Sobbing, paranoia and moaning – 22nd & 23rd March 2000

Wednesday 22nd I had to bring up the Hugo thing in the end today and then Jake told me what’d been going on. All it was was that Hugo had asked Jake if he’d slept with Lara Beale and he just said that he should mind his own business so Hugo automatically assumed they had slept together. According to Jake they haven’t but he never told Hugo that.

Then recently, when Jake and Hugo fell out, Hugo was going to tell me that Jake’d slept with Lara B. I don’t know what he’d have gained from that though. Prick!! Jake said that the phoned Hugo last night and told him that he hadn’t slept with Lara B but that only made him look like he’d been lying to Hugo.

At kickboxing tonight, I discovered that the little lad (we used to call him Yellow Stripes cos of his Adidas pants!) had got a girlfriend. Damn it! No, I shouldn’t say that, should I?!

Hayley told Jake that I’d pulled a student teacher at lunch. He was quite nice but he only let me in the dinner queue before him. She’s gutted today cos Andy says he’s going to Germany tomorrow. I hope Jake never does that (tells me one day in advance)!


Thursday 23rd We had tears again from Hayley about bloody Andy again. People (e.g. Julian, Freda, Sarah, Cat, Ken and Jake) keep complaining about her but I’m the one who can’t get a word in edgeways between the sobbing, paranoia and moaning!!

I went round to Floyd’s tonight with the usual lot of us. Jake sent me messages (cos he was working) to try and sort out tomorrow night. He said in one that it’d be nice to be able to talk to me without Hayley crying. He’s right!

He was showing me his university application stuff today because they won’t take his now as he’s taking a year out and I found out he’s originally from Dudley. That explains why on the coach back from skiing, Robbie said he had a video of Jake with a Brummie accent! Every time I see him now I’m going to think of The Grimleys!



Desperate, an illegal immigrant or a total headcase!! – 7th & 8th March 2000

Tuesday 7th Lizzie, Bella Jameson, Jake and I were all sat in the common room this afternoon and we ended up having a discussion about Zoe. It wasn’t the most pleasant of conversations as it revolved around BO, mould and used sanitary towels under her bed. That’s disgusting. Bella told us the last part and we can well believe it! The guy she reckons she’s marrying must be desperate, an illegal immigrant or a total headcase!!

We were just saying how lads must have no sense of smell because she still gets them and I suddenly noticed Jake had gone very quiet. As soon as I realised why, I said to him, “Perhaps you could enlighten us on this one!” He went very, very red!! Then he tried to explain what’d happened at Matt Carrera’s party when he snogged Zoe.

The story involved him drinking a bottle of vodka and her being very persistent, him giving in outside on the drive and then hiding behind a car when someone came round the corner! He wouldn’t let her sleep near him though (or so he says!) and he did tell me that he’d only gone to the party because he thought I was mates with Zoe and might be there. Good! He’s such a babe!!!


Wednesday 8th I’m still deaf so I went to the doctor’s after school and he put me on some decongestants or something because there’s all fluid in them and my sinuses are all blocked. Hope they work!

Gethin messed up Jake’s hair this afternoon. It made all the gel stuff come out so his hair went all fluffy. I’ve never seen it when it’s normal before, it was weird but he was still gorgeous!

I didn’t get a snog today because as we were beginning one at the end of college, Mr H (head of college) walked in and said something like, “Steady!” which was rather embarrassing and kind of put us off!

Kickboxing was good tonight but there are loads of new people now and they’re mostly girls. Not good – they stand behind us and giggle and piss me off! We’re learning combinations for the grading in 3 weeks’ time and Dave (our instructor) kept coming and talking to us about skiing because he knows we went and he went for his 2nd time ever to Switzerland last week. It snowed there apparently.


P.S. Had a text from Sarah saying that her mum thinks her mates are leading her astray! Charming!!

I want to know what reasons!! – 5th March 2000

Sunday 5th I woke up this morning and looked at my phone to see ‘1 missed call’ and ‘message received’ on the screen. I don’t know who the call was from or when whoever it was phoned because it must have been anonymous and they didn’t leave a message. Hayley, Freda and I had some like that on the way home last night and Hayley thinks it’s Andy and his mates because he’s got our 3 numbers so it was probably him again.

