See you tomorrow – 5th April 2001

Thursday 5th
0 days to go!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Yey!!! The 12 weeks since Jake left is up! He’s due home tomorrow!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I can’t wait to see him!

He told me that he’d phone at about 5pm today so when he hadn’t rung by 6:15pm, I decided to phone him instead cos I was bored of waiting round for a call. The bloke on the other end put me through to his room but then came back on the line saying that the phone in that room was being used. I decided to leave it cos Jake might have been on to his Dad or something. It got to about 6:55pm and he still hadn’t phoned so I rang his hotel again. This time, a woman put me through to his room, let it ring for a while then told me all the rooms were empty so they could be cleaned. She asked if I wanted to leave a message just in case Jake walked by but I didn’t.

Jake finally phoned me at about 7:10pm. He said he’d had to rush about and get out of the room so it could be cleaned. He doesn’t know why the phone was engaged though. I asked if we could go to Alton Towers at some point in the summer and he said I could go when he meets up with ski people if I want. That’s what I wanted him to say really! 🙂 He said he might go back to Banff after uni one day but not without me. He said I could get a job at the resort cos there’s loads of stuff to do. He said we’ll both have to do something when we finish uni. I hope we’re still together then! He told me he wasn’t interested in the cowgirls he mentioned in his email! I’m very glad to head that!

He kept getting all squeaky and excited when we talked about him coming home. He said he really wants a hug. So do I!

He said he can’t remember what he’s said to Rob about me. He said they just talked when they were reading emails and stuff. Rob sounds really sweet! Jake said he puts his girlfriend’s perfume on his pillow every night and that she’s sent him a bottle of homemade bubblebath but Jake broke it accidentally. Ahh!

Jake also said that his mate Dan would be a good match for Cat cos he’s sort of quiet and intelligent. That’s handy cos I intended to matchmake then if they were ever together anyway! He said he will teach me and Cat to improve our skiing if we want. We’ll see!

He said he’ll be sitting with Tom, James and Rob on the plane if he gets a choice and they’re going to play drinking games with water to pass the time!

Ahh, he said he’s actually missed Gethin! He reckons it’s cos there was nobody even a bit like him in Banff. They were all too masculine! Gethin just isn’t!

We both said, “See you tomorrow” like we’ve been wanting to do for ages! That sounds really good!

Jake said he’d text me when his phone worked at the airport but he hasn’t done yet. I hope he gets back home alright. I really can’t wait to see him!


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Swearing and dancing on the tables – 3rd April 2001

Tuesday 3rd
2 days to go!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I didn’t have an email from Jake when I checked this morning but I was quite proud of myself when I didn’t worry too much! He’s said that he probably would send me one to tell me whether he’d passed or not but he didn’t.

I did begin to worry about Jake when he hadn’t phoned at 5:20 pm but he rang about 5 minutes later than that. He said he passed his assessment (and so did everyone except 2 of the older guys) and has now got a Ski Pro passport or something so he can get jobs as an instructor if he wants. He said he doesn’t intend to use it though cos he doesn’t want to leave me again.

He said they all got chucked out of a bar thing for swearing and dancing on the tables (he didn’t do that!) and then got bollocked for messing about after doing their torchlight descent in the daylight! He explained that he didn’t email me cos he went back to his room and fell asleep! He didn’t end up going out last night, even though most people did.

I think I worried him by talking about the email I sent him last night and not sounding very happy when he chirpily mentioned coming home. I don’t know why I didn’t get all excited really, I just wasn’t in the mood and I’ve got all these niggling little worries in the back of my mind. He told me he loves me 3 times after I didn’t sound happy which cheered me up a bit! 🙂

He said he’s waited 3 months to see me and so he does want to come home. He said he would never have arranged it all in the first place if he’d been with me before I did anything about it and would’ve got a job or something instead. He says he won’t get bored when he gets home cos he’s getting bored of it there anyway. We’ll see!

I got really pissed off (and then upset out of annoyance!) before cos I’d just typed out a really long email to Jake and then I somehow managed to delete it just as I was about to send it! I sent him another one once I’d calmed down!


