“Tessa. Ha ha! That sounds like tosser!” Dicks. – 29th December 2002

Sunday 29th  I went to see Lord of the Rings at Westbrook cinema in Warrington. I realised that, at the start of the film when Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli are running across the hill, it really reminded me of our walk to uni, with Archie and I miles ahead and Jen walking really slowly behind. Mean as it was, it’s true!

On Tuesday, I went out in Warrington with Lizzie, Karen and Isaac. I like having the lads there too because they kind of act as our minders, keeping the dodgy scallies away.

We saw Robert Osborne (very fit) and Cameron Anderson (v. cute) in Flares. They went to school/college with us. One of their mates blew me a kiss on the way out. Some other guy asked where I got my pink, spiky bracelet from. I said T in the Park and he assumed it was a rock festival. Some other bloke thought Lizzie and I were sisters but she said she wasn’t insulted by that. Good!

It was Christmas Day on Wednesday. Yey! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 🙂 I got the usual stuff (socks, pyjamas, bath stuff etc.) plus quite a bit of money. Auntie G and Grandma came over for Christmas dinner so we took pictures and made short films with Mum’s digital camera. I spoke to Jonas on the phone. He said he’d been on his Xbox all holiday so far.

I was quite pleased on Friday when I went into TSB bank and the woman behind the desk said, “Tessa. Is that your name?” I said it was and she said, “It’s nice that. Yeh, I like that.” 🙂 Cool! Normally people say, “Tessa. Ha ha! That sounds like tosser!” Dicks.

I went to see Jonas in Huddersfield today and I’m going to stay over. We met up to get each other’s presents. Jonas got me a little moose ornament, a Pocket Pleaser vibrator (to prove he would actually got into a shop and buy one!), a chocolate man thing and a big Legolas poster with the last Lord of the Rings book. We had a really nice night together and did some stuff in bed.


They kept the scallies at bay – 8th & 15th December 2002

Sunday 8th  Jonas said that next year he might go down south and work with his dad so when I told him I might put my name down for northern jobs, he looked all sad and disappointed. 🙂 He did also say that he’ll probably stay in the north if he doesn’t work with his dad.

We all went to Visage on Tuesday and Jonas kept telling me he loved me. When I was on my own outside waiting for Jonas, Welsh Matt was very sweet and asked if I was ok and offered to wait with me. Jonas told me that Ross thinks I’m nice.

Jen and I went up to the accommodation office at uni on Friday to complain about our landlord. We said about the heating problems and how my door doesn’t lock and hasn’t been fixed since the break in. The woman took it all really seriously and is writing a letter to them to ask for them to do something about it all.

I stayed at Jonas’s last night because our heating went off AGAIN!! I got to listen to him and Pierced Sam practicing singing and playing band stuff. Surprisingly, we had heating again today. Wow!


Sunday 15th  I had a hell of a lot of work to do at the start of this week As usual, I left it all until the last minute so it’s pants but at least I got it done.

We all went to Heaven + Hell on Tuesday. Alexa was being very drunk and loud and started arguing with some lad in the queue. Jen ended up getting off with one his friends called Ben and got very pissed off with Andrea who was telling her he’s a boring accountancy geek.

I saw Paul and Joy (Jonas’s housemates) but not many other people I know. Kevin buggered off at the end of the night and didn’t tell us so Archie and I were left waiting for him in the freezing cold. We’d already queued for our coats for ages. We would’ve been even longer had Tara and Aletta not complained that we were the only ones that had obeyed the bouncer’s orders to stand against the wall. Everyone else just muscled in.

I spent all of Wednesday and Thursday skiving lectures to get my Ecology report done. I know it’s complete crap because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

Sarah came to visit me on Friday. She told me that Oscar Price has died. It happened on Wednesday. I was pretty good mates with him in college because he went out with Lizzie. He’s had leukaemia for ages but it’s still a shock and very awful. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all night. 😦

We went to Heaven + Hell again. There were lots of pervy scally locals so it’s not the best night out I’ve ever had. Paul and Dave were there though so they looked after us and they kept the scallies at bay.

Hayley Pearson, who I’ve not heard from for ages, texted me saying a lot of people are gathering for a drink because of Oscar. I really wanted to go so I stayed at Jonas’s last night and got the train home today. I met everyone in The Beech Tree at 2pm. It was nice to see so many people there. I really feel sorry for Aled Brownlee. He’s been best mates with Oscar for ages. I’d be gutted if anything happened to one of my best mates.

