He kind of bit my ear – 14th August 1999

[I’ve found this one a struggle to type up. I thought my cringe threshold had vastly risen over the last couple of years but this one makes me want to hide. So I did. In my jumper. It took ages to type up because of all the hiding.

I’ve built it up too much now. You probably won’t even flinch but you weren’t the ones having to relive getting bitten on the ear.]

Saturday 14th I went down the town this afternoon to meet Kate and Laura (Duncan’s sister) because she got back from Florida a day ago. I was walking towards the bridge and Abby said she could see Duncan but I thought she was winding me up. She wasn’t. He was taking Amelia and his youngest sister Carrie shopping I think so he didn’t stay with us.

We wandered around and pretended to watch the majorettes when really we were watching Greg Thompson, Dan T, Ashley, Dan S and all the rest of them. One had shouted Rhian’s name and something else afterwards which she couldn’t make out.

We also saw Dunny briefly and he spotted me and said, “There’s Chips’s bird!” Apparently ‘Chips’ is what they call Duncan but I don’t know why.

The evening was the best. We did end up going to the party for Duncan’s dad’s 40th birthday and it turned out to be such a good night. From the very start I had all the girls on at me to talk to Duncan – Amelia and Carrie being the worst! They kept telling me that Duncan wanted to speak to me so I went out of Laura’s room and got dragged up the corridor to where Duncan was stood in the dark corridor. I asked him if he wanted a word and he said that they’d told him that I wanted to speak to him. I said I didn’t and went back into Laura’s room with the others.

Around 9:00 pm they started telling me that he really did want to speak to me now. I’d had a bit more to drink so I just went to where he was stood in the dark corridor. [It seems he was a bit of a lurker.] I think he’d had quite a bit to drink already too.

It was true, he really did want to speak. He said, “Do you like me?” I told him I did and he said, “Will you go out with me?” I kind of mumbled a load of stuff about going home on Monday and what if there were people between now and Christmas but he said he didn’t care. I ended up saying “okay” to his question and we stood there talking for ages.

He admitted he’d never done this before but I told him it didn’t bother me. We started talking about school, parties, alcohol, how annoying and embarrassing certain members of our family are and loads of other stuff. I think he said his birthday was on the 25th July. There was always somebody walking past to the toilet or trying to listen in to our conversation.

Kate, Laura, Abby and Rhian all decided to go for a walk to do a bit of lad spotting so Duncan and I went along. They ended up grabbing our arms and making us hold hands. Neither of us were complaining so we stayed like that. His hands were sweating a bit and he kept apologising for that. I didn’t really care.

We just followed the girls down and he wasn’t being quiet like I thought he would be which was good really. We waited for them on the bridge for a bit and he put his arm around me. He did keep cuddling me all night which I thought was really sweet.

On the way back, the others went up the road as we crossed the roundabout but Duncan took me down by Mackays Hotel. We went past it and saw a load of men staggering towards us so Duncan took me up this passage through the trees. He stopped about half way up and leaned back against the wall. This dragged me over so I was leaning on his chest because my balance had gone.

We just hugged for a while and he kind of bit my ear I think [?!!] and a few second later we were kissing. Tongues and all. He wasn’t very good actually but I’ll forgive him because he’s never done it before! [Whereas I’d done it once which made me a snogging pro.] We talked a bit, snogged again and then made our way back to his house.

We’d just got through the passage into the garden when Kate and Abby came running out and told us to go back down the street with them. We went and he guided me through the passage because it was dark and full of plants. When we got back down the town we stopped and cuddled on the steps of Boots while the others were talking to some lads. Duncan told me my hair smelled nice. He smelled nice again but I don’t know what of.

On the way back again we saw Dunny. He was asking me who I was and then went and talked to the others. He offered Duncan a fag before we began walking and Duncan took it off him. Earlier on, Duncan told me be drank but he didn’t smoke but then he admitted to me that he did smoke sometimes but he wouldn’t smoke the fag he’d just got because I was there and he didn’t want to pollute my lungs.

When we got back to the house, he kept offering to get me drinks. I got his address and mobile number and he said I could keep the pen. I didn’t. We both really like that ‘Better Off Alone’ tune and I was saying how good it was and he offered me his CD which he’d just bought. I refused because I’d feel guilty if I took it. That was so sweet of him though. Kate told me the other day that he was really generous when he was little. It seems to me like he still is.) That tune’s going to remind me of him now every time I hear it.

