She’s held a grudge against us ever since – 19th & 20th May 2001

Friday 19th It’s my mum’s 50th birthday on Monday so our family plus Jake and Connor all went to the Yang Sing Chinese restaurant in Manchester this evening.

Before we went, I got upset because I’d just found out Abby and Connor went to a kickboxing weapon training thing today but they hadn’t told me about it. Even if I hadn’t have gone, it would’ve been nice if they’d checked. Then Mum started mithering me to take Mollie for a walk while I was trying to wrap her presents. I just got pissed off and ended up crying all over Jake.

The meal this evening was really nice though. They made up a banquet for us when we got there and we had all sorts of food. We had the usual ribs and rice and stuff but then there were other things like mussels, squid, scallops and ostrich. They ostrich meat was sooo nice! I’ve never tried some of those things before and I was a bit wary at first but then pleasantly surprised when I tried them.


Saturday 20th I went to Manchester with Jake today in search of a dress for my college leaving do in June. I didn’t end up getting one though. I really can’t shop properly with him cos I’m aware of him getting bored and then it rubs off on me! All I got was 2 bottles of nail varnish and an O’Neill purse to replace my other one that’s bursting a bit.

On the train, Jake told me that Matt Carrera and Samantha Breck (his mates) want him to go and stay with them at Huddersfield Uni sometime soon. I really don’t want him to go. Initially, I was worried that Samantha will have loads of girly mates and they’ll fancy him cos he’d be someone new to them and good looking.

Then I realised that if he goes now then he’ll know his way round by the time we both go in September. That wouldn’t be much fun with him telling me everything cos he always seems to do stuff first (e.g. snowboarding) that he says we’ll do together. I’d rather discover it all WITH him and don’t want him to spoil that too.

Then there’s the fact that Samantha has a definite bitchy streak and has showed it to me many times and I don’t want her poisoning him against me. She tried to put me off going out with him in the first place, even though she’s his “best friend”. I found out tonight that she even told my sister that it might not be a good idea for him to get into a relationship with me. Grrr!! I didn’t listen to her, obviously!

The reason she doesn’t like me is pathetic anyway. About 4 years ago, on the way back from the Austria ski trip, my best mate at the time (Emma T) ripped Samantha’s magazine accidentally and she’s held a grudge against us ever since. Sad!

Anyway, I understand that he wants to see his friends and stuff, and it’d be really selfish of me to stop him going but I still don’t like the idea.


It’s my 18th birthday today!! – 12th November 2000


Part of Auntie G’s present →


Yes, that’s right, it’s my 18th birthday today!! I’ve got loads of money and loads of presents!! Jake bought me a pink Quiksilver jacket that I’ve like for ages, I got lots of little presents off Mum, Dad and Abby and jewellery off everyone in Wick.


[Sporting my pink coat at a later date with Abby and Rhian in Wick.]


[Still got the box decorated by Mum and filled with 18 little presents. It’s now one source of hideous teenage photos that I add to these posts.]

Jake and I somehow ended up in Chester just wandering round. It was a bit boring, rainy and cold but very nice!


At least 3 of them were very, very fit! – 8th to 11th November

Wednesday 8th I went to the doctor’s again today and he thinks it’s a trapped nerve, possibly caused by me banging my elbow on something. I’ve got to go back in 2 weeks if it doesn’t improve. He mentioned something about nerve conduction tests. They don’t sound too good!

I missed half of college today cos I couldn’t write.


Friday 10th


I got this ↑ from Mr Smith’s nightclub in Warrington plus 8 of these:


[They had such a strict over 18s policy that they invited me on a night when I was still 17. Good old Smith’s!]

So, a load of my mates and I went tonight. Jake didn’t come cos he hates it there but I wasn’t that bothered. It’s more fun with just my mates. Quite a few people didn’t get in in the end but all my main friends did.

I really enjoyed myself! I had loads of lads trying it on with me (and at least 3 of them were very, very fit!) but I rejected them all, of course!


