Properly crying, really hard – 24th November 2002

Sunday 24th  Yet another gasman told us our boiler is a pile of crap on Monday. He said he’d only seen one before and it couldn’t be fixed. Great. I also saw Uriel in the TSB that afternoon. He said “hi” and stuff so he must recognise me now.

Due to a night out in Visage on Tuesday, I didn’t make it into uni for a lab the next morning. Oops! That’s 2 I’ve missed in a row now. I felt guilty until I found out I could just write up the 1st lab we did for coursework instead.

Jonas and I went to see Harry Potter on Thursday night. It was really good but scarier than the 1st one. Nobody warned me about big snakes getting their eyes gouged out by a phoenix. Eurgh!!

After the film I went back to Jonas’s. We had a bit of a talk about next year but the main serious conversation happened when I stayed at his on Friday. I ended up getting very upset because Jonas told me he wasn’t sure he wants to stay with me next year. I do want to stay together but he’s not sure he can cope with only seeing me at the weekends. He said he wouldn’t have been able to stand it for much longer over the summer. I didn’t know that before.

Jonas also ended up getting upset (as in properly crying, really hard) when I said it’s be like losing a best friends as well. He doesn’t seem sure about anything though, not even me being near him. He said he doesn’t want to split up and says we should just see how it goes.

I was still very upset yesterday morning. We ended up doing stuff though. That make me feel better because if he’d gone off me, he probably wouldn’t have wanted to.

I got to Teesside eventually yesterday. It’s meant to only be one train but, as usual, there were problems so I ended up having to get 3. I went from Huddersfield to Leeds to York and then on to Middlesbrough. Lizzie met me at the station and we walked to her house. It’s quite small but really nice. Her housemates Cat and Gemma seem nice too. I miss having girly mates. I’ve got a shortage of them at uni.

Lizzie took me to a Chinese buffet place for tea. It was really nice. Her boyfriend, AJ, and a couple of his mates, Chris and Andy (I think), came too. When we got back, we all put on our school uniforms and went off to the school disco at the Teeside student union.

[Me, Lizzie, Cat & Gemma]

It was a really good night. I saw Ken Dronfield and Rachael Hollins who used to go to 6th form college with us. We all did lots of dancing and drinking and at one point, AJ mistook me for Lizzie and grabbed my arse. That was pretty funny and I don’t think anyone will let him forget about that for a while! We all got party bags on our way out which was cool. Lizzie and I then stayed up until 6am, just talking.

I got the train back to Huddersfield today after going into Middlesbrough to see the ice rink and fayre. Jonas met me at the station 🙂 so I stayed at his. We did stuff and I’m a wee bit worried about that now!



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