Sleep never happened! – 16th & 17th April 2000

Sunday 16th to Monday 17th Last night was Denzel Chadwick’s (Denny’s) birthday party and it turned out to be quite good in the end.

Hayley bought a card before we went for me, her and Sarah to sign and she told me to ask Jake if he wanted us to put his name in it too. I sent him a message asking that and whether he thought I should wear my short black skirt or my blue one. He replied, “YEH PUT MY NAME IN IT PLEASE! AS AN EXPERT IN FEMALE FASHION, I’D FIRSTLY ASK… WHAT WILL YOU BE WEARING WITH IT? SECONDLY YOU WON’T BE WAITING FOR A TAXI…” and then, “SO THE DECISION IS A PURELY AESTHETIC ONE!! OH WHAT THE HELL!..… GO WITH THE LITTLE BLACK NUMBER! SEE YOU LATER! LOVE YOU LOADS : ) JAKE xxxxx”. That’s what I wanted to hear!

Denny lives in an old converted barn thing by the horse riding stables and it is so nice! When I arrived, everyone was saying how much they wanted to live there!

Jake arrived a bit later than me and looked drop dead gorgeous as always! I didn’t really see much of him at the start cos everyone was wandering round exploring the house but we got sat down together eventually. I kept wanted to get up and see what was going on elsewhere but he tried to make me stay by hanging on to my arm or something every time!

At one point, somebody told him I thought he was boring (which if I did say, I can’t remember and wouldn’t have meant it seriously anyway) and we had about 10 minutes of not talking to each other because he thought I’d said that and I was annoyed that he didn’t believe me that I wouldn’t have meant it but it didn’t take long for us to make up again!

The people who weren’t staying over all left by about 1:00 am and the rest of us claimed our places on the sofas or the floor ready to attempt going to sleep. Sleep never happened!

Jake and I shared the long sofa under his sleeping bag so we were fairly comfy. He had his arms round me all night even though he must have got uncomfortable. I gave him the option to move them but he kept saying he was okay. It was really nice and would’ve been better if the room hadn’t been full of other people.

We were kissing for pretty much most of the night and he did have his hand up my top at one point. I sat forward at one point to get some water and he had a go at undoing my bra but was unsuccessful so I did it for him. In the early hours of the morning, we got to 2/3 over pants but with no time for any effect cos Gethin started trying to drag the sleeping bag off us. Gethin sent Jake a message at about 5 am telling him to hurry up and shag me, basically. I saw it but pretended I didn’t and asked Jake what it said. As usual, he didn’t tell me!

As other people began to start moving around, I went tired and so did Jake. We just lay there and he cuddled me for ages and stroked my hair and kept kissing my face. He’s so sweet!

Eventually we had to get up too and Jake stood on the sofa, jumped off and twatted his head on the light on the ceiling! I think he was in pain but it was quite amusing for the rest of us! Then he couldn’t find his shirt and a shoe but did finally and got a lift home with Niall Cafferty. Sarah and I ordered a taxi but it was about an hour late so we just sat and talked about what had happened.

I’d had 3 matchmaking missions for the night:

  • Maeve Ackerley and Henry Rockwell
  • Lucy Jacobs and Brian Hobbs
  • Cat and Floyd

Cat eventually agreed to snog Floyd as long as he didn’t ask her out and he agreed and they got it together outside. Lucy and Brian left quite early but were apparently together for most of the night. Nothing happened with Henry and Maeve though.

Emma and I managed to get Hayley and some lad called Rich together by grabbing one each and throwing them into a corner.

Bridget Linehan and Chris Kelly-Banks were caught together in an upstairs room that was meant to be out of bounds and are now supposed to be going out with each other.

Nigel Groves asked Freda out, Emma snogged Niall and I think Lizzie snogged Gethin. Sarah will not be pleased about that last one.

James Douglas (a.k.a. Dougie) talks in his sleep. Just as everyone was settling down, we heard, “No!! Get away from me! No!!” The whole room was silent for a few seconds before everyone collapsed in fits of laughter when we realised he was asleep!

I managed to get some sleep when I got home and then when I woke up at about 4:00 pm, I got a message from Jake saying, “HI! SORRY IF I’VE WOKEN YOU! I’M STILL REALLY TIRED BUT I CAN’T SLEEP! I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU! I WANT TO WAKE UP LYING NEXT TO YOU! LOVE YOU SO MUCH! J xxx”. That was so nice to wake up to!

