Storecard launched himself at me – 29th September 2001

Saturday 29th I stayed in pretty much all day today cos Mum and Dad came to visit and brought my TV. Connor also came over to see me cos Jake sent him over with a TV aerial cos Mum and Dad forgot mine. I sent Connor back with a thank you present in the form of a free Elton John CD that I got with a newspaper.

We all went to the pub tonight together. I’d had messages earlier from Simon saying he wanted to meet up for a drink. I didn’t actually see much of him when I got there at the start which I was actually quite pleased about.

There was a really funny kid at the Arbar. He was doing some freaky dancing and Connor decided to go over and dance next to him. It was sooo funny!

Jake was being a right moody little bastard. He got a message from someone and was showing it to everyone and laughing but he wouldn’t show me. He then walked off at one point with Simon which filled me with a slight sense of panic. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jake dance before tonight and now I know why! It was so bad! He does this weird thing with his shoulders which makes him look like some sort of groovy hunchback!

Simon later began to follow me everywhere, the creep! He also keeps sending me messages saying he really likes me and keeps ringing me. I’ve not replied but he’s not getting the hint. He keeps saying he wants to know what’s going on etc. I’ve only known him for a day and he’s talking like we’re getting a divorce or something. Freak!

He followed me into Jake’s room again and Connor and Marc were taking the piss by mentioning “store card” constantly cos it sounds a bit like “stalker”. It was hard trying to keep a straight face!

Simon then followed me into the flat below mine. I told Marc not to leave me with him (after he’d left me sat on a bench with him earlier and he was holding my hand) but he did and Storecard launched himself at me. I didn’t want to snog him but I really didn’t have much choice. Yuck! I mean, it’s not like he’s minging or anything, he’s just really creepy.

Storecard noticed that Marc was always hanging around but didn’t realise it was to protect me and now thinks Marc fancies me! Marc said later that I could do much better than Storecard and said he wishes he had a stalker.

When I got back in my room I took my phone off the hook (cos Storecard said he’d ring me) and then I got a message off Jake asking how Storecard got my number. Why the hell does he care?! I asked him if Connor was lying last night about Jake still loving me and I got the impression that he was, even though he didn’t exactly say so. Jake did say he’s glad we’re getting on though. Huh, we won’t be if he keeps on being all moody with me!


I could not be arsed with another lad – 28th September 2001

Friday 28th I went out with Marc and some of the people off his course tonight. We started off in the pub and then went to Nuq Blue which was crap.

Apparently 3 of the lads were after me, one of which I did end up with. He was called Simon Chambers (I think) and I didn’t particularly like him, I just kind of gave in. He kept saying Marc fancies me too. Hmm. Actually, Marc did look a bit pissed off but then he might well have just been bored. I was!

Simon eventually cornered me and snogged me and asked if I wanted a boyfriend. Maybe, but not in the form of him! We exchanged numbers and then he followed me to Jake’s room when I went to see Connor who’s staying the night.

Connor kept saying how Jake still loves me which I don’t believe but he has got pictures of me and him and all my stuff all over his room. Jake also told me that he was bothered really badly when I snogged Andy in front of him but he realised I was kind of forced into it.

I managed to get rid of Simon cos I could not be arsed with another lad following me into my room, even though he tried.

I just ate soup with Marc when I got back.


Marc said I looked very “naughty” – 26th & 27th September 2001

Wednesday 26th Today was pretty boring at uni. We had a talk in the library about the computers and stuff. There was actually hardly anyone there. I assume everyone’s “ill” or something. I was sooo tired.

Abby rang me today and had a go at me for dropping her in it with Connor. It was actually Jake’s fault cos he asked me the name of this lad Abby’s been chatting to on the internet. He must’ve told Connor straight away so I sent him a message simply saying, “Fucker”.

Connor also rang me today and said Jake had told him about Andy from Saturday and how it was more him than me. I feel guilty though cos I know he saw us.

It was that Fresher’s Fair thing at the Sports Centre this afternoon. I spent most of the time queuing up but got loads of freebies when I finally got in. I sign up for skiing, kung fu and some volunteer thing. I also saw Andy from Saturday on the army stall in his uniform. He gave me a leaflet and looked at me. Yuck!

