Foot-soldier of the MCRmy – November 2010/February 2011

[Hello to Isabella!

She’s here to share her diary account sexy, hip-shaking mofos. I’m not sure enough time would have elapsed for me to set any teenage diary entries free into the internet after only 8 years so that wins her extra cringe points. 

If anyone else out there feels brave enough to do some diary oversharing with me then get in touch via the ‘Share your own diary‘ page. 

Over to Isabella…

Le bye!
Tess x]

Well, here you go. Two of my teenage ramblings, dedicated to my then-obsession My Chemical Romance. I absolutely adored them, and literally cried for three days when they broke up. I also can’t believe I used to write like this – apparently I was channeling Georgia Nicholson a lot (Angus, Thongs & Full Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison). The grammar is very random and the odd bits of “French” here and there? Um… 

I was 17 in 2010 and going to gigs all over the place. I think I saw MCR 5 times, The Blackout (eventually) 11 times, and I’m currently on 7 for Green Day… 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! My writing has gotten a little more sophisticated over the years, and you can check some of it at my blog: Isabella Hume 



Wednesday 24th November 2010

So Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys hit two days ago → The world will never be the same again (or certainly mine won’t). It’s amazing. My favs so far are Bulletproof Heart, Summertime, and Planetary (Go!)… they all fucking rule. Supposedly a Feb/Mar European Tour is being announced on Monday… Eeeeeeeeee! A little bit of overnight camping is in order… 🙂 *I have to get the barrier (preferably in front of Mr. F. Iero… ♥)

Le sigh…

In other news… my mother thinks I am going off the rails. Yay. Dad is back to his cantankerous old self (work does this to him). My skin has exploded into something close to a minefield. Jack B is being evasive… so and so. Yeah. CH + 4 A Levels + OU really isn’t helping my stress levels!! Gah!!!!

[insert two months worth of ramblings here]

Sunday 13th February 2011

Isabella MCR

Mel and I arrived at the LG arena at about 1.30 in the afternoon, having taken a 9.20 train from York to get us into Birmingham for 12.20. The 9.20 was the earliest we could get on a Sunday :(. We then caught a train to the NEC and met two other people from Cardiff and quickly made friends with them.

Upon stepping outside of the NEC I realised that it was pouring with rain. Excellent. Queuing for five hours in the pouring rain was really how I envisaged spending my Sunday afternoon. Anyway, ended up in the early queue (obviously) about twenty or so people back from the doors and we made ourselves comfy (as you can in the pouring rain on the concrete ground); Mel – being a brainy person – had brought bin bags for us to sit on so even though we still got wet, our bums stayed mostly dry :).

It soon got to around six and the doors opened. The way the ticket system works is a bit dumb though; you get your ticket scanned at the door and then you go wait in another little queue for someone to give you a wristband, you then have to wait to show your wristband before you actually get in. Anyhoo, got through and ran into the arena right to the centre and was one person deep from the barrier.

Unfortunately I got stuck behind two boyfriends the bane of any gig goers life. Their girlfriends were both on the barrier and they had their arms around them in a protective I’m-going-to-give-my-girlfriend-as-much-space-as-possible-and-if-anyone-
touches-her-they-die kinda way. Fuckers. That’s why I said I was only one person deep from the barrier because the girls kept turning around to suck face with their bfs so they became one thing anyway.

The Blackout (support act) were really good. I’d never seen a band with two frontmen before and I was surprised at how well it worked and how they bounced off each other so well. During The Blackout the crushing was insane and I was getting pushed from behind so much but I got one arm between two people on the barrier (one of the girlfriends being on my left which the boyfriend was not happy about). This girl kept trying to push my arm off the barrier but I don’t quite know where she thought I was going seeing as there was literally no space behind me.

At about 9.15 the house lights went down and the screams filled the place as spots of light started to illuminate the black curtain. As it got to the middle of the intro you could see silhouettes of band members beginning to appear and then as NA NA NA (NA NA NA NA) kicked in, the black curtain fell and the place blew up. I was to the left of Frank, in front of Mikey, and slightly to the right of Gerard – fantastic place to be. I have never danced or sung so hard in my life.