We decided to go out for a walk on our own again. He took me back up the passage by Mackays and we snogged again there. He kept saying he was really going to miss me. He offered to walk me home but I refused because we’d have longer together if we waited for a taxi. The taxi was more of a minibus because it was talking Kate, Amelia etc. home too. Duncan is staying at theirs until Monday because all his stuff’s there so he came too.

We sat together pretty silently but holding hands. As we neared Rhian’s road, he started squeezing me hand tighter and tighter before I had to get out. I said bye to Kate and Amelia and gave Duncan a quick kiss on the lips before I got out. I didn’t look as I went to the door. Maybe he was upset because I was a bit.

At one point on our last walk we were both really cold but, even though his teeth were chattering, he still offered me his fleece. He’s so lovely. I didn’t take it because I didn’t want him to freeze.

We thought we saw the girls who threatened us the other night. It wasn’t but I didn’t want to walk down there because I like my face the way it is. He said he liked my face the way it is too! He also asked me when I’d changed into my trousers and said I should have left my skirt on. I came in one but everyone else was dressed down so I changed into the trousers I’d brought for going down the town in.

He kept telling me how nice I was, personality-wise I think he was meaning so I appreciated that. He’s really nice too. He told me he loves my accent as well. I really like his Scottish accent so we’re both happy with that one!

[Here we are, the happy/totally awkward couple.]

[Here we are, the happy/totally awkward couple.]

He kept saying how I should stay and move in with him or something because he really doesn’t want me to go home. We started talking about marriage [Jesus Christ!] but said only maybe in the future. We said it’d be weird because the others would all be related in some way.

We only told the others we were actually going out with each other just before we left because we thought it was funny when they kept telling is to ask each other out when we were already together. We were just winding them up and pretending to go all shy with each other.

When I got home, I was told by Abby that she’d spoken to Ashley and said she loved his trainers because they were so white or something. Rhian was miserable because she found out that Greg’s got a girlfriend. Ashley apparently said Abby was lovely but he was still getting over his last girlfriend but she was still pleased.

That’s another thing Duncan kept saying, that he couldn’t believe all this, me saying “yes” to him and all. I’m really going to miss him now.


I really ♥ Duncan!

I can’t stop thinking about him – 13th August 1999

Friday 13th I’m pissed off. I really don’t want to go home because I’m running out of time with Duncan. I’ve not heard from Kate or anyone today and it’s 7:40 pm already. I really want to see Duncan but I’m not so sure I will because his family came back from Florida today so he’ll probably want to be with them.

There’s a party going on for his dad’s birthday tomorrow night and Rhian, Kate and Amelia are going but I don’t think that Abby and I are going to be invited.

I really don’t reckon that this thing between me and Duncan is going to go any further than it has already [i.e. nowhere]. I’m even beginning to doubt that I’ll see him before I go home because he’s going to be even more embarrassed now his parents are back, isn’t he?

Everyone else seems to think we’re going out with each other but I’m not so sure. I like him so much and I’m dreading having to leave here now. I can’t stop thinking about him and how maybe if we didn’t have to go so soon, maybe something more would develop but the fact there’s only 2 days left, I seriously don’t think there’s much chance of that.


[I was going to type up the next diary entry too but I’ve had a quick read and it’s waaaaay to cringey for me to cope with this evening. I’ve been stuck in a traffic jam for 2 hours and I just want a nice, non-cringey cup of tea. Any guesses what happens?  How about multiple choice? Did I…

a) snog Duncan and go into too much detail?
b) wander the streets of Wick, swooning at every scratty lad that crossed my path?
c) chicken out of snogging Duncan and use up 5 pages wallowing about it?

I could feel my face getting redder and hotter – 11th August 1999

Last night was good but nothing happened between me and Duncan. He’s way too shy to make the first move and he told Kate that too. We got in from our wanderings at about 10:30 pm and he was sat watching videos. We sat down in the same room but he didn’t really say anything directly to me. Amelia was making the situation even more embarrassing though by keeping telling him to talk to me and saying about how I’d be related to her somehow if I became Mrs Morgan.