Ha ha ha!!! Archie off my course was moaning today that some people were playing a dodgy song about a dog really loudly out of their window. That would’ve been us! 🙂 Hee hee!!


Thursday 27th It was the Skool Disco tonight at Milton Hall Student Union bar which involved dressing up in school uniform, funnily enough! It was such a good laugh! Marc said I looked very “naughty” in what I was wearing. It wasn’t that bad though compared to some people.

I spent most of the night with Marc actually (I think I’m beginning to fancy him which isn’t good) and he held my hand in crowds of people so I didn’t get lost.

Layla got absolutely slaughtered which was very, very funny!

I gained a cane off one of the bouncer people or bar staff (not sure!) but lost it again later. The fire alarm also went off at one point so we all had to go outside and the firemen came.


[We made it onto the flyers for the next few skool disco nights.]

“Get the fuck off my car!!” – 25th September 2001

Tuesday 25th I had introduction lecture things again today and then I had to sort out my tuition fees, loan, student ID and NUS card.

I got extremely confused with all the forms and forgot to hand over my tuition fees cheque. While I was waiting to sort it out, the others off my course disappeared so I spent the rest of the time wandering round aimlessly trying to find someone I knew and where I should’ve been going next.

We all decided to leave the flat tonight and go into Huddersfield to find our way round more bars. I saw Jake at the bus stop and he was on the phone to Connor. Jake then informed me that Connor and Abby have split up! To be honest I’m not all that surprised cos she can be very moody and he can be a right pain in the arse.

Tonight we paid a visit to Milton Hall bar [Students’ Union bar], O’Neill’s, Revolution and the queue for Visage. At one point I found a pedestrians sign by the road so (because we were drunk) someone thought it’d be a good idea to put it on someone’s car windscreen. We were proved wrong when a huge bloke came out of a nearby building yelling, “Get the fuck off my car!!”We ran.

When we got back we played Fuck A Dog really loudly again. Hee hee! 🙂 I’m surprised we’ve had no complaints yet!

I noticed Jake tonight spending quite a bit of time with some girl called Bronwen. Hmm. She’s unfortunately quite pretty and her brother runs the ski club so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s after her. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit bothered.


I haven’t shut up! – 23rd & 24th September 2001

Sunday 23rd Katy and I went into Huddersfield today to find our way round a bit better. We managed to locate most of the bars etc. so it was a pretty successful outing!

When I arrived back at the flat, everyone had moved in. A lad called Marc Huxley’s in room 1, Lewis is in room 2, Ronan’s in 3, Violet’s in 4, I’m in 5 and Layla’s in 6. Everyone seems nice enough.

We all decided to go out tonight together but beforehand we all had a drink in Lewis’s room. We were playing Blink 182’s Fuck A Dog and I said something about Jake’s really pink shirt and Ronan blurted out, “Would anyone mind if I’m gay?” When we all said no, he introduced his boyfriend James to us all. It’s weird too cos before I left home I said I hoped I’d be living with a gay lad cos I’d miss Gethin etc!

We all went to the Sharkey’s cocktail bar in the town and got really pissed. I found out that Marc and I are the only ones in our flat without a boyfriend/girlfriend. I also saw Jill Baines from college in there. I didn’t know she was coming here. She’s at High Green Court and is doing Physiotherapy.

I saw Jake in his kitchen when I got back so I went down to say hi. Claire in his flat started telling people I was his ex and asked if we’d applied together. She carried on talking about me when I left but I couldn’t quite hear what was being said. The stupid cow also asked me about Andy from last night, right in front of Jake. Grrr!! I felt really guilty about that cos Katy confirmed Jake saw me but he was being normal with me today.


Monday 24th It was the first day of the induction week of all the courses today. Everybody in the flat got the bus down together so I was sat with Marc. We just chatted like I’ve been doing with other people. I’m quite pleased with myself actually. I thought I might go all shy around all these new people but in actual fact, I haven’t shut up!

There aren’t all that many people on my course (Environmental Science with Geography), only 6, but we’re mixed in with people from other courses like Environmental Analysis and Environmental Health.

Everyone seems okay but there are quite a few older people. I spent most of the time chatting to the people my age, mainly Archie, Jen (Jennifer), Jonathan and Paul who had his interview on the same day as me.