Notes from the show
– I got another Frank pick. A security guard gave it to me. 🙂 I’m gonna make a necklace (like a dog-tag necklace) out of the two of them I have. Although I did have a fight a girl next to me for it!
Gerard is one sexy mofo… when he shakes his hips… 🙂
– I was so mashed against the barrier. At one point I couldn’t even put my heels down without standing on the toes of the girl behind me. I have so many bruises… my inventory currently runs to: a line on my ribs, three on my thighs, two on my calbes, a load on my upper arms and one on my face.
– People kept getting pulled out over the top of me and a security guard had to keep putting his hand over my neck to protect it from flailing feet. At least nine people got pulled out over the top of me, it was insane. There were so many people getting pulled out. I got kicked in the back of the head three times. Yay. There goes my brain cells.
– The show was amazing and for how much I’m aching now, I have two Frank pics to make me feel a hell of a lot better. It was incredible… and I get to do it all again in nine days time! Newcastle here I come!

The End

He smirked a huge grin (creep) – 14th & 15th October 1999

[I didn’t write in my diary on the 14th but I did feature in Cat’s…]

Cat’s Thursday 14th Lovebites are clearing up nicely.

Tess said she asked Chris yesterday (I wasn’t present), “Have you seen what you did to Cat’s neck? I didn’t think one person could do that much damage!” and apparently he smirked a huge grin (creep) and said, “She asked me to!”

Tess obviously thinks the same way I do; “Yeah, like she WOULD!” He said, “She wouldn’t remember as she was a LOT more pissed than I was.” – which statement about sums everything up – he liked me and was just tipsy enough to act on it, and I was just drunk enough to think HE was a good idea until the crucial moment.

Gethin Turner is a good mate of mine at the moment. He thinks I should laugh it off – this is good advice.

My Friday 15th Oscar knows about Lizzie and Brett. Aled found out yesterday once and for all from me on the way home yesterday. Lizzie’d been going on all day about Brett and was reading messages off people’s phones from him out loud. Aled had been around and heard so he wanted to know what was going on and stuff.

To start with, I told him I didn’t know so he started telling me what he reckoned happened. He was spot on and was threatening to tell Oscar so when I told him not to, it kind of gave it away.

Lizzie’s now really pissed off with Aled and wouldn’t speak to me for about 10 minutes then she seemed okay again. I think Oscar’s even more upset now.


Cat’s Friday 15th It was a MUCH less eventful Friday night than last week’s but I’m counting that as a blessing. I’m not embarrassed to say that I stayed in and watch TV with my mum. Dad arrived back from his work trip about an hour ago to this idyllic family scene, none the wiser to the last week’s excitement.

[That’s it from that episode in Cat’s teenage life. I’ll see if I can persuade her to share more of her diary when we get to another one of her… er… predicaments.]

Downloading hardcore pornography – 13th October 1999

My Wednesday 13th I went kickboxing this evening with Abby, Evie Evans and Julia Dennis. Greta Allan and Caroline Middleton (College 2s from Swing Band) go already but when we arrived they weren’t there and it was just men in the hall so we got very nervous and didn’t want to go in. Greta etc. turned up eventually so we relaxed a bit and went in.

There were actually more women than men. The men consisted of a few fit lads and the rest older and uglier! One lad is starting next week so he just sat at the edge. I mention him because he looked like my Duncan a bit.

We just did a lot of warm-ups and then stretches and then learned how to stand in left guard and right guard and do a side kick. The whole class was doing it at the same time even though everyone’s at different levels.

It was really good, I really enjoyed it which is why I’m extremely pissed off that I can’t go next week. I’ll be on that bloody Geography field trip so I’ll have to miss kickboxing. I really don’t want to because it means I’ll be a week behind the others. The instructor said he would get this Rob man to teach us the basics next Wednesday so I don’t know how or when I’m going to catch up. Bloody Geography!

The bloke said today wasn’t how they usually run it so I reckon they probably do more normally so when they get back to normal next week, I’ll miss even more. He’s teaching beginners how to do punches and kicks and stuff.

Oh God, I’m going to be so far behind, aren’t I?! Then I’ll probably have to catch up on my own the next week. I feel like I’m going to cry I’m that frustrated. I’m going to miss loads of stuff at school too. [At least I was having a better week than Cat…]


Cat’s Wednesday 13th I found something out this morning that makes me feel sick. Mr M said in assembly last week that a while ago someone in college was suspended for hacking around the computer “barriers” and downloading hardcore pornography from the internet on the school computers… and I found out who it was… Chris Kelly-Banks.

