7 = threesome – 10th January 2002

Thursday 10th  I went to Jonas’s tonight cos he’s got E4 on a TV and I wanted to watch Friends and ER. We went in the basement bit to watch it and then something about Linkin Park afterwards. I’ve never been downstairs before. We cuddled on the sofa and he kept me warm.

After watching TV, we went upstairs and Jonas put some snowboarding game on his Playstation. He then said he was going to serenade me and played his guitar at me. I discovered he had a Formula 1 obsession too.

He’s put my photo on the wall and said everyone who’s seen it thought I was pretty but he said I’m prettier in real life. To that I said, “Aww! I like you!” and he said he liked me too, like really seriously as if he really meant it and wasn’t just saying so cos I did first. 🙂 He also said, “How come you’re so sexy?!” to me.

We had another long talk about more stuff when we were in bed. He told me how far he’s got with certain people. We used my system of ‘levels’ that I use with my mates so he could just say a number rather than actually tell me. The levels (or ‘bases’ as he calls them) are:

(My mates have further levels e.g. 6 = up the backside, 7 = threesome etc. but I didn’t mention those!)

Anyway, Jonas said he got to level 3 with some girl called Nicola cos she was naked on his bed but he only did 3 to her, not the other way round. He said when he was 9, some 11 year old girl and he showed each other their bits then lay on each other to try and make a baby. Hmmm!

Jonas asked me if I’d ever been in love. I said yes cos of Jake. He said he thought he had been with a girl called Rhian but wasn’t really. She dumped him after she got back off holiday after going out with him for a few weeks. He said he doesn’t really know what love is yet.

He then asked what my fantasy was. I wouldn’t tell him cos I genuinely couldn’t think but I managed to find out one of his. It was that he was in school and had a girl over a desk while everyone else was working and not noticing. Apparently that was from when he was much younger though. He asked what I liked (as in bed) cos he said he wants to please me but I couldn’t say. Hopefully he’ll work it out.

I asked Jonas if any girl has stood out from the rest. He said I do cos I’m his first proper relationship. He said Jake doesn’t bother him cos he’s laid back about stuff like that. I’m glad really. I also asked if I’d get a mention in conversations with future girlfriends. He said, “Nooo!” I think as in, “No, I don’t want to think about future girlfriends”, not that I wouldn’t get mentioned. I said he’s stuck with me for the time being and he said he doesn’t mind. He said he’d told himself he didn’t want a girlfriend before he met me but he did really cos he wanted someone to hug and stuff.

Later on, he suddenly came out with, “You’ve got really nice breasts” and asked what it feels like to squeeze them. I didn’t answer.

Jonas then tried to tie me up again and give me a lovebite but it didn’t really work.

We were more cuddly tonight than we ever have been before tonight. 🙂


He made me drink an entire bottle of Lambrini or two – 31st December 2001 to 1st January 2002

We got home from Scotland in time for New Year’s Eve which I was quite pleased about because I really wanted to see Jonas and I didn’t want to miss out on what all my friends were doing. Mum took me to the station to pick Jonas up at about 5:30pm. I was going to get the bus to save him being in a confined space (i.e. the car) with one of my parents but they weren’t all running. It wasn’t too bad though cos Mum didn’t say anything to embarrass me and neither did Jonas. When he saw me in the station he said, “Yey!” and then went to relieve his bladder behind some bins.

After drinking quite a bit at my house, Michael picked Jonas and me up and we all went round to Isaac’s house for a party. There are many blank bits but from what I do remember…

  • Cat and Karen snogged right in front of Jonas (much to his pleasure).
  • I snogged Jonas lots including when he was on the phone.
  • I spoke to some of his friends/family but haven’t got a clue what I said (Jason and Emma, whoever they are!)
  • Also possibly spoke to his sister.

It’s all Jonas’s fault I can’t remember stuff cos he made me drink an entire bottle of Lambrini or two by refusing to help me get through them.

Jonas had his new lip spike in. It’s not as scary as it sounds and it was actually quite nice kissing him without the ring for a change.

