All our questionnaires have the boxes ‘male’ and ‘aged 17-25’ ticked! – 21st-23rd October 1999

Thursday 21st We went to Cwm Idwal. This was not a good day. It was freezing, raining and a 3 mile trek.

Aled was dead sweet a couple of times. Once was when he and Adrian Ford were helping people cross this waterfall (some of the other girls were saying so too as I walked past them at one point) and another time I was pretty much on my own because I’d gone ahead of Sarah and Zoe, and Lucy and Dougie were still a bit ahead but Aled stopped and asked if I was alright and then walked with me for a while.


[Aled being dead sweet and helping Sarah at Cwm Idwal.]

In the evening, Aled followed us into the pool room and then into a TV room we’d found. We were sat on our own for a few minutes when Sarah went to get her mobile, Zoe was on the phone and Lucy went to get a Pot Noodle, and he asked me why I was in a mood the other day. I didn’t know what he meant because as far as I could remember I hadn’t been. He said that on the coach the other day he said, “Hi Tess” and I’d ignored him. I told him I didn’t remember and I probably just hadn’t heard him.

Sarah bunked down on my floor again that night and admitted that she fancied Aled as well as Big Paul. I wasn’t pleased because I like him myself so I tried to convince her she had the best chance with Big Paul.

For hours I had a piece of grit stuck under my eyelid. It blew in on the walk and it scratched my eye every time I blinked. I was so relieved when I eventually got it out by pulling my eyelid down and rubbing it.

Aled was going on about going to town one evening. He was making out like it was sad if you’d never been. He also started talking about how older women were better. I hope he’s only talking about snogging. I pretended I wasn’t listening at that point.

Friday 22nd Came home and stopped off in Chester on the way to hand out questionnaires. Zoe, Kala L and I found fit lads and gave some to them so all our questionnaires have the boxes ‘male’ and ‘aged 17-25’ ticked! There were two particularly nice biker lads in McDonald’s who filled one in. I can’t remember where they were from.

Aled was knackered all day because he’d been sat up until 4:00am chatting to some girl. He called me over at breakfast to tell me Adrian had snogged some ‘fat bird’ and then added what he’d been doing on the end. I hope they really were only chatting.

We said bye to Gemma, Paula etc. before getting on the coach. On the way back, Aled managed to convince me to go to his gathering instead of bowling with Lizzie and ‘Mr Blobby’ (Brett).

Zoe and I went into town in the evening to find all the hang outs in town like Edison’s, Chuchills and McCauley’s for future reference. We didn’t go in because we had no time before the bus but we know where everyone is now though.

Robert Osborne was on the bus on the way there so we spoke to him. He’s gorgeous now! He’s gone to Priestley College and says he’s enjoying it. He said their Geography fieldtrip is to Kenya. How unfair is that?

He was telling us about how he’d been seeing that Tara girl (who’s new at college with us) for a couple of days but then she got back with her ex. He said she’s a bitch but that Diana Booth girl’s cool.

Zoe was telling me that Jav knows Jonesy somehow. That school was from Kirkby but he’s sure it’s the same lad. Could be handy!

Saturday 23rd Right, I’m back onto today [I’d written up the school trip when I got home. I daren’t take my diary away with me for fear of someone finding and reading it.]

All last night I was trying to arrange going to Aled’s with people and now Sarah, Lizzie and Karen Brent are coming. Lizzie’s doing bowling with Brett another night now so she’s picking Karen and I up at around 7:30pm. Then Lizzie and I are meeting Sarah outside Kwik Save at 9:30pm so we can show her dad where Aled lives.

Aled phoned me this afternoon to give me directions to 54 Drover Close where he lives and to tell me to bring some alcohol. I’ll take my Bacardi. When I told him I was coming he said, “Aah, yeah, nice one!” and sounded really pleased. That’s a good sign, isn’t it?

I want something to happen between Aled and me but I don’t want to do that to Sarah. I’ll have to see how it goes. I’ll fill you in tomorrow probably.