We ended up going into our room and talking in there. Duncan is staying in the room in the roof and the staircase to get up there was in the room we were in so he had to walk through to go to bed. He could probably hear every word we were saying and he was probably listening because this morning when he got up to do his paper round at 8:00 am, he was moaning that he’d only got 4 hours sleep. We woke up properly at 10:00 am, ready to watch the total eclipse on the TV. It was cloudy here.

Last night on our walk round, we were sat outside the Hobgoblin shop and these lads came up and started talking to us. The 3 main ones were Chris, Mike and Alex. I think they all fancy Kate but she’s got a boyfriend. Today when we went down the street, we saw those 3 again and they were hanging about. Duncan completely ignored me when he had a break from the café so I’m beginning to give up on him. Anyway, they asked to meet us again tonight down by the riverside at 8:00 or something.

So, at 7:00 pm, Abby, Rhian and I went to collect Kate. I’d just walked in the door and Kate said she had good news for me. You see, earlier on she said she’d tell Duncan I was getting fed up with nothing happening. She said that and added also that there were other lads who might be interested. Anyway, she told me that just before I’d arrived, Duncan had dragged her into the kitchen and told her that he really was interested in me.

I went upstairs and the other girls followed me and one of them shouted up to Duncan. Abby told me afterwards that he looked really nervous and he stopped and shut his eyes and breathed out before coming in the room I was in. Everyone else cleared out when someone asked if he wanted them to go and he said yes.

There was just us in the room and I was shaking, my heart sped right up and I could feel my face getting redder and hotter. He walked further in and stood on the stairs going up to his room. Then he started asking me where I was going. (I love his accent. It’s so, well, Scottish!) I then told him that I was just going to the phone box to start with because Abby and Rhian wanted to phone that Mike lad (a.k.a. Chin because of, well, his chin!).

I told Duncan that I didn’t really want to go out with those lads. That was a bit of a lie but I didn’t want Duncan to get jealous because there was no reason to. I like him more than anyone else. Then Duncan asked me if I wanted to go out somewhere with him tonight. I did want to but Abby and Rhian had been planning to ask Greg Thompson and Ashley Ewart to go with [snog] them so I wanted to see that [?!] and I did kind of want to meet up with Mike and co.

I told Duncan that I’d promised I’d go with them tonight but that I could come back later and we could go out then. He said that I couldn’t really do that because he was going home for some reason but that I could go there with him. We agreed to meet up down the street later because we’d both be there.

The subject then got changed onto football when he said something like, “Your team’s playing Sheffield Wednesday or something tonight, aren’t they?” I said yeah and he asked if I was watching it. I said I wasn’t. I think at that point, Rhian came in and got the hairbrush I’d been looking for and Duncan and I said we’d see each other later, he went upstairs and the girls piled in wanting details.

Ruth (Kate’s friend), Rhian, Abby, Kate and I went down to the town and sat outside Boots. Pretty soon after, Duncan turned up on his bike ad stopped right by us for ages. He was on his way to his house and I think he wanted me to go right then but I wanted to see the other lads. Only after he’d set off, looking disappointed, was I told that the others weren’t actually going to speak to Greg and Ashley so I immediately wished I’d gone with Duncan.

I also began to feel extremely guilty because I know he’s really shy so it must have been so hard for him to say what he said earlier and ask me out. I decided that I would catch him on his way back to his auntie’s house but the night from there didn’t quite work out the way I wanted it to.

There were 3 girls in the street called Melanie, Leanne and Frances. They’d been yelling things at us which we couldn’t quite make out and eventually they caught up with us on the bridge. They started asking why we’d been giving them dirty looks. We hadn’t but every time we tried to answer them they told us not to give them back-talk but if we didn’t answer they started getting annoyed and threatened to thump us.

They decided that it was only Kate and Abby who were giving them so-called dirty looks and they left the rest of us alone mostly. They were there for about half an hour before they decided they wanted a fag. Good job they were smokers. We really thought they were going to slap Kate before they left but they didn’t.

We also narrowly escaped a confrontation with this Gill who’s a really hard bitch of a girl who has also apparently been getting dirty looks off us. Luckily she got into a car just before she reached us.

