It was nice but full of dead cormorants – 17th–22nd August 1996

Saturday 17th We went to Lathronwheel harbour for lunch today. It was nice but full of dead cormerants cormorants and an ill seagull.

Then we went on to the Ousedale Mill closing down sale. [THRILLS!] Dad bought loads of shirts and Mum bought loads of rugs. She bought me a peach and white one.

Then we went to Helmsdale Highland Games. That was good too! Bye!

Monday 19th Yesterday we went to Freswick beach and I made a seagull from shells and stuff.

Today I went fishing with Dad for half an hour before he came home from being there all day.

Ben McFarlane mowed the lawn today too. I don’t know why I mentioned that really! [Because he was a boy and therefore I probably fancied him.] Bye!

Wednesday 21st Yesterday, Rhian and Tom went back to school so Mum, Abby and I went to John O’Groats while Dad went fishing and Minnie stayed with Grandma L.

This morning I woke up with a stiff neck and sore shoulders. I had been rowing the boat for Dad.

We’re going home tomorrow so I’ve got to pack. Bye!

Thursday 22nd Rhian woke me up at about 8:00 this morning so I had chance to say goodbye before she went to school. This could be the last time I see them for another year!

It turned out that we didn’t set off until about 11:30am so Abby and I went across to the primary school at 11am to see if we could spot Rhian and Tom. We saw them both but Tom wouldn’t speak much, I think through fear of getting upset in front of his friends. Rhian talked to us about school and not wanting us to go. It has gone far too quickly this holiday.

Abby and I made a cassette tape with Rhian’s favourite songs on and then left a message at the end.

Eventually we got travelling after saying bye to Grandma L. I think Mollie will be most missed by her!

The journey was good but it was nice to stop off at Atholl Palace.

My ears are bothering me again so I need my drops. Bye!

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