Hayley phoned me a while ago and told me that after Jake had been told I’d said he was boring, he’d grabbed hold of her and had asked really seriously if that’s what I thought. She told him I didn’t and that every time she speaks to me I go on about how fine he is but he just said to her, “Well I can be fine and boring, can’t I?!” I felt awful then so she sent him a message telling him that I didn’t think he’s boring and that I’m worried he thinks I think that.

Hayley phoned me again and said he’d sent her 2 back, the first one saying to tell me not to worry cos Gethin had told him and he’s hardly a reliable source of information and then he said he knows he’s more interesting when drunk! The 2nd one said, “BUT I REALLY ENJOYED LAST NIGHT/THIS MORNING – BUT I DON’T LIKE GETTING SO DRUNK I CAN’T REMEMBER ANYTHING! PLEASE TELL HER NOT TO WORRY – I LOVE HER SO MUCH : )”.

I thought that was really sweet how he admitted to someone else that he loves me! He’s not said it properly out of text messages though.



Twisted little twat! – 12th & 14th April 2000

Wednesday 12th Today was much more normal. Jake came to see me at various intervals throughout the day. Gethin was being his usual bitchy self. Hayley was in floods of tears cos her boyfriend-type-thing, Andy, has sort of dumped her (again!). I’ve had loads of work which I couldn’t be bothered doing and now I’ve discovered it all has to be done by Friday! Somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen!

Kickboxing was good tonight. We were doing nasty stretches but we were kicking at head height later. Could be handy!!

I sent Jake a message afterwards telling him what I’d been doing and giving my opinion on Andy which is that he’s a twisted little twat! I threatened a while back that I’d break Jake’s legs so he can’t leave me and go and be a skiing instructor in Canada for 3 months later this year, which is why he said, “DAMN! SO YOU WON’T JUST BE BREAKING MY LEGS THEN? I AGREE ABOUT ANDY – AND I’VE NEVER SEEN HIM (WHILST I’M SOBER). THAT WILL HAVE GOT HER HOPES UP! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!”

What will have got Hayley’s hopes up is when he answered her call earlier on and he told her just to leave it a few days. She’s so stupid staying with him cos he’s just making her thoroughly miserable.

I sent Jake another text saying I won’t break his legs and that he’d better not ever be like Andy (which I said a while back too) and he said, “YOU’VE SAID THAT BEFORE – I WOULD NEVER PURPOSELY HURT YOU! NIGHT NIGHT : ) SEE YOU TOMORROW! LOADS OF LOVE JAKE xxxxx”.

I like him soooo much!!!


Friday 14th The whole school had an assembly for Mr S (the IT teacher who recently died) this morning. I never really knew him that well so I didn’t cry but I was pretty close to it.

Tonight, Hayley, Gethin, Sarah, Jake, Cat and I all went round to Floyd’s cos his parents weren’t in and none of us can afford to go out! We just sat about and watched TV and ate Ben + Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream (it’s soooo gorgeous!!!) but it was still alright.

I got a lot of long snogs off Jake when it got quite late but better late than never. When we did have to leave, we booked a taxi but the earliest it could pick us up was 1:30 am so we went back to Hayley’s for an hour or so. As we were walking, Jake slowed right down and stopped me and we just kissed again for ages. It’s so nice! It always seems to be me who has to pull away and he tries to carry on, which is nice too! I think we’d go on forever if I didn’t!!

I really, really like him!


We snogged and made up – 11th April 2000

Tuesday 11th I’ve had a really bad day today at college and it’s all because of that bloody confusion last night.

Jake normally comes up to the common room to see me at every possible opportunity but he didn’t at all today. When he didn’t turn up at break I just assumed he was doing his Tech project but I got worried when, by the end of lunch, I still hadn’t seen him so I sent him a text message asking if he was in college. He replied, “I’M SO SORRY : ( I’M IN – I’M SULKING IN A CORNER BECAUSE I’M UPSET + DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY TO YOU! WHY DID SARAH HAVE TO DO THAT?? LOVE YOU! xxx : ) xxx”.

I felt sick all afternoon because of that. I thought we’d got it all sorted out last night but that message gave me the impression he was annoyed with me. I sent him one back asking why he was upset and he just said that he’d got no sleep last night and he was annoyed because he thought Sarah had been stirring it.

We got it sorted out in the end and he came up to see me after college. I tried to ask him then what was wrong and he just kept starting to say something then stopping then telling me he didn’t want to talk about it. He did say that you can’t tell with texts what’s a joke and what’s not. He’s right.

I was beginning to get annoyed because he wasn’t telling me anything and eventually decided to go home. He then started apologising and held out his hand for mine and looked really pathetic. I just can’t stay mad with him! He’s too sweet! I held his hand but said I had to go (I did too cos my mum was waiting) but he asked if he could have a kiss and made me feel sorry for him again. We snogged and made up anyway!