This will be a good diary to BURN – 12th October 1999

My Tuesday 12th Lizzie’s dumped Oscar. Poor little lad, he looked really upset. Mind you, it wasn’t exactly fair on him seeing someone else at the same time, even though he didn’t know it.

Lizzie and I actually phoned Brett last night from Old Trafford. He sounds okay on the phone anyway.

Even though Lizzie and Oscar are no more, Aled was still insisting we stay over at his on Saturday. We actually don’t really want to stay all night but we might go for a while.

Cat’s neck is covered in love bites. Oh, I said that yesterday! Well, she showed me today. It looks terrible – like someone’s tried to strangle her or something!

I’m probably going kickboxing at the leisure centre tomorrow night. Abby and a couple of her mates’ll probably come too. I’ve wanted to do it for a while because I feel like I’m getting unfit now I don’t do P.E. anymore and it may also come in handy for Sports Studies. I’ll see if I like it tomorrow, although I’m a bit nervous now because I’m not sure what to expect.

I need to see Trotter! I’ve not seen him for 4 days now except for a few seconds today when somebody opened the door to the pool room as I walked past. Sad, I know!

There are 3 new girls in our year now. I think I’ve come from a college in Warrington. One, called Diana, is in my Sports Studies group. The others are called Mariam and Tara, I think. I’m not sure what they’re like yet. I hope they won’t be a threat to my getting Aled, Trotter or Jake!

Zoe’s seriously considering asking Jake out. That’s not good!


Cat’s Tuesday 12th She certainly HAS bloody noticed…

I was about to leave the house this morning when she said, “Still wearing a poloneck jumper, Cat?” I said, “Err… yeah…” and she said, “That mark on your neck not gone yet then?” I muttered “not quite” and scurried out of the house!

I told Mr D at break and he said, “Oh no! What’re you going to tell her?!” Good point – she hasn’t said anything else yet though.

He’s so nice – we get on really well cos we’ve got the same sense of humour, and he looks gorge at the moment…

The do seem to be fading… I just hope they’re gone by Friday when Dad gets back from his work trip!

Why do I get the feeling this will be a good diary to BURN very soon?

I’m going to find a new diary to write in soon anyway, maybe when I’m in town on Friday.

The only thing I lost on Friday night was an earring!! – 10th & 11th October 1999

[I didn’t write in my diary on the 11th October but Cat was piecing together what had and hadn’t happened at Natalie’s party…]

Cat’s Sunday 10th


You’ll never guess. Amanda’s just been on the phone and thankfully the only thing I lost on Friday night was an earring!!

BUT… Chris says I had a, urm… romantic rematch with Charlie Wilson, which I have no recollection of whatsoever. That could make for some awkward situations.

I’m definitely teetotal but, on Amanda’s advice, only in male company.

Oh, another thing Chris says is that I kept pushing him against fences on the way home. Well. It was SO him doing the pushing. I’ve got a bruised lower back and a coat stained with fence treatment to testify to that. At one point I had to physically fight him off.

I’m relieved I didn’t do what I feared I might have though and Amanda’s been such a good friend about this. SHE spoke to Chris; SHE told everyone that I hadn’t done it etc. Top mate.

I just rang Lizzie’s house. Her mum says she’ll ring me later on cos she’s at work at the mo. I need to get Lizzie setting the record straight before I get to college tomorrow.

(10:20 ish)
She didn’t ring.

I’m not feeling well. Sore throat, headcold, and tomorrow I have to face Chris, Charlie, Dougie and everyone. It’s Open Evening at the high school tomorrow too, which means I’m in the orchestra with Charlie and Dougie while we perform for the parents and Year 6 kids. Not good.

Earlier, I remembered a moment from the party when one of Rich Dawson’s friends asked me to go with [snog] him (his sister, Jen, used to be my best mate in primary school). He was embarrassed, had a go at his mate and scarpered. I should have gone after him. That would have been so cool – Jen’s little bro. (15 or 16 though!) He’s really nice looking now too – and I hadn’t seen him for five years but he remembered me for some reason.