Saturday 11th Work was awful today! Q (a chef) was being a right bastard as soon as I arrived and then I kept dropping things cos of my hand being numb.

I saw Jake for a bit and Auntie G and Grandma S came to visit.


Certain things are now legal – 12th November 1998

Thursday 12th I’m 16 now. It’s no different though, other than certain things are now legal which weren’t yesterday. I got loads of pressies and loads of cards and I’ve had an okay day so far.

People were trying to make me go in the Music rooms at lunch coz Ewan was in there. I would have done too if they hadn’t have kept going on at me. Rach said that he was telling them to drag me in there but I wouldn’t let them. I wish I had now.

He did sign Emma’s card →

And when he walked past me after school we smiled at each other and he said, “Happy birthday Tess.” Roxanna told me he would.

Rach also said that she tuned into a conversation Ewan was having with Harry Preston. He said, “…and it’s her birthday today.” Then, “Do you think I should talk to her?” Yes, please do. I’m fed up of people telling me to talk to him. If he’s that desperate to speak to me, he can make the first move.

I really like him now though.


P.S. Emma announced this morning that she’s going out with Davis. I was right, yet again!

I do quite like Ralph – 12th November 1997

Wednesday 12th I’m 15 years old today. I got up this morning and opened the presents from Mum, Dad and Charlotte. I got

– an Umbro top and black pants
– glow in the dark stars to stick on my ceiling
– some bubble bath or summit
– Sunchyme [God, that one takes me back!]Torn, As Long As You Love Me and Jimmy Ray CDs
– and…er…choccys

July 1997 - Backstreet Boys

When I met Emma, Zoe, Leona and Poppy this morning, they started singing Happy Birthday so I told ‘em where to go! [Charming.] I got to school and my friends gave me cards and I got the Clueless film on video from Emma, another box of chocs from Cat and £5 of Freda. Everyone seemed to know it was my birthday. I don’t know how coz I didn’t tell them!

When I was going out of my tutor room at break, Dougie and co were walking the other way and I heard someone yell, “Look Ralph! There’s Tess!” Then someone whistled. I think half the school probably heard!

At lunch, I went up to the Home Ec. Room with Emma so she could sort out her cooking stuff. I forgot Ralph was in her group so I had a shock when I went in and saw him in the kitchen with Emma. I had to go out again to stop myself from laughing so I went and got the chocolates so I had something to take my mind off laughing. I ended up giving most of them to Ralph, Emma and Cat though coz I only really like the cream ones. I finished the whole box.

Freddie came up too. He’s just so funny. I don’t know why coz it’s just stupid little things that he says. Hayley came up for a while too and told me she thinks Ralph fancies me so Sarah told him that I fancied him, just to make matters worse. Then Emma asked him if he fancied me and he said no. Phew! I s’pose he was hardly going to admit it if he does though! [Bit disappointed there, young Tess?]

Geography was boring coz Dougie doesn’t say much but he asked Neil Kennedy to the cinema. So, after school, I went back up to see Emma’s cakes and I asked Ralph if he wanted to come coz I don’t think Dougie really gets on with him. He said he might then I realised what a stupid thing that was to say coz he’ll think I want him to come coz I fancy him. [I DID WANT HIM TO COME COZ I FANCIED HIM! I even admit in a minute.]

It was funny when he was tasting Emma’s cakes! They must have been awful! His face just screwed up and he legged it to the bin! His cakes looked really nice though. I think he’s gunna be a chef.

I asked him again about the cinema and he said he might come so I told him who else could be coming. He changed his mind to “no way” when I told him Ed, Davis and Neil are going!

I hate saying this coz he’s not exactly fit but I do quite like Ralph. If anyone that knows me or him reads this, I’m begging you, PLEASE don’t say anything. I’ve had pretty good taste in lads up until now and it could get very embarrassing. Okay?


October 1997 - Party bye