When I got home, I sent him a text asking if he was okay and apologising for being weird with him after college. He sent me one back saying, “YOU WEREN’T BEING WEIRD BUT U HAD EVERY REASON TO! I’M FINE NOW – HAPPY IT’S SORTED OUT! YEP, I’M AFRAID TO TELL YOU THAT YOU’LL BE SEEING ME TOMORROW : ) LOVE YOU x”.

I sent one back asking again why he’d been upset and sulking in hope of a proper answer. I got one saying, “BECAUSE I GOT THE IMPRESSION U WEREN’T TOO PLEASED WITH MY MSGS LAST NIGHT! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE WEEKEND + HOLIDAYS – GONNA BE TOP! LOVE YOU LOADS JAKE xxxxx”.

I explained that I wasn’t annoyed by his messages and that I’d just been confused as to whether he wanted to know if I’d sleep with him or if Gethin had pressured him into asking. He replied, “AFTER THIS MSG WE’RE NOT GONNA TALK ABOUT IT! I WAS ASKING COS I WANTED TO KNOW – GETHIN JUST KEPT TALKING ABOUT U BEING SO HAPPY! : ) LOVE YOU TO BITS J x”.


I didn’t get a reply to that one. I could’ve meant 2 things by that though. Either I do want to answer the question or I do want to sleep with him. I actually meant the latter but didn’t realise it could mean anything else until I read through it. I don’t really want to just yet though.

I got another message from him later saying he’d been doing Samba Band at Venture Scouts (sad!) and something about not letting him drink too much at the weekend. I asked if I was allowed to get him a bit drunk and he said, “YEH YOU’RE ALLOWED TO GET ME A BIT DRUNK – JUST MAKE SURE I DON’T HAVE 2 MUCH UNLESS YOU’RE WILLING TO NURSE ME TO MY BED! LOVE J x”. I told him that it wasn’t such a bad idea!

Ages ago, this lad called Reevesy went out with Zoe but dumped her because he liked me. I got a message from him this morning saying, “HI REEVSEY ERE! HOW U DOING? I’M IN FRENCH + ITS WANK! I’M NOW WORKING AT PIZZA HUT. C YA”. I have no idea what triggered that but I was too worried about Jake to be bothered finding out!


“It’s not fat!” – 8th & 10th April 2000

Saturday 8th Went to the Trafford Centre with Jake, Gethin, Emma and Suzanna. It was okay and we just kept reminding Jake of what he’d done last night. He apologised for what he said about getting Hayley pregnant!

I got a message from him this morning, thanking me for looking after him so he does remember some stuff.

[…And that’s where this entire diary abruptly ends with not even a ‘BYE!’]


[Shimmery diary number 18.]


Monday 10th Not much really happened today in college but I was told a couple of things that my boyfriend, Jake Taylor, (that sounds good!) said.

Sarah told me the first thing. We’d been on our way to McDonald’s for lunch in Karen Brent’s car and I’d run back into college to get my mobile phone. Apparently Sarah had yelled after me, “Hurry up and move your fat arse!” and Jake had complimented me by saying, “It’s not fat!” It just shocked me slightly because he’s a bit shy and hadn’t said much in the way of compliments (unless drunk!) before!

Gethin told me the other thing Jake had said. On Friday night, there’s a bit of a party going on at Floyd’s house and Gethin and Jake were talking about it. Gethin asked if he was going to stay overnight and Jake said he wasn’t sure until he was told that I was staying and he might even get to share a bed with me. Then apparently he changed his mind to say he definitely is going to stay!

After college, we all hung about for a bit until I had to go and meet my mum for a lift home. As I was leaving, Jake just sat there and made no effort to come and give me a kiss goodbye. Sarah came back to mine for a bit after school and, because I was moaning about Jake, she sent him a message asking if the conversation with Gethin was more important than saying bye to me.

She also pointed out that Gethin had carried out his part of an agreement the two of them made and asked if Jake was going to do his half. The agreement was that Gethin’d snog Sarah if Jake slept with me. It was made when they were very drunk the other week but it wasn’t serious really. Jake’s never ever tried anything, even when he’s completely bladdered! Anyway, he sent one back saying he felt really guilty about not saying bye and that he would carry out his side of their agreement if I was willing, basically.

I’m pretending that I wasn’t with Sarah when she sent that so, earlier on, I sent him a message from my phone asking what some messages to Sarah had been about because I’d just spoken to her on the phone (lie, lie!) and I also mentioned I felt sick cos I’d eaten too much ice cream. His reply said something about serving me right for eating too much and that the message had just been about the agreement and him not saying goodbye after college.