Afterwards, we got out of the way and made our way to Ruth’s house. On the way, we saw Colin Dunn (Dunny) and a few others and he shined a laser pen on me and said, “I’m just checking out Duncan’s bird!” What’s Duncan been saying and who to??!!

We eventually ended up back at Kate’s but we went to the phone with Duncan to phone Mike. We arranged to meet them at some park so, unfortunately, Duncan went home. Only 2 turned up – Mike and Chris. We didn’t stay long and got a lift home afterwards.


I ♥ Duncan

She is/was a pornstar! – 10th August 1999

Tuesday 10th Kate’s invited the 3 of us to a sleepover tonight so I’ll fill you in on today now and tonight another day.

This morning I was looking through the Daily Express newspaper and I came to the special eclipse horoscopes. It’s only the 2nd part of them though. I think I missed one yesterday. It’s the 1st section of this one that I thought was weird because it could link to Duncan.


Anyway, this afternoon we went to the town and met up with Kate, Amelia and Jennifer. Just after we’d met, someone suggested we went in the café and Amelia started looking up at me and grinning. Then she told me it was because Duncan really liked me. I couldn’t believe it and I still can’t.

As the afternoon went on, I found out that they’d found out because he’d been saying that he fancied one of us so Amelia was going through our names. He said no to Abby and Rhian but went quiet and nodded when she said me.

Apparently he’s supposed to be going on some camp on Friday but he might not because he doesn’t really want to. Kate said it’s probably because we’re here.

Amelia also told me that he mentioned he saw us at the trampolines and he sounded dead pleased when he got told we were staying over tonight. It’s going to be really awkward later on because he knows I know he likes me and I know he knows that I like him!

Amelia kept running into the café and winding him up and she said he went really red and embarrassed. I’m not surprised!

Also today, we saw Ashley Ewart and his mates and they kept whistling and said “hi” too. Duncan then Kate and Amelia’s dad told us what Ashley’s mum does (or did) for a living. Apparently she is/was a pornstar! I bet his mates like that!!


“Will any of yous get off with Gary?” – 8th & 9th August 1999

Sunday 8th I’ve had to have a change of colour. I can’t find the blue pen under the heaps of stuff in Rhian’s room!

We went to Thurso’s Viking Bowl place this afternoon with Amelia, Kate, some girl called Jennifer and Duncan. He was being quiet today (probably because he wasn’t drinking alcohol!) and was usually stood with the adults who came or over at the juke box putting on dance music.

He did follow me over to it a couple of times and was being a proper gentleman by letting me have the green bowling ball when I needed it too and by offering to buy me a drink from the venders. I didn’t let him buy me one but Tom got one off him which he didn’t want so I ended up drinking it instead. I kept the ringpull! →


I got a few glances off him but he didn’t really do anything that suggested he like me. I don’t think he does.

I remembered this morning that when Duncan was pretending to be asleep he was actually watching me and when he was holding the torch in the talent show, he kept looking at me from the dark corner he was in. I could’ve been mistaken I suppose. I don’t think anything would develop anyway because he seems a bit shy.

Afterwards, the others (not me, Auntie S, Tom or Minnie) went to Safeway. Duncan got a lift to the bowling with us but went back with someone else. I know he knows my name at least because someone rang his mobile and he said who he was in the car with on the way there.

Okay, I’ve found the blue pen in my bag which I’d left in the car.

This evening, Rhian, Abby and I met up with Kate down the town and we went for one of our nightly wanders in search of Greg Thompson. We found him with his friends, stood on their usual corner. Abby’s decided she fancies one of his mates called Ashley Ewart but I can’t see the attraction myself. They waved at us when they got in the car.

We also saw Ben McFarlane who was in a car with 2 other lads (I think it was a red Peugeot) and he waved too. That was about it really.


Monday 9th Rhian, Abby and I took Tom swimming this afternoon. Rhian didn’t like that idea but it was tough because I felt mean seeing as we’ve been going down the town with Rhian nearly every night.

Ben wasn’t working at the pool, in fact I‘ve not seem him at all today. We walked past his house tonight and Rhian told me the window of his room was the one at the left of the front door but we didn’t see him.

Down the town tonight we did see Greg and Ashley, and Ashley was riding round on a little BMX-type bike and he was saying, “Will any of yous get off with Gary?” – Gary being this little lad who only looked about 11! None of us did!