A few of us went to McDonald’s at lunch and I discovered how just about everyone is totally knackered after a severe lack of sleep this weekend.

I didn’t do all that much this evening. Lewis drove us all down to Morrison’s then we went to the Arbar pub here at Storthes, watched Lock, Stock + 2 Smoking Barrels with Lewis and Marc and then headed for bed.


I basically told him to fuck off – 22nd September 2001

Saturday 22nd Well, I’ve finally moved to Huddersfield. All my family (plus Mollie!) came along to help me move in so I got myself sorted pretty quickly.

My flat’s right on the end at the top of the building and I’ve got a pretty unimpressive view of the car park. It’s not bad though.

I was the first person in my flat and I was there for quite a while on my own until a girl called Violet turned up. However, she went home again for the first night. Then a lad called Lewis arrived with his girlfriend Lisa. He didn’t really speak to me and just spent most of the time in his room with her. A while later, Ronan arrived but then I didn’t see him again after he introduced himself and went off with his mates. A girl called Layla came last today and did the same as Violet and went home again. She left a note though saying she’ll be back tomorrow afternoon.

Later on I had a call from Katy from the internet saying she’d arrived. I actually saw her unloading a minibus full of stuff and thought it could’ve been her and was right. We met up between our blocks and went for a wander so she could get her bus pass.

Before and after I met up with Katy I spent a lot of time in Jake’s flat or walking round with him and Ben off the internet. Both Ben and Katy seemed nice enough and very chatty.

A group of us went to The Arboretum tonight to test out the bar. It was a pretty good night actually. There was:

  • Me
  • Katy
  • Ben
  • Jake
  • A lad that looks about 13
  • A girl called Claire from Ben and Jake’s flat
  • A girl called Karen from the 13 year old’s flat
  • Katy’s flatmates Darren and George
  • Daryl from Blackpool
  • Lee from Leicester
  • Gavin (a chef!) and his mate Matt.

Considering I got pretty upset when my family left cos I thought I was going to be on my own, I turned out to be fine and chatted to loads of people. Lewis also came with us for a bit.

At the end when we were dancing, a lad called Andy grabbed me and started dancing with me and I lost may mates after I went with [snogged] him so he walked me back to Boothroyd. I just wanted to go to sleep but he managed to persuade me to let him come up and then into my room. Shortly afterwards, mid-snog, he got hold of my hand and shoved it down his pants. I didn’t want to do anything cos I was tired and couldn’t be bothered so I thought he’d go away.

He didn’t. He kept saying things like “that feels beautiful” and “you’re gorgeous” and that I had a nice bum but it just made me cringe and want to get rid of him more. He then asked me why I wouldn’t go down on him and I said that I wasn’t a complete slut.

He also didn’t get the hint that I was on my period every time I stopped him sticking his hand in my pants. I said all sorts of things to indicate it but I think he was too pissed to realise as well as being a bit thick. He said he wouldn’t go for someone easy, just someone he liked the look of. Yeah right!

He got my phone number after picking me up, putting me on the bed and stripping himself from the waist down before I basically told him to fuck off. He was such a knob and tried to sleep on my floor and told about his flatmates getting pregnant and trying to hang themselves.

As soon as he left I felt really guilty cos I realised Jake probably saw me with him. I wouldn’t have liked seeing him with another girl but then I don’t really know if he’d care. Jake seemed really flirty with me tonight so I’m also worried I’ve ruined a chance. He was sticking his tongue out at me, touching my nose, and smacked and pinched my arse, and hugged me. He was being generally nice and I don’t know why. It must’ve been because he was pissed maybe!


My stomach keeps flipping when I think about it – 20th & 21st September 2001

Thursday 20th I spoke to Saz again today online and it was sooo freaky! We were chatting about Cat and the dominatron and I mentioned Club Europe. We ended up discovering that not only had we been to all the same places with Club Europe but Swing Band and her school stayed in the same hotel at the same time in Valkenburg! She’s got leaflets from our concerts and I remember watching her band play on the bandstand. Weird!

Denny, Cat and I did The Run tonight. Rocky and Gethin joined us at one point but then left.