I sent another saying sorry cos he had sort of waved at me and I asked what he meant when he put “IT’S UP TO YOU” after writing about him saying he’d carry out his side of the agreement. He sent a message back saying, “NO SHE MEANT WHY DIDN’T I GIVE YOU A KISS! SHE MADE ME FEEL REALLY BAD! USE YOUR IMAGINATION AS TO WHAT I MEANT!”

(This is all really confusing!!)

I sent another one pretending to be all innocent and he replied, “AAAGGHH! I’LL SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU : ) THE AGREEMENT WAS THAT HE WOULD GO WITH [snog] SARAH IF I SLEPT WITH YOU!! WHAT DO YOU SAY?? LOVE YOU LOADS J x”.

I sent him one back asking him if he was serious because this all seems so unlike him and I got a reply saying, “DEADLY SERIOUS – I DON’T MAKE JOKES ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIP! ANYWAY SARAH + GETHIN HAVEN’T LEFT ME MUCH CHOICE HAVE THEY? IT’S TOTALLY UP TO YOU THOUGH! : ) LOVE J xxxxx”.

I just can’t believe he actually said all this! When we’ve talked about that subject he’s always said he’s never been ready, although we were always on about doing it with other people. I don’t think I am now so I doubt it’ll happen with us any time soon. I still can’t stop smiling though!!

I’ve not replied to his last message cos I didn’t know what to say and Sarah’s just phoned saying he sent her a message saying he’s worried cos I haven’t replied.

Right, I’ve just sent Jake another message apologising for not answering and explaining that I didn’t because I wasn’t sure how to reply. He sent me one back saying, “I DIDN’T WORRY YOU BEFORE BY SAYING WHAT I SAID, DID I? I ONLY ASKED BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THE BLOODY AGREEMENT! GETHIN WAS ASKING ME! LOVE YOU LOADS x”. I think it’s sorted now but I’ve been left feeling very confused!

Well, this had been an extremely weird and mixed up start to a new diary anyway. I’m finding it extremely difficult to follow what I’ve written so what chance has anyone else got?!


2 bottles of vodka – 7th April 2000

Friday 7th I had a slightly better day in college today, although Jake did keep running off to do his Tech work so I didn’t see as much of him as I would’ve liked.

Gethin, Isaac, Hayley, Sarah and I all went round to Floyd’s house tonight. His parents were in to begin with so we had to meet his dad who we’d been told was a complete psycho. He was alright though.

Jake came along later and Floyd’s parents opened the door to see him stood there with 2 bottles of vodka. We thought they’d go mental but they didn’t seem to mind. When they went out, more people turned up (like Ken and Freda) and we opened the vodka. I was just sat on the couch for most of the night, using the opportunity to question Jake.

We got onto the subject of university and he quite likes the idea if us going to the same one. Then we got onto Canada and I was asking him what he’s do if he found the love of his life out there but he said he’s already found her (he meant me!!! 🙂 ) and that he wouldn’t go off with anyone else because he’d feel too guilty. Glad to hear it! I then asked if he reckoned we’ll ever split up and he told me that if we do it’d be my fault because he’d never dump me!

Gethin kept sitting next to me and stuff and Jake kept saying he was getting jealous and then said something about getting Hayley pregnant so I pretended I was annoyed with him and he came over and wouldn’t let go of me and was lying all over me.

Eventually he got up and went to the toilet. I didn’t realise how pissed he was until I got told he was being sick. Gethin had to carry him downstairs and took him outside to wait for a taxi. I went too and was greeted by Andy and Stu and their mates. Apparently Stu’s got a dog called Tessa so his mates kept taking the piss and telling me to sit and stuff then Stu said I was much better looking than his dog! I’ll take that as a compliment!

Meanwhile, Gethin was dragging Jake round the road on his back before making him walk round a bit and say he loved me (which he did). He was sick again and then Floyd’s parents came back, saw the state of Jake and gave me, him and Sarah a lift home.

Floyd’s dad was being dead nice about it when I kept apologising for Jake, saying he’d been in that state before now himself so he couldn’t complain. Jake just lolled about clutching a sick bowl! It’s a good job I know where he lives cos he was in no fit state to give directions, he just kept grinning at me. I also had to let him in his house cos he couldn’t turn the key!

When we got back to mine, Sarah told me she’d snogged Gethin and was deliriously happy!