The message was from Jake and it said, “SORRY, I’VE JUST GOT UP + READ YOUR MESSAGE – IT’S OK, I DON’T THINK YOU CAN EXPLAIN WHY WHEN YOU LIKE SOMEONE THAT MUCH – I COULDN’T. THERE’S 2 MANY DIFFERENT REASONS – LUV U x”. Okay, fair enough, I’m glad he understands but now I want to know what reasons!! He sent that message at 11:14 – glad I’m not the only one who gets up so late!

Went to see Malcolm Mattesson, an Environmental Consultant that my dad knows, this afternoon about what’s going on with the indoor ski centre they’re meant to be building somewhere near Wigan (yeah!!) because I’m doing about it for my Geography project. It was quite interesting actually. Jake did about a leisure centre or something for his.

I had a message from Jake before. He didn’t say much other than that he was bored but I got, “LOTS + LOTS OF LOVE JAKE xxxxx ; )” at the end. I liked the little winking face at the end! (In the texts, the faces are actually sideways because they’re made up of brackets and stuff.)

This cold of mine isn’t getting better. My whole face aches (Mum said it must be my sinuses) and I went deaf in both ears before. It’s back to just deaf in one again now so I feel unbalanced again! It’s horrible!! Mum wants me to go to the doctor but he’ll stick one of those things down my ear and it hurt loads last time so I don’t want to go. I’m being soft!!


A nice hug and a peck on the cheek – 2nd March 2000

Thursday 2nd I had a nice message to read this morning. It said, “GOOD MORNING! ARE YOU GOING IN? HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON : ) LOVE YOU xXx”. As you may have guessed, it was from Jake.

I did go into college today, even though I’m still feeling pretty rough. I just kept drugging myself up with aspirin and throat sweets! Jake came to find me at break and he sat in the corner of the common room with me. When the bell went, he very sensibly said, “I won’t give you a kiss, I’ll just hug you instead.” He had his nice cuddly Quiksilver fleece on too.


The fleece.

So, this packet →


from the tissues I’ve been using today seemed very appropriate! So, me being me, I’ve stuck it in! (I love that picture!)

Jake also came with me and Cat at lunch to try and find out info about Alex. Jake then told us, after we’d asked everyone from skiing, that his mate Ian who he knows from Venture Scouts (what the hell are they??!!) played rugby in Bolton and therefore might know Alex. It turns out he doesn’t but Cat’s been having text conversations with Ian instead who was at Amanda Bryan’s party but no-one knows who he is either except, obviously, Jake.

After school (when I got a nice hug and a peck on the cheek off Jake) he sent me a message (Jake this is) saying Robbie’d remembered Alex’s surname is Cranwell. I got another later saying Katie knows his middle name. That message was signed off with “LOVE YOU xXx” as well. Aaah, I love it when he puts that!

I got another even later saying that Janine said she liked me and Cat after all. We hadn’t been sure at skiing, you see.

Tonight, I got a phone call off Jake. He was at work and rang to warn me that Mason had sent me a dirty message. He just wanted me to know it wasn’t from him. The text only said, “I WANT YOU BABY, AFTER I’VE HAD A HAND SHANK” though.


‘Unique’ in a nice way – 25th & 26th February 2000

Friday 25th to Saturday 26th Skied in the morning and didn’t fall once. It was only me and Cat in the afternoon lesson because the lads buggered off somewhere. It was either icy or slushy but good.

When I took my skis back. I saw a Scottie dog which made me realise that I didn’t actually mind going home.

We had our badge presentation and Alex wore shorts.

The coach journey went quite quickly because I slept for quite a while. We managed to get an earlier ferry using the injuries as an excuse for them to let us on. Mr L’s stalkers (they sat outside his room until 2am – sad!!) were on it.

We arrived back at school at about 4:30pm. I got a daft certificate off the teachers saying, “This is to certify that she was in the right place at the right time, wasn’t she Robbie?” I didn’t really understand it. I think they were basically saying that I managed to stay faithful to Jake.

