He’s going to start buying me triple Bacardi and Cokes – 28th March 2001

Wednesday 28th
1 week + 1 day to go!

I’ve got a cough now and I feel really tired again. Karen was coughing all night on Saturday so I bet she infected everyone with whatever she’s got! She’s not been in college all week. Gethin said he’d been throwing up all weekend so he probably caught that from me somehow!

Jake phoned at 7:30pm today cos he didn’t do any shadowing, he just skied on his own and decided to ring me earlier. He was telling me one thing he will miss when he comes home….. the pubs stay open and serving all night!

He said not to worry about his brother slagging me off and that he doesn’t want to hang round with a bunch of College 1s when he gets back. We decided that when he gets home he could come here and then we could walk to The Dog but he said we’ll have to keep stopping for hugs and stuff so it could take a while to get there.

He told me that he’s going to start buying me triple Bacardi and Cokes and stuff when he comes home cos he’s never seen me really drunk and he things girls are funny and giggly when they are!

He said I’ve got to get all my work done before he comes back so I can see him loads in the Easter holidays. He might not be able to ring from tomorrow cos that’s when his Level 2 assessment starts and he might have to speak to instructors or something during his lunchtime.


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Pervert! – 27th March 2001

Tuesday 27th
1 week + 2 days to go!

Cat informed us today that Mr L said he liked the idea of Cat plus me, Sarah, Lizzie and Karen all together with him. Pervert! He’s certainly going the right way about losing his job!

Sarah is so confusing! I think she’s confused too! Every time a vaguely normal lad (e.g. Michael Amhurst) shows an interest she runs a mile, even if she liked them in the first place. That’s the annoying thing too… she lies! She said to me that she thought Michael was quite nice and that she liked his car but now she won’t even admit to liking his car! She knows she said that to me and she knows I know but she still says she said no such thing!

Jake phoned at about 8:45pm today. He said he’d been trying to ring for about 5 minutes beforehand but couldn’t get through for some reason. I told him what Mr L said to Cat and he was disgusted by him! We couldn’t talk for long so she didn’t really say much other than that he’s getting a Chinese after and we discovered his watch is about 4 minutes slower than mine! He said he loves me too. 🙂


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Please not sandals! Nooooo! Yuk! – 26th March 2001

Monday 26th
1 week + 3 days to go!

Sarah told us today that she no longer thinks it’s a myth! It took us a while to get her to tell us whether she’d tried anything since Saturday but eventually she nodded that she had! Cat said Mr L was willing to help prove that it’s no myth to Sarah but I don’t think Sarah would really want her to let him!

The others said they weren’t sure what to believe from what I said on Saturday! I did embellish the night at the Trafford Centre a bit by saying it all happened in the management suite opposite Starbucks and stuff like that though! I think I’d rather just leave them guessing actually!

Jake phoned at about 7:50pm. He said he tried to ring about 30 minutes before but got the BT answer service thing. I think Mum might have been on the phone then though so that’s probably what happens when it’s engaged. He phoned earlier cos there weren’t enough instructors to go round everyone who wanted to shadow a lesson.

He said he did some shopping yesterday and bought 4 pairs of shorts, shoes for the beach (please not sandals! Nooooo! Yuk!), a shirt and some presents for people. He got clothes for Robbie and Clara and surprise(s) for me. Yay!

He likes the sound of “See you next week!” and so do I! We can actually say that now cos he really is coming back next week!! That sounds good! 🙂

He said (when I asked) that he’s never discussed anything like I did on Saturday with anyone and that he probably won’t either.

The phone cut off twice again today. It’s so annoying! Actually, the 1st time was my fault cos I put the phone down in the hall to get the one upstairs instead. He said he’ll ring at about 8:30pm tomorrow.


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It’s all a myth about orgasms – 25th March 2001

Sunday 25th
1 week + 4 days to go!

Sarah, Lizzie, Karen and I all stayed over at Cat’s house last night cos her parents were out. It was a VERY interesting night!

First of all, we signed Mr L up to Manline on the internet so with any luck he’ll be getting lot of emails from gay blokes wanting him… bad! Ha ha ha!!!

Then we settled down in the living room and started playing drinking games such as Fuzzy Ducks where everyone in turn says “fuzzy duck” and at any time someone can say “Does he?” and you have to go round the opposite was saying “ducky fuzz”. As you can imagine, things like “duzzy fuck” and “fucky duzz” got said, in which case you had to drink.

I then walked Suzie home before going back to Cat’s to play Truth or Dare. It started off a bit crap but once we got into it, people were revealing allsorts!

