It’s all VERY dodgy!! – 22nd February 2001

Thursday 22nd
6 weeks to go!

Jake’s half way through his Canada trip now. I really want him to come home though because I’m REALLY REALLY missing him!!! 😦

I really should have been revising for my Biology exams next week today but instead I went with Mum to pick the car up from Warrington where it was being serviced. We had to go on the bus and there were a load of scally lads that used to be in my year on it. They didn’t do or say anything to me but they were sat behind us and made me feel really uncomfortable!

Not surprisingly, the car wasn’t ready when we got there so Mum and I went for a look around Matalan for half an hour. We went back to the car place and they finally said it was ready! We then went for a look round Ikea but not for long cos it was really busy. Mum then made me go in this new bathroom place so she could see if they had any good ideas that we could use in our bathroom. That didn’t take very long cos it was smaller than we thought.

On the way home, we went to have a look round the show homes that have been built on the old mental hospital site. One of them was really nice but the others had all the rooms in weird places e.g. the master bedroom opposite the living room.

I did do a bit of revision when I got home and then Jake phoned at about 7:15pm. He couldn’t stay on for very long though cos he started his assessment today and only had half an hour for lunch.

My sister phoned up tonight from France in floods of tears because of Mr L, a history teacher. Mum said she wasn’t making much sense but basically Jacqueline Robson and Katya W (out of my sister’s year) had been talking in the toilets about Mr L having flings with college students and Mrs L overheard them and told all the teachers that they were trouble making.

Mr L then went off his head at all the college girls and said they can’t go skiing tomorrow, including Abby which is why she was so upset cos she wasn’t really involved. It’ll probably get sorted out though.

The thing is that it’s totally true about Mr L. He’s slept with a girl called Donna Sharpe in College 1 and has been trying to get my mate Cat to do the same but she won’t. She’s snogged him and I think their hands have wandered though! I found it a bit hard to believe at first but Cat’s not the type to lie, plus I’ve seen the emails he’s sent her and he’s phoned her too. Some of my other friends have heard a voicemail message he left on Donna’s phone too. It’s all VERY dodgy!!


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Making awkward conversation – 21st February 2001

Wednesday 21st
6 weeks + 1 day to go!

I got my Valentine’s/1st year anniversary presents off Jake today. He posted them ages ago and they finally arrived this morning There was a card and a letter, a dream catcher, 2 heard-shaped candles, a box of smelly bath stuff and a bracelet. It’s all really nice! 🙂

21-02-01 Bracelet

Sarah stayed at my house last night so when Hayley and Lena wanted us to meet them, we both went. The purpose of the meeting was because an old friend of mine and Hayley’s was coming to visit called Michael Amhurst. We used to know him when we were little but then he moved away and we’ve only recently got back in contact.

He’s visited us once before a few weeks back so it wasn’t too awkward. It’d be easier if he brought a friend with him cos it’s hard not talking to him about our friends and what’s been happening here. We forgot he doesn’t know who anyone is!

He took us to McDonald’s in his car for lunch and then we went to see if we could find the place in Warrington. We did bit decided not to go in cos we probably needed to book. Then we went to LA Bowl but we would have had to wait for a lane for about 3 hours so we have up on that idea too!

We ended up just sat in The Dog pub making awkward conversation.

Sarah and I used the excuse that her dad needed to pick her up so we escaped and came back to mine. Sarah then told me that she quite fancied Michael, as well as his car!


P.S. Jake phoned at around 4:30pm and he was pleased to hear that I got his packages. He started his skiing assessment thing tomorrow.

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Rescued from creepy lads! – 20th February 2001

Tuesday 20th
6 weeks + 2 days to go!
(Until Jake gets back) 🙂

Hello!!! I can’t believe I’ve had 20 diaries before this one! It doesn’t seem like 2 minutes since I started my first one when I was about 13!

I’ve not done very much during the day today other than attempt to cut Mollie’s (our dog) hair with Mum and then go to the hairdressers myself. I just had it trimmed and had blonde streaks done again but it looks quite a lot lighter than it has done in the past.

I went into Warrington tonight with my friends Sarah, Lizzie and Karen. We all met up in Edison’s to start with and got a few drinks there before moving on to Churchill’s. Edison’s had been quite lively (although I’m sure half the people in there were only about 14!) but Churchill’s was pretty much dead! We just had one drink there before going back to where we started.

Abby’s (my sister) boyfriend, Connor, was in there by then with his mate from kickboxing, Chris, who’s a bit thick! Those 2 stuck with us for the rest of the night and Sarah and Chris ended up getting together.

Connor and I just sort of stuck together because neither of us are single so we couldn’t go off with other people like all my friends we doing. I’m glad he was there actually cos I’d have been stuck on my own nearly all night otherwise!

We eventually went to Mr Smith’s (a club) and stayed there for the rest of the night. I just danced most of the time and I was always on hand if any of my mates needed to be rescued from creepy lads!

Connor was driving so he saved us money by giving me and Sarah a lift back to my house.

I sent Jake/Jacob/J (My boyfriend! That’s the selection of names he has so I might use different ones when I’m writing about him!) a 2nd email when I got in. I had quite a bit to drink which made typing a bit difficult! I sent him one this afternoon too cos I wouldn’t have been able to speak to him on the phone if he rang from Canada cos I’ve not really been in all day.


