was good. I don’t know what went on with Nathan but Keira snogged his younger brother and Maz again and apparently it wasn’t a case of who Gethin snogged but more who he didn’t snog! I’m not allowed to say anything to Lizzie though.

Hayley also rang me. She seemed in a better mood than she was on Thursday! She was telling me about this Andy lad who she found at LA Bowl. She didn’t actually snog him but they’re going out tomorrow and she wants me to go too. This could be the beginning of yet more fallings out with her. I’ll end up going places with her to keep the peace until I can’t stand it any longer and then we’ll be back to square one where she thinks I’m ignoring her. I also would rather be in the company of Lizzie but Hayley’s not going to want her to come and I don’t want Lizzie thinking I’m leaving her out coz I’d much rather be out with her than Hayley.

Lizzie, Cat and Sarah are all under the impression that I did 3 [see Snogging Codeto Nathan rather than him managing all by himself, after what I said on Friday. I hope Lizzie or someone doesn’t say anything to anyone else before I can set them straight!



Saturday 1st January 2000 (I was going to put 1999 then!)


Well, my memories of New Year’s Eve 2000 are not particularly good ones. To say my night was a let down would be an understatement. The word ‘shite’ pretty much describes it. There were some good parts but these were outweighed greatly by the bad ones.

My mates (Cat, Sarah and Lizzie) all came round to my house to get changed and stuff and then we were dropped off by my dad at Poppy’s house. We collected Poppy then went round to get Karen. We wandered about the village for a while looking for a party, got bored and went back to Poppy’s.

At 10:30 pm we went round to Zoe’s for the party. My sister and Jacqueline turned up and we ended up staying over until about 9:00 am this morning. We then walked back to mine so they could be picked up to go home. I slept until 5:30 pm this evening. That is basically how the night went.

Good points

  • I was with all my mates all night.
  • The gorgeous Danny Barnes was at Zoe’s and he put his arm round me for a photo.
  • Kate and Laura phoned me from Wick’s street party to say Happy New Year. They said that they were enjoying themselves and to tell Abby they’d seen Ashley Ewart. They said they’d tell Duncan to phone me or send me a text message too.
  • Hayley wasn’t there because she was working.

Bad points

  • When my dad dropped us off at Poppy’s, 2 lads were whistling and shouting stuff at us and he had ‘a word’ with them and they were yelling back at him. I was then worried that he’d be worried.
  • Before the time we could go to Zoe’s there was nothing to do, it was cold, rainy and the village was dead.
  • Laddered my tights badly.
  • Got drinks spilt all over me.
  • Told Lizzie, Sarah and Cat what went on with me and Nathan which’ll probably get round everyone now, knowing Lizzie.
  • Slapper Jacqueline snogged Danny.
  • Hardly anyone at Zoe’s.
  • Phoned Brett but he didn’t answer his mobile so I left a quick message on the answer service. Phoned his home phone and spoke to his dad who sounded really pleased I’d phoned but told me Brett wasn’t in. I left my mobile number for him but he never rang back.
  • At about 2:00am, Abby turned up and snapped at me all night because she wanted to go home.
  • At about 4:30am, I listened to the messages on my answer service and there were 4 from Dad, all saying things like, “Where the hell are you? When are you coming home? I don’t like your attitude and we’ll have to bloody sort it out!” I phoned him and he said more or less the same thing plus, “Happy bloody New Year!” I then got upset which was a bit embarrassing. He also left messages on Sarah and Lizzie’s phones. Abby rang home too and he was nicer to her which didn’t exactly make me feel better.
  • Got a bit of sleep and apparently snored and got laughed at.
  • Not in Wick.
  • Kept seeing celebrations on TV and saw how much of a good time other people have had.
  • Had to walk home this morning. It was freezing and my feet went totally numb.

My mum didn’t realise what Dad had said to me and was sympathetic towards me. Dad did apologise before and said it was worry and alcohol which made him do it. I’m still annoyed because it spoiled my night.

I spoke to Sarah before and she said she’s spoken to Hayley and she said Hayley’d had quite a good night and that she’s seeing some lad she met at bowling. Good. My mum reckons that if Hayley gets a boyfriend it’ll take her mind off stuff that I do so maybe she’ll leave me alone. I hope she’s right, although Hayley will love the fact that she’s got a boyfriend and I haven’t. I have to say that I couldn’t give a toss right now.

There are lots of programmes on TV about last night and they keep including bagpipes. It makes me realise how much I really want to be in Wick right now. I miss it so much.


