I have started my periods! – December 1995

Tuesday 5th I’m getting sick of Freda! She wrote all over my pencil case and I had to use white spirit to get it off! I have made part of my hair shorter than the rest. I have made little side dangly bits that won’t quite fit in a ponytail. Bye!



Wednesday 6th That piece of hair is getting in my way! [No shit.] Emma and I were following this boy today [the beginnings of the stalker years…] called James Douglas but everyone calls him Dougie. It was because we wanted to see if he liked Lucy. [Bollocks.] Bye!

Sunday 10th I think somebody has been reading this diary! This is twice I have found it open and I’m sure I locked it! I’m worried now. Bye!

Tuesday 12th I have been ZAPPED twice today. I shall draw a diagram of what it is and tell you about it. This means you have to ZAPP one person by Wednesday and your wish will come true. Bye!



Friday 15th What is it with me? Why does everybody hate me at the moment? Hayley had a go at me this morning (we’re friends now) and Freda was mean. She stabbed me on the hand with a compass (I forgave her). Then Leona accused ME of being in a bad mood. Speak for yourself Leona! Ollie went home today and I saw his mum. Bye!

Friday 22nd I am in Scotland now! YES! My cousins Rhian, Tom and Minnie didn’t know we were coming which was great. We saw a barn owl and what I hope was a Scottish Wildcat. Bye!

Sunday 24th There has been a blizzard and we built a snowman. I had a falling out with Rhian and Abby over a game but we are friends again now. Bye!

Monday 25th MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I have got all my presents. I got Twister, a football calendar, a jumper, pyjamas and a few other things. We went sledging down the icy drive because it’s on a slant. Bye!


OKAY? [Got that, you morons?]

Tuesday 26th We had a snowball fight with the other kids on the street. I would’ve liked Alex to play but he couldn’t. I think he’s a bit older than me so I don’t know if that would’ve been a good idea really. Bye!

Wednesday 27th Rhian is having a sulk because I’m making her apologise for embarrassing me in front of various people by saying I fancy Alex. I don’t really know him and he’s probably a pain but I could use his name to get me out of the business with Ollie and everyone saying I like him. Bye!

Thursday 28th I don’t want to go home yet! Anyway, I think I saw a bat tonight. I have decided to do a Fact File [Stalker Notes] on certain people in the back of my diary so that I can remember things about them.

NAME: Alex
ADDRESS: Scotland [accurate]
HOBBIES: Basketball
FAMILY: Mum, Dad, brother and sister
PERSONALITY: Quiet, nice
WHY I NEED TO KNOW: So I can use his name to stop people teasing me about Ollie!

Saturday 30th I am home! Anyway, I want to read Pride and Prejudice [obvs] so I will go now. Bye!

Sunday 31st It’s actually 12:20am on New Years Day! What a great start I have had to the New Year! NOT! I had a tummy ache and later on I went to the toilet and found out it was because I have started my periods! I will probably get used to it! [Onset of womanhood means every sentence must be exclaimed! See!] Bye!

12 thoughts on “I have started my periods! – December 1995

  1. I don’t know why you’re doing this (I haven’t read that page yet) but please don’t stop. I never kept a diary myself and I’m getting a lot of vicarious pleasure through reading these entries.


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