Share your own diary!

If you kept a teenage diary and would like to join me in publicly sharing some of your most cringe-worthy ramblings on If Destroyed Still True then I would love to hear from you!

It tends to work best if you’ve now entered the realm of adulthood and can look back with a good dose mortification at your teenage hopes, dreams, musings, lust and other twattery. However, even if you’re still relatively youthful, you may have diaries from 4 or 5 years ago that make you wish the ground would swallow you up as you look back at them. Your guest post can be linked to your own blog or you can remain completely anonymous if you’d prefer.

Wherever you are, whatever you wrote about, get in touch using the form below and we can have a little email chat about it. I promise that you can wimp out at any time and I won’t be offended!


Tess x

4 thoughts on “Share your own diary!

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    • Hello fellow cringeworthy diarist! Thanks for getting in touch… I will definitely be having a read when I’m supposed to be doing things like working! It’s always good to nosy at ones from around the same time as mine too. Mine are far from interesting but sometimes it’s the day to day boringness and pointless worrying (in my case, at least!) that can be the funny bits!

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      • Ah fantastic, to be honest I’m relieved there are more of us out there who kept diaries and look back at them to cringe at later! It’s amazing what we thought was so earth-shatteringly important at the time that actually turned out to be nothing at all 🙂


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