Goodbye 1999, 20th century and this millennium!! – 30th December 1999

Thursday 30th I went to town with Lizzie today. I didn’t buy anything, we just wandered round. We saw quite a few people, Ste Rollinson, Freddie Bevan and Brett who we spoke to briefly.

I rang Zoe from a phone box there to find out about tomorrow night’s party at her house. She told me a few people who are going such as Adrian Ford (that could be awkward!), Danny Barnes (but she warned me off him), Ed, Ed’s mate Chris (Zoe says he’s fit and warned me off him too), Brett (who she warned Lizzie off) and a few others.

She’s so cheeky! She’s put her claim on any half-decent lads before the party’s even started. It’s an ‘if I can’t have them, no-one will’ type thing with her. She then started saying that Brett was annoying her and told me that he’d asked her to sleep with him.

On the bus on the way into Warrington, Lizzie and I spotted Gethin and his mates so we phoned him and he asked us if we wanted to go to the cinema this evening with him, Big Paul, Emma, Suzanna, Stuart Hobbs, Brian Short, Dougie and Penny Jensen (or however you spell it!). We went but they wanted to see James Bond but Lizzie and I didn’t so we went for a wander to McDonald’s.

We ended up meeting up with Brett because he was delivering his papers and the subject of Zoe came up. He said that he’d dumped her because she’d asked him to sleep with her. Who’s lying? I expect it’s Zoe.

We went back to the cinema eventually to meet the others for going home and I got a phone call off Hayley. About 5 mins before I’d left home to go to the cinema, Freda phoned to see if I could go bowling with her, Hayley and Karen. She was fine about it but when Hayley rang, Hayley shouted down the phone, “When I said we should all go out, I meant all of us and not just a few of us!” and then hung up.

This really pissed me off! She’d said on Monday or something that we should all go out before New Year but I hadn’t heard anything about it until today. It’s not my fault I’d already made plans! How was I to know she’d want to go out tonight? She should’ve let me know sooner. Other people like Lizzie and Sarah didn’t go either and they’d been asked but I bet they’ve not had any hassle!


I lied about having no signal. If she thought that then Hayley’d have no excuse to be annoyed for me not ringing her back or something. I could do without starting a new year with her being a bitchy cow!

This’ll probably be the last diary entry of 1999 because I won’t get chance to write it tomorrow. Goodbye 1999, 20th century and this millennium!!


I hope to God my dad didn’t read them! – 27th & 29th December 1999

Monday 27th Yet another boring day! Nothing happened yesterday either and no doubt nothing will happen tomorrow but then everything seems to be going on on Wednesday so I have to choose now. 

Why can’t people plan things on different days? Nothing happens for days on end and then, all of a sudden, everyone wants to go out on the same day but to different places.
On Wednesday I can either go shopping to Manchester with Mum and Abby to meet Auntie G and Grandma and then onto some party with my parents and Abby OR I can go ice skating again with the same lot as last time.

I don’t know what to do. If I go ice skating then I’ll feel guilty about not seeing Grandma and Auntie G and the sales have started and I might not get another chance to go. Plus I probably won’t be able to go to this party of this woman my mum works with and they have teenagers in the family which could mean lads! The again, if I don’t go ice skating I might miss out on there on lads too and Lizzie might invite someone else instead. Also, the party could be crap, full of old people and me not being able to get near any lads because my parents are there.

What should I do?!

My dad’s been in the internet sometime over the last few days and has been deleting old e-mails of ours because they were cluttering up the file. What I’m worried about is that he’s read some of the e-mails sent to and from this lad called Adam Cunliffe. Dad did say, after he’d done it, that Adam Cunliffe had featured a lot in the e-mails and he asked who he was. I told him that it was someone I used to chat online to but if Dad read any of the e-mails he will now know that I didn’t just chat with him but we exchanged phone numbers, addresses and photos and even planned to meet up at Alton Towers. We wrote and phoned but nothing in fact became of the meeting up thing but Dad may not believe that.

Adam also used to put about how much he liked me and in one or two, jokingly wrote about what he got up to in the shower. I hope to God my dad didn’t read them!


Wednesday 29th I ended up going to Manchester to shop with my mum and Abby today and then we went to visit Grandma S and Auntie G afterwards so I couldn’t go ice skating. Mum and Dad decided not to bother with the party in the end.

When I got home from Grandma S’s, I phoned Lizzie at ice skating because we’re meant to be going into Warrington tomorrow to relieve some of our boredom. I got a message from her earlier on today saying, “HI TESSA, I’M ON THE BUS. WHAT’S GOING ON TOMORROW? BECKI’S DISAPPOINTED. SHE’S HERE + SHE WANTED 2 MEET U.” That made the fact I couldn’t go ice skating even worse because I wanted to see what Becki’s like too.