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Straddling a Coke can with no clothes on – 19th February 2001

Monday 19th
6 weeks + 3 days to go!

I went shopping in Manchester with Cat today. Her dad dropped us off cos he works there but that meant I had to get up really early. We went and sat in Starbucks first to try and wake ourselves up a bit but it didn’t work for me! We then just sort of wandered aimlessly round the shops cos neither of us had much that we needed to get. We went in The Triangle so we could go in the Quiksilver and O’Neill shops to look at the ski/boarding stuff. It just made us wish we had lots of money so we could buy it and go skiing!

We did both end up getting a bag each from the O’Neill shop. Cat got a school bag and I got a little black one. That cheered us up a bit! We’ve decided to gradually accumulate all the gear and equipment we need for skiing so that when the day comes when we can afford it, we can go! 🙂

Jake phoned at about 4:30pm, just after I got in. That was good timing! He didn’t really have much to tell me other than about him going to his room and finding Jessie straddling a Coke can with no clothes on! He said he’s dressed her and hidden her now!

Abby phoned again and repeated herself about it being good. Grrr! I want to go skiing!!! 😦

Ooh, it looks like I’ve come to the end of my diary! See you in the next one then!! 🙂

Bye! xxx

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Jake & his Barbies

[The photo Jake referred to in his email…]

I didn’t zig-zag about or anything – 18th February 2001

Sunday 18th
6 weeks + 4 days to go!

I had my 2nd driving lesson this morning. It was really good again! My instructor told me that we’d covered a lot and that I was very good considering it was only my 2nd lesson 🙂 It took me a few minutes to get going cos he wasn’t guiding me with the basics as much but after I got used to the car again, I was fine.

I did mount the curb while turning a corner but it was either that or risk hitting a van that was parked right on the corner! I stalled a couple of times again too but one was my instructor’s fault cos he changed gear and didn’t warn me! He admitted it wasn’t my fault too.

I drove up Shawhead Lane, through Cat’s village and then around the outskirts of Warrington, I think. I did an emergency stop and I didn’t stall or skid so I was told it was well done!

I’ve decided I don’t like roundabouts though. They’re too complicated!

Ooh! I reversed as well but only in a straight line. My instructor said that was good too cos I didn’t zig-zag about or anything. 🙂 I’ve not got a lesson next week though so in 2 weeks’ time I’ll probably have forgotten everything!

I was just beginning to think Jake wasn’t going to phone tonight when he did at about 5pm. He’d had trouble finding/using a phonecard or something but at least he phoned. It wasn’t a long call, he just told me how Jessie’s very popular!


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I was hoping it’d be a bit of a dump – 17th February 2001

Saturday 17th
6 weeks + 5 days to go!

I had an extremely boring day today! Nothing happened at all. I just stayed at home and tried to revise for my Biology modules in the 1st week back. I couldn’t revise though! I can’t seem to concentrate anymore.

Jake phoned quite late tonight (at about 5:40pm) cos he didn’t go skiing today. His mate from over here, Ali Kershaw, has gone over to visit him for a week so he took the day off skiing so he could sort him out and get his hair cut and buy another phonecard and stuff!

Abby also phoned at about 7pm from wherever she’s skiing in France. She said it’s really nice cos they’ve all got little apartment things to stay in. I was hoping it’d be a bit of a dump really then I wouldn’t need to be as jealous! Oh well!

I really want/need to go skiing! It’s sooo good! Only Cat seems to understand how I feel cos she’s the only one of my friends that can ski properly. Uhh! I’ve got to go again one day, even if it is with Jake, even if I do risk him being a pain and showing off or something!


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I ended up crying a bit in the toilets – 16th February 2001

Friday 16th
6 weeks + 6 days to go!

Ohhhh! 😦 Everyone’s gone skiing with school! That included my sister! I’m sooo jealous! I really want to go skiing.

I ended up crying a bit in the toilets of college on my own cos seeing them all leave reminded me of when Jake left, only that was much worse. I really do miss him and I really do need to ski!

When Jake phoned tonight he didn’t really say a lot cos I was having a whinge about not going skiing. He did start telling me about how everyone thinks he’s mad cos he skis fast or something (that’s not good! What if one day he can’t stop?!) and that he’s got loads of nicknames. One is “Jakeronimo” cos he skis fast, another is “The Fallen Angel” cos he sticks his arms out to keep his balance (like wings!) when he’s skiing and the other is “Super Jake” cos the instructor knows someone else called Jake with that nickname.

When he told me all that, it sort of made me feel a bit left out cos he sounds like he’s having fun and has made lots of new friends and I’m not a part of it. When he talks to me about the people he’s with, I haven’t got a clue who he means or anything.

I had a pretty crap Friday night. A few people were going to see Dungeons and Dragons and then Hannibal at the Trafford Centre cinema so Sarah got her mum’s car and we tagged along. The others had booked their tickets and it was really busy so Sarah and I couldn’t watch a film cos they were all booked up.

We decided to go to the Cathay Dim Sum for a meal but we would’ve had to wait 45 mins for a table. We ended up getting a Chinese from my village instead and eating it outside The Mossland pub. Then I went home.


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