Everyone seems to have a geek fancying them….. except me! – 25th & 26th January 2000

Tuesday 25th Okay, I knew Hayley not annoying me wouldn’t last long and today just proved I was right.

This morning, Andy wasn’t answering his phone. That could’ve been for any number of reasons e.g. the ring volume was off or it was in another room to him. I told Hayley this but she wasn’t having any of it. She’d convinced herself that he hated her because she wouldn’t go very far with him on Saturday night which is why he wasn’t answering his phone.

I reminded her that he hadn’t been picking it up yesterday morning either and that she spoke to him at lunchtime but she wouldn’t take my advice to try again later on in the day. Instead, she started going on about how she didn’t know what she’d do if he hated her so she’d have to kill herself. Great, that’s all I need, a suicidal friend!

I told her to stop being daft, pathetic and paranoid and to just take things as they come and she stopped….. for about 5 minutes! Until the end of lunchtime I had Hayley asking me, “Do you think he hates me?” every 5 minutes. I think she was just looking for reassurance but she wasn’t half getting on my nerves! If she carries on like that again she won’t get chance to top herself cos I think I’ll resort to strangling the girl!! She really does go over the top sometimes. She needs to chill!

Everyone seems to have a geek fancying them….. except me! Sarah’s got Floyd, Freda’s got Chris K-B, Hayley’s got Henry Rockwell and now Lizzie’s got Denzel Chadwick. That doesn’t do much for my self-esteem when I haven’t even got a desperate little geek fancying me!


Wednesday 26th I think I’ll go on to my next diary after today. It’ll be a pink one with a bee on it.

I went to the doctor after school about my skin. I’ve been on Minocycline tablets for about a year and Dr O’L’s decided I should come off them for a while. It’s a good idea really but I’m just worried my spots’ll come back again.

Apparently Amir’s on tablets to clear up his skin and they’re working. He’s back from Paris now. They day he went I sent him a message to see if they worked when you’re abroad and Lizzie said he got it but couldn’t send one back.

Floyd’s really obsessed with Sarah. He keeps asking my advice on what to get her for Valentine’s Day. He’s so sweet. He says he’d do anything for her. His mum told him to ask her out but he’s too shy.

Kickboxing was dead good again tonight. We had a different instructor but I still really enjoyed it!

I saw Jake Taylor today. He’s so fit! I really like him at the moment. I wish he liked me but I doubt it’ll happen because it hardly ever does.

Andy might be moving to Germany with his uncle. This news has left Hayley gutted and suicidal.

?Mark sent me a message today. It contained stuff about Andy being a geek and Hayley being sad and desperate. I found it quite amusing!



That girl has guts! – 7th & 8th October 1999

Thursday 7th I only had one lesson today because our Geography teacher wasn’t in so I stayed in the common room all day. Aled did too but he was totally absorbed in his ‘Bravo Two Zero’ book so he didn’t speak as much as usual. He decided that I was going to his sleepover even though I said I didn’t know if I could and Oscar backed him up. If Lizzie goes, I probably will too.

I saw Trotter quite a bit today. He had a lesson 2nd period but they were practicing acting something out so they came up to the top floor of the college where there’s more space. We kept making eye contact with each other. Later on he was on a free period and so was I so I went and sat in the pool room where he was. It seemed to be pretty much common knowledge that I fancy him and Safiyah L told me that he’s ‘hard to get’. She used to fancy him, you see, but didn’t get anywhere with him.

I didn’t see much of Jake today but I found out from the General Studies lists that his full name is Jake Matthew Kenneth Taylor and his birthday is 3rd October 1981. That means he must be 18 now.

While I was sat in the common room, apparently this lad called Ali Kershaw was looking for me. I went back upstairs and Aled and Zoe said he’d come in and asked if anyone had seen me. None of them thought to ask why though. I really want to know what he wanted. He’s mates with Jake (we think) so Zoe reckons he was going to say something about Jake. She then declared that she fancied Jake and if I did anything with him she’d never speak to me. She’s already got a boyfriend. Selfish or what?!


Friday 8th Lizzie and Zoe are beginning to annoy me. Lizzie keeps flirting with anyone and everyone, even in front of Oscar. It’s the flirting with Aled that was annoying me the most. That means I must like him because I wouldn’t have cared otherwise. She’s making such a big deal about Brett and all. Nobody really cares much but she’s telling more and more people so it’s bound to get back to Oscar sooner or later.

She’s not annoyed me as much as Zoe though. I tell you, that girl has guts! She went up to Jake this morning, asked him if he liked her, told him she liked him and then told everyone she’d done it. This is all so that nobody else’ll get in there because, now loads of people know she fancies him, it’ll make anyone else who tries to get in there look like they’re being snidey to her. People’ll then stick up for her therefore giving whoever else is after Jake a hard time.