[‘Tomorrow’ just made me cringe horribly.]


We found a group of rather fit lads playing football – 19th-20th October 1999

(Saturday 23rd – I’m back from Wales now. I survived it. I’ll just fill you in then.)

Tuesday 19th We travelled to the place where we were staying, stopping off at Llandudno, Conwy and Bangor to do some Geography fieldwork. That was boring.

When we arrived at the Conway Centre place, it seemed okay except we had rooms of our own which were freezing and 2 showers between about 14 of us. In the evening we got fed pretty manky food and then had to work for about 2 hours until 10:00pm.

After that I went exploring with Zoe. We found a group of rather fit lads playing football so that kept us happy for a while. They were from another Geography A Level group and the girls they were with were soon chatted up by Adrian Ford and Ed etc. Some of them spoke to Rachael Hollins, Zoe and I and asked if our lads were safe and stuff. We reassured them because they seemed okay. They were then saying they’d introduce us to their lads some time if we wanted. Gemma and Paula were the 2 we spoke to most. They said that Jonesy (the really fit, tall, blonde one) was single but was madly in love with someone.

Later on, Rach, Zoe and I went outside on the adventure playground and Aled came along. Mr R came out and told us to go back in but only Rach and Zoe did. Aled and I went in eventually too.

Wednesday 20th This was a really good day. Even the work was fun. We were doing fieldwork on the height of the sand dunes and the vegetation on them and stuff at Aberffraw. It was great because there were massive dunes which you could safely jump off and roll down.

Rach, Sarah and I finished early and we’d spotted a monster dune in the distance and Mr R gave us permissions to go and jump off it. On the way, Rach was talking and not looking where she was going and she stood on something soft  which started squealing. It was a rabbit! As soon as she took her foot of it, it shot off but it didn’t half make her jump!

After that, we got back on the coach and went to Newborough County Park. It was a long walk from the car park to the beach and Aled was talking to Sarah and I most of the way there.

In the evening, Aled told me that some girl from another school had walked up to him and asked him his name. He told her and she said it was a nice name and walked off again. I was beginning to get worried until he said they were all weird. He came for a wander round with us instead of his mates that night.

The 4 of us gained some stalkers – 23rd July 1999

Friday 23rd We went to Mechelen and got a tour which was pretty boring and then we did a concert on some crappy little bandstand.


After feeding our lunch to the pigeons (which didn’t eat it either) we all piled on the coach and discovered Cat had fallen asleep on a chair. We were going to pretend we were driving off but unfortunately she woke up.


The afternoon consisted of swimming at Oceade. I didn’t swim coz I was worried that I would come on my period as I had a slight stomach ache but instead I told everyone I had an ear infection. That was believable coz it’s true that it could have come back if my ears came into contact with water and the day before on the water rides, it did.

My sister, Evie Evans and Hafsa B also didn’t swim. As long as we took our shoes and socks off we were allowed to walk round the edge of the pools so it was still quite good. I yelled at Mr P-R coz he splashed me with water badly and I was quite pleased with myself coz he shut up and said sorry!

The 4 of us gained some stalkers. They were dodgy looking so Mrs P got Patrick Campbell, Joe Anson and Dougie to come and pretend to be our boyfriends. It worked! It was so sweet of them to come and protect us like that coz they stayed with us until the creeps went.

We went to Brussels in the evening and most of us took the opportunity to stock up on alcohol. When we got back to the hostel, we drank it all so most people got upset about something. I have to say I was quite pleased when Gethin told me I was fine-looking!

Everyone got more upset than normal, I think because of the combination between tiredness, alcohol and hunger. This is what people were upset about:

Heidi – Found out Anthony Wiley fancies her but she’s with Davis but she liked both of them and didn’t want to hurt either of them. Anthony got hurt so that upset Heidi.

Keira – Really fancies Dougie but he’s giving her mixed signals so she’s confused. She also found out that he went with [snogged] an Essex slag.

