The tap was dripping, like how Oscar always left it – 22nd December 2002

Sunday 22nd  I went Christmas shopping with my mates at the Trafford Centre on Monday evening. I bought some boots, jeans and a top. Everyone was dreading the funeral the next day because we knew it was going to be really upsetting.

We all met at Floyd’s house at 10am on Tuesday morning and made our way over the road to the church. I stayed with Lizzie because we were the only girls and we knew we were going to cry. I’m very glad she was there too. We all sat at the back of the church. When we opened our hymn books there were photos of Oscar inside. That set most people off, including me.

I’d just managed to control myself when the coffin came in. It was lucky it didn’t arrive earlier because the organ was playing You’ll Never Walk Alone and Oscar was an Everton fan. Instead, Oscar came in to Hotel California. His dad told everyone what had happened and how Oscar had stopped treatment because he saw how much it was hurting his family. It was really sad. His little brother then spoke and said how, on the day Oscar died, he went into the bathroom and the tap was dripping, like how Oscar always left it.

Apparently Oscar said he didn’t want any tears but there was no way anyone could help it. They played Always by Bon Jovi as he left the church which is going to make me think of him whenever I hear it now.

We all filed round the back of the church to watch the burial and then went back to Floyd’s. There had been so many people there, including some teachers. Everyone felt totally drained afterwards and every time someone asked if I was ok, I got upset again.

I went back to Huddersfield and just wanted to curl up on the sofa and watch TV but Jen and Archie saw I was upset and wouldn’t leave me so I was forced to go out. Ben was being really nice to me, saying how he’s had to go to loads of funerals. He put his arm round me too. He told me that his housemate John thinks I’m cool.

I went to uni on Wednesday. Jen had a placement interview for Kirklees Council and got the job. I stayed at Jonas’s on Thursday night but when I got back to the house I found that Archie had gone to uni and locked me out I was back early too because he’s asked me to be so I could sign for his DVDs.

Archie’s started to get pissed off with Jen for being loud and jumping all over him all the time. We had a course night out on Friday but not many people made it. It was ok though. Archie and Kenny kept saying I was cute and stuff. Jonas came over afterwards and stayed at mine. I feel really good with him again now but unfortunately we had to part for the Christmas holidays.

I was Floyd’s house party tonight. There were loads of people I didn’t know there. Lizzie and I made a cocktail containing gravy granules, vinegar, sugar and paprika and many other substances, and managed to get about 10 people to drink it! Cat was one of them and got very pissed off with us. Oops! This 23 year old lad from The Green Dragon helped is.



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