I got a box pleat skirt [and my sister’s diary!] – 30th August 1996

Things will be changing round here for a few months for I AM IN POSSESSION OF MY SISTER’S DIARY!!!

This is something I NEVER thought would happen but she actually GAVE it to me and said I could do what I want with it. Obviously it’s going on the internet. Sorry for all the shouty capitals but this is UNBELIEVABLE!! I would’ve been ecstatic if I’d got hold of it 18 years ago! I’m pretty blooming pleased now 😀 See?

Turns out we must have the same brain mis-wiring that thinks it’s ok not to burn the shit out of these things… And let other people see them.

I’m afraid hers is about as dull as mine but there are some cross-overs that we can compare and contrast. I was 13, Abby was 12 and also said ‘bye’ at the end of most entries which, to me, is evidence that she definitely read my diary.


Tess x

My Friday 30th This holiday has gone so quickly. I suppose that it’s not quite over yet. We still have about a week.

Abby, Mum and I went to town today. I got a box pleat skirt and Abby got a blazer.

The school uniform this year has gone really stupid.

Skirts – Box pleat/A-line kick pleat. 2 inches above or below the knee.
Socks – Under trousers either grey or black.
Ties – Down to waist. No pins/badges.
Blazers – Kept on at all times.
Coats – Not to be worn indoors.
Shoes – Black. No boots.

It’s so stupid! The other thing is that if we don’t obey uniform regulations then we get a letter home or even suspended! We may as well join the army!

August 1996 - Army uniform

I went for a bike ride today with Hayley. Abby came too (as usual). We went down to the post office and bought sweets and stuff.

I’m going now.


Abby’s Friday 30th Hi! This is my first diary. Nothing much has happened today. We had to go to town for school uniform though. We’re still on school holiday but we go back in a week’s time.

We’ve only just come back off holiday actually, we had three weeks in Scotland, we go there every year, our cousins live there.

For the first week we went to Ayr, well Kilmarnock actually which is near. We stayed at Loudoun Mains Holiday Park, it was really good. There weren’t many children there, only two twins [Really? Two of them?!] called Jennifer and Iain.

We didn’t get to know them very well but Iain was georgeous [Maybe this is like a George Clooney level of gorgeousness.] The only bad thing about him was that he supported Newcastle, I support Man United.

He lives in Edinburgh so I’ll probably never see him again. I hope I do though. He especially looked nice in the swimming pool.

Anyway I’ve got to go now.

Bye x [The byes are definitely too much of a coincidence. I will be sending her a strongly worded text about this.]

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