As I was crossing the Channel on the ferry, messages started coming through on my phone. One was from 18th February saying, “NIGHT NIGHT SLEEP TIGHT DON’T LET THE BED BUGS BITE!! OR ANYONE ELSE LIKE CAT!! IF YOU’RE READING THIS IN THE MORNING, WELL GOOD MORNING!! LOTS OF LOVE JAKE xXx”. I got others as well when I got home but they just said stuff about him being tired and about Sarah dumping Hugo.

I phoned up Hayley and she confirmed that what she did with Andy’s true. She yelled at Lizzie on Thursday and made her cry because Lizzie snogged Big Paul but he slept with Georgia Dean and then Big Paul had a go at Hayley for upsetting Lizzie. Fair enough, Hayley’s a bitch and had no right to do that. Lizzie didn’t know about Georgia so it’s hardly her fault.

I also spoke to Sarah and she told me she’d dumped Hugo because he’d been slagging off her accent and asking if her mates live in slums because we have so many parties.

Hayley also told me that on the Friday I left for France, she’d chatted to Jake and he’d asked why the hell I liked him. She said I just did or something and asked why he liked me. He said I’m just unique and lovely and a skier! She said he meant ‘unique’ in a nice way and was being dead soppy. She said I’d know what she meant if I’d been there. She told me that as the coach left, he looked like he was going to cry and said he wanted to run on the coach and go with me. He then made her run to the other end of the school so he could wave at me one more time. Aaah, sweet!


Some stuff I found in the hotel at Pra Loup:





Psycho Bitch, Leather Woman and Nadine – 22nd February 2000

Tuesday 22nd Cat and I skied early with the beginners because Mr L wanted us to go along because we’re “able skiers” so we could pick up people out of the snow and trees and stuff! Hannah L also told us we were good skiers.

The morning lesson was quite good but icy again and I fell and hurt my left knee.

I got Jake a postcard at lunch and then skied again with the group in the afternoon. The bottom slope was really icy again and EVERYONE fell over!

There was a disco in the evening but Cat and I didn’t go. Instead, we sat in our room and bitched about people (Lizzie and Hayley mainly!) and she managed to get a photo of me having a laughing fit. We then both got worried we were getting cold sores cos our lips were tingling but it might just have been because of the sun.

I phoned Sarah and she’s been round at Floyd’s. I’m in shock now because she told me that Hayley had sex with Andy in his car in LA Bowl car park.

We were telling Janine about our ski instructors earlier and what we’d called them and we asked her what hers was called and she told us, “Nadine”. It doesn’t quite fit: – Psycho Bitch, Leather Woman and Nadine!


He said he wouldn’t go in any strip clubs – 21st February 2000

Monday 21st The skiing was brilliant! The lower group was a bit boring but nice and easy and stress-free after Sunday!

It was some lad called Phil’s birthday today and he twisted his knee at lunch and can’t ski. Poor lad! That’s such bad luck!

Skied all the way down the mountain in the afternoon (2 hours) and didn’t fall once! Getting better at coping with ice and more confident cos there are people in the group far worse that me!

Helen something broke her collar bone in 2 places today – can’t ski anymore.

My knees are painful.

I keep having laughing fits (e.g. when Cat spoke French to some lad and said she was 60!).


There was a ski show/competition on at night. There were people doing jumps and stuff and there were lights and fireworks. It was sponsored by Salomon so there was loads of advertising.

Kept seeing people in Quiksilver gear all day. That make reminds me of Jake because it’s his favourite and he picked out a Quiksilver advert on a leaflet in Amsterdam as his favourite shop the other day when the rest were like sex shops and stuff!

I phoned him again. He was just coming out of a restaurant in Paris and was around the red light district. He said he wouldn’t go in any strip clubs because it’s disgusting. Good!! He told me well done when I said I’d made it all the way down the mountain on my feet. He told me Aled’s constantly pissed so that made me even more worried. The conversation ended abruptly because the phone cut off.