Anthony – Fancies Heidi but Heidi chose Davis.

Emma – Davis going out with Heidi. Mrs P was also outside our room talking about us all but mostly Emma, saying things like, “Emma and Tess are the worst.”

Me – What Mrs P and Mr P-R were saying outside our room. Also everyone else being upset upset me too!

Charlie Wilson – Really fancies Emma but she’s madly in love with Davis so he had no chance.

Gethin Turner – Everyone hinting at him being gay.

Davis – Anthony fancying Heidi.

I think that’s it. Basically, it was a particularly miserable night!


I get all the gimps! – 22nd July 1999

Thursday 22nd We went to Bobbejaanland theme park or “Bobberjobberland” as we renamed it! We did a concert there which, again, went well and I discovered a couple of nice looking waiters equipt with baseball caps called Jo and Jan so I stared at them for a while.

We were allowed on all the rides for the rest of the day. I went round with Emma, Keira, Dougie, Cat, Charlie Wilson, Ed and loads of others. On this water ride thing, there were these 2 ugly lads who were smiling at me in the queue. They then tried to talk to me but I didn’t understand. As usual, I get all the gimps!


After going on the water rides I was soaking and the rain didn’t help either. It was Mr P-R who was splashing everyone with the manky greeny-brown water that had the worst effect. Prick!

We wanted to warm up and dry off a bit so we went on the Revolution which was indoors. There was a good looking lad that Emma, Keira and I had spotted during the concert who was stood behind us in the queue. He was with his mates by then though and turned out to be a right creep! Typical!

We had tea back at the hostel. As the bloke behind the counter handed us the plates of food, he turned round and grinned at his mate as he said, “Bon appetit”. We realised later on that it was coz we’d all thought the meat was beef but it was in fact horse tongue!

That night went pretty much the same as the last one had with us all visiting each other until very late. Charlie decided he fancied Emma and was constantly asking where she was. She was in the room of Essex slags, I think keeping an eye on our lads but I didn’t tell him that coz she told me she doesn’t like him and I hadn’t got to let her go with [snog] him or anything.

Later on, when we’d all had a bit to drink, I went in Charlie’s room, sat down and talked to Joe Anson and Anthony Wiley. I turned to talk to Charlie who was on his bunk, only to discover Cat had wrapped her arms round him and was lying down behind him rubbing his chest! Charlie was giving the rest of us an oh-my-God-what’s-she-doing kind of look but we all went and left him.

I ran up the corridor to Davis and Dougie etc. and told everyone they had to come and have a look at Cat. Emma was the only one who did actually come and by the time we got back, Charlie had turned over so the 2 of them were sort of intertwined. It was so funny coz it’s not the kind of thing you expect from Cat!

We found out later that Cat had actually launched herself at Charlie and he hadn’t resisted so they ended up going with [snogging] each other. That was even more amusing. I also realised that I quite like Charlie myself but I managed to convince myself that it was only because there was nobody better.

I went in my room later with Davis and Heidi Warner coz they weren’t allowed on their own in a room. I just got talking with Davis and he said that I should go into town with him and Gavin Bilson etc. when we got home. I hope he means it and gets in touch coz I can’t stand the thought of being bored again.

Keira got a bit upset before we slept coz Dougie was giving her mixed signals or summit. She said at Bobberjobberland she’d been getting on really well and stuff with him but that evening he’d been really off with her. She was confused so she got really upset.

Cat also began to piss the rest of us off today coz she was being really miserable and constantly had a long face on her.


Loud, tarty Essex girls – 21st July 1999

Wednesday 21st Breakfast was almost as bad as the meal the night before and there was evidence of previous meals all over the cutlery!

We went into the centre of Brussels in the morning and visited the Manneken Pis (I didn’t realise until I saw it that it actually was what it sounded like!), St Michael’s Cathedral and the Grand Place. The centre was far nicer than the outskirts.


