I had a horrible, hideous hair dying disaster – 13th October 2002

Sunday 13th  Kevin’s really pissed me off this week. He won’t give me a cheque for the £30 he owes me. He’s richer than anyone else but about 10 times as stingy. I’ve nicked some of this beloved Playstation II games anyway. I intend to pawn £30’s worth unless he pays me back.

I tinted my hair on Tuesday before we went to Visage. It’s called Berry Trendy and should wash out in a couple of days. Ben, Kenny and Archie all said it looks good.

I heard Archie say to Kenny I’m one of those rare girls that’s nice and fit! I was a bit drunk so I told the DJ to announce my birthday and took the piss out of Kevin’s dancing. Archie slagged him off lots but Jen’s made peace with him. I bet she still fancies him.

I saw Jonas briefly on Wednesday. I got a bit upset because I hate living with Kevin so much. I can’t stand him. Everything he does and says winds me up. He does fuck all and he’s sooo annoying. AAARRGH!!!

I saw Jonas on Thursday too. We got up to level 5. I love him sooo much! I hate not seeing him all the time.

I decided to clean the house on Friday. I went round everything and nobody even said thanks. Well fuck them. Lazy bastards. I’m going on strike.

Abby arrived for the weekend. Dad dropped her off and sniffed my new environmental law book. I’d done that too! That’s where I get it from then! Mum and Dad have given me £500 so I can survive the term. 🙂 I love my parents!

I had a horrible, hideous hair dying disaster yesterday. Everybody had said they liked my hair slightly red so when I went shopping in Leeds with Abby, I decided to make it permanent. Big mistake. I left it on longer than I should because Abby was in the shower and it went bright red. It was awful and I had to go out like that. Kenny and Archie liked it but they’ve got a thing for redheads. We didn’t stay out long. It was boring and full of scary middle-aged slappers in Jumpin’ Jaks. We’d had a good night in Warehouse on Friday anyway with Jonas and his mates.

I woke up this morning with my nasty red hair (kind of Fiz from Corrie style) and decided I couldn’t cope with it so I went to Sainsbury’s first thing and bough some dark brown Herbal Essences 66 Rich Dark Brown to cover it up. It worked but it now looks really dark. At least it’s more natural!

Mum and Dad came with Mollie to pick Abby up. Mum said I look like the Welsh side of the family with dark hair. They dropped me off at Jonas’s on their way home. I’m not sure he likes my hair. He said he does but I think it’s a shock!

Apparently Jonas was talking to Sid about me and Sid said he knows loads of lads that would “hire me out”. I want to know who!

I miss seeing Jonas loads like I did last year.


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