I know how much you like wearing my underwear – 12th & 13th February 2002

Tuesday 12th  Jonas stayed at mine again tonight. I noticed him looking at me and he said he was looking at how beautiful I am and thinking, “Oh man…” (in a good way) 🙂 . I also got lots of nice cuddles off him and he told me he likes me waffling on about stuff. He can’t really complain though cos he does it too!

I started feeling a bit sick and dizzy. I was okay again later on though. Maybe it was just tiredness.

We just talked after that and Jonas told me I’m the longest-lasting girlfriend he’s had, as well as his best. 🙂 That’s nice to know. Perhaps one day (hopefully) he’ll be the longest-lasting boyfriend I’ve had. We’ll have to be together for a good while yet though if that’s going to happen.

Jonas still wants me to go to Lincoln with him and he said he’s mentioned it to his mum and sister, and they’re looking forward to meeting me. I’m quite scared of meeting them though.

Jonas gave me a black beady bracelet of his to replace the one I lost in Camel. He’s wearing my necklace with a little blue flower on it too. It’s a bit girly but he can get away with it.


Wednesday 13th  I had a pretty boring day today. Kevin and Jen still aren’t speaking and Jen even said she might not live with us next year because of him.

I bought Jonas some Valentine’s stuff today after lectures. It took me ages trying to find a card and I ended up buying 2 because I couldn’t decide. One was a list of how to please a woman which I intended to change to fit me. For example, “Buy her lots of wine + chocolates” I would’ve crossed out wine and written in “snakebite” or something.

The other was one of those with a black and white old photo of a bloke and a woman walking along a beach, and he’s wearing a rather feminine bathing suit. Underneath was the caption, “When Tarquin said he wanted to get into her swimsuit, this was not what she expected”. (Or something like that.) I ended up writing in that one for him because I bought him a thong from Topshop as a joke. I keep coming into my room and finding Jonas sitting there in my bra so I thought I’d get him some girly underwear of his own! The card kind of went along with that theme too. I drew a picture of the thong in the card to make him notice the theme more.

I put the thong in a box and wrote, “I know how much you like wearing my underwear so…..” on the lid and “…I got you some of your own! :)” inside. I hope he doesn’t get offended!

I phoned up some more houses this evening and we’ve arranged to look round 3 owned by the same bloke whose number was put on a leaflet sent round Storthes.

Jen and I then went up to the Arb and saw Jake in there with a mate. He said he’s got a house and is living with 6 lads. He got it from the same bloke as I rang and he said his is brand new and really nice. He said the others are older but not bad either and their all opposite his.

Jake also embarrassed me in front of the others by asking if I still had that weird thing when my legs went numb and told them how I used to read the medical dictionary all the time. Bastard! There was no need for that! I’m not sure I want to live opposite him.


The bus driver had a major tantrum – 8th to 11th February 2002

Friday 8th  I stayed at Jonas’s. He made me tea and food and we cuddled lots and fell asleep really quickly though.


Saturday 9th  After being at Jonas’s for most of the day, we came back to mine. He kept asking for cuddles and said “I love you” a couple of times 🙂 out of the blue.

While I was watching TV, Jonas did my hair (strangely) and tied me up and then, after a struggle, managed to get a photo of me.

He wants me to go to Lincoln with him to get his car because it’s “what you do” when you’re with someone, i.e. meet their parents. (Eek!)


Sunday 10th  Jonas stayed at mine until about 3pm and we cuddled and kissed lots and he said “I love you” as he left. I then went round to Archie’s to try and sort out house stuff.


Monday 11th  I went to Camel without Jonas tonight (no money). Storecard was there and was trying to get me to snog him and stuff, saying Jonas wouldn’t find out. I didn’t of course!

Jen and I also got chatted up by some old [I bet he was about 23] southern bloke who claimed he was a fireman. Yuck! Some lad also tried beckoning me over to him as I was walking past but I didn’t go.

I was dancing with Archie and Jen most of the time and I lost the beady bracelet Jonas gave to me. I was annoyed with myself and searched for it everywhere but couldn’t find it. He hasn’t given me much of his yet so I wanted to keep it.

Ben was in Camel and asked me why I always run away from him. I don’t. He was very pissed.

I also spilt my drink (well, threw it really) over Kevin’s white shirt (it was snakebite and blackcurrent!) cos he was being nasty and ignoring Jen and she was upset.

On the way home, the bus driver had a major tantrum cos people were ringing the stop button. He kept stopping and turning the bus round and threatening to chuck us all off.

I rang Jonas when I got in but didn’t say much cos it was late.