Oh yeah, I did see Duncan twice today. Once was in his café when I walked past and the other time was when Abby and I took Tom and Minnie to the trampolines and he shouted, “Hi Tom!” and looked at me before he carried on walking.

I really like him. Nowt’ll happen though. It hardly ever does with me.


Some grotesque teenage beast of a boy – 6th & 7th August 1999

Friday 6th Rhian, Abby and I went swimming today. The main reason behind it was not to swim but to see Ben McFarlane. We did but only briefly. He wasn’t actually doing his pool attending like we’d hoped but he was in the shop part.

I saw Rhian’s friend Laura Morgan’s brother, Duncan, today. The rest of his family are in Florida but he’s stayed here with his auntie who’s having a barbeque tomorrow to which we’re invited. Duncan was working in his parent’s café today and Rhian was ordered by Auntie S to introduce us to him, seeing as he’ll be at this barbeque as well, but she didn’t.

Instead, Rhian got food and I got a good look at Duncan. I’ve never seen him before but Abby saw him at Christmas and Rhian sees him all the time and they both told me he was minging. So, I went in there expecting him to be some grotesque teenage beast of a boy but in fact I was pleasantly surprised! I mean, he’s not drop-dead-gorgeous but he’s not half as bad as I expected. Abby did actually say he’d improved though.

We went for another walk around the town tonight and saw Greg Thompson again. This time he was stood on a street corner with 3 other lads. I gave Hayley a ring from the phonebox (I’m not missing anything apparently) and these 3 lads (different ones) started whistling and waving. Then they came over and went in the phonebox next to us but they were only pretending to use the phone. Unfortunately, none of them were nice looking!

We were also getting attention off some builders working on Woolies, one of which was quite young and quite nice but they were up high on scaffolding. At one point the nice one came down and we thought he was following us but he turned down some other street.

I got the full registration plate of Ben’s car. It’s OLL 3415. [Jesus.]

Greg’s car, well, the one he was in last night is K24 JPT. Rhian left a message on the back of a sweet wrapper in the windscreen wipers saying:

I ♥ G. Thompson 4 ever. ♥ me! xxx

She wrote another tonight saying:

Greg Thompson is a BABE! ♥ from me! xxx
P.S. If you wanna know who “me” is, keep watchin’ those wipers!

She says she’ll stick it on the car tomorrow.

She is now in the process of writing a wind-up letter to James Douglas (for me to give to him when I get home) which implies she rather fancies him. In fact she does because she’s seen his photo but this letter isn’t exactly a serious one.


Saturday 7th Rhian, Abby and I went to Thurso this afternoon but it was more boring that Wick so we came back again.

Greg Thompson was stood on his usual corner so we had to walk past him about 5 times for Rhian’s benefit. I made sure we walked past the café too so I could catch a quick glimpse of Duncan. I saw him but I don’t think he saw me.

I went to the barbeque tonight. It was quite good because there were quite a few young people there. As well as me, Rhian, Abby, Tom and Minnie, there was Duncan and his soon-to-be step-cousins Kate and Amelia.

Amelia’s only 11 but Kate’s 14 I think so we four older girls went for a walk in the dark and saw the K24 JPT car drive past loads with Greg in the back yelling things like, “You’re looking cracking tonight, girls!” Kate’s got a boyfriend back in Brighton but she says she’ll come with us to stalk Greg and co. another day.

As for Duncan, well, to start with he was being a bit quiet but as the evening went on he made me hold Tom still while he squirted him with a water pistol then threatened to get me with it. Later on, he began to sit with us in the kitchen and stuff and spoke a bit more and laughed at us when we were doing Steps ‘5, 6, 7, 8’ in the talent show until he fell asleep. [The bottle of Whyte & Mackay he had in his possession might have had something to do with all of that.]


Nothing really interesting happened but we caught each other’s eye the odd time and he usually came in the room I was in. I don’t really think he’s interested in me. Same old story!

He fell asleep again later so I was given his fleece by someone when we went outside again. It smelled nice.

Anyway, I’m going to bed.


They drove past us about 15 times – 4th & 5th August 1999

Wednesday 4th I’m in a Travelodge thing just outside Stirling for the night. We’ve completed the first leg of our journey up to Wick. I’ve not actually got a lot to write down because not a lot has actually happened.