Here’s what I found out about my friends:


  • Has given Gethin number 4 on more than one occasion, the first time being in London while a few of us were in the room. He pushed her head in a southerly direction and she did it. She said it didn’t really taste of much but it made her gag cos it was sticky and she had to swallow seeing as she was in bed and had nowhere to spit. I’d heard her moving about in London but she told me that she just couldn’t sleep! Liar!
  • After London, she gave Gethin 4 more at various people’s houses.
  • Gethin returned the favour at Ewan Swann’s house and Stuart Hobbs saw it happen! Well, he could only see Lizzie’s head and a lot of movement under the sheets. He assumed right as to what was going on. Lizzie said Gethin did have an effect on her, the way she had on him!
  • Wanked off Big Paul in his car at the park. Nothing “happened” cos he kept saying it was so good that he didn’t want it to end! She had to stop though cos her mum phoned and demanded she went home. Lizzie said she was glad cos Paul started saying stuff like, “I want to be inside you!” Hah!
  • Got number 3-ed by Declan even though he confessed he’d never done it before.
  • Declan also number 4-ed her once.
  • Intends to lose her virginity before she’s 18.


  • Went on a date with this lad called Russell and ended up in the woods with him. He got her to wank him off but when he said, “Just think what your mouth could do down there!” she drew the line.
  • Had sex with Big Paul!!! Shock horror!!! We didn’t know!! There were rumours but she denied them until tonight. It happened down some alleyway. She said she was really pissed and couldn’t say no. She said he ended up with grazed knees cos he lay on his back and she had to do all the work! They didn’t use any protection (stupid!) so she told him she didn’t want to get pregnant so nothing happened in her. We informed her that it could still happen and she said she knew and had been weighing herself all the time, just in case she’s in the situation of Sonia out of Eastenders!
  • Wanked off some stranger on a platform in the middle of Mr Smith’s!


  • Wanked off Gethin in her bed after he forced her hand downwards (but we knew that).
  • Says the Bluebell story’s not true! Maz number 4-ed her in Derby but with very little success cos “he was just sort of kissing”.
  • Didn’t like it or when he kissed her mouth afterwards! Yuk!
  • Never had an orgasm → thinks it’s a myth for women to have them!


Karen then asked the question, “Do you masturbate?” to us all. There was silence for a few seconds before Cat started the ball rolling and admitted she did. The rest of us followed her lead except Sarah who had a look of complete shock over her face! She said she’d never even considered it cos she thought it’s all a myth about orgasms and stuff! Poor innocent Sarah! Cat offered to loan her Mr L to prove that not all men are hopeless like, obviously, the lads she’s had are! I sort of explained that I had Jake normally but Diane started going on about how it’s stress relief and stuff!

25-03-01 Cat educating Sarah

[Cat educating Sarah, perhaps?!]

I have to say, it was quite a lot better a night than I thought it was going to be! ‘Interesting’ is probably the best word to use! I told all too about things I’ve done with Jake but I didn’t go into quite as much detail as some people did!

It makes me wonder though what Jake’s told people. I’m sure he must have at least talked to his roommate about stuff like that. I might ask him at some point. I wouldn’t be annoyed cos I can’t complain, I’m just interested.

Lizzie’s surprisingly trustworthy! She’s known for ages about Karen and Big Paul but didn’t say anything. I suppose maybe it’s smaller secrets like who’s snogged who that she tells.

When I got home this morning I just lay about for a bit cos I was pretty tired. Jake phoned me at about 7pm. He said he’s shadowing tomorrow morning though so he’ll ring me at about 8:30pm in the evening. He said he won’t be doing much other than his laundry and playing computer games today cos it’s his day off.

We started trying to decide where we can meet each other for the 1st time when he gets back but we can’t think of anywhere. We don’t want to meet at either of our houses cos our families would be there, we don’t want to meet in a pub cos there’s be too many other people and we’d have no chance of being alone, and he doesn’t want to meet outside e.g. between my house and The Dog cos it’d be “weird”! Basically he wants a car but isn’t going to get one just yet so it’s not looking likely we’ll be alone for long.

He said he can’t wait to see me and wants me to sleep in his bed while he is (i.e. when he’s getting over his jetlag). I don’t think I’d help him sleep somehow! He bro and did are both going away over Easter but unfortunately their holidays only overlap by 2 days. Oh well, we’ll have to make the most of them! 🙂 He repeated that he does want to see me, badly!

He wanted to know what I told the others at Cat’s last night so I just said I told them how far we’ve got but didn’t go into any details. He said he doesn’t discuss stuff like that with people which I’m quite pleased about actually!


P.S. The phone got cut off twice tonight and Jake told me that he might not always be able to ring back if that happens cos he doesn’t always have the change needed to start off the call or something.

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I had to learn about roundabouts. I hate them! – 24th March 2001

Saturday 24th
1 week + 5 days to go!

I had a 3 hour driving lesson today. It was horrible! I haven’t got a concentration span that last anywhere near that long. Plus, to make matters worse, I had to learn about roundabouts. I hate them! I got stuck in the middle of one of the big ones in Warrington with all the traffic lights on and got flustered and couldn’t get going for ages. I could see everyone in cars around me getting pissed off which didn’t help at all. I bet they weren’t perfect when they were learning.

If I ever pass my test, I’m not going to forget what it was like so I’m going to be patient with learners, not put them off. I’ve got another 3 hour lesson next Saturday and I’m dreading it already.