He was waiting for “that special moment” – 6th April 2000

Thursday 6th I’ve had a bit of a depressing day today. I saw Jake at break and he was being even quieter than usual but I didn’t really think anything of it then. At 3rd lesson, the whole college had an assembly for Mr S the IT teacher who died of cancer a day or so ago and, just before it when we were sitting down, I saw Jake go into Mr H’s office and then he went out of the room with a couple of people and didn’t came back for the assembly.

It was really sad actually, even though I didn’t really know Mr S very well. During it, I started thinking that maybe Jake hadn’t attended the assembly because of his mum as it might be upsetting but I didn’t know for sure.

At lunch, Hayley, Sarah and Floyd wanted to go to McDonald’s so we waited around to ask Jake to take us. It was only at 1:00 pm that I saw him walking back into college with Samantha B and Jenny S. He did come up but I went to the chippy pretty much straight away so I hardly saw him then. I thought it was odd that he hadn’t taken his car out with him and Hayley and Sarah agreed.

When we got back, Gethin said to me that he’d asked Jake if he’d told me he loves me yet and he said he was waiting for “that special moment” or something! Corny!! Mind you, this is only according to Gethin! He also asked if he did love me and apparently Jake sort of nodded.

At last lesson, Jake came in the common room and Vanessa Wood asked him if he was okay. As we were heading out to the garage, Samantha B did the same thing. We got back and he was still being strangely quiet. Gethin started asking him what was wrong and Jake said he was stressed about coursework and stuff. It was so obvious that that wasn’t all that was bothering him so I asked if he was okay myself. He said he’d tell me later cos there were loads of people about.

He then later dragged me out of the room and I’d guessed pretty much what he was going to say. He told me that the whole Mr S thing had put him in a weird mood cos he couldn’t face going to the assembly because his mum’s got cancer. I told him I knew and he said that he was sorry for worrying me and stuff and that he just went out at lunch with Samantha and Jenny because they’re the only ones that really know about it. I reassured him that it was okay and that I hadn’t really been worried and he put his arms out for a hug. I gave him one (and a kiss) of course and he was sat with his arm round my waist for quite a while.

Hayley told me earlier that, last night, she got another message from Jake saying he really, really likes me and doesn’t want to do anything to hurt me and asked if she’d tell him if there was anything wrong. Then today when I was out of the room he had a go at her about saying I was being neglected and that it was such a strong word or something, until she explained that I hadn’t been serious. When I came back in the room, he was trying to tell her to shut up, not realising that I knew about his message and he went all red when she carried on.

Went to Floyd’s tonight but it was boring so I came home quite early. I got a message from Jake when I was there asking if I wanted to go to Hugo Pratt’s tomorrow night. I asked if he was serious and he said, “I’M SERIOUS! HE SAID YOU COULD COME – WE USUALLY GO FOR A PIZZA THEN WATCH A MOVIE ON HIS POSH TV! AREN’T HAYLEY AND SARAH GOING TO LA BOWL? I WANNA BE WITH YOU! LOVE J xxxxx”. The Friday night plans have been changed already cos he’s working for a bit. We don’t know what to do now!


I couldn’t like him much more than I do now – 5th April 2000

Wednesday 5th I went to that university exhibition thing at the MEN Arena in Manchester today. A big group of us went but we had to get ourselves there because college didn’t bother to tell us until yesterday morning. We got a bus from school to the station and a train from there to Piccadilly.

When we arrived, I just wandered round getting prospectuses with Cat. It was okay until we headed for home and then we kept losing people and going for food at different times so we missed buses and trains so everyone ended up getting annoyed with each other!!

By this afternoon, I still hadn’t had any messages off Jake so I was whinging a bit. Hayley then decided to send him one telling him to send me one because I was feeling neglected but, as she was writing it, I got one anyway. He then sent her one asking why I was feeling neglected and if I was okay. Poor lad probably thought I was annoyed with him cos I’ve not seen much of him this week!

I’ve been looking through the uni stuff (it’s scary!) and Huddersfield do actually do Physiotherapy. I do wasn’t to go somewhere round that area, like Bradford or Leeds, but they want higher grades and Huddersfield don’t really. I sent Jake a message pointing out that he might get stuck with me for another few years and he said, “YEH THAT WOULD BE TOP! DON’T U THINK IT’S FUNNY HOW THINGS WORK OUT SOMETIMES?? LOVE YOU TOO (LOTS N LOTS) : ) xxxxx”. It’d only be good if we’re still together which, realistically, might not be the case. Hopefully it will be though!

As well as keeping telling me to sleep with Jake, Gethin also keeps asking me if I love him. I say it in messages but I really don’t know if I do or not. I can say that I couldn’t like him much more than I do now though!