Kevin’s dirty underwear – 1st December 2002

Sunday 1st  I went to Camel Club with Jonas and his mates on Monday because it was his last day of being 19. We talked about next year again but it was more positive this time. However, Jonas did say that he doesn’t think it’d be a proper relationship just seeing each other at the weekends. I disagree. Other people manage it. He said if we last in the next year then we’ll have been together longer so it’d be easier. He said he doesn’t want to split up with me and he would like me to be near him so we can stay together. I hope we do. He says he’ll have to stick with the same job for a while so not to base anything on him. I keep getting this awful dread feeling still. Ugh! Jonas started kissing me lots and saying he loved me and he wanted to show me how much and prove he’s not going off me.

Also on Monday, I arrived back from uni with Jen at 1:15pm to find that our house had been broken into. It was awful. They’d been through everything. Quite a lot of stuff was missing too, including my stereo, loads of DVDs and Kevin’s dirty underwear. We think they must’ve used his washbag to carry stuff in. The little bastards had come in through the basement door. A policeman came round and we found a hat belonging to one of the scallies. The forensics guy took it with him and got a load of fingerprints too. The scary thing is that one of us could well have still been in bed when they came in.

On Tuesday, it was Jonas’s 20th birthday and a year since we met. Wow! 🙂 We went to Milton and then Visage and Jonas got very drunk. We talked about next year AGAIN and he said he doesn’t want to split up but it might be more practical at the time. He said he might well change his mind when it comes to it though. He wants to talk to Dave about it so I hope he says to stay with me.

The thing is that if Jonas has secretly already decided he wants to be single next year then I want to know. I don’t want to waste my time being with someone who’s not sure they want to be with me. I love him but if he doesn’t feel the same then he’s not worth it. He did say he loved me loads and we got to level 5 in lots of different ways. I’m worried my pill won’t work now.

Jonas said that he knows loads of people who fancy me but won’t say who. I want to know though!

Jonas went to Scotland on Wednesday night. He got cheap coach tickets. He invited me but I’ve got way too much work and stuff. He had to go from Leeds so I went there with him. We had tea in some pub and Jonas said he loves me and that he wanted me to go with him.

I went home of Friday and saw Grandma S. I went to see Floyd and Sarah last night and then went to the Trafford Centre.

I came back to lovely, criminal-ridden Huddersfield today and Jonas stayed over and said he loves me and stuff. He also told me that his Forres mate Will said to give me his phone number if we ever split up. Yey! He’s so cute! 🙂



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