Friday 21st Aaarrgghhh!!! I’m going to uni tomorrow morning! It’s sooo scary! I’ve had to pack all my stuff up and I’m really excited but nervous at the same time. I’ve not got a clue where I’ve got to go this week or anything and I’m worried about who I’ll be living with and stuff. Ugh, my stomach keeps flipping when I think about it.

Lizzie came home tonight so we sat in The Grey Hen with Cat, Rocky and Denny. She says she’s home for sleep and she’s really enjoying it but it feels like a holiday. She said I’ll be fine… I hope she’s right!

I sent my picture to another lad called Matt online. He said I was gorgeous and a stunner. Hah!!

I spoke to Katy briefly too. She’s nervous as well and says she’ll text/ring me when she gets there tomorrow afternoon and we can go for a drink in our pub next door! I’m so worried but excited at the same time. I’m bound to forget something important too!


Huge orange patches all over her face – 19th September 2001

Wednesday 19th I went into Warrington with Cat today cos she was meeting Matt (the dominatron) and didn’t want to go on her own. The day turned out to be a complete disaster!

First of all, Cat didn’t get up in time so we had to get a later bus then when we finally arrived, Cat said she looked hideous and so we went in The Body Shop so she could use the tester concealers to cover up her spots. It all looked fine indoors but when we got into daylight I noticed Cat had huge orange patches all over her face where she’s used the tester.

Then Dominatron Matt rang and said his mate’s car had had a puncture near Birmingham and they weren’t sure if they were going to make it. So, Cat was a bit pissed off and decided to get lunch. After buying and eating an egg sandwich, Dominatron Matt said he would be able to come after all cos they’d got the AA out. Cat then munched her way through a pack of chewing gum to get rid of any eggy bits cos he said he was going to hug and kiss her, with tongues, when he first saw her.

They said they’d be a couple of hours but asked for directions to Cat’s village anyway. Neither of us had a clue so we went into the bookshop to find a map. We were there for ages trying to work out where to come off the motorway and if we hadn’t left when we did, I think the shop assistants would’ve chucked us out!

Cat then rang Dominatron Matt to give him directions but her credit ran out mid-conversation. He rang back but then her battery died so there was no way to contact him.

Before we went back to Cat’s, we went in a couple of clothes shops. Cat found a big fluffy jumper and tried it on. When she saw herself, she said, “I should’ve been born a Muppet!” We then turned round to see a bunch of shop girls giggling at her in an “aww, bless her” sort of way!

[The Muppet jumper.]

On the walk back to Cat’s from the bus, it started pouring with rain so we both got soaked and Cat’s hair went all fluffy.

After all that, I has to go home before Dominatron Matt arrived so I never got to see what he was like. I’ve sent Cat 5 messages and she hasn’t replied. Hmm.

I went online tonight and got chatting to people going to Huddersfield again. There was one lad who’ll be living in Jenkinson Court at Storthes call Rob who does snowboarding. He sent a photo and he’s not bad. He said he had a girlfriend until 3 weeks ago but it wasn’t serious cos they were “just good mates in a relationship”. Anyway, he suggested we go to the school disco thing on Thursday. I think I’d rather see him first. He said he went to Amsterdam and smoked cannabis but said he’s not a pothead or owt. I don’t know why he told me that really!

I spoke to Saz again too. She said she really likes me name cos it sounds “romantic”. 🙂 That’s nice!


I had him first! HAH!!! – 17th & 18th September 2001

Monday 17th I had my last driving lesson before I go to uni today. I’ve got to try and get home for more lessons and a test. We’ll see!

I also went to the doctor to have my blood pressure taken. He’s given me 6 months’ worth of pills too. I hope I don’t lose them!


Tuesday 18th Yey!!! 🙂 I’ve finally got my uni address! If people want to send stuff, they’ve got to send it to:

Boothroyd Court, Block D, Flat 5, Room 5
Storthes Hall Park Student Village
Storthes Hall Lane
West Yorkshire

How cool is that?! I’ve got my own address.

I texted Jake to tell him and he rang me later which surprised me. He’s at Saville Court, Block C. He told me he’s spoken to Samantha Breck who was there last year and apparently our 2 buildings are the best/liveliest ones to be in. Mine’s nearest the pub! 🙂 She warned Jake that he’s on the bottom floor (she was in the flat next to his) and that things get nicked more often cos it’s easier to get in and out. That means I’m probably on the top floor which I can see being a struggle sometimes!