I found out his funeral is on Tuesday at the church. A lot of people are going so Lizzie and I are going to go too. We feel like we should because we knew him quite well in college. I’d want lots of people to come to mine.

I went to see Grandma S this evening. She doesn’t really know who I am anymore but seem happy enough.


Kevin’s dirty underwear – 1st December 2002

Sunday 1st  I went to Camel Club with Jonas and his mates on Monday because it was his last day of being 19. We talked about next year again but it was more positive this time. However, Jonas did say that he doesn’t think it’d be a proper relationship just seeing each other at the weekends. I disagree. Other people manage it. He said if we last in the next year then we’ll have been together longer so it’d be easier. He said he doesn’t want to split up with me and he would like me to be near him so we can stay together. I hope we do. He says he’ll have to stick with the same job for a while so not to base anything on him. I keep getting this awful dread feeling still. Ugh! Jonas started kissing me lots and saying he loved me and he wanted to show me how much and prove he’s not going off me.

Also on Monday, I arrived back from uni with Jen at 1:15pm to find that our house had been broken into. It was awful. They’d been through everything. Quite a lot of stuff was missing too, including my stereo, loads of DVDs and Kevin’s dirty underwear. We think they must’ve used his washbag to carry stuff in. The little bastards had come in through the basement door. A policeman came round and we found a hat belonging to one of the scallies. The forensics guy took it with him and got a load of fingerprints too. The scary thing is that one of us could well have still been in bed when they came in.

On Tuesday, it was Jonas’s 20th birthday and a year since we met. Wow! 🙂 We went to Milton and then Visage and Jonas got very drunk. We talked about next year AGAIN and he said he doesn’t want to split up but it might be more practical at the time. He said he might well change his mind when it comes to it though. He wants to talk to Dave about it so I hope he says to stay with me.

The thing is that if Jonas has secretly already decided he wants to be single next year then I want to know. I don’t want to waste my time being with someone who’s not sure they want to be with me. I love him but if he doesn’t feel the same then he’s not worth it. He did say he loved me loads and we got to level 5 in lots of different ways. I’m worried my pill won’t work now.

Jonas said that he knows loads of people who fancy me but won’t say who. I want to know though!

Jonas went to Scotland on Wednesday night. He got cheap coach tickets. He invited me but I’ve got way too much work and stuff. He had to go from Leeds so I went there with him. We had tea in some pub and Jonas said he loves me and that he wanted me to go with him.

I went home of Friday and saw Grandma S. I went to see Floyd and Sarah last night and then went to the Trafford Centre.

I came back to lovely, criminal-ridden Huddersfield today and Jonas stayed over and said he loves me and stuff. He also told me that his Forres mate Will said to give me his phone number if we ever split up. Yey! He’s so cute! 🙂


Properly crying, really hard – 24th November 2002

Sunday 24th  Yet another gasman told us our boiler is a pile of crap on Monday. He said he’d only seen one before and it couldn’t be fixed. Great. I also saw Uriel in the TSB that afternoon. He said “hi” and stuff so he must recognise me now.

Due to a night out in Visage on Tuesday, I didn’t make it into uni for a lab the next morning. Oops! That’s 2 I’ve missed in a row now. I felt guilty until I found out I could just write up the 1st lab we did for coursework instead.

Jonas and I went to see Harry Potter on Thursday night. It was really good but scarier than the 1st one. Nobody warned me about big snakes getting their eyes gouged out by a phoenix. Eurgh!!

After the film I went back to Jonas’s. We had a bit of a talk about next year but the main serious conversation happened when I stayed at his on Friday. I ended up getting very upset because Jonas told me he wasn’t sure he wants to stay with me next year. I do want to stay together but he’s not sure he can cope with only seeing me at the weekends. He said he wouldn’t have been able to stand it for much longer over the summer. I didn’t know that before.

Jonas also ended up getting upset (as in properly crying, really hard) when I said it’s be like losing a best friends as well. He doesn’t seem sure about anything though, not even me being near him. He said he doesn’t want to split up and says we should just see how it goes.

I was still very upset yesterday morning. We ended up doing stuff though. That make me feel better because if he’d gone off me, he probably wouldn’t have wanted to.

