Am I ever going to get another snog off him??! – 9th & 10th March 2000

Thursday 9th I still can’t believe I’m going out with Jake Taylor!!! I like him soooo much now! I saw quite a bit of him today at lunch and stuff and he stopped for a while after college because we were shifting the careers stuff out of our common room. He went before me because he had to go to the dentist but I got a snog. They get better! I tried to stop it because I thought someone was coming in the room but he didn’t let me by leaning in as I tried to pull away. That was really nice for some reason. I suppose it’s because he wanted to carry on even if someone else had come in!

He smells really nice too. Sarah agrees! We were walking up the stairs in college today and we both got a whiff of what he wears and looked at each other. We didn’t even have to say anything, it was weird how we both just knew the other one was thinking, “I can smell Jake”! It’s Issy Myaki Miyake (I don’t know how you spell it) he told me. I’ve heard of that before because my sister always used to go on about how much she loved the smell. He says it’s his dad’s.

I got another message ending, “LOVE YOU xxxxx ; )” tonight. It made my stomach do that nice warm thing when I read it!

For future reference, Hugo Pratt’s home phone number is 01565 ******. Jake told me in the message because I’d asked what it was as an excuse so he’d send me a message back.


Friday 10th I’ve now developed aching eyes and a bad headache. Brilliant – this cold just gets better and better – NOT!!!

Went to see this Battle of the Bands thing at school tonight with Jake. It was pretty crap and I didn’t get any physical contact whatsoever off Jake all the way through. We went to The Coach afterwards and he held my hand, put his hand on my leg and stomach and leaned on me at various points in the evening but that’s as far as it went. Therefore I am extremely pissed off! All I got was a quick peck on the lips goodbye when I got out of the car because he was giving some lad a lift home. Grrr!! I won’t see him all weekend and nothing ever happens in college because there’s always loads of people about.

Am I ever going to get another snog off him??!



Desperate, an illegal immigrant or a total headcase!! – 7th & 8th March 2000

Tuesday 7th Lizzie, Bella Jameson, Jake and I were all sat in the common room this afternoon and we ended up having a discussion about Zoe. It wasn’t the most pleasant of conversations as it revolved around BO, mould and used sanitary towels under her bed. That’s disgusting. Bella told us the last part and we can well believe it! The guy she reckons she’s marrying must be desperate, an illegal immigrant or a total headcase!!

We were just saying how lads must have no sense of smell because she still gets them and I suddenly noticed Jake had gone very quiet. As soon as I realised why, I said to him, “Perhaps you could enlighten us on this one!” He went very, very red!! Then he tried to explain what’d happened at Matt Carrera’s party when he snogged Zoe.

The story involved him drinking a bottle of vodka and her being very persistent, him giving in outside on the drive and then hiding behind a car when someone came round the corner! He wouldn’t let her sleep near him though (or so he says!) and he did tell me that he’d only gone to the party because he thought I was mates with Zoe and might be there. Good! He’s such a babe!!!


Wednesday 8th I’m still deaf so I went to the doctor’s after school and he put me on some decongestants or something because there’s all fluid in them and my sinuses are all blocked. Hope they work!

Gethin messed up Jake’s hair this afternoon. It made all the gel stuff come out so his hair went all fluffy. I’ve never seen it when it’s normal before, it was weird but he was still gorgeous!

I didn’t get a snog today because as we were beginning one at the end of college, Mr H (head of college) walked in and said something like, “Steady!” which was rather embarrassing and kind of put us off!

Kickboxing was good tonight but there are loads of new people now and they’re mostly girls. Not good – they stand behind us and giggle and piss me off! We’re learning combinations for the grading in 3 weeks’ time and Dave (our instructor) kept coming and talking to us about skiing because he knows we went and he went for his 2nd time ever to Switzerland last week. It snowed there apparently.


P.S. Had a text from Sarah saying that her mum thinks her mates are leading her astray! Charming!!

We were all over each other! – 6th March 2000

Monday 6th I had a day off college again today which I didn’t like doing but had to because my face and ears were so sore this morning. I’m still deaf on one side as well and I’m getting sick of it! Mum’s making a doctor’s appointment for me tomorrow morning. 😦

Woke up to 2 texts. One was from Sarah asking where I was and the other was from Floyd asking the same thing and pointing out that I couldn’t be “fucking Jake” because he was in college. Floyd’s message annoyed me. I did not need to wake up to that.