The room here is quite nice and fairly big and Abby and I have a good view of the car park where there are quite a few lads. Earlier, there was a coach load coming back from a Rangers match, we think, and there was another nice one who seems to be staying here. He gave me a second glance when I was at the window but probably only because I was in my nightie with a towel on my head!

We stopped at Westmorland for lunch and there was another Scottie dog there. We were quite a distance away but we could easily tell what breed it was.

We went into Stirling for some tea and to give Mollie a walk. We only ended up in McDonald’s though where I discovered a member of staff who didn’t fit the stereotype. He was nice looking, not greasy and not spotty. I think he was called Graham.

There was a right saddo tourist in there too who was whipping out his video camera and filming the inside of the McDonald’s. One question… Why??!

Dad decided to stick Union Jack flags (left over from the Prom concert at school) up at the windows in the car. His excuse was so that people would think Grandma L was the Queen Mum! Yeah right!!


Thursday 5th I’m in Wick now. Yeah!!! It seemed to take ages to get here even though I did sleep a bit before we stopped for lunch. We stopped at the Tomatin Little Chef where there were nice lads working there [God, I was fully on the holiday prowl for boys, wasn’t I?!] with not-so-nice names such as Jeff and Donald. The girl who served us wasn’t much better, being Martha!

We arrived here at Auntie S’s house and were greeted by Auntie S, Rhian, Tom and Minnie. Oh, and Mollie was reunited with Penguin the spaniel (black and white) from across the road where the McLean family used to live. I think they’re in love. Mollie wouldn’t even leave him when we shouted “walkies” at her. There won’t be any puppies though because he’s been ‘done’!

Abby, Rhian and I went for a walk around the town earlier in search of people [boys]. We saw Rhian’s latest obsession, Greg Thompson, in the back of a red Ford Fiesta with 2 of his mates. They drove past us about 15 times and did wave sometimes. They were all okay looking. Apparently Greg lives a few doors down from Rhian’s old house and she used to play with him when she was little. His address is 19 Meadowbank Road, Wick and his phone number is 01955 ******.

Abby found some lad in a tartan Oasis-style hat who she quite likes and I saw Ben McFarlane. He’s lovely. I think he’s 17 and he’s driving now but only his mum’s car which is white with OLL and then 4 numbers for the registration plate. First time I saw him this year (which was today), he was driving up Scalesburn and he kind of grinned and shrugged at Rhian. I don’t know why. I then ran up Port Dunbar so I could see him again coming down Sandigo Drive and it worked. He just smiled. He probably saw me jumping about and grinning a lot in the mirror though. Not good!


We made a homemade Ouija board – 8th-14th August 1998

Saturday 8th While we were waiting for Auntie S and my cousins to get home, we took Mollie to Reiss Beach. I like it there.

Finally they arrived back. Tom wouldn’t stop hugging me. He can be so sweet and he can be such a pain!


Sunday 9th I slept a lot coz Rhian, Abby and I were talking all night. When I finally did get up, the 3 of us went for a walk in the town. We called on Rhian’s mate Catherine but she wasn’t in.

We then went to a phone box. For some reason I rang Ralph then Rhian rang Ross (a mate of hers off AOL) then I rang Emma and Abby rang May. None of them had much to say.

I saw Ben McFarlane today. He’s as gorgeous as ever but was with some girl. They said hi and Rhian said it’s not his girlfriend.

Adam (ARC33) luvs me. He said that today. (Online so he probably didn’t mean it!)


Monday 10th I saw Ben twice. The 1st time he smiled and said hi. The 2nd time he was following us and Abby and Rhian were going, “Tess, look!” very loudly. He heard and gave us a funny look according to Rhian.

Catherine came to my cousins’ house. She’s okay actually. Better than Clementine Catt.


Tuesday 11th Abby, Catherine, Rhian and I went horse riding at Achalone Activities in Halkirk. In the morning we had to tack up and we rode round the fields. Then in the afternoon we went in the sandbox for a lesson. There were us 4 and a girl called Ashley in our group. All he horses were nice. I was with Donna, Abby had Jack, Rhian had Big Tramp, Catherine had Mel and Ashley was on Chiefy.

There were other people about at the stables including this lad playing rugby who looked a lot like Robert Osborne.