I got to Teesside eventually yesterday. It’s meant to only be one train but, as usual, there were problems so I ended up having to get 3. I went from Huddersfield to Leeds to York and then on to Middlesbrough. Lizzie met me at the station and we walked to her house. It’s quite small but really nice. Her housemates Cat and Gemma seem nice too. I miss having girly mates. I’ve got a shortage of them at uni.

Lizzie took me to a Chinese buffet place for tea. It was really nice. Her boyfriend, AJ, and a couple of his mates, Chris and Andy (I think), came too. When we got back, we all put on our school uniforms and went off to the school disco at the Teeside student union.

[Me, Lizzie, Cat & Gemma]

It was a really good night. I saw Ken Dronfield and Rachael Hollins who used to go to 6th form college with us. We all did lots of dancing and drinking and at one point, AJ mistook me for Lizzie and grabbed my arse. That was pretty funny and I don’t think anyone will let him forget about that for a while! We all got party bags on our way out which was cool. Lizzie and I then stayed up until 6am, just talking.

I got the train back to Huddersfield today after going into Middlesbrough to see the ice rink and fayre. Jonas met me at the station 🙂 so I stayed at his. We did stuff and I’m a wee bit worried about that now!


Kevin is an arsehole – 27th October & 3rd November 2002

Sunday 27th  Oh dear, Jonas has let Pierced Sam and Dave do his hair for him. This is not good. It is now a blue mohican. No comment.

I kept feeling really weird when I was doing the Storthes Hall grass counting field trip on Tuesday. I kept going all dizzy and feeling like I was about to go unconscious. I saw my room at Storthes and it now has a sunflower cushion in the window.

Jonas got stuff from his insurance people through on Wednesday. He might get £500 for Betty [his car]. Cool!

We FINALLY, after about 7 weeks, got our boiler fixed on Thursday. Mmm, warmth! However, we forgot to set the timer so it was still freezing on Friday morning. Jonas was a wee bit drunk that night when I went round because he thought we were going to Milton. He showed me his shopping. It consisted of a box of “toys” from Ann Summers. He wanted to make use of them but we didn’t. He confessed that before me, his hands did nothing for him so he used to do stuff with his bed. Hee hee! That’s one to use if ever he pisses me off!

Last night I stayed at Jonas’s. I woke up at 10:45am today and Jonas still wasn’t back from work I was really worried and he wasn’t answering his phone. I eventually got a text saying he was still at work talking about a car. The clocks had also gone back.


Sunday 3rd  Archie’s 15 year old brother came to stay for a couple of nights at the start of the week. He couldn’t get in any bars or anything so instead we stayed in and played drinking games. Ben was also there and Jen told him that Kevin wanted to hit him because he thought Ben was after me. That was last year but Ben was still really pissed off.

Kevin was ill at home with a stomach bug so we all had a good whinge about him. Ben used the opportunity to steal Kevin’s Transformers poster too.

Jonas came round for a bit later to show me his new car. It’s a red F-reg Peugeot 105 and seems ok. He bought it off a bloke called Freddie wo works at the driving range with him.

Jonas stayed over quite a lot this week. I kind of made him on Thursday though. He said he’d come round then didn’t turn up so I was disappointed and sulked. He came round then. 🙂

Kevin is an arsehole. He’s put a padlock on his bedroom door to stop us going in. Archie said it’s not on because we might need to get to the electric cupboard or storeroom. Anyway, on Friday I decided I’d test my criminal skills and tried to break in to Kevin’s room. I did it but it wasn’t too difficult seeing as he’s screwed the padlock into his hollow door. Idiot.

Abby, Denny and Isaac all arrived on Friday for our bonfire party. We went out to Milton and then Warehouse and it was pretty good. The bad thing was that Isaac told me Oscar Price is going to die. Lizzie went out with him at college. He’s had leukaemia and apparently the last lot of treatment has failed. It’s awful. 😦

We all prepared for the party on Saturday. Lizzie arrived and helped too. The party was pretty good. Lots of people came, including Cat and Jerry, Jonas’s mates and sister.

It rained which was a shame because Abby, Denny, Isaac and I went to all the trouble of stealing wood from Storthes Hall and their bonfire, only to find it wouldn’t stay lit for long.