I gave Jonas his Christmas presents too. It was really freaky cos he’d got me a George out of Rainbow too! Except the one he gave me was smaller but I don’t mind. I wasn’t expecting anything.

At the party, Jonas kept talking to Zack Bain for some reason. I spoke to everyone although I can’t remember what about.

Isaac very kindly let Jonas and me have the sofa bed in his room cos he decided to stay in the living room. We went to bed when people had gone home or started falling asleep. Stuff happened. I don’t remember when I fell asleep but I still had no clothes on when I woke up. Jonas kept going under the covers to see too.

When we finally decided to move and see where everyone else was, we went into the living room to find Cat and Aled Brownlee snuggled up under a sleeping bag on the sofa. I later found out she snogged him. Hah! Now she can’t take the piss out of me for snogging him!

Michael and Sarah gave Jonas and me a lift back to mine. We fell asleep on my bed pretty much straight away. When I woke up, I went downstairs to find Auntie G and Grandma S and a proper Christmas dinner. My dad was also there, complete with mangled face. I found out he’d been walking home from the pub and had slipped on the ice and fallen over. He had his hands in his pockets too therefore he landed flat on his face and skidded for a bit. Ow!!

Also, a cupboard door in the kitchen had come off and my parents nearly set fire to the house whilst trying to light a fire.

My Grandma saw Jonas and said he seems very nice. 🙂


Kissed by a Seal on the Nose – 29th & 30th December 2001

Saturday 29th  Rhian wasn’t speaking to me this morning so while she was out of the room I checked her phone for nasty messages about me. All I found was one from Duncan asking for my number.

As today went on, Rhian gradually seemed to forgive me and told me about Duncan’s text. She gave him my number too. I’m glad she’s not pissed off with me anymore. I wouldn’t want to leave tomorrow with her hating me.

Rhian bought a movie soundtracks CD and Kissed by a Seal on the Nose (our version of Kiss from a Rose by Seal) made a comeback from when we were younger. It’s funny!



Sunday 30th  We got up fairly early this morning and said goodbye to everyone (and the snow) before setting off for Stirling.

I had a text from Jonas (but not in reply to mine) saying, “Hello, guess who’s coming 2 c u 2mw?? What u been doing? I’m visiting people with my dad and his girly! X” Yey!! I get to see him tomorrow. 🙂

Mum, so probably Dad too, knows about Jonas. She saw some photos and then I mentioned him coming tomorrow and she asked if I was seeing him. I said I was. I’m a bit scared of him coming as well as excited. I hope everyone likes him but then I don’t see why they wouldn’t. I like him! 🙂


He tried to give her mouth to mouth – 28th December 2001

Friday 28th  I had a really boring day today. Jonas didn’t reply to last night’s text for ages but he eventually did saying he’ll get a train to Warrington Central that should arrive at 6pm. That cheered me up a bit anyway. He’s apparently got no signal at his mum’s which is why he doesn’t reply for ages.

Rhian threw a party tonight. Well, it began as a small gathering but more and more people turned up. It started off fine but as all her stupid 15 year old friends drank more alcohol they started really pissing me off. Their tolerance for alcohol obviously hadn’t developed yet. [I was a seasoned, sophisticated student drinker by now, remember.]

It was a lad called Adrian who annoyed me most, closely followed by Mike (who everyone seems to worship cos he set up supermike.com online so they can all chat – or fall out with your mate Amanda in Rhian’s case). They were sat in Rhian’s room with some other lad having a “serious conversation” and I interrupted by walking in to get my phone. They weren’t too please and kept telling me to get out but all my stuff was in there so I didn’t see why I should. Plus I was kind of enjoying winding them up by sitting on my bed and texting people.

However, Adrian leapt over Rhian’s bed and came right up to my face and yelled at me. I was not going to be bossed around my some pissed little lad so I yelled back. He and Mike then started taking the piss out of English people even though, as I later found out, Adrian’s English himself and was apparently wearing an England shirt at the party. Gimp! I really wanted to smack him one but I opted for “fuck off” and “drop dead” in the end cos I didn’t think Auntie S would be too thrilled with bits of Adrian all over her house.