I sent him one back explaining that I didn’t go to the doctor and that he shouldn’t feel guilty because I knew he’d been ill and I should’ve controlled myself at Brian’s. He texted me back saying, “YEH WELL, I’M GLAD YOU DIDN’T – IT WAS A GOOD NIGHT! JUST FOUND OUT THAT FREDA’S HAVING A BIG PARTY IN THE SUMMER – HER PARENTS R GOING AWAY FOR A WEEKEND ; ) BYE BYE xx”. Good, I need a party! Shame it’s not a bit sooner though.

When Abby got in from school she told me that Jacqueline had been talking Samantha Beck again and Sam’d said that, even though Jake and I haven’t been together for ages, we look really close – like we’ve been together for ages. She also said that when she turned round at one point, we were all over each other! That must’ve been the same time as Hayley and her brother sneaked off!

Jake’s actually made me a bit wary of what I say and do now because he says there’s a few of them in his year, including Samantha, who have a free periods at the same time and they discuss everything. Oh dear! Mind you, I might discuss stuff with my mates about him too, depending on what it was.


I want to know what reasons!! – 5th March 2000

Sunday 5th I woke up this morning and looked at my phone to see ‘1 missed call’ and ‘message received’ on the screen. I don’t know who the call was from or when whoever it was phoned because it must have been anonymous and they didn’t leave a message. Hayley, Freda and I had some like that on the way home last night and Hayley thinks it’s Andy and his mates because he’s got our 3 numbers so it was probably him again.

The message was from Jake and it said, “SORRY, I’VE JUST GOT UP + READ YOUR MESSAGE – IT’S OK, I DON’T THINK YOU CAN EXPLAIN WHY WHEN YOU LIKE SOMEONE THAT MUCH – I COULDN’T. THERE’S 2 MANY DIFFERENT REASONS – LUV U x”. Okay, fair enough, I’m glad he understands but now I want to know what reasons!! He sent that message at 11:14 – glad I’m not the only one who gets up so late!

Went to see Malcolm Mattesson, an Environmental Consultant that my dad knows, this afternoon about what’s going on with the indoor ski centre they’re meant to be building somewhere near Wigan (yeah!!) because I’m doing about it for my Geography project. It was quite interesting actually. Jake did about a leisure centre or something for his.

I had a message from Jake before. He didn’t say much other than that he was bored but I got, “LOTS + LOTS OF LOVE JAKE xxxxx ; )” at the end. I liked the little winking face at the end! (In the texts, the faces are actually sideways because they’re made up of brackets and stuff.)

This cold of mine isn’t getting better. My whole face aches (Mum said it must be my sinuses) and I went deaf in both ears before. It’s back to just deaf in one again now so I feel unbalanced again! It’s horrible!! Mum wants me to go to the doctor but he’ll stick one of those things down my ear and it hurt loads last time so I don’t want to go. I’m being soft!!


Just cos! – 4th March 2000

Saturday 4th I had a phone call from Emma this afternoon asking if I knew where Jake and Niall went because she’d said they could stay at her house last night but her mum’d kicked up a fuss and wouldn’t let them. She said her mum had liked Jake and has said he was gorgeous and had spoken to her very nicely!

I sent him a message asking where he went and I got a reply stretching over 3 messages. He said, “EMMA IS MAD! SHE GOT ME TO DROP THEM OFF + THEN LOCKED THE GATE SO I COULDN’T DRIVE HOME – THEN HAD AN ARGUMENT WITH HER MUM + TOLD US TO SLEEP IN THE CARAVAN!”



I went to LA Bowl tonight. I’ve not been for a while so I thought I might not get quite as bored. I was wrong! Even with Jake there it was boring. We just spent hours stood about waiting for a lane and, even after we’d got one and finished the game, we were stood about again waiting for a lift home. I wouldn’t go on the dodgems because I didn’t fancy being battered about when I’d got a headache and stuff already so I think Jake must have thought I’m a bit boring too.

As we were waiting to leave the place, I asked Sarah why she liked Gethin. She didn’t say anything except, “Just cos!” then she asked, “Well why do you like him?” pointing at Jake so I replied, “Just cos!” just to be awkward cos she didn’t answer me either.

I only got one kiss off him which was outside as we were going but it didn’t last long because some cocky little bloke walked past saying, “Is that even legal?!” and then all my mates were in cars waiting for me so I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get a good snog.