Jake phoned at about 7:40pm today. I didn’t think he was going to cos he said in his email, “no later than 7:30pm” but he said the lesson he shadowed didn’t finish until 12:30pm (his time). He said he got to teach part of the lesson about turning and snowploughs or something.

He’s going to some concert tonight cos there’s some party on or something. I didn’t really know what he was on about but it’s their last Saturday night out (they’ll be doing the Level 2 thing next week so they’ll be having early nights, I expect) so I’d have thought they’ll be making it a god one! Not too good, I hope!

He says he can’t wait to come home. I can’t wait either!


P.S. The clocks go forward tomorrow so that means Jake’s going to be 8 hours behind now. 🙂 He said he’d phone at about 7pm tomorrow but it’ll be 8pm here. He won’t know the clocks change, I suppose.

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(Shortly after he was sick!) Lizzie snogged him – 23rd March 2001

Friday 23rd
1 week + 6 days to go!

I really thought tonight was going to be crap cos loads of people decided in college that they weren’t coming out. Sarah rang me at the last minute to say she wasn’t coming out either so it ended up being just me, Karen and Lizzie out of our year.

I didn’t speak to Jake tonight cos I was going out quite early and he couldn’t phone until about 7:30pm again.

The night, however, turned out to be quite good/interesting! Drew met up with this girl called Heather but acted like he’d never seen a girl in his life so the rest of us gave him a bit of encouragement! He eventually got it together with her in The Coach and Horses, I think. It took him long enough anyway!

Gaz (a.k.a. Barney) hung round with me, Lizzie and Karen for most of the night cos all his mates had paired off with people a bit. For some reason, Robbie got it into his head that Barney was after me and said to him, “You’d better not try it on with my brother’s girlfriend!” Then later, “I’m watching you, Ug!” to Barney. (He gets called stuff like Ug and Barney cos he has a kind of caveman look, I suppose!)

In the end, Robbie did not have to worry anymore cos (shortly after he was sick!) Lizzie snogged him!

I’m really not sure what to make of Robbie. He seems to be nice to me and I thought we got on alright but then Lizzie told me that he’d said something to her the other week about either him or his dad not liking me.

Why not?! I don’t understand what it is that I’ve done wrong!

Jake’s unfortunately right, I don’t want to be at his house while his family are in. Whether any of it’s true or not, I’m probably never going to find out so it does make me want to avoid his family for fear that I’ll do or say something more to fuel any dislike for me. I wish it wasn’t like that. 😦

Robbie was saying that his dad told him to ask me if I want to go to Heathrow Airport with him to pick Jake up. I said I was on a Biology school trip so I can’t. That’s not exactly true though. I am on a trip but it’s the day before he gets back. I’m sorry but I don’t really want to go on a long car journey with a bloke I hardly know who quite possibly doesn’t even like me. Still, it was nice of him to ask.

I do get the feeling sometimes that Jake’s dad’s on a bit of a guilt trip after Robbie told me his dad didn’t like me. It’s just that he phoned me up to apologise for Robbie (fair enough, I suppose), he came round to my house just to give me a book on Barcelona which would’ve been easier to give to Robbie to give to me in college, and now he’s offering to take me to London to pick Jake up.

I mean, he seems like a nice bloke and it’s probably just coincidence that he’s actually spoken to me more since Robbie opened his gob but it does make me wonder whether he’d be so nice to me if Robbie hadn’t said something. Jake keeps telling me that his dad wouldn’t say he didn’t like me but why would Robbie just come out with that? There’s no smoke without fire and all that! Oh well.

Robbie did actually make a complete prick of himself tonight. He was pretty pissed and started doing scally impressions on the park with his trousers tucked into his socks and his boxers pulled up over his shirt to his armpits! Then a while later, someone dared him to flash and he did, not realising Karen had her camera handy! Ha ha!! 🙂



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He should so get sacked! – 22nd March 2001

Thursday 22nd
2 weeks to go!

Cat filled us in on what happened yesterday after college with Mr L. She went and helped him put up a wall display or something and then as things progressed, he locked them in the History store cupboard. She said he was just all cuddly towards her and gave her a massage and stuff. He should so get sacked! He’s already looking for another job and I bet it’s not really cos he wants a higher position. Somehow I think it’s more likely that he’s getting out before he gets found out, chucked out and ends up having to work in Tesco or something!

Jake phoned me at about 7:30pm. He said he didn’t shadow anyone this morning, he just skied on his own. He said his group’s being filmed for a promotional video this afternoon. They’ve been picked cos they’re the biggest group.

I told him I needed a hug to keep me going while I’m doing my Sports Studies coursework but he said he wouldn’t just want a quick hug so it wouldn’t help cos I’d get nothing done!

He sounded a bit more cheerful than he did yesterday. He wants to come home but he said he is going to miss certain people like Rob, James and Danny (whoever they are!) and the others he hangs round with. He did say he won’t miss the girls in the room next to him though cos one’s always with James and the other always goes on about that Hollywood lad.


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