She knows exactly what she’s doing and she’s done it before. Even if she just likes a lad a bit and then finds out someone else likes him, she’ll do anything she can to stop them getting him. She’s split up with Jav too so she’s been whinging about him all day.

Because Lizzie and Aled seem to be getting on pretty well at the moment, I brought up the subject of who people fancy on the walk home. I was questioning Julian on who he likes but he wouldn’t tell me. We then split up and I walked on the pavement and they walked on the field. I think they’d been discussing who they liked because when they re-joined me on the path, I continued questioning Julian and Aled said he knew who it was.

Then Julian said he knew who Aled liked. They wouldn’t tell me who so I started guessing. This is how I brought Lizzie into it. Aled said she was a good mate but he didn’t like her in that way. So, he says he doesn’t fancy her. Julian said she’s not who Aled fancies so when I asked Julian who it was, he said, “If Aled wants to tell you, it’s up to him.” Aled went quiet. I may continue questioning next week. [I hoped it was me, didn’t i?]


[There’ll be a slight change for my next few posts. I had MAJOR GOSSIP and my very brave gossipee, Cat, has agreed to share her parallel diary entries. And they are excellent.]

“Go and get in a car with Jake” – 5th & 6th October 1999

Tuesday 5th Aled surprised me again today. He actually admitted to being nervous about going to the dentist. He’s got to have 2 fillings and was going on all day about how he didn’t want an injection. I just didn’t think he was the type of lad to admit stuff like that for fear of being called soft. I thought it was quite sweet.

He’s also ended up being a rep for his form. They have to go to meetings and put our opinions forward and stuff. He said he didn’t really want to do it but he put his hand up as a joke and then Julian seconded him.

We had a fire practice in last lesson. I got to see Trotter so I was quite happy about that. There were loads of people stood between where I was in my form on the all-weather pitch and where he was but at one point there was a big gap all the way through so I looked at him and he looked at me and glanced away. That happened a couple of times.

I really do like him. Lizzie reckons he’d be really nice looking if he toned his sideys down a bit. I like them the way they are.

Big Touchy-Feely Creepy Paul told Zoe he liked her yesterday. Sarah’s really upset about it. She hasn’t actually said so but I could tell.

Lizzie’s probably going to go somewhere with Brett at the weekend. He phoned last night and asked if she wanted to go somewhere and she said yes. Poor Oscar! He’s not got a clue what’s really going on.


Wednesday 6th I’ve found another lad now to add to the list of lads I fancy. There’s Aled Brownlee and Darren Lawton (Trotter) and now there’s Jake Taylor. There’s a problem with the new one though – Cat likes him too.

I didn’t like him during today at school which is when I found out Cat did. There was a secret which she told Lizzie and I narrowed it down to being that she fancied a College 2 lad last week. Then today I did a lot of mithering and eventually found out it was Jake that she liked, although it was only this evening that I decided I liked him myself.

There was meant to be a bowling trip with college tonight but it got cancelled because hardly anyone was going but Aled, Oscar, Lizzie, Cat, Freda, Zoe, Bridget, Zack Bain, Denzel Chadwick, Harvey Anson, Julian Olsen, Karen and I all went anyway. When we arrived I spotted some College 2s and then realised Jake was with them. This made Cat happy.

I commented how he was actually quite nice looking and Freda heard and twisted it and decided to tell everyone I fancied him (I do now). She started shouting stuff like, “Do you really fancy Jake, Tess?!” when he walked past and told his mates I fancied him. Jake then kept looking over at me, probably to see if I was looking at him, which I was but only to see if he was looking at me, which he was.

After I’d won a bowling game against Lizzie, Oscar and Aled, we ate and then headed for the dodgems and arcade bit. Jake and co were over there and, just as people were beginning to climb into the dodgems, one of Jake’s mates came over and said, “Are you Tess?” I said yes and then he said, “Go and get in a car with Jake.”

If I hadn’t known Cat fancied him and if he didn’t think I fancied him, I might well have done but Lizzie cut in and said, “No, it’s Cat that fancies him.” Meanwhile, Jake had wandered over and heard this and, I don’t mean to sound big-headed or anything, but I’m sure he looked a bit disappointed! Nothing interested happened in the end though.

We had to go back to Oscar’s afterwards because that’s where we dumped our bags. I saw his mum and dad and they were introduced to Lizzie again.

Nothing seemed to be happening with Aled and me either. I don’t think he likes me that way. He acts more like he fancies Lizzie than me. He has re-invited me to stay over at his house with Lizzie and his mates sometime soon though.