Idiot freak! – 5th to 7th February 2002

Tuesday 5th  Jonas stayed over cos we don’t have to be in 1st thing tomorrow. He kept asking for cuddles and said it’s sexy and cute when I wiggle and he likes it. He said again that he doesn’t care what his mates think and didn’t mind staying with me last night.

It was nice having him there to cuddle and he giggled in his sleep!


Wednesday 6th  It was nice having Jonas there this morning, even though we had to get up for lectures.

I only had 2 hours of Water Science so I went back to the flat and Marc and Violet asked me if I wanted to watch Road Trip on video in Marc’s room. I did.

Jonas was meant to be having a flat reunion in Visage tonight. At first I had images of loads of girls that used to fancy him or ex-girlfriends swarming round him and me not being there to kickbox them off, but then he told me he’d decided not to go.


Thursday 7th  It was a school disco thing at Milton tonight so I got my school uniform on and went along to it with Archie and his flatmates.

Jonas arrived later on after I’d been sat talking to Bronwen, Hazel (Archie’s flatmates) and Caroline (Bronwen’s coursemate) for ages. Some girl took a photo of us in our school uniforms and then took our names so now we’re a bit worried it’s going to end up in the uni paper or something!

Jonas told me I looked tasty and gorgeous and stuff 🙂 which was nice cos there was a point when I felt a bit daft as we went to Bar Non where most people were dressed normally.

Some lad in Milton was staring at our table. I think he lives at Storthes and I couldn’t tell if he was looking at me or Bronwen. It was probably her actually.

In Bar Non, I was dancing with Jonas, Hazel and Archie, and Sid came over and started singing at me. I tried to move back but ended up pinned up against a wall. Idiot freak!

I got on with Hazel quite well actually and she said to someone she liked me.

Jonas stayed at mine again and as we were walking back he said I looked “authoritative” in a skirt. According to him, that’s good!


Covered in Tia Maria and Coke – 4th February 2002

Monday 4th  It was the 1st day of lectures again after a break but it wasn’t too bad.

We all went out to Camel tonight. There were loads of people I knew there. I spoke to Ben quite a bit and Jonas seemed to get a bit jealous at one point cos he thought I was staring at Ben. I wasn’t. Jonas also said that lads kept looking at me. They weren’t. I don’t mind if he gets a bit jealous cos it’s nice to know in a way that he doesn’t want anyone else to have me.

Jonas said he loves me and he likes my new jeans. For some reason he pointed out to me that he hates stilettos. If it was cos he was worried I might wear some then there’s no need cos I don’t really like them either. Jonas also told me I’m gorgeous and stuff.

The night went downhill fairly rapidly after Jen went in a mood. I was perfectly happy and then she got all upset (bringing the mood down) cos Kevin was ignoring her. What really put me in a bad mood was when she complained about me and Jonas. We weren’t doing anything. I think it was just cos we were together and she was feeling a bit of a gooseberry.

Jen left so I was in Camel with Jonas and his mates who were all being a bit knobheadish. Sid (wearing a suit) shook my hand and asked how I was. He then said “sorry” and laughed saying it didn’t matter when I asked why he was apologising. He then pretended to snog Jonas (putting his hand over Jonas’s mouth) and then he did it to me. Pierced Sam with pink hair then did it to me too, spilling my drink all over me in the process. I really wasn’t in the mood for people pissing about and being covered in Tia Maria and Coke so I found myself very close to tears.

Jonas noticed and was being really nice and he said he didn’t really like Camel and didn’t mind leaving. That made me feel guilty cos he’s gone every week and spent money in there even though he’s not that keen, just because of me. I suppose that’s nice in a way though.

Jonas then thought I was in a mood with him because I told him to go and dance. I only said it because all his mates were and I didn’t want him to miss out cos of me. Jake used to not dance so I stayed with him but resented it cos my mates were off having fun. I didn’t want Jonas feeling the same as I did.

Jonas stayed with me and told me his mates think I don’t like them. Great. Paul came up to me and said I was too quiet while Jonas wasn’t listening. That, along with Sid giving me an evil look when I left, really pissed me off too.

I ended up telling Archie about Jen and Kevin last week but I don’t really think he took it in cos he was pretty drunk.

That Louise girl that “took advantage” of Jonas once but only snogged him and fancied him for ages was there. She kept looking at him and bashed into me on her way past, short-arse cow!