We went to Antwerp in the afternoon for bowling. I was playing it was playing it with Emma, Cat, Isaac McFarlane, Henry Rockwell and Gethin Turner. I didn’t win.


Emma decided that afternoon that she rather fancied James Douglas (Dougie) but went off the idea of chasing him once she realised that Keira still really likes him.

We had a concert that evening in an amphitheatre thing in Deurne. It went really well, although one particular bloke in the audience had either been experimenting with illegal substances or was extremely bladdered coz he was jumping round, dancing and clapping, singing and shouting and staring at Miss M all through the concert. It was very hard to keep a straight face.


In the evening we ate the packed lunches we’d been supplied with by the hostel and got back on the coach. It was only after we’d eaten that we were told parma ham was raw. Gethin then kept us in hysterics on the way back to the hostel with his theory on why the food was so crap.

We had the rest of the night free to do what we wanted so we visited each other’s rooms. Everyone was drinking but no-one got really pissed. Some of the lads from my year (Davis, Ed, Dougie, Brian Short and Gethin) discovered a room full of loud, tarty Essex girls so my room were not amused. We ended up with Patrick Campbell, Anthony Wiley and Charlie Wilson lying on our floor so we didn’t get to sleep until about 4:30 am.

Patrick was saying that the lads in his room (those 3 plus Joe Anson) had been talking about us last night and apparently it was said that I had nice eyes.

The manager of the park we did the concert at today said we were brilliant and wants us to go back and do all our concerts there next year.


The consequences could prove to be extremely embarrassing – 19th & 20th July 1999

Monday 19th I’m going to Belgium with Swing Band for 5 days tomorrow. I’ve got to get up at 5:00 in the morning!! That’s not good!

I’ve decided not to take this diary with me coz if anybody found it and read it the consequences could prove to be extremely embarrassing for me and possibly others. My mum’ll probably find it instead now! I don’t know which’d be worse, my mum finding it or my friends. I’ll try not to think about that too much, it’s not a nice thought!

I went to the next village today and said goodbye to Hayley. She’s not annoyed me as much as usual over the last few days. I’m not complaining!

Oh well, I’ll fill in the gaps when I get back… or should I say if I get back! I won’t think too much about that either!


Tuesday 20th I had to get up at about 5:00 am and I’d only got to sleep about 2 hours before that so I was annoyed to find that, even after we’d picked Emma up, there was hardly anybody at school.

We all said goodbye to our parents and boarded the coach. Emma and I were sat in front of the toilet which was actually quite good coz we had a bit more legroom and a bar which we could lean on and sleep. We were sat there for ages before we set off and then we were told that we’d have to change coaches at Sandbach coz we couldn’t fit all the bags in the one we had.

The ferry crossing was quite rough but I quite enjoyed it and it didn’t seem to take as long as usual to get to Calais.

When we finally arrived at the youth hostel, it seemed to look quite nice and modern. We had a meal before we got our room keys which was potatoes, gravy, deformed sausages and apple sauce all on the same plate. None of us were too impressed!

The bedrooms were really nice though. There were 5 of us and only 2 bunk beds so Cat just used a spare mattress and slept on the floor.  I was in a room with Cat, Emma, Keira and Heidi Warner which was quite good coz I get on with them pretty well.

We were pleased by the fact that we had a bathroom and toilet in the room and a massive window which looked out onto a park and was directly above the canteen, lounge and bar which had glass rooves so we could see who was down there. Our room was also on the same floor as everyone else which was quite handy. That night everyone went to bed pretty early so we didn’t do much.


Quite young, ginger and a bit of a gimp – 7th May 1999

Friday 7th Well, I’ve just survived one of the worst school trips I’ve ever been on (the worst, by far, was Llanberis*)! To start with, it’s been nice and warm and sunny for that last few weeks….. until today. The one night out of the week when we go to Blackpool, it starts chucking it down non-stop!

