I gave him his pine cone – 28th June 2000

Wednesday 28th I brought Jake a shell back from the Biology trip on Monday (like I brought him a pine cone today!) and I’ve just had a message from him saying that he fell asleep holding the shell I gave him last night!

The trip today was worse! We were quadratting in amongst these thistles and stuff and it was really humid. I saw lots of leeches and a newt though! Rachael Hollins and I did most of the work for our group cos Hayley and Sarah seem to be scared of everything!

Mrs C was running halfway across the beach and stuff on Monday just to have a look at dogs but she didn’t do it as much today! Even Mr S was taking the piss!

I saw Jake at college when I got back. We stayed for ages and I gave him his pine cone and he told me how much he’s going to miss me and stuff! Then I noticed that the gates at the end of the drive had been locked and so the Beetle was locked in! We then had to go and find the caretaker to open it but he wasn’t very impressed and told Jake he should park it in the main car park instead!

Kickboxing grading was tonight and it was quite difficult. It was too hot and I was already knackered but I passed! I’m an orange belt now!


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