Adrian then started yelling some date at me (which everyone around him was saying he’d got wrong) and yelling whether I knew what happened last time someone said “drop dead”. Apparently it was when 3 lads were killed in a car when it went over the cliff but how was I meant to know that? He was just using it to try and make me feel guilty and apologise and stuff.

Mum later asked who he was cos he’d been talking to her and she found him really irritating. Ha ha ha!! 🙂 It wasn’t just me then!

While Adrian was yelling at me, Rhian tried to stop us fighting and in the process got “rugby tackled” by some lad called Piffles or something. She lay on the floor wheezing and squealing and saying she’d hurt her back. Manson was running round panicking and Adrian told everyone to give him space and he tried to give her mouth to mouth while she was obviously still conscious and breathing. Tosser.

Okay, maybe she did hurt her back but she landed on a mattress and sat down on it rather than being rugby tackled onto it. I found myself being a total bitch to her cos I was annoyed already and thought she was faking it for attention. Auntie S and Abby didn’t really believe her either but they played along unlike me so I’m not exactly Rhian’s favourite person right now.

Other stuff happened during the evening too. Some lad called Duncan decided he fancied me and picked me up and carried me out of Rhian’s room when I was interrupting her and Manson. He also patted the floor next to him, trying to get me to sit there but I didn’t. He was sweet but Jonas is so worth not snogging anyone else for. Duncan was 17 but didn’t look it. Mind you, people kept thinking I was younger than Abby and someone even said I looked 14!

I started telling people how good uni is and joking about becoming a weather girl. On their way home, 3 lads made me sign their arms with eyeliner, just in case I become famous!

I also shared a fag with Abby, hanging out of Rhian’s window (she found a pack) but, ugh, I won’t be doing it again in a hurry.


I bet he’s changed his mind – 26th & 27th December 2001

Wednesday 26th  I had a really good snowball fight in the road with Tom and his little mate Gordon. I had to stop eventually, even though I was winning, cos Gordon came up behind me and rubbed a snowball in my eye after lobbing it at close range. I really thought I’d gone blind at one point cos my eye was watering loads and I couldn’t open it. I was okay once I got in the house and warmed up a bit though.

I sent Jonas a text warning him I could get stuck in Scotland cos of the weather and he replied saying, “Noooo” and called me “weather girl”. Hee hee! 🙂 (I’ve been saying recently that I want to be a weather girl.) He also said “sister’s suck” and later explained that his is being stroppy cos she’s tired. He’s been playing pool I think he said.

Rhian, Abby and I went online this evening and Alistair Hanson (a lad who’s liked Rhian for ages) was on too. I managed to do a bit of matchmaking which was successful and got them set up together.


Thursday 27th  Abby, Rhian and I went cruising round the town in Hanson’s car this afternoon. He seems really sweet and nice. I bought some trainers in Wick and got Jonas a George from Rainbow for Christmas cos we were saying about George being gay once. It’s actually quite scary looking though!

Jonas texted me saying he got “pants” presents from his dad and asked why I put “hee hee!” at the end of my message about a Christmas pressie. I gave him details about New Year’s Eve but he hasn’t replied. I bet he’s changed his mind about wanting to see me. I hope not.


I hope it’s not too lethal or I won’t be snogging him – 25th December 2001

I got woken up pretty early this morning by Tom and Minnie. Auntie S had done the usual thing of leaving chewed up carrots and raisins and a small puddle of water (reindeer mess!) all over the place cos Minnie still believes in Father Christmas.

I didn’t get many presents. I wasn’t expecting to though cos I had a laptop for my birthday. There was nothing I really wanted anyway.

Jonas texted me to say his family are having a sing-along to him playing the guitar and he’s stuffed. He said he got 7 jumpers and a lip spike. Hmm, I hope it’s not too lethal or I won’t be snogging him!

Christmas dinner was reeeally nice. It’s snowing too….. properly….. as in blizzards!! Yey!!!