In the evening we went on the computer, chatted to Adam and arranged to phone him tomorrow. He has two numbers.

01583 ****** → computer
01583 ****** → house

Later on we made a homemade Ouija board and tested it out in the upstairs toilet. Nowt happened. [Is it any wonder? If I was a ghost, the toilet would be the last room in the house that I’d choose to haunt.]


Wednesday 12th As we’d enjoyed it so much the 1st time, we went riding again but only for an hour this time. I had Donna again (she’s only 6), Abby had Jack again, Rhian had Sam and Catherine had Jess. This time we just trekked round the fields.

I phoned Adam. He has got such a nice voice on the phone. I can’t really remember what we talked about. I found out he wears glasses sometimes and we were deciding whether we should meet up or not. I doubt we will.

I gave him my phone number which was probably stupid but it’s too late now. Mind you, why should he be an axe murderer or summit? I’m not and I go online. Rhian got a message from him saying he wanted to say, “luv ya” etc. but it seemed inappropriate.


Thursday 13th We rang Adam again. I gave him my surname, stupid me. He can find it in a phonebook and get my address. I s’pose he doesn’t know much about me and he’s told me everything. Well, I’ve made Abby and Rhian write down his address so they can give it to the police if I go missing.

The photo I took of Finn on work experience came out. If I can get it, I’ll stick it in.

We went to The Portland Arms for tea. Great pudding trolley!



Well, that’s what happened on holiday. I’m missing them all and I wanna go back to Wick.


Saturday 14th I’m home again now and bored. We left Dunkeld quite late coz we went in the Discovery shop 1st. There were these 2 English lads in there with 2 women (mums probably) and one was very nice. I kept looking at him and he was already watching me so we both sort of glanced elsewhere very quickly. He was really nice, tall, floppy blonde hair and blue eyes and he was looking at me. Why are there no nice lads here that take an interest in me, hey? It’s so unfair.

Adam said he’d send me a passport photo but he’s doing it tomorrow now. It’s cruel making me wait and I bet he doesn’t even do it. I sent him one of me (it had Emma on it too and it made me look good next to her but small) and he said I looked cute! [That wasn’t as bitchy as it seems – she was pulling a face on the photo I sent.] I’m not sure how to take that. He probably thinks I’m really short now.

[I sent Adam this one.]

[I sent Adam this one.]


P.S. Adam wants to be an accountant. Boring!

We discovered a place called Twatt! – 1st-7th August 1998

Saturday 1st Spent most of the day travelling then stopped here at the Royal Dunkeld Hotel. There was a Scottie dog here called Fergus at the same time as us.

I thought I had a brain tuma [Oh, come on. I was a better speller than that.] coz I’d had a headache all day but Mum and Dad said it was sinusitis coz it was in my nose too.

At tea there was this man with really bad B.O. and we had to move coz Abby was nearly sick!


Sunday 2nd I got even more worried about my brain as I had another headache.

We stayed overnight ay my cousins’ house in Wick but their family went away so we didn’t see them then. When we got there we realised that the tickets for the ferry to Orkney were gone so Mum had to sort it out.

I needed a hug for some reason and started wishing I had a boyfriend. I dunno what brought it on but then I remembered that I could’ve been going out with Ralph. Yuk!

On the way to Wick, we had a toilet stop in Aviemore and saw Smithy (in Year 11) and his brother from our school. I don’t think they saw us though.


Monday 3rd We got the ferry over to Orkney. It was a bit choppy but I was okay. So was Mollie. We weren’t sure how she’d be on a boat.

We had our 1st night at the Merkister Hotel by Loch Harray. Brown and boring summed it up. Dad couldn’t fish coz it was too windy.

I did see a lad at the hotel but only from a distance. Everyone else was at least 60 except my family.


Tuesday 4th I saw the lad again. This time he was wearing a baseball cap and was going fishing. He was sorting out the boats so I think he worked there. He wasn’t bad looking. He was tall with dark hair and about 16.

We also went to see Uncle D, Auntie M, David and Harry at their new house. They have 2 kittens called Lucky and Gismo. So cute!


Wednesday 5th The lad at the Merkister saw me. I got a closer look. He wasn’t very nice but wasn’t bad.

On the way to our 2nd hotel, the Barony, we discovered a place called Twatt! Ha ha!