Sid said he thinks I don’t like him but Dave said to ignore him. Ben got drunk and apologised lots for not being very nice to me last year. Ben also came into my room after fighting Alexa for Kevin’s bed, saying he was too scared to sleep in there on his own and wanted one of us to go with him. No chance! I don’t want to go near Kevin’s room unless it’s to break in! Poor Ben also had the trauma of having one of Kevin’s socks stuck to his face after the lay on the bed. Urgh!

We spent most of today tidying up, including Kevin’s room. We discovered he wears Marks & Spencer black pants that look very much like knickers. We then had a KFC and everyone went home.

Jonas stayed over and we did stuff. I told him Denny’s theory as to why we think Jerry is 36, not 32:

  1. He told us he had a younger brother then said in a different conversation that his brother is 35.
  2. He said he read Lord of the Rings when he was 25 and had to wait 11 years to see the film.

HAH!! We’ve got you now, Jeremy!!


I do so enjoy his company – 20th October 2002

Sunday 20th  Jen and Archie are also getting pissed off with Kevin being so damn idle. Yes! About bloody time!

I had a good night out in Visage on Tuesday. It was Ben’s 21st birthday so he was pretty drunk. Jen told me that she fancies Archie. It’s kind of obvious. She can’t keep away from him. Whenever someone else is trying to talk to him, she goes and sits on him and stuff. I don’t mind, I just think it’s weird and could end in tears.

Kevin apparently said he hates me. That’s a shame because I do so enjoy his company and skivvying round after him. He spent all night showing off his digital camera (which daddy probably bought him) and making little films. I’m on them being drunk unfortunately.

Kevin also had a go at pulling Natalie, a girl that Archie fancies. Some mate he is. Archie wasn’t very happy about it but didn’t say anything so Kevin got away with it.

I spoke to a girl called Tara who lived with Ben last year. For some reason, she and the other girls she lived with really didn’t like me. Maybe they were just protective of Ben, I don’t know. Anyway, we cleared it all up and we now don’t hate each other (I never did!) and she said I’ve got to go to Blackpool at the weekend for the continuation of Ben’s birthday. I didn’t go because I went home for Floyd’s birthday but Tara said she’d pay for the B+B room and I could top and tail with her. Nice of her to offer anyway.

[Rehydrating with VKs, diesel and shots.]

I was getting odd looks off some girls in Visage because, as an excuse to talk to them, Ben had told them I was a lesbian and that I fancied them. Cheers, Ben! I also had some skater lad from my Geography lectures looking at me but I don’t know what that was about.

Jonas quit his job on Thursday. I’m glad because I couldn’t see him on many nights and he was sleepy in the day. I saw him and he’s got a new job collecting golf balls at the driving range every morning, 7-9am. I went to Bar Non that night and saw Vicky, Joy and Uriel who Jonas lives with but nothing really happen.

I skived Friday morning’s Noise and Radioactivity lecture because I was still pissed when I woke up. We’ve still not got our boiler part from British Gas so it was nice staying at Jonas’s that night for warmth and cuddles.

Jonas was up at 6am yesterday for his job but got back in bed again when he came back. We went into town later so Jonas could get a jumper. He then took me for lunch in Peel’s Café which was nice. It felt really coupley! He then went home and I got the train to Warrington.

My mates and I then went out in Manchester for Floyd’s 20th. It wasn’t a brilliant night. Not many people came. We all split up. Gethin and people went to Canal Street so me, Isaac, Floyd and Denny went to 5th Avenue. We got bored quite quickly and so went to McDonald’s. There were loads of police forensic people about but we don’t know what’d happened. We had to wait ages for a taxi and it was freezing so we stood in a phonebox and called the international operator loads to try and get the same person twice.


I had a horrible, hideous hair dying disaster – 13th October 2002

Sunday 13th  Kevin’s really pissed me off this week. He won’t give me a cheque for the £30 he owes me. He’s richer than anyone else but about 10 times as stingy. I’ve nicked some of this beloved Playstation II games anyway. I intend to pawn £30’s worth unless he pays me back.

I tinted my hair on Tuesday before we went to Visage. It’s called Berry Trendy and should wash out in a couple of days. Ben, Kenny and Archie all said it looks good.

I heard Archie say to Kenny I’m one of those rare girls that’s nice and fit! I was a bit drunk so I told the DJ to announce my birthday and took the piss out of Kevin’s dancing. Archie slagged him off lots but Jen’s made peace with him. I bet she still fancies him.