Outside, I sat on some steps with Jonas and apologised for being miserable. He said he doesn’t care what his mates think cos they’re not his REAL mates (like the ones from Scotland). He said I have to acknowledge them more cos they’re sensitive and get offended easily. I’m just very worried his mates don’t like me but he can’t see it and sides with them. What is it I do wrong?! I can’t help being a bit shy.

I got upset when I got back so I ate lots.


He pointed out all the girls that he fancied – 1st to 3rd February 2002

Friday 1st  It was nice seeing Jonas again tonight. He came round to mine and we did stuff (level 3) to make up for lost time. That’s all we did though.

At one point, Jonas suddenly said, “Ugh!… I just want, ugh!… Hug you and squeeze you and stuff!” 🙂 I don’t mind!


Saturday 2nd  I stayed at Jonas’s tonight. He said he loves me twice 🙂 and that I’m just his type with the way I dress and stuff and my music taste.

He showed me his yearbook from Forres and he pointed out all the girls that he fancied or fancied him. There were quite a lot of them actually. He said he misses his mates too and said he hasn’t got as many mates now at uni as he did at Storthes. He was also saying how he got to level 4 with Paul’s ex-girlfriend which I didn’t know.

He told me I’ve got a perfect body, I’m great and make him hot in more ways than one. When I asked him how, he said I make his mind melt. 🙂 Cool!

Cat let me know she’s just got a job at Dawson’s music shop in Warrington.

Jonas said he wanted a girlfriend to cuddle in front of the TV and stuff, not just for sex but as a companion too. He told Sid he wanted a girlfriend before his birthday and, after he snogged me, he asked Sid if it meant he had a girlfriend. Obviously it did!

It’s been annoying me for ages as to who it is Gareth Gates off Pop Idol reminds me of and tonight I finally worked it out. It’s Mr B my A Level Geography teacher. I texted Sarah to tell her and she texted back saying, “Oh my God! He sooo does! Am in hysterics now with Mum! S x”. It is funny!


Sunday 3rd  It was nice being with Jonas again today. We were cuddling lots and stuff. Mmm, I love Jonas! 🙂

He said his sister’s got a boyfriend and it’s weird.


Telling me about his fantasies – 29th to 31st January 2002

Tuesday 29th  I went to stay at Jonas’s tonight. On the way we stopped at uni to check emails and I had one from Gethin saying Ken’s mum’s died. That’s so bad. His dad died when we were at college too.

We just lounged around when we got to Jonas’s and he made me lie on top of him. He started telling me about his fantasies involving me when he “gets bored” (i.e. jacks off). He says he does it every day when he gets bored.

I’m making Jonas sound like a right pervert but he’s not too bad really. He does talk about normal things too but they’re not interesting so there’s no point in writing them down.

Ha ha ha!! Jonas was wandering around naked and Russell came up the stairs and saw him!


Wednesday 30th  Jonas gave me a list of houses up for rent next year. We’ve really got to try and sort something out soon. Archie had a list sent to his flat too so I’ve bought a road atlas of Huddersfield so we can see where they all are.

Jonas came round tonight and we got to level 5 but it went on for ages.

I ended up getting upset as I was lying in bed tonight. A sad song came on my CD player and it set me off thinking about Sarah and home in general and I found myself getting a bit homesick. I miss my friends loads. Jonas didn’t help by being nice and cuddling me cos it made me happy so I cried more! He told me he cries a lot just for the hell of it. He then told me he loves everything about me and he said, “I love you too, very much.” 🙂

Later on, I had a weird phone call from a lad saying my number was under his door saying to ring me. He said he reckoned it was his mates playing a trick.


Thursday 31st  Jonas stayed at his tonight cos he had work to do. I’m bored. I didn’t got out cos nobody else has either.


What a bastard! – 27th to 29th January 2002

Sunday 27th  Jonas stayed over at mine and dragged me into the shower with him. I felt a bit self-conscious but it was still fun!


Monday 28th to Tuesday 29th   We all went to Camel tonight. Jonas was very pissed, Archie was depressed and we lost Jen and Kevin completely. I later found out they’d gone back to Jen’s and apparently just snogged.

Jonas kept saying he loved me so I wasn’t all that worried when he came back from the toilet and 2 girls were hanging round him. It turned out they were asking after his mate Pierced Sam anyway. He also saw his flatmate from last year, Carina(?), who said she was proud of him cos he’s got a girlfriend.

Archie updated me about houses tonight too. It turns out that we’re going to try and rent one because some lad called Matt (used to be in Archie’s flat but left uni and is coming back next year) might be living with us too so Kevin’s not buying one anymore. Kevin’s left it all to Archie to sort out (lazy git!) but I’m quite pleased cos that means I’m more likely to be told about stuff.