I felt sick on the coach nearly all the way there and people were shouting and throwing things which didn’t help. When we finally arrived, Mr M went to the ticket office to get the tickets but came back and told us it was shut. He made us sit on the coach for about 15 mins before telling us he was only joking.

Because Hayley won’t go on any decent rides, I got the 3 best ones out of the way 1st to prevent her moaning about having to stand on her own all night. I went on the Playstation first with Lena and Rachael Hollins. It was horrible! It was far worse than last time but still good. [Horribly good?] Then I went on the Irn Bru Revolution. That was okay. Sat next to Jade Hancock.

Then the Big One. Sat with Jade again. Last time I went on it was dark and I was at the front. This time it was light so I could see everything and I was at the back so I could see how far we’d come up. I nearly had my neck snapped at the bottom of the big drop and all the way round it felt like someone was throwing gravel at my face coz the rain was so heavy and I was hitting it bloody fast.

When I got off I met back up with Hayley and she pointed out some bloke who looked like Curly Watts out of Corrie who’d been trying to chat her up. To avoid him she dragged me to the other end of the park. Here she forced me to go on the Wild Mouse ride which is shite and really embarrassing. Of course, half our year walked past, didn’t they?!


[Curly Watts via Wikipedia]

We just wandered round going on the odd ride all night and ended up gaining Sarah Llewellyn who went on the Wild Mouse with Hayley loads while I stood and watched (I’d run out of tickets), drenched and freezing.

The bloke who was operating it was quite young, ginger and a bit of a gimp – just the type to fancy me. And he did. That U2 song ‘The Sweetest Thing’ started playing and he was singing it at me and asking if I was okay. Hayley asked him if he fancied me when he asked why I wasn’t going on. He did and his mate said he (the ginge) wanted my phone number. The ginger one said he’d go on with me and whistled as we were walking off.

Nutter went too. I hate him now. I was talking to Ken Dronfield who’s into that sort of music (but I don’t think he’s as weird) and he was telling me that it was Nutter that sent me that e-mail a while back. He said he was telling me coz he wasn’t friends with him anymore. Nutter apparently stopped speaking to Ken 3 weeks ago for no reason.

Ken also told me that Nutter’s always lying through his teeth. So, either Ken’s lying now (which I doubt) or Nutter really is the complete freak I originally thought he was. I told Emma about it and she confronted Nutter but he still denied it. Little bastard! I now hate him more than David Elleray and Johnny Doherty and Miss P and Lindsey Bullman. That’s saying summit and all!

Anyway, me, Hayley and Sarah stayed with Ken and Oscar Price (he’s quite sweet actually or so he seemed) for a bit then left them to get food and a much needed hot chocolate.

On the coach on the way back, Didier Lomas was telling us that Nutter pulled. There were some girls asking him to go with [snog] them and he did. Hopefully he’ll forget about me for a while then.

Also on the coach, Emma was telling Georgia Dean that Ewan Swann said he wasn’t sure whether to go out with Safiyah L. Why couldn’t he ask me?

Karen Brent was feeling sick whilst sat behind me and Freda was desperate for the toilet.

Got back to Hayley’s, ate chips and gravy, changed clothes, went home, had a bath, went to bed.


[*The trip to Llanberis was pre-diary so I don’t have an entry for it. It was so bad that pupils and teachers of old from my school still occasionally recall the terrible memories today. Just a taste of what went on…

  • There was torrential rain from the first day so everyone’s stuff got soaked and never dried out.
  • We were forced to abseil in thunderstorms, re-wetting any item of clothing that got ideas above its station about drying out a bit in the fresh air.
  • I slipped and cut my shin very badly on a slate rock, causing my leg swell so much that I couldn’t walk. 
  • None of the teachers gave a toss about my injury because everyone except Cat Elliot and I had food poisoning.
  • The only reason Cat and I escaped food poisoning was because the grub was so awful that we survived for 3 days solely on packets of Digestive biscuits that our mums packed us off with.

Thank you, McVitie’s!]