Saturday 1st January 2000 (I was going to put 1999 then!)


Well, my memories of New Year’s Eve 2000 are not particularly good ones. To say my night was a let down would be an understatement. The word ‘shite’ pretty much describes it. There were some good parts but these were outweighed greatly by the bad ones.

My mates (Cat, Sarah and Lizzie) all came round to my house to get changed and stuff and then we were dropped off by my dad at Poppy’s house. We collected Poppy then went round to get Karen. We wandered about the village for a while looking for a party, got bored and went back to Poppy’s.

At 10:30 pm we went round to Zoe’s for the party. My sister and Jacqueline turned up and we ended up staying over until about 9:00 am this morning. We then walked back to mine so they could be picked up to go home. I slept until 5:30 pm this evening. That is basically how the night went.

Good points

  • I was with all my mates all night.
  • The gorgeous Danny Barnes was at Zoe’s and he put his arm round me for a photo.
  • Kate and Laura phoned me from Wick’s street party to say Happy New Year. They said that they were enjoying themselves and to tell Abby they’d seen Ashley Ewart. They said they’d tell Duncan to phone me or send me a text message too.
  • Hayley wasn’t there because she was working.

Bad points

  • When my dad dropped us off at Poppy’s, 2 lads were whistling and shouting stuff at us and he had ‘a word’ with them and they were yelling back at him. I was then worried that he’d be worried.
  • Before the time we could go to Zoe’s there was nothing to do, it was cold, rainy and the village was dead.
  • Laddered my tights badly.
  • Got drinks spilt all over me.
  • Told Lizzie, Sarah and Cat what went on with me and Nathan which’ll probably get round everyone now, knowing Lizzie.
  • Slapper Jacqueline snogged Danny.
  • Hardly anyone at Zoe’s.
  • Phoned Brett but he didn’t answer his mobile so I left a quick message on the answer service. Phoned his home phone and spoke to his dad who sounded really pleased I’d phoned but told me Brett wasn’t in. I left my mobile number for him but he never rang back.
  • At about 2:00am, Abby turned up and snapped at me all night because she wanted to go home.
  • At about 4:30am, I listened to the messages on my answer service and there were 4 from Dad, all saying things like, “Where the hell are you? When are you coming home? I don’t like your attitude and we’ll have to bloody sort it out!” I phoned him and he said more or less the same thing plus, “Happy bloody New Year!” I then got upset which was a bit embarrassing. He also left messages on Sarah and Lizzie’s phones. Abby rang home too and he was nicer to her which didn’t exactly make me feel better.
  • Got a bit of sleep and apparently snored and got laughed at.
  • Not in Wick.
  • Kept seeing celebrations on TV and saw how much of a good time other people have had.
  • Had to walk home this morning. It was freezing and my feet went totally numb.

My mum didn’t realise what Dad had said to me and was sympathetic towards me. Dad did apologise before and said it was worry and alcohol which made him do it. I’m still annoyed because it spoiled my night.

I spoke to Sarah before and she said she’s spoken to Hayley and she said Hayley’d had quite a good night and that she’s seeing some lad she met at bowling. Good. My mum reckons that if Hayley gets a boyfriend it’ll take her mind off stuff that I do so maybe she’ll leave me alone. I hope she’s right, although Hayley will love the fact that she’s got a boyfriend and I haven’t. I have to say that I couldn’t give a toss right now.

There are lots of programmes on TV about last night and they keep including bagpipes. It makes me realise how much I really want to be in Wick right now. I miss it so much.


He will go with me if he gets pissed – 9th & 10th July 1999

Friday 9th I went to the primary school this afternoon. The rugby players were there again but I had to keep an eye on the kids so I couldn’t really stare at them!

The second Summer Prom concert was tonight. It went quite well again and, even though I found it a bit tedious, I think the audience enjoyed it.

It’s about 12:30am and I’ve just got in coz I ended up going to The Coach Horse Inn with everyone. Except I ended up outside it coz they stopped letting anyone wearing a white shirt into the bar! A lot of people went back to Stuart Hobbs’s so, after a while, Freda, Poppy, Cat and I followed. Everyone was just sat outside in the street talking so we joined in until his dad came out and told us the neighbours were complaining.

Then the 4 of us plus Ed walked round to show Cat where Zoe lives so she knows for tomorrow night and we ended up back at Ed’s. His family were still up and his mum told Freda her dad was mad with her coz he’d been driving round trying to find her. She phoned and her mum went to Kwik Save car park so, after walking Poppy back, Freda’s mum dropped me back here at home.

At one point, Ed told me that he thought Ollie Bramwell fancied me coz apparently he’s said things such as, “She’s quite a nice girl, Tess” and “Tess has got a really nice body”.

Emma also told me that if Ewan Swann does go to Zoe’s party then he will go with [snog] me if he gets pissed whether I want to or not. I don’t know where she’s got that idea from though! I don’t even think he’s going to be there coz he was just one of the names Zoe mentioned of the lads who are supposedly going but no-one’s sure if they are actually going to be there or if she’s just telling people this so we’ll go! I suppose I’ll find out.