He also told me that he did The Run [pub crawl] on Friday with Niall, Emma and Suzanna etc. Charming! He won’t do it with us! He did say he’ll try and come out with us this week but I won’t be expecting it.

I also had a phone call from Gethin today. He was saying how he was upset by our messages from Saturday and that he was “honestly” going to come and see me to say goodbye. Yeh right!

I’ve been going on over the last few days cos I got a leaflet about it and it’s really good. I’ve got in contact and have been chatting to other people going to Huddersfield at the weekend.


  • A girl called Katy who’s 19 from Norfolk.
  • A girl called Saz (Sarah) who’s 18 from York.
  • A woman called Lynda who’s 22 and is doing Environmental Analysis.
  • A Welsh girl called Carys who’s unsure about her sexuality, has slit her wrists and is doing Geography with Environment Science.
  • A lad called Ben who I’m going to tell you about separately cos it’s sooo freaky.

Okay, Ben was introduced to me on MSN Messenger by Saz and we got talking about where we’re living and I discovered he’s in the same flat as Jake and in the room next door to him. Out of 1500ish people, what are the chances of that?! So, I immediately rang Jake and got him online and they started chatting. They’re into the same music, both ski, support crap footy teams, Ben’s doing Graphic Design and Jake’s doing Architecture so that’s a similar department, they think. Ben’s best mate also has the same surname as Jake! There were a few other weird coincidences too but I can’t think what now. Oh yeh, he sent me a photo (he’s not bad!) and he has the same hair and eyebrows as Jake!

Speaking of eyebrows, I’m sure Jake’s been plucking his. They used to have a few faint hairs that met in the middle and when I last saw him, those hairs were kind of stubbly!

All the people I’ve been speaking to have decided we should meet up when we get there so that could be interesting to see what they actually look like. I discovered Katy’s also in Boothroyd but in Block A which is probably at the other end to me. She’s going on Saturday too.

Jake rang me again later to ask what the Virgin website address was cos his roommate from Canada wanted to know. I went online again later and Jake and a girl called Nicola (who I’ve also spoken to) were chatting. They invited me to their conversation and I found myself getting really bothered when he kept saying “aww” and “cute” when she was talking about guinea pigs and losing her gloves. I also found out he’s promised Saz and Nicole he’ll teach them to ski when we get there. He’d better help me improve skiing then.

I supposed I’d better get used to him being all popular with girls. I’ll just have to keep reminding myself that I had him first! HAH!!! 🙂


He was such a good kisser! – 14th & 15th September 2001

Friday 14th Wow! Jake sent me a message today totally out of the blue. He said, “HELLO! HOW ARE YOU? JUST GOT BACK FROM WALES – LOVELY PLACE… NOT! HAVE YOU HAD UR ADDRESS THOUGH FROM HUDDS? ARE YOU READY/EXCITED? xJx”

I replied to him and then spoke to him on the phone for quite a while about everything going on with uni and stuff. He said Wales was crap and it was only him and 3 other lads. He’s moving house the day before we got to uni. He also asked me to get his CD off Cat. Hee hee! I will cos I want to tape it! 🙂


Saturday 15th I went to Cat’s for a bit this evening and then Lizzie picked us up and we went into town. It turned out to be a really good night actually.

Lizzie had arranged to meet a girl called Kim who she swims with so we went and found her and her friends first in Wetherspoons. It was really busy in there so we decided to move on. Kim and her mates either tried to get into over 21’s bars or really busy ones and all we wanted was a drink.

We lost them in the end cos Lizzie stopped and said hi to Stoned Rob as he walked past us so we went to Edison’s on our own. We got a few drinks down us in there because unless you’re pissed when you go in Smith’s, it has the tendency to be crap. They were playing some good old tunes in Edison’s so we stayed and listened to that as we drank before leaving when the place began to empty.

We went straight to Smith’s cos it was getting quite late after that. It cost us £6 to get in! Rip off! It was packed though and there seemed to be slightly older people in instead of the 14 year old scallies which tend to congregate there on Tuesdays and Fridays. That made it much more enjoyable because I really can’t stand scallies.