As I neared home, I realised that when I’d answered “Just cos!” to Sarah’s question, it must have sounded awful to Jake so at about 12:30 am (when I just got in), I texted him saying, “SOMEONE’S JUST POINTED OUT THAT IT SOUNDED REALLY AWFUL WHEN SARAH ASKED ME WHY I LIKED U + I SAID JUST COS. I’M SORRY OF IT DID!! LOVE YOU xxx”. I didn’t get a reply but it’s late now.


His kissing’s definitely improved! – 3rd March 2000

Friday 3rd Cat was talking to Jenny in their Art lesson again today. She told Cat that all the time in Paris, Jake was whinging that I wasn’t there and Cat told her that I’d been doing the same and saying “Jake!” longingly every few minutes. Jenny said he kept saying, “Tessa!” in the same way! Aled told Cat again that Jake’d been sat clutching his phone every night and worrying when I didn’t phone or something.

I completely dropped myself in it with Hayley today. I was sat talking to Floyd and Jake, and Floyd said that in biology they’d mentioned limbs and Hayley’d linked this to Lymm and then, of course, Andy. I then said, “Yeah she does that with everything. Like every time a blue car drives past she starts calling his name.” I said all that not realising she was stood in the doorway listening! She then stormed in and yelled, “Some friend you are!” and then went out again.

Cat and Sarah were hoping it’d make Hayley realise we’re all sick of hearing about Andy but I doubt it will! I tried to apologise and explain we were just saying how obvious it was she really liked Andy but she just kept sending messages back saying that she thought I was a friend but obviously I’m not and other bollocks like that.

I went out tonight with Jake, Niall Cafferty, Emma, Maisie, Gethin, Keira, Big Paul and a few others in The Mossland pub. It was really boring and I was worried that my dad was going to come in so eventually we went to The Coach and Horses. Hayley was there with Georgia Dean and she seemed to have forgiven me.

The subject of Canada came up again. Jake told me he’s only going for 12 weeks now and asked me when my birthday is. I told him and he said he’ll go after that instead of October, as long as he’s gone before New Year. Great!!

We went in The Plough later on. We had a snog in the car park which I needed! When we went in, most people we were with got chucked out because they were IDing people. I managed to avoid the woman who was doing it so I got to stay. Hayley and Georgia sneaked back in with Hayley’s brother later.

I snogged Jake while Hayley’s brother was around which was probably a mistake because he’ll discuss it with his mum who’ll probably discuss it with mine. AARRRGGH!!!

Jake gave me a lift home after dropping Samantha Beck off. I got a goodbye kiss and turned round as he was driving off to see him smiling to himself. His kissing’s definitely improved!


A nice hug and a peck on the cheek – 2nd March 2000

Thursday 2nd I had a nice message to read this morning. It said, “GOOD MORNING! ARE YOU GOING IN? HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON : ) LOVE YOU xXx”. As you may have guessed, it was from Jake.

I did go into college today, even though I’m still feeling pretty rough. I just kept drugging myself up with aspirin and throat sweets! Jake came to find me at break and he sat in the corner of the common room with me. When the bell went, he very sensibly said, “I won’t give you a kiss, I’ll just hug you instead.” He had his nice cuddly Quiksilver fleece on too.


The fleece.

So, this packet →


from the tissues I’ve been using today seemed very appropriate! So, me being me, I’ve stuck it in! (I love that picture!)

Jake also came with me and Cat at lunch to try and find out info about Alex. Jake then told us, after we’d asked everyone from skiing, that his mate Ian who he knows from Venture Scouts (what the hell are they??!!) played rugby in Bolton and therefore might know Alex. It turns out he doesn’t but Cat’s been having text conversations with Ian instead who was at Amanda Bryan’s party but no-one knows who he is either except, obviously, Jake.

After school (when I got a nice hug and a peck on the cheek off Jake) he sent me a message (Jake this is) saying Robbie’d remembered Alex’s surname is Cranwell. I got another later saying Katie knows his middle name. That message was signed off with “LOVE YOU xXx” as well. Aaah, I love it when he puts that!

I got another even later saying that Janine said she liked me and Cat after all. We hadn’t been sure at skiing, you see.

Tonight, I got a phone call off Jake. He was at work and rang to warn me that Mason had sent me a dirty message. He just wanted me to know it wasn’t from him. The text only said, “I WANT YOU BABY, AFTER I’VE HAD A HAND SHANK” though.