I do so enjoy his company – 20th October 2002

Sunday 20th  Jen and Archie are also getting pissed off with Kevin being so damn idle. Yes! About bloody time!

I had a good night out in Visage on Tuesday. It was Ben’s 21st birthday so he was pretty drunk. Jen told me that she fancies Archie. It’s kind of obvious. She can’t keep away from him. Whenever someone else is trying to talk to him, she goes and sits on him and stuff. I don’t mind, I just think it’s weird and could end in tears.

Kevin apparently said he hates me. That’s a shame because I do so enjoy his company and skivvying round after him. He spent all night showing off his digital camera (which daddy probably bought him) and making little films. I’m on them being drunk unfortunately.

Kevin also had a go at pulling Natalie, a girl that Archie fancies. Some mate he is. Archie wasn’t very happy about it but didn’t say anything so Kevin got away with it.

I spoke to a girl called Tara who lived with Ben last year. For some reason, she and the other girls she lived with really didn’t like me. Maybe they were just protective of Ben, I don’t know. Anyway, we cleared it all up and we now don’t hate each other (I never did!) and she said I’ve got to go to Blackpool at the weekend for the continuation of Ben’s birthday. I didn’t go because I went home for Floyd’s birthday but Tara said she’d pay for the B+B room and I could top and tail with her. Nice of her to offer anyway.

[Rehydrating with VKs, diesel and shots.]

I was getting odd looks off some girls in Visage because, as an excuse to talk to them, Ben had told them I was a lesbian and that I fancied them. Cheers, Ben! I also had some skater lad from my Geography lectures looking at me but I don’t know what that was about.

Jonas quit his job on Thursday. I’m glad because I couldn’t see him on many nights and he was sleepy in the day. I saw him and he’s got a new job collecting golf balls at the driving range every morning, 7-9am. I went to Bar Non that night and saw Vicky, Joy and Uriel who Jonas lives with but nothing really happen.

I skived Friday morning’s Noise and Radioactivity lecture because I was still pissed when I woke up. We’ve still not got our boiler part from British Gas so it was nice staying at Jonas’s that night for warmth and cuddles.

Jonas was up at 6am yesterday for his job but got back in bed again when he came back. We went into town later so Jonas could get a jumper. He then took me for lunch in Peel’s Café which was nice. It felt really coupley! He then went home and I got the train to Warrington.

My mates and I then went out in Manchester for Floyd’s 20th. It wasn’t a brilliant night. Not many people came. We all split up. Gethin and people went to Canal Street so me, Isaac, Floyd and Denny went to 5th Avenue. We got bored quite quickly and so went to McDonald’s. There were loads of police forensic people about but we don’t know what’d happened. We had to wait ages for a taxi and it was freezing so we stood in a phonebox and called the international operator loads to try and get the same person twice.


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