I spoke to Becki, Brett and Damon very briefly when I rang Lizzie. They were there (obviously!) plus Leon, Amir and some lad called David.

Only 2 days left of this year, century and Millennium left to go now. It doesn’t seem like anything special really. I’m still as bored as ever!


I’m worried that she might be in a mood with me – 25th December 1999

Saturday 25th (Christmas Day! Duh!)

I woke up at 8:30am, forgot what day it is and went back to sleep. I woke up again at about 10am and went downstairs to open my presents but Abby was still fast asleep so I couldn’t. By 10:30am I was sick of waiting so I woke her up. My presents were just pyjamas, chocolates, hair stuff, make up, the usual stuff. As always, I got bored once I’d opened all my presents but the time went quickly before Auntie G and Grandma S arrived.

Grandma S has not stopped eating all day. Mum and Auntie G are pleased because they’ve been worried that she’s not eating as well as she should. We had all the turkey and stuff and then Grandma went through about 3 bowlfuls of ice cream.

I’ve spent all evening in front of the TV. There’s been loads of good stuff on and I didn’t really have much else to do.

Rhian’s a bit fed up stuck on the Orkneys still. I spoke to her on the phone and she sounded very unimpressed. She wants us to go up for the Millennium celebrations in Wick because her mum’d let her go out and party if she was with someone older but we’ve got to stay here. We probably won’t see everyone in Scotland until the summer now. I really miss them all. Auntie S said she sent our Christmas presents 2 weeks ago but we haven’t got them.

I want Lizzie to send me a text message. I sent her one to see if she had a good day but I’ve not got one back. I’m worried that she might be in a mood with me for being horrible to Gethin and hinting to him that she wasn’t telling him everything about the last party just to make him paranoid. Sarah and Lizzie are meant to be staying here at New Year because they can’t get home too easily so if she still wants to stay, she’ll have to get in contact with me soon.


He bloody well laughed – 23rd & 24th December 1999

Thursday 23rd I went to the Trafford Centre today with Lizzie, Cat and an Australian girl called Sarah who’s staying with people who live near Cat. It was an alright day but I didn’t buy much.

This evening I went out to the The Smithy pub with Lizzie, Gethin, Big Paul and Stuart Hobbs. It was fine until I somehow got onto the subject of Grandma and I told Gethin about the fire she’d had. He laughed. He bloody well laughed. Well, to me and I’m sure most other people, it is just not funny but Lizzie joined in laughing too. I was telling them not to but they just wouldn’t stop.

We got bored in the pub so Big Paul just drove us round. It was fine for a while and I was back in a good mood until Gethin swapped places with Stuart and sat in the back. He was constantly calling me a bitch and stuff and, although he was saying it jokingly, it was beginning to annoy me.

Rather than yell at him (there was no real reason to do so other than the one I have just mentioned about calling me a bitch and, if I had have shouted, the others may have thought it was petty) I decided just to annoy him back so I started making him paranoid by asking Lizzie if she’d “told him” and then mouthing “Amir” at her. It worked but also annoyed Lizzie a bit which I didn’t want to do really.

When Lizzie’d gone and Big Paul dropped me off Gethin wouldn’t let go of my wrists coz I’d been getting a nerve between his bicep and tricep which hurt and Big Paul got annoyed with me coz I wouldn’t get out of the car. What he didn’t realise was that I couldn’t get out. Bloody Gethin’s fault again! Grrr!!

Gethin did actually compliment me at one point so I forgave him for a while but that only lasted a few minutes. He said I reminded him of Pamela Rhodes and Keely Wade when I got out of the car for a bit. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing but the other lads assured me that it definitely was. Gethin also said that I was “looking rather pretty tonight”. Don’t know where that came from. Maybe he realised he’d pissed me off.

Lizzie told me the other day that Hayley’d met [snogged] Big Paul at the party but now I’ve been told by Big Paul that he doesn’t think he did. Hmmm… interesting!


Friday 24th (Christmas Eve!)

Boring day. All my presents are under the Xmas tree and I’ve been wanting to open them but can’t. There are some very odd shapes amongst them. The dog opened one of mine so I know that Karen bought me a bright pink stress-reliever keyring. I’m not bothered coz I got her a pretty crap present too!

Just got a message from Rhian. She says she’s bored and freezing in the Orkneys and on the brink of cracking up. Nothing different there then, except her location”

I miss being in Scotland for Xmas. I know Mum wants to spend it with her side of the family this year and I don’t mind that but I still love being up there so much. Maybe next year.