We found a group of rather fit lads playing football – 19th-20th October 1999

(Saturday 23rd – I’m back from Wales now. I survived it. I’ll just fill you in then.)

Tuesday 19th We travelled to the place where we were staying, stopping off at Llandudno, Conwy and Bangor to do some Geography fieldwork. That was boring.

When we arrived at the Conway Centre place, it seemed okay except we had rooms of our own which were freezing and 2 showers between about 14 of us. In the evening we got fed pretty manky food and then had to work for about 2 hours until 10:00pm.

After that I went exploring with Zoe. We found a group of rather fit lads playing football so that kept us happy for a while. They were from another Geography A Level group and the girls they were with were soon chatted up by Adrian Ford and Ed etc. Some of them spoke to Rachael Hollins, Zoe and I and asked if our lads were safe and stuff. We reassured them because they seemed okay. They were then saying they’d introduce us to their lads some time if we wanted. Gemma and Paula were the 2 we spoke to most. They said that Jonesy (the really fit, tall, blonde one) was single but was madly in love with someone.

Later on, Rach, Zoe and I went outside on the adventure playground and Aled came along. Mr R came out and told us to go back in but only Rach and Zoe did. Aled and I went in eventually too.

Wednesday 20th This was a really good day. Even the work was fun. We were doing fieldwork on the height of the sand dunes and the vegetation on them and stuff at Aberffraw. It was great because there were massive dunes which you could safely jump off and roll down.

Rach, Sarah and I finished early and we’d spotted a monster dune in the distance and Mr R gave us permissions to go and jump off it. On the way, Rach was talking and not looking where she was going and she stood on something soft  which started squealing. It was a rabbit! As soon as she took her foot of it, it shot off but it didn’t half make her jump!

After that, we got back on the coach and went to Newborough County Park. It was a long walk from the car park to the beach and Aled was talking to Sarah and I most of the way there.

In the evening, Aled told me that some girl from another school had walked up to him and asked him his name. He told her and she said it was a nice name and walked off again. I was beginning to get worried until he said they were all weird. He came for a wander round with us instead of his mates that night.

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