While we were waiting for people to start dancing, we decided to send a joint text to Gethin because he’s pissed us off. Jake told me that Gethin said to him (on one of the many occasions Jake’s been at his house) that he couldn’t be arsed seeing everyone cos he’s seen and said goodbye to all the people he wants to. Fucker! We’ve not seen him for ages. It sounds like he’s been too busy with Jake! So, I told the others what Gethin said and they weren’t best pleased either. I can’t remember what we put now but it was a bit on the evil side! 🙂

Anyway, eventually the dance floors began to fill up so Cat, Lizzie and I went and had a good old dance. Unfortunately, a total gimp who used to be in our year at school, Ian Bratley, and his sidekick, Simon Robson, danced in our direction so we shoved them out of our way and moved.

Cat went in a bit of a mood at one point (which I later found out was cos she wanted Matt the dominatron) and wouldn’t dance. Lizzie and I tried to cheer her up but it didn’t work and she wandered off. We wouldn’t have found her so we stayed where we were, got our arses felt on many occasions, and eventually she came back and danced again. PMT.

There was some lad (not a bad one either!) in a red Ferrari shirt who kept dancing up against me. It was obvious he was trying it on and I might have gone for it had the DJ not announced something about him being sweaty! However, I ended up wishing I’d just snogged him after Lizzie went with some bald bloke and then got together with dopey Mike (the friend of chef Matt who I had) and I thought I wasn’t going to pull at all.

But then… :)… Cat and I started dancing again and I noticed a lad looking at me through the crowd. He looked away as soon as I noticed but looked back again when he thought I couldn’t see. So, I grabbed Cat and danced in his direction. He then started dancing very close behind me but I had my back to him and couldn’t see. Cat warned me that he looked like he was about to make a move but I ignored her cos that’s what I wanted!

I turned round so I was side on to him and he actually asked if I minded if he danced with me. Lads in Smith’s don’t make a habit of asking, they usually just grab you. I thought it was sweet so I said “No”, meaning “No, I don’t mind” but he took it as “No, piss off!” and started to turn away so I grabbed him by the sleeve and explained what I meant. So we ended up dancing and we moved closer and snogged pretty soon afterwards. He was such a good kisser! He got it just right. It was like Jake was once we got used to each other, only this was perfect first time. He was quite nice looking too! 🙂

I then noticed Cat stood on her own near me and I felt guilty. I asked the lad I was with (he was called Adam) if he had any mates for her but they’d all wandered off so I just prodded the nearest fit lad and pointed at Cat. It worked! They were snogging for ages!

Adam and I kept kissing and smiling during it when we noticed Cat trying to keep her lad’s hands from going up her top and down her pants. Adam didn’t try anything like that which was also nice and I was with him until we left.

Every time I said I was hot, he started blowing on me to cool me down. It was so sweet! The most he did was put him hand on my bum while we were kissing but I didn’t mind that. When I went to get some water, he came too and even offered to pay when he’d only had a few sips.

We started talking at the bar cos we could hear better. I found out he lives in Milton Keynes and is just visiting a mate who lives in Lymm but he said he used to live in Warrington about a year ago and had come to town to see if it’d changed. He said he did computing at uni and had either just finished or he’s in his last year (I can’t remember) so he was probably in his early 20s. He said he took a sandwich course and worked in Manchester for a year.

We went back and danced for a bit longer and kissed more and then a woman came round with a bucket of roses. Adam paid £2 and bought me a pink one then kissed me on the cheek and when I said “Thanks” he said, “You’re worth it!” He didn’t say it in a creepy slimy way, he said it really nicely. Mmm. 🙂

He constantly held my hand when we walked around and waited for me to get my coat when we had to leave. He had to wait outside for his mates and I had to go to the taxi place so we had one last kiss goodbye and parted. I really didn’t want to stop kissing him though, it really was so nice!

I’ve just remembered. At one point when I said I was too hot, he suggested we went outside. That was the only point when I thought he might have been wanting to try something but then he seemed too nice. He probably just meant the entrance anyway cos we’d have had to pay to get back in again and we couldn’t afford it.

I wish I had his phone number or something but then I suppose he does live miles away and if he turned out to be a creep or weird I’d be disappointed and it would ruin what I thought was a really nice/good night.