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He went all squeaky and excited – 1st April 2001

Sunday 1st
4 days to go!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Not a lot happened today. I spent most of the day being so bored that I actually did some of my homework!

Jake phoned at about 7:45pm today. He said in his email that the clocks go forward for him today (I thought it was only Britain that did that!) which is why he phoned a bit earlier. He didn’t have very long to talk to me though. He said his skiing’s still going okay. He went all squeaky and excited when we were talking about him coming home which was nice to hear, and he says he can’t wait!

He also told me that he saw the northern lights. He said he and whoever he was with didn’t know what it was so they asked someone. He said it doesn’t happen there very often. It’s not fair! I’ve always wanted to see that and I haven’t! He’s not that bothered about it and he gets to!

Oh well, maybe one day.


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He’s going to start buying me triple Bacardi and Cokes – 28th March 2001

Wednesday 28th
1 week + 1 day to go!

I’ve got a cough now and I feel really tired again. Karen was coughing all night on Saturday so I bet she infected everyone with whatever she’s got! She’s not been in college all week. Gethin said he’d been throwing up all weekend so he probably caught that from me somehow!

Jake phoned at 7:30pm today cos he didn’t do any shadowing, he just skied on his own and decided to ring me earlier. He was telling me one thing he will miss when he comes home….. the pubs stay open and serving all night!

He said not to worry about his brother slagging me off and that he doesn’t want to hang round with a bunch of College 1s when he gets back. We decided that when he gets home he could come here and then we could walk to The Dog but he said we’ll have to keep stopping for hugs and stuff so it could take a while to get there.

He told me that he’s going to start buying me triple Bacardi and Cokes and stuff when he comes home cos he’s never seen me really drunk and he things girls are funny and giggly when they are!

He said I’ve got to get all my work done before he comes back so I can see him loads in the Easter holidays. He might not be able to ring from tomorrow cos that’s when his Level 2 assessment starts and he might have to speak to instructors or something during his lunchtime.


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Pervert! – 27th March 2001

Tuesday 27th
1 week + 2 days to go!

Cat informed us today that Mr L said he liked the idea of Cat plus me, Sarah, Lizzie and Karen all together with him. Pervert! He’s certainly going the right way about losing his job!

Sarah is so confusing! I think she’s confused too! Every time a vaguely normal lad (e.g. Michael Amhurst) shows an interest she runs a mile, even if she liked them in the first place. That’s the annoying thing too… she lies! She said to me that she thought Michael was quite nice and that she liked his car but now she won’t even admit to liking his car! She knows she said that to me and she knows I know but she still says she said no such thing!

Jake phoned at about 8:45pm today. He said he’d been trying to ring for about 5 minutes beforehand but couldn’t get through for some reason. I told him what Mr L said to Cat and he was disgusted by him! We couldn’t talk for long so she didn’t really say much other than that he’s getting a Chinese after and we discovered his watch is about 4 minutes slower than mine! He said he loves me too. 🙂


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He’s such a gimp! – 9th March 2001

Friday 9th
3 weeks + 6 days to go!

Donna went down to the history department today to confront Mr L about lying. He’s been telling Cat nothing ever went on with Donna and vice versa! He’s such a gimp! He could’ve got away with doing stuff with just one of them but how could you not realise how risky it is to go for them both?! They were bound to find out about each other.

Anyway, Donna showed him the email that Cat printed off for her. He still didn’t admit to anything. Instead, he told Donna that Cat’s a “twisted psycho”! Erm… I don’t think Cat the twisted one somehow!

Cat went to speak to Mr L later on and again he went on about how hurt and betrayed HE felt!! Their argument was interrupted though by people walking into the history office where they were.

I felt really sorry for Lizzie and Karen today. They got the results back from the last lot of Maths exams they did. They both got 2 Us and an N. So basically they failed them all. They both had to leave their Maths lesson cos they were so upset. The head of Maths wanted to speak to them about what to do but I think they needed to calm down first.

The problem is that Karen wants to do Medicine and Lizzie wants to do Sports Therapy at uni and they both need quite high points. They could’ve made up for Maths with General Studies but neither of their courses accept that. Karen did plan out what she’d do if it all went wrong a while ago but Lizzie hasn’t got a clue.

