All our questionnaires have the boxes ‘male’ and ‘aged 17-25’ ticked! – 21st-23rd October 1999

Thursday 21st We went to Cwm Idwal. This was not a good day. It was freezing, raining and a 3 mile trek.

Aled was dead sweet a couple of times. Once was when he and Adrian Ford were helping people cross this waterfall (some of the other girls were saying so too as I walked past them at one point) and another time I was pretty much on my own because I’d gone ahead of Sarah and Zoe, and Lucy and Dougie were still a bit ahead but Aled stopped and asked if I was alright and then walked with me for a while.


[Aled being dead sweet and helping Sarah at Cwm Idwal.]

In the evening, Aled followed us into the pool room and then into a TV room we’d found. We were sat on our own for a few minutes when Sarah went to get her mobile, Zoe was on the phone and Lucy went to get a Pot Noodle, and he asked me why I was in a mood the other day. I didn’t know what he meant because as far as I could remember I hadn’t been. He said that on the coach the other day he said, “Hi Tess” and I’d ignored him. I told him I didn’t remember and I probably just hadn’t heard him.

Sarah bunked down on my floor again that night and admitted that she fancied Aled as well as Big Paul. I wasn’t pleased because I like him myself so I tried to convince her she had the best chance with Big Paul.

For hours I had a piece of grit stuck under my eyelid. It blew in on the walk and it scratched my eye every time I blinked. I was so relieved when I eventually got it out by pulling my eyelid down and rubbing it.

Aled was going on about going to town one evening. He was making out like it was sad if you’d never been. He also started talking about how older women were better. I hope he’s only talking about snogging. I pretended I wasn’t listening at that point.

Friday 22nd Came home and stopped off in Chester on the way to hand out questionnaires. Zoe, Kala L and I found fit lads and gave some to them so all our questionnaires have the boxes ‘male’ and ‘aged 17-25’ ticked! There were two particularly nice biker lads in McDonald’s who filled one in. I can’t remember where they were from.

Aled was knackered all day because he’d been sat up until 4:00am chatting to some girl. He called me over at breakfast to tell me Adrian had snogged some ‘fat bird’ and then added what he’d been doing on the end. I hope they really were only chatting.

We said bye to Gemma, Paula etc. before getting on the coach. On the way back, Aled managed to convince me to go to his gathering instead of bowling with Lizzie and ‘Mr Blobby’ (Brett).

Zoe and I went into town in the evening to find all the hang outs in town like Edison’s, Chuchills and McCauley’s for future reference. We didn’t go in because we had no time before the bus but we know where everyone is now though.

Robert Osborne was on the bus on the way there so we spoke to him. He’s gorgeous now! He’s gone to Priestley College and says he’s enjoying it. He said their Geography fieldtrip is to Kenya. How unfair is that?

He was telling us about how he’d been seeing that Tara girl (who’s new at college with us) for a couple of days but then she got back with her ex. He said she’s a bitch but that Diana Booth girl’s cool.

Zoe was telling me that Jav knows Jonesy somehow. That school was from Kirkby but he’s sure it’s the same lad. Could be handy!

Saturday 23rd Right, I’m back onto today [I’d written up the school trip when I got home. I daren’t take my diary away with me for fear of someone finding and reading it.]

All last night I was trying to arrange going to Aled’s with people and now Sarah, Lizzie and Karen Brent are coming. Lizzie’s doing bowling with Brett another night now so she’s picking Karen and I up at around 7:30pm. Then Lizzie and I are meeting Sarah outside Kwik Save at 9:30pm so we can show her dad where Aled lives.

Aled phoned me this afternoon to give me directions to 54 Drover Close where he lives and to tell me to bring some alcohol. I’ll take my Bacardi. When I told him I was coming he said, “Aah, yeah, nice one!” and sounded really pleased. That’s a good sign, isn’t it?

I want something to happen between Aled and me but I don’t want to do that to Sarah. I’ll have to see how it goes. I’ll fill you in tomorrow probably.


[‘Tomorrow’ just made me cringe horribly.]

I found the courage to phone Ralph – 23rd – 27th May 1998

 [It was the school hols and I’d gone camping in Pembrokeshire with Emma and her family.]

Saturday 23rd I thought the journey would never end. The campsite, Lleithyr Meadow, is quite nice and it’s got decent showers and everything. [This is the equivalent of a 5 star review from teen me.]

I only had about 2 hours sleep and I’m knackered. The tent’s really cold and not comfy at all.

I’m so tired.


Sunday 24th Emma’s mum roped me and Emma into going on a 6 mile coastal walk with her. Never again! It went really hot and most of it was uphill. Emma was permanently moaning that she was too unfit and I was legging it ahead and my knees and left ankle suffered. I shouldn’t have run so much.

There’s this really weird lad called Duncan on the site. He’s collected a lot of female followers. He’s 13 and they’re all about 7. He swings about on the play area and he pretends to be a Teletubbie. FREAK!!!

I found the courage to phone Ralph. He sounded pleased and said he’d cheered up a bit. He said he still liked me when Emma asked.


Monday 25th We went to Whitesands Bay today. [But sod the scenery everyone…] There was this drop-dead gorgeous lad there and he was looking at me.

[Maybe he was admiring my oh-so-chic Adidas joggers.]

[Maybe he was admiring my oh-so-chic Adidas joggers.]

Emma found a dead dogfish in the sea and paraded around with it in her hand. Yuk!

We phoned Freddie tonight as well. Nowt interesting.


Tuesday 26th We didn’t do a lot today – too tired.

We went on this well good boat trip round Ramsey Island today. It’s been on Blue Peter. We went in caves and over rapids. It was so good.

Phoned Ralph again. Didn’t say much but he did give me a chance to wind Emma up about Gina Black (Freddie’s ex who still fancies him). He only said he walked home with her really.

The Freak wanted us to join his gang. As if!


Wednesday 27th I’m home. I’m tired. I’m going to bed.

We did a 4-way call. Ralph really wants me to come to the cinema and didn’t want me to hang up.

Night night.