Who’s who

Here’s a quick who’s who list. Who’s who in my diaries, that is.

These are the people that crop up fairly often for good or bad reasons. I’m not listing everyone ever mentioned or it would get ridiculously long but do let me know if you think someone is worthy of adding.

You can also use the search box on the right-hand side. If you type in a name, it will list all the posts that person is mentioned in, the earliest of which should explain who they are and how much I fancied them.

NameFriendEnemyLurvedSecretly lurvedOtherNotes
Abby    xMy sister. She also kept a diary from August 1996.
Adam  x  Internet buddyA/S/L = 14/M/Stoke-on-Trent
Aledx x   
Alex  x  Holiday boy next door.
Amir   x Proof I shouldn’t have been allowed a mobile phone.
Archiex    University friend 
Auntie G    xMum’s sister
Auntie S    xDad’s sister. Mum to Rhian, Tom & Minnie.
Ben  x  Holiday paperboy that I admired from afar.
Ben (uni)x  x 
Big Paul x   Also known as Big Touchy-Feely Creepy Paul. He slimed over all the girls and I was astounded that a fair few liked it.
Charlie   x Abby loved him 1,000,000,000,000,000% and I harboured secret feelings towards him.
Danny  x  Fit babe! (Apparently)
Davis x   General irritant. He made all the girls swoon and he knew it.
Dougie  x  I lurved him so much that I drew his house. From 2 different angles.
Duncan  x  Holiday romance.
Ewan Swann  x  Sketched girls in an attempt to make them swoon. It worked.
Fredaxx   Perfect example of a ‘frenemy’.
Freddiex    Emma’s first love.
Jake  x   
Jenx     University friend
Jez   x  
Leon  x   
Megan x   Part of the Bitch Brigade and went out with Dougie. I reserved a special hatred for her.
Minnie     My littlest cousin.
Nathan  x   
Ollie x    
Pallav x    
Ralph   x One of Dougie’s friends. Once gave me his last Rolo.
Rhian    xMy cousin.
Robert   x  
Tom    xMy cousin.
Trotter  x  In the year above me at college. I admired him from afar.
Will (a.k.a. Ferny)  x  I wasn’t keen on his hair but then he leant me his fleece.

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