Rhian, Abby and I went out in Wick to meet some of Rhian’s mates. We had a snowball fight and then went sledging down the hill by Safeway and behind Boots. It was fun until it got really, really cold and some scallies turned up.


He’s bound to have stalkers cos he’s so niiiiice – 23rd & 24th December 2001

Sunday 23rd  My family and I travelled up to Stirling today. It started snowing at home just before we left but there was none at all in Scotland.

I sent Jonas a text when I was a bit drunk. I think I said I wanted a cuddle cos he replied, “What’s with all the big and little letters? Here’s a big HUGGLE. x” I had a few more messages from him too saying he was at his auntie’s and then, “U only sent 2 txts when u were drunk. Ur picture is above my bed for all to see + say how bonne you are! : ) dogs through the window? Cool! x” The bit about dogs was in reply to me telling him we had to sneak Mollie into the Travelodge through the window. When he said ‘bonne’, does he mean ‘bonnie’? Hope so! 🙂


Monday 24th  I was right, I think. I had a message off Jonas today saying, “Bonne – pretty in Scottish: my mum uses it a lot. Xmas 2mw. Oh r u excited? Still up 4 New Year yep; have to give me details and stuff! : ) x”

I say a sign for Forres where Jonas used to live. It’s 22 miles from where I was sat in Tesco car park in Inverness. I had more texts from Jonas saying he was getting pissed with the cousin he’s going to snog. I’d be joking before he went about not snogging his cousins so I’m assuming he was joking too! I’m a bit worried anyway. He could get pissed and go out and do stuff with people. He’s bound to have stalkers cos he’s so niiiiice and I don’t know what he’s really doing. Ugh, got to stop thinking!

We finally got to Wick this evening. Abby and I went with our cousin Rhian to deliver Christmas presents to her mates. We then went to Midnight Mass with Auntie S, Uncle G and our little cousin Tom. Other little cousin, Minnie, stayed at home. I wasn’t in the best of moods cos Abby and Rhian were being all chummy and going on about how they want to go to Glasgow Uni together and excluding me. Then when I was in church, I found myself really close to tears cos it reminded me of Grandma L’s funeral. That was the last time I’d been there.

After Midnight Mass, we all went round to the minister’s house. It was full of old people so we went and watched Mission Impossible 2 in his son Matthew’s room.


“Are you gonna do a spit roast?” – 20th to 22nd December 2001

Thursday 20th to Friday 21st  I finally got my Maths coursework done today with help from Jen and Vicky’s work. I’m so pleased to get it out of the way.

I went round to Jonas’s this evening. We watched TV and then went to bed. It was absolutely freezing in his house so we had to keep each other warm. Stuff happened.

We had fights with cold stuff like keys and deodorant cans and Jonas said he wanted to stay in his bed with me forever. 🙂 He also asked if I get “grotty” when I’m on my period totally out of the blue. I said I don’t really and he explained his mum and sister get really moody.

Jonas also said, “Ooh, there’s a naked girly in my bed!” and asked if I wanted to join him in the shower. I didn’t. While I was getting dressed in bed (it was still freezing this morning), Jonas played his guitar at me. He’s pretty good.



Friday 21st to Saturday 22nd  Jonas stayed over at mine. We lay and watched TV on my bed for most of the evening. Jonas said something to me like “Are you gonna do a spit roast?” I wasn’t entirely sure what he meant and he wouldn’t tell me. He then asked me if I fancied “the sexy girl on the pic” and pointed to a photo of me. 🙂

He decided he wanted to take a photo off my wall of me so he would remember what I looked like over Christmas and so he could show his mum and sister. I reluctantly gave him one of me, Marc and Layla in school uniform. Jonas said he’s got a “big hairy conscience” so he wouldn’t snog anyone else at Christmas even if they pinned him up against a wall.

Jonas had to get the bus fairly early this morning so he could catch his train. We said not to snog anyone to each other and he told me to keep in touch. He said he’ll hopefully see me at New Year too. 🙂 I hope so! We had a really nice snog and then he went. He told me he’s going to put my photo above his bed. Arrghh!!

