I feel so shady! – 3rd & 4th January 2000

Monday 3rd We went bowling but Andy and co. didn’t turn up so Hayley was gutted and kept ringing him and stuff all night. We found 2 other 20 year olds though. I think they were a bit sad but one of them was alright looking. He reminded me of Leon actually. They’d been staring in our direction for quite a while and Freda and Hayley eventually waved them over and they came. They were sat with us until we had to go.

Karen decided she fancied them and we told them. I wish we hadn’t because she ended up snogging Russ (stupid name but the nicest one!) in the car park. Damn it! The other one was called Brian.

Spike out of 911 (the boy band) was there too with 2 other blokes. He’s really short! All night he kept staring at us too but I think it was just because we were staring at him. He was drinking Bud Ice and his real name’s Simon (it said on the screen) and he uses number 10 purple bowling balls (same ones as me!).

Lizzie kept getting messages from Leon tonight. He was asking if she’d snog Damon. They’re going bowling tomorrow and we could’ve gone but we’re going to the Trafford Centre now so we can’t. They might come too though because you can bowl there. I’d prefer it if I didn’t still like Leon. Becki’ll probably be there and they snogged at ice skating when I couldn’t go.


Tuesday 4th I went to the Trafford Centre today with Lizzie and Sarah. The shopping part was boring because Lizzie couldn’t find what she wanted so she dragged us round all the shops about 5 times but the lad-spotting was quite good!

There were a load of Millwall Youth team (football) wandering about in identical tracksuits who were mostly rather nice but the highlight of the day was seeing Trotter. About 5 minutes before Lizzie spotted him in the food bit, I’d said, “Oh, I’ve not seen Trotter for ages” so I didn’t believe her when she said it was him until I turned around. He was with his mum and younger brother and was looking as gorgeous as ever!

We went back to Sarah’s after shopping and we got bored so started ringing people. We thought Leon, Brett and co. might still be bowling so we decided to send a message to one of them declaring our undying love or something. Our victim was Amir. I wrote the text message but sent it from Sarah’s phone because nobody with him knows her number.

The message said, “AMIR, I REALLY REALLY WANT U! I CAN’T CONTROL MYSELF ANYMORE. XMAS HAS LASTED TOO LONG WITHOUT U. IF U R INTERESTED, TEXT BACK. xxxxx”. We then tried to ring him but his phone was switched off. We got hold of Leon and he told us that they had all gone home so I just said on Amir’s answer service,” It’s his answer thing. What do I say? Help me! Oh my God!” as if I fancied him and was with my mates or something.

I don’t think we should’ve done it now because Lizzie told me afterwards that he hadn’t had a girlfriend for ages. Now we might get his hopes up and he’ll only end up disappointed if that happens. I feel so shady!

Back to college tomorrow. I don’t want to go. I have to face Adrian, Charlie, Oscar and Trotter and I don’t want to!


P.S. I’ve just remembered something Lizzie said. She said that last time they went ice skating, Damon and Amir asked where I was and someone asked Amir if he fancied me and he didn’t answer but smiled. I think she was winding me up.

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