Saturday 10th So much for Ewan will go with me. Nothing happened other than when he first arrived (sober), Emma ran in and told me that Ewan and Davis had unanimously decided I was fit. I went for a walk with Ewan but only to the park and we were accompanied by Danny Barnes, Adrian Ford and Emma.

Ewan and I were getting on pretty well but other than that he didn’t seem at all interested so I’m pretty disappointed to tell you the truth.

Lizzie’s dad gave me a lift home and Ewan was still there when I left so he’s probably snogged someone else. [I think I might’ve had a Bacardi Breezer or two… my handwriting was pretty skew-whiff by the end of this entry!]


I was HOLDING DANNY’S HAND! – 3rd November 1997

Monday 3rd I got to Emma’s house on time but nothing went as planned from there. [How can that be?! I’d had bullet points and everything!]

Emma’s dad offered to give us a lift into Altrincham so we waited for him to come back from his jog and he took us into the village to pick up Neil and Zoe. Emma sat in the front and I was sat in the back with the other two. It was awful! One of them had really bad B.O. and I didn’t want to breathe. I thought I was gonna be sick at one point! The only break from it was when Emma’s dad opened the window.

He dropped us off on the main road near the ice rink but it was only about 12:30 pm so we went into the town centre. We wandered round for ages and at one point I turned round to see [fit babe] Danny Barnes behind me. I had to double check and it was him. Neil knows him coz they’re both on the lighting team.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned Danny before [I had. I most definitely had.] but just so you know, he’s in Year 11 and a total babe! I don’t really fancy him but he just looks so sweet. We followed him into Index with his mum and sister and, before I knew it, Neil had asked him if he wanted to come skating and he did. It was a good job too coz none of us really knew our way round.

We went in McDonald’s and got lunch then got to the rink at about 1:10. We waited for a few minutes outside but went in coz we got bored. We paid £4.20 to get in and I saw Georgia in the café. We went in and Neil, Zoe and Danny got their skates but me and Emma waited for Ralph and Freddie. It was pointless getting skates anyway coz after about 5 mins they cleaned the ice so everyone had to come off.

Altrincham Ice Rink

[Altrincham Ice Rink in all it’s photogenic glory. Now closed but forever in our hearts. Via Manchester Flames]

Georgia was there with Rachael Hollins, Rani and Lena so we talked to them for a bit until Ralph and Freddie came and we went to get our skates. Freddie had brought his own coz he skates a lot. I asked Ralph if he could skate and he said no. He asked us and we both said we were alright at it. Freddie was sat there going, “Ask me. Ask me how good I am!” What a show off!

As soon as we got on the ice, Freddie was going backwards. Ralph was crap. He reckoned the barrier was his friend. Hmmm! He did let go and I spent a lot of the time holding him up.

It was really quiet there so there was a lot of room. Freddie was whizzing round but he did help Ralph. Neil wasn’t too good either. Zoe sat out and sulked for no reason and I just felt sorry for Danny. He’s never been before and kept falling over.

I really wanted Georgia and co to go home coz they kept pushing people but they had a lift at the end of the session.

Near to the end, we were all making chains and I was HOLDING DANNY’S HAND! When we got split off, I was with him on my own. I wasn’t sure what to say coz he’s pretty quiet so I skated off to see what Emma was doing. [Oh my God, I was crap at boys!]

I also held hands with Neil and Ralph but only really to hold them up!

After that, everyone except a few of us were trying to get Freddie to fall over and he did. So, I was the only one that didn’t.

Eventually we got our trainers back and went. We couldn’t find Zoe anywhere. Freddie and Ralph came on their bikes so, on the way to McDonald’s [Again?!], Emma rode Ralph’s, Neil rode Freddie’s and Danny ran ahead with them. Ralph went too to get his bike back so I was left with Freddie. He told me not to run off and I got to hear about his slashed wrist from Emma’s nails, his pulled muscle from when he fell over, his sore back and ankles. I thought he’d fall apart there and then!

Danny and Neil got the bus and went but the rest of us made it to McD’s. They went home on their bikes and Emma and I got the bus to Warrington Bus Station then my mum picked us up after I phoned her.

I don’t wanna go back to school tomorrow!


What a babe! – 6th October 1997

Monday 6th At lunch today, Zoe went over and asked Charlie W if he’d go out with Emma. He didn’t say anything at first but then Danny Barnes (What a babe!) came over and asked me (ME!!!) which one it was. I pointed to Emma and asked him what Charlie said. He just told me no. I don’t think Charlie ever actually goes out with anyone, he just goes with [snogs] ‘em!

Dougie won’t look at me. Whenever I walk past him I always try to look discreetly at him to see if he’s looking at me. I don’t know if he really doesn’t notice me or if he’s doing what I do! I’m starting to think he doesn’t even like me now!


October 1997 - JDDB

[…and secretly CW]