I saw Jonas briefly on Wednesday. I got a bit upset because I hate living with Kevin so much. I can’t stand him. Everything he does and says winds me up. He does fuck all and he’s sooo annoying. AAARRGH!!!

I saw Jonas on Thursday too. We got up to level 5. I love him sooo much! I hate not seeing him all the time.

I decided to clean the house on Friday. I went round everything and nobody even said thanks. Well fuck them. Lazy bastards. I’m going on strike.

Abby arrived for the weekend. Dad dropped her off and sniffed my new environmental law book. I’d done that too! That’s where I get it from then! Mum and Dad have given me £500 so I can survive the term. 🙂 I love my parents!

I had a horrible, hideous hair dying disaster yesterday. Everybody had said they liked my hair slightly red so when I went shopping in Leeds with Abby, I decided to make it permanent. Big mistake. I left it on longer than I should because Abby was in the shower and it went bright red. It was awful and I had to go out like that. Kenny and Archie liked it but they’ve got a thing for redheads. We didn’t stay out long. It was boring and full of scary middle-aged slappers in Jumpin’ Jaks. We’d had a good night in Warehouse on Friday anyway with Jonas and his mates.

I woke up this morning with my nasty red hair (kind of Fiz from Corrie style) and decided I couldn’t cope with it so I went to Sainsbury’s first thing and bough some dark brown Herbal Essences 66 Rich Dark Brown to cover it up. It worked but it now looks really dark. At least it’s more natural!

Mum and Dad came with Mollie to pick Abby up. Mum said I look like the Welsh side of the family with dark hair. They dropped me off at Jonas’s on their way home. I’m not sure he likes my hair. He said he does but I think it’s a shock!

Apparently Jonas was talking to Sid about me and Sid said he knows loads of lads that would “hire me out”. I want to know who!

I miss seeing Jonas loads like I did last year.


EVERYTHING was magnolia – 22nd September 2002

Sunday 22nd  Jonas moved into his student house on Monday. His address is:

12 Belmont Street

He came over to our house for a bit. We were painting so it was a bit of a mess. I don’t think he was all that impressed. I’m not surprised after seeing his house.

After painting my room yellow, I decided to go round to Jonas’s. I have to say I’m slightly jealous. It’s more like a hotel than a student house! It’s very, very nice and pretty big. There are 8 bedrooms, 2 showers, 2 toilets, a living room, a basement, a utility room and a very big kitchen with everything in it. It’s all brand new as well because they’re the first lot to live in it since it’s been done up.

I wanted to stay with him that night but we decided we’d better stay with our housemates. I got a message from him when I was in bed though, asking me to tell him to come to my bed. It was a bit too late unfortunately.

I finished painting my room on Tuesday so Archie and I started painting the coving, cupboards and ceiling white in the kitchen and living room. Jen now works at Argos in Leeds so she wasn’t there much to help. She’s been painting her room lilac. We decided to do stuff white because EVERYTHING was magnolia. It got to the point when even the wooden handles on the kitchen cupboards made a nice change! If it’s possible to have magnoliamadness, we had it.

Archie and I went shopping for house stuff and nearly died of exhaustion dragging all the stuff back from town, up the steps on the hill and to our house. We bought things like throws for the dead-looking sofa. It all looks much better now.

We’ve not had heating yet and it’s quite cold. The gasman came on Monday, messed up the carpet with oily stuff (so we’ve named him Gary the Twat), told us he couldn’t find the pressure release valve and he’d come back the next day. One Tuesday 2 of them came and still couldn’t find it. Apparently it’ll be 7-10 days for the part to arrive. Oh joy.

[Attempting to keep warm]

I stayed at Jonas’s on his futon (is that how you spell it?!) bed on Tuesday night. It’s not very comfy. It was nice being with Jonas though.

We went all artistic on Wednesday and started drawing our weather map of the British Isles on the living room wall. Well, I did it actually. I put a grid over an atlas map and Archie and Jonas gridded the wall. Using the map, I then drew it onto the wall. It looks good so far and it’s damn accurate.

Archie and I started painting it the next day. I did the detailed bits round the edges and Archie did the big bits. It was finished by Friday. It looks sooo good! I’m very, very pleased with it. I’ll be gutted if they paint over it next year. It looks like we’ve stuck it on, not drawn and painted it ourselves. All we need now is the weather symbols. Mum said she’ll laminate them so I’ll do some on the computer soon.