Archie’s really pissed off with Kevin anyway because Kevin was trying it on with Sophie (Archie’s flatmate who Archie’s openly fancied for ages) really obviously and still snogged her even after Archie had a serious word with him. What a bastard! Archie said Kevin did the same to him with me so he definitely was not impressed a 2nd time.

Archie must have been pissed too cos he kept saying he liked me. Jonas sort of half jokingly but half seriously said Archie would go straight through the bus window if he snogged me.


Ooh I’m all tearful – 26th January 2002

Saturday 26th  I went shopping with Abby in Huddersfield and I discovered Rocks Off. Great shop! Abby bought me a bracelet from there but only cos I had no change and said I’d buy her a drink later.

When I got back, Cat texted me saying she had bad news. She then phoned me and told me that Sarah’s (my best mate from home) dad’s been killed by a car. It’s awful! Cat had spoken to Sarah online and Sarah told her to let us all know. Apparently he was jogging around Warburton Bridge way and he was hit by a car.

When Cat went, I decided to send Sarah a message. I put, “Hi. Cat just phoned and told me what’s happened. ***BIG HUG*** I wish I could give you a real one. Lots of love. xxxxx”. It took me ages to decide what to put.

I was pleased when Sarah replied cos I knew she’d got it. She said, “I’m ok, asked Cat 2 spread the news, couldn’t myself. Would ring u but I don’t want to ruin your Saturday nite. Michael been here throughout thank God! Thankx 4 msg.”

I sent her another saying, “Don’t worry about ruining my night. If you want chat then u can ring me. Ooh I’m all tearful now! Miss u xxxxx”. She did ring me. It was nice to speak to her but it’s a shame this had to be the reason for it. She actually sounded ok, like she normally does. She told me she’s got time off uni but she’s stopped being upset now and is more numb. She said her Auntie Margaret was at the place where the 999 calls come in when the call about her dad came in. That can’t have been very pleasant. Sarah’s mum went to Sarah’s flat on Thursday morning and told her the news.

I honestly can’t believe it. I phoned my mum to tell her and I ended up getting upset cos it kind of sunk in. She said she’ll send some flowers from us all.

I still went out tonight (under Sarah’s orders!) but nobody except Abby and Jonas came with us. Jonas was pretty pissed actually. We started in Milton then went to Varsity but it was a bit boring cos there was nobody else we knew.

Jonas asked me to T in the Park in the summer with his mates from Forres. He said he’ll pick me up and stuff. He looked sad when I said I was going home at Easter too. He gave me a little beady bracelet of his and said he loves me. 🙂


Not humanly possible – 24th to 25th January 2002

Thursday 24th to Friday 25th  I wasn’t feeling too happy today. I just feel as though I have fewer friends than I would have had had I not got on the wrong side of Marc and Kevin etc. cos that way it made things awkward or I was being bitched about. It’s because I found out Jen went out last night with her flatmates, and Archie and Kevin are off out tonight and didn’t invite me when I phoned up. Oh well.

I ended up at Jonas’s instead which I didn’t mind at all and I stayed over. Russell (his housemate) managed to piss me off cos when I answered a question he said, “So you can hear me then” really nastily. Fucker!

Jonas got out a massive pile of FHM magazines and sifted through them (after Russell had pissed off) saying he wanted to try stuff (i.e. the positions) out of them. We didn’t cos most were not humanly possible (hence the cartoon diagrams) and Jonas had an exam first thing in the morning.

When Jonas got up go to uni, I got to stay in his bed until he got back. When he did we cuddled for ages. He suggested running away together to Canada in a camper van. That would be cool but we have a slight lack of camper van and money.

Jonas didn’t want me to leave but I had to cos Abby came to visit. Mum and Grandma brought her. We didn’t do much except go up to the Arb for a bit with Jen.


He’s done it on every piece of furniture – 23rd January 2002

Wednesday 23rd  Cat went home today and Jonas met me at the station then came to mine. We decided to go to bed quite early and worked our way through the levels (except 4) up to number 5. The TV and light were both on which was weird cos it’s normally pitch black and we can’t see a thing.

He told me he’s done it on every piece of furniture with Natasha which I didn’t particularly want to know! He also mentioned that he once had girls shouting through his bedroom window about stuff. It took me ages to find out what they said but he eventually told me that one of their mates found him to be quite good with his hands one night so the others wanted to see if it was true or something.

We said we loved each other and cuddled lots and Jonas told me that I’m great and that I’m the “whole package” and that he loves everything about me. 🙂 Mmm Jonas!!