[By Captzimmo via Wikipedia]

[By Captzimmo via Wikipedia]

The Barony is better coz it’s not as brown as the Merkister and there’s a little kid called Sarah there who’s 6 with her little brother Scott who’s 4. They live there and Sarah was funny at tea. She’d been telling us about some people who worked there. She then pointed out a waitress and we asked what the waitress was called. Sarah said she wasn’t sure but it was “N or something”. She went to check and it wasn’t N, it was Dee. Getting her letters mixed up!

We also visited Uncle D and co today.


Thursday 6th Went into Kirkwall and bought a Reebok sweatshirt, black combats [Ah, combat pants not Adidas/Kappa pants. This must’ve been the All Saints era.], touchstone [What?], and a mini Scottie dog. We also went to see Uncle D at The Body Shop.

Dad finally got to go fishing even though it was still windy. He caught 4.

At Kirkwall there was this gorgeous lad with an alright mate who walked past. The gorgeous one looked at me and again when we were walking off. I know coz we both looked at the same time. He was blonde, tallish (but not lanky) and drop dead gorgeous.

We also found a beach so we walked Mollie there. There was an okay lad there too playing footing and wearing a baseball cap. [My diary at the moment is just a record of locations of fit, baseball cap-wearing lads of the UK.]


Friday 7th We said bye to Uncle D in Kirkwall and went to Stromness to get the ferry to Scrabster. On the crossing we saw puffins, a shark’s fin and a flat fish thing and tonnes of jellyfish.

We were finally back in Wick but had to wait for my cousins to come home. Rhian’s room smelt really bad! I think summit was going mouldy in there.


He was a haddock! – 25th-28th December 1997

Thursday 25th

December 1997 - Xmas Day

Hello and Merry Christmas! I woke up at 8:00 this morning and I had to wake up Rhian and Abby too so we all sneaked downstairs. Everybody was already up anyway and turkey was already int oven. All the presents were opened but it all went too quickly. I got choccies, clothes, a lizard (toy of course!) and other stuff. We played games and stuff all day then.

Sorry this hasn’t been a long entry but it’s late now.


Sunday 28th I’m back at home now.

Boxing Day we all just mooched around the house watching TV and trying out presents. There was this one game of Rhian’s called ‘Articulate!’ which was good. You had to get into teams and, as you moved around the board, each team took turns in describing a word which 1 person had to do to their own team. You could use actions, words or both as long as you didn’t say the word.

Tom was mithering us to let him have a go so after the game we gave him the pack of cards and let him choose one to do to the whole family. There was one where he was walking up and down being some sort of fish so we were all guessing things like shark, whale and goldfish. When we eventually gave up he told us he was a haddock! My mum was in fits of laughter and so was everyone else. You had to be there really. He’s only 7 and it was so cute! Later on he had a cod, a flying fish and a catfish. You can probably imagine what they were like. [Exactly the same as haddock.]

Yesterday was awful, you know, saying goodbye and all. I hate that part. Before we got onto the A9 out of Wick, Abby wanted to get some dolls changed in this shop. It was shut so we decided to go back and give them to Rhian so she could sort it and send ‘em down. You should have seen Tom’s face when the car came back up the road. Complete shock!

We stayed at the Royal Dunkeld Hotel again last night coz it was good on the way up.

I’m home now. As soon as I got in, I phoned Emma to see if I’d missed anything. She said she’d kissed Charlie Wilson, Dougie [NONONONONO!!!!] and Gethin Turner under the mistletoe on Friday and she’d been bowling with Zoe and Poppy.

Then she said that we could go ice skating tomorrow with Ralph, Dougie and Freddie if he’s back. She was meant to phone me about it at 9:00pm and its 11:10pm now so I’m off to bed in a minute.

[Look away now if you can’t cope with sick.]

On the way home, the dog puked in the car and it was all yellow and watery (which was cheese, water and a yellow doggy chew according to Dad!) and she stood in it all then walked all over my lap. YUK!

Also, it was funny when Abby was proving to me that she could touch her nose with her tongue and this Jeep with a couple of lads in the back overtook us and I turned round and saw ‘em all laughing at her! I couldn’t stop then either.


P.S. I’m really missing everyone in Wick. A week there’s not long enough.