I had to talk about stuff with Jonas on Thursday. He stayed at mine. I’ve been a bit paranoid about us being ‘comfortable’ because that’s the point when Jake got bored and I don’t want the same happening. Jonas and I both like it though so that’s good. We don’t have to be nervous or worry about how much we like each other because we know. 🙂 We know each other better and have the ‘friend’ thing at the same time. I think I annoyed him a bit because I’ve been jokingly suspicious of his housemate Vicky who he’s started to call ‘Vic’.

As Jonas was leaving on Friday morning, he was talking to Jen about how it’s difficult to nick Ford cards because she said she couldn’t see Jonas’s. He explained it was behind the wall but when he went to get in Betty (the car), she had gone and there was glass everywhere. He was very upset. Jen has a Ford Fiesta too but hers is alarmed and Betty wasn’t. Poor Jonas.

Kevin moved in yesterday. Woohoo. Jonas had a bbq at his so we all went round there. It was quite good. I spoke to Katy that night too. She moved into her house this weekend. We all went to Milton Hall Student Union after the bbq. Jonas’s mate Pierced Sam has his latest piercing in the back of his neck.

We stayed in bed until 1pm-ish today, just talking and cuddling. Jonas said he can imagine being with me for a long time. He said he’ll try not to let us split up next year when he gets a job and I do my work placement.

Jonas said he’s told Pierced Sam and his other housemate, Uriel, that we’ve never really fallen our and they were shocked. We think it’s good and nice. We don’t even annoy each other. Even my mates annoy me sometimes. 🙂


I had a horrible, horrible feeling – 9th September 2002

Sunday 9th  On Monday, Jonas took me to Findhorn beach and then Roseisle beach. Ross came with us and was telling me about his uni course and stuff. He’s training to be a primary school teacher. The beaches were really nice. Ross said the singer in his band has been taking photos round there to put on their album cover.

I like the sea. It sort of scared me at the same time though. I’d hate to fall in because it’s so deep and powerful and you don’t know what’s underneath you. I’d like to live near the sea one day though. I like just watching it, especially when it’s stormy because it’s far more exciting then.

That evening, a small group of us went onto the sand dunes at Findhorn and had a bonfire. There was me and Jonas, Callum, Emma, Flan, Andrew and a couple of others. There’s one lad they call Will (but that’s not his name) and his face really makes me smile. He’s got big curly hair, wide eyes, round face and is always grinning. He said he’s just finished working in Nantwich for a year which is near where I live.

One lad kept disappearing to find wood. We didn’t see him for ages then he turned up with half a tree. Jonas tried to help him move it but walked backwards into a ditch and fell over! It was pretty dark.

On Tuesday, Jonas took me to Wick to see my family. I’ve been there every year of my life but never without Mum, Dad and Abby. The journey wasn’t bad except a bee flew in the car and landed on Jonas’s lap after bouncing off his face!

It was weird being in Wick with Jonas but very nice seeing everyone. Rhian was off school with a cold which was lucky because there was nobody else in. Tom and Minnie eventually came back from school and Auntie S came home from work. She looks really thin because of a thyroid thing but still seemed cheerful.

Jonas wanted to see Sinclair and Girnigoe Castle at Noss Head because he’d seen it on my photos. I showed him the lighthouse there which I stayed in last summer. We took my cousins with us so Jonas leapt round the ruins (scaring me!) and Minnie and I stood and watched rather than go down into the dark bits with Jonas and Rhian. Auntie S said Minnie must like him because she keeps talking about him!

On Wednesday, Jonas and I went up to John o’Groats. We stood at the harbour and watched some seals then looked round some old croft buildings. Jonas said he wants to do them up and sell them. They could be really nice.

[Harbour selfie]

We stayed at Auntie S’s for tea then said goodbye. I didn’t want to go. I would like to have stayed longer but it was better than not seeing them at all. On the way out of Wick, I went to the cemetery to see Grandma L. I managed to find her grave quite easily. I ended up getting all upset because I felt really sad, especially when I read what the headstone said. It was, “To live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die”. That’s a nice thing to say. We also stopped to see seals on the way back and at Tesco. Fun!