My Monday 11th I went to Alex Ferguson’s testimonial match tonight. Here’s the ticket:


It was really good to be there. Man Utd lost to the rest of the world and the old United players but it wasn’t a serious scoreline because we had dancing goalies coming forward and stuff like that. The only player that really got booed was Vialli and then there was another reason behind the cheer for Cantona coming on because Vialli went off! I’m glad I got to go. Thanks Lizzie!

I found out that if my Auntie G hadn’t have decided to have an extra half hour in bed that morning, she would’ve been on one of the trains involved in the Paddington rail disaster. She was so lucky.

Cat’s now saying it’s a lie about the Chris Kelly-Banks (that’s his name) thing. It’s all round the college but she only came in the afternoon because it was someone’s funeral this morning. Cat’s neck is covered in love bites though.

Julian fancies Lucy Jacobs so in Biology I was questioning him on whether that was the person whose name he wouldn’t say on Friday. It was. I then deliberately got onto who Aled likes because I wanted to know but Julian wouldn’t say. Lizzie then tuned in and started asking who it was. Julian said he’d tell Lizzie but not me because I had a big mouth.

Lizzie went over and he whispered to her. It turns out it’s me. Mind you, this is according to Julian. He said Aled thinks I’m alright or something.


Cat’s Monday 11th Today has been such a long day.

As soon as I got to college (in tears and nervous) all my friends were really sympathetic and they now all know that the rumour isn’t true.

In Art, Mr D found out about my, er, neck problem. He said he’s only ever had one, from a girl called Angela, and said to rub toothpaste into them. It worked a little bit – six layers of foundation later I was able to wear my orchestra t-shirt without looking too much like a giraffe.

I think my mum may have noticed though – she’s a bit quiet.

I still had my tights on when I got home – 9th October 1999

[My friend, Cat, was the subject of the MAJOR GOSSIP and she has very bravely agreed to share her entire diary entries about said MAJOR GOSSIP so, for the next few posts, you’ll be getting her side of the story too…]

My Saturday 9th MAJOR GOSSIP!! Freda phoned me up this afternoon to sort out bowling tonight and she told me some of the things that had happened at this Natalie girl’s 18th last night.

One thing was that Dougie snogged this geekyish girl called Amanda Bryan in College 2. The other thing was that Cat Elliot lost her virginity. What’s going on? The world’s gone mad!!

I really can’t believe it about Cat. Freda said that Cat got really drunk and to start with was going after Dougie. Then later on she went off with a complete geek from College 2 called Chris something. Freda said that someone ran in and said 2 people were shagging outside so she went to see and it was Cat and Chris up against a fence.

She said they did it twice.

Freda also said he tried to put his hand up Cat’s top but she told him not to and he kept telling her she was beautiful.

The worst part is that they didn’t use any protection as far as people know. How can one of the cleverest girls I know be so stupid? I feel really sorry for her now. This is the girl who’s parents won’t even let her watch South Park!

Freda said she phoned Cat before but Cat couldn’t remember anything and had a panic attack when Freda told her what happened. Then she said, “What am I going to do? I’ll have to kill myself!”

Great, so Cat’s gone suicidal. That’s all we need. If she is pregnant then she probably would top herself. I’m worried about her now. I can’t even begin to imagine how she’s feeling now. It’s all so unexpected. Cat’s the last person I thought this’d happen to.

We went bowling this evening. There were loads of fit lads but nowt happened with any of them. There were 2 which I think had their eyes on Hayley and I but some other girls came along.

Big Touchy-Feely Creepy Paul has chosen his next victim – Lucy Jacobs. Yuk!

Hayley kept telling people I was her best mate. I felt like telling her to fuck off but I didn’t.

A fight broke out while we were there with a load of lads and the bouncer-type men chucked them out. They kept trying to come back in but then a big police van arrived and a few were taken away. [#Warrington]


Cat’s Saturday 9th


[Cat thinks this says: Fri late got pissed. Went with Chris. Will go sleep. Luv Cat]

Well, I just got such a shock, which will tell you a bit about last night; I don’t remember writing that!

(About 20 minutes later)
Oh my God. I thought THAT was a shock. Freda rang. She says everyone think I shagged Chris Kelly-Banks – twice!

I have to stay