We did The Run tonight. There were a few of our year and LOADS of College 1s. I spoke to Lizzie and Karen and they’ve sorted out what they’re going to do about Maths. Karen’s decided to try really hard and stick with the A Level cos she’s been told that she could get a grade if she knuckles down. Lizzie however has decided to drop down to AS Level which is the safer option. She said she should be able to get some points with that rather than none if she carried on at A Level.

Tonight was okay apart from when Freda pulled a stool out from under me in The Grey Hen. It was quite funny….. until the pain set in! I’d banged my head and left elbow on a chair and landed on my coccyx. I then started worrying that a jolt like that could make my legs/arm go numb again if that’s what caused it in the first place. I got into the toilets out of everybody’s way and just burst into tears. Sarah followed me in and so did a few others. They comforted me for a bit and said how stupid Freda can be sometimes. She did something similar to Karen the other day at college. Stupid cow!

I recovered pretty quickly, finished what was left of my drink (the rest went down Freda! Ha ha ha!!!) and moved on to The Mossland. The pub quiz was on there and my ex-stalker, Paul Nutt, was participating in it. A pub quiz doesn’t quite suit his image of a complete freak though so I thought it was quite amusing!

Floyd ended up snogging Nell (a lesbian). Now this, nobody quite understood! It’s the only other girl Floyd’s ever been with apart from Cat and he likes lesbians so I suppose it was quite good for him! It was a bit odd though! It wasn’t even one kiss either, they were all over each other all night! Strange!

Sarah tried very hard to get a snog out of the night but was unfortunately unsuccessful. She tried Marcus Eden (cos we heard Hayley fancies him but he’d be wasted on her!), Drew Lawley and Ben Jones but none of them seem interested. Knowing her luck, they’re probably all gay!

I really hope Jake can come home early. I really need him back! I miss him sooooo much!


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He’s being a complete nasty bastard – 7th & 8th March 2001

Wednesday 7th
4 weeks + 1 days to go!

Donna Sharpe is cooperating with Cat about Mr L now. Cat’s explained about how he’s being a complete nasty bastard towards her and I think she showed Donna the emails he’s sent her to prove it. Donna wants a copy of an email so she can go to history, yell at him and use it as evidence that he’s a liar!

Jake phoned at about 4:40pm today. His dad’s arrived in Banff now so I think he’s going to skip skiing and spend the day with him. Jake told me that his dad met Emma while she was seeing his brother and that he thought she was nice. That then led to the subject of his brother telling me his dad didn’t like me.

Jake got all bothered and said that his dad wouldn’t have said it cos he’s harmless and not like that. He also reminded me that his brother slagged me off to his mate Hugo a while back too. I’d forgotten about that. Great! So if it’s true then both his dad and brother don’t particularly like me.

At least his sister stuck up for me when his dad found out about what his bro said! She yelled at her bro, saying it was a really mean thing to say! 🙂

The snow’s still melting cos it’s really warming up there apparently! 🙂 He’s spoken to his dad about coming home a week early and his dad says that’s okay! I hope he does! A week doesn’t sound that much but it’d be nice to see him sooner rather than later!


Thursday 8th
4 weeks to go!

Jake rang at about 4:30pm today. He warned me that if I don’t get an email from him tonight then it’s because he’s stuck at Lake Louise. I’m not allowed to worry! He’s skiing as normal but is meeting his dad afterwards so won’t be getting his usual bus back. Instead, he’s going to be getting the last bus back to Banff so if he misses that or his dad’s got the times wrong then he’s stuck there!

He told me it’s still warming up where he is so the snow’s continuing to melt. He said he still wants to come home early so he’s going to check the airline’s website to see if there are any earlier flights back to Heathrow that have got a spare seat for him. 🙂 He thinks he’ll book it if there are any! 🙂

I really do hope he can come home earlier cos then I’ve only got 3 weeks to wait now! He kept telling me not to get my hopes up just in case it doesn’t happen but it’s difficult not to because I really, really want/need to see him!


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