On Thursday and Friday, Jonas took me crab fishing at Findhorn. We caught some pretty big ones with just a string and bacon. I really enjoyed it! It’s a shame I can’t do it in Huddersfield.

Fiona (Jonas’s mate) had a sauna party at her house. It was a bit boring until Binny (Stephen) started talking to us. Everyone else kind of ignored me. Jonas said his mum and sister think I’m quiet so his mates probably do too.

Yesterday, Jonas and I had a lie in. I didn’t want a shower with him so we had a talk about me being self-conscious. I can’t help it! I had a horrible, horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach like I got when Jake dumped me. It was an awful sort of splitting-up dread and I went really hot and couldn’t breathe properly. We didn’t fall out or anything, it was just that I realised we’re quite different. I’m shy, he isn’t so I thought that might be a bad thing.

I got over the nasty feeling eventually. I’m very, very, very glad we didn’t split up because I love Jonas sooooo much! 🙂

It was Forres Theme Day or something so we went into town and had a look at all the old cars lining the streets and watched the pipe band with Ross and Murray (I think that’s what he’s called!) in it. We went to the pub with Jonas’s lot that evening. It was good because people spoke to me. Callum said I’m beautiful and Binny said I’m nice! Cool! Binny’s girlfriend’s from Preston and Flan’s girlfriend’s from The Wirral, both near me. That’s quite weird!

There was some creep in the chippy and taxi rank who was saying stuff about me. I don’t know what exactly but he was pointing me out to his mate. I should’ve lamped him!

When we got back to Kinloss, I looked at the sky and saw what I thought was light from the moon coming out from behind a cloud. When I got out of the taxi, I saw it was all over the sky and was greening and moving. I eventually realised what it was….. the aurora borealis! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see the Northern Lights! I saw them with Jonas as well so I see that as a really nice thing. I’m glad he was there too so I had someone to get all excited at!

Today we travelled back to Gainsborough. The journey seemed to last for ages but we got back in the end. I decided to stay the night so he didn’t have to go all the way to Warrington too. We did stuff. I’m so glad I’m with him!


Our mums met! – 2nd September 2002

Sunday 2nd 

Wow! I can’t believe I’m on diary number 26! I’ve been writing them for about 6 years now.

My boyfriend Jonas got back from working at Reading Festival on Monday. He said I’m going with him next time. I think he enjoyed it. So much so he didn’t have time to get me a present apparently! He said he loves me and can’t wait to see me. 🙂

I got to go out on site at work (at Tor Environmental Consultancy) on Wednesday. It was just to an old landfill site to get water samples but it was better than staying in the office. I get to draw plans for it soon.

I phoned up the people whose student house I’m moving into in Huddersfield next year. They said we can move in on 14th Sept. That’s good because it means I can go to Scotland with Jonas.

I was my last day of work on Thursday. WOOHOO!! 🙂 It’s been boring at times but I’ve learnt stuff related to my uni course and I got paid more than working in a pub. It should look good on my CV too. The marketing person, Rosie, was also leaving so we got bought lunch in a pub and got given cards. I had a £10 book token in mine for uni. They asked if I might be able to go back sometime so I probably will.

On Friday, Mum and Abby took me to Jonas’s house in Gainsborough so I could go to Scotland. That meant our mums met! It was pretty weird but my mum talked lots which was good and made it ok.

Yesterday, Jonas drove me, his mum and his sister Laura up to Forres near Inverness. He lived there before he came to uni and his dad’s still at RAF Kinloss. The journey wasn’t bad. We stopped at Jedburgh and had a wander round. Laura got travel sick as the roads got windy but earned herself £10 for keeping everything down!

Forres is very nice. My mum told me my dad played football there once and liked it. That evening we went out to a few pubs with Jonas’s mates. There was a band playing which they knew so we went to see them too. I met all Jonas’s mates who hadn’t been at T in the Park and they all seem nice enough. We stayed in Jonas’s dad’s living room thing on a sofa bed.

Today I went to Inverness with Jonas, Laura and their dad. We intended to see a film but they were on at weird times so we’d missed them. I met Laura’s mate Lindsey (who’s Josh’s mate’s sister) in Tesco car park. She’d lost her voice but still managed to talk lots!

Josh’s dad took us all for a meal at a pub in Findhorn.

We then went bowling with Jonas’s mates in Elgin. That was fun! I beat 3 lads first time round.