Mum and Dad came to get me and I went home this afternoon. I did The Run [a pub crawl] with a few people this evening which was good. I gained a “No smoking area” sign from The Green Dragon. I think I was in view of the security camera but I’m going to Scotland tomorrow so they’ll have to wait if they want it back.


I hope Jonas never reads this! – 19th December 2001

Wednesday 19th (continued)  Jonas came to visit me AGAIN tonight but I don’t mind cos it’s cold at his house and I like seeing him. We were just lying on my bed and I said something daft while watching TV and he started laughing. I told him to stop laughing at me and he said, “I’m not laughing at you, I love ya!”

I didn’t know what to say so I just giggled at him. I don’t think he meant it cos it was just casually dropped in but it was sweet and I couldn’t stop smiling anyway.

Things progressed properly tonight and I ended up sleeping with him (as in sex – I don’t know why people say ‘sleeping with’ cos that’s hardly what you do). We just started tickling each other and then snogging and he sat up and took my trousers off, then my top, then my knickers and socks, then his top and jeans, then my bra then his boxers all in a fairly short space of time. It was dark which would explain why he said “very nice” when looking at my body.

It wasn’t very nice at all. He was way too fast and I very nearly told him to calm down but I thought he might get offended or annoyed or something. I wasn’t particularly enjoying myself for I stopped him. He asked if I was tired and I just agreed. He then went to have a shower and I found myself bursting into tears.

It was partly out of disappointment cos it was a bit crap (I hope Jonas never reads this!), partly cos I thought the reason it was crap was cos we’d rushed into it, but mainly cos I’m worried he’ll go off me now if he thinks it was crap as well.

When he got out of the shower I was okay again and we just cuddled. He said, “Well that was a first. No-ones ever done that to me before.” I thought, “Done what?” He asked me again how many lads I’d slept with but I still wouldn’t tell him. I asked how many girls he’d slept with (just to see if he gave the same answer) and he said, “It’s irrelevant anyway. No girl’s every made me ‘go’ or whatever you call it.” He then said, “You’re magic”. Yey!! 🙂 He then wanted to know how privileged he is to have such a “sought after” girl. I didn’t really think I was! I thought I was the lucky one getting him.

Anyway, all that made me feel much better and I don’t mind what we did quite so much anymore.


I looked all “thinky” – 18th to 19th December 2001

Tuesday 18th to Wednesday 19th  Jonas came round to mine again tonight and stopped over. He’s not very well and overdosed on Lemsip I think! He saw my lab coat and asked if it was a doctor’s uniform which then made him ask immediately if I had a nurse’s uniform. School uniform’s the best I can do I’m afraid!

Things progressed ever so slightly tonight. He had his hand in my bra. We started kissing and then Jonas kind of leapt up onto his knees and kissed me more. I think he wanted to go all the way, or that’s the impression I got, so I stopped it mainly cos I had to be up in 3 hours but also because it seems to be too soon and a big jump from doing nothing to doing it all in one go. I did kind of want to do it though at the same time cos it feels like I’ve known him a lot longer than 3 weeks.

I apologised anyway and he said, “What for?” and he was the one that pointed out I had to get up early anyway just as he seemed to be getting going. I told him I hated Chemistry (my early lecture tomorrow) and he agreed he did too!

Later on we banged heads and I said it nearly knocked me out. Jonas then said he could’ve had his “wicked way” with me if I had been!

I didn’t end up going to Chemistry after all in the morning. Jonas said I looked all “thinky” when I woke up. I was. I do want stuff to happen but is it too soon? I waited nearly a year with Jake and we stayed together for ages. I suppose everyone’s different though and it’s not like me and Jake are still together.

Jonas then sneezed on a photo of Jake so maybe that’s a sign that I shouldn’t worry about it all so much!

I apologised to Jake about calling him gay in a text and he forgave me and said to have a nice Christmas. I don’t feel as mean about it now

Jonas texted me too saying he wanted to eat, sleep, get better and then come and “ravage” me. Ok!