It’s stupid and could be dangerous – 28th August 1997

Thursday 28th Mum’s gone to London today to stay with Auntie G (her sister) until Sunday, I think. We took her to the station at about 7:30 and her train left within 15 minutes of that. [IT’S A TRAIN MIRACLE!! I’m glad I recorded such a rare event.] She phoned just now to say she’d arrived.

I’ve been talking to one particular person on the internet at the moment called Adam (ARC33) and he’s 14 and lives in Staffordshire. [I soon got over worrying about getting addicted to the internet, then.] He asked me for my phone number yesterday coz he was going to Alton Towers and he said he’d ring me from there.

Of course, I wouldn’t give him my number because it’s stupid and could be dangerous. So tonight, I asked him for his. He said he’d give it to me but not today so I’ll try and get it before Saturday and I could either phone him from Emma’s (coz I might be sleeping over) or from a phone box. I’m not doing it from home coz he could trace the call.

I probably won’t phone him coz I wouldn’t know what to say or it might be a made up number or he might not be who he says he is.

[He wasn’t lying. I looked him up on Facebook. I KNOW that’s a bit (a lot) weird but I’d been watching ‘Catfish’ and it occurred to me how easy it’d be to find out if he was real or not had this been going on nowadays.

There would’ve been no need for Nev and Max because he looks exactly the same as he did on the photo he sent me in 1997. I resisted clicking on his profile but he didn’t look at all murderous. Yay!]

I have got one week before we go back to school and loads of Art homework!


9 thoughts on “It’s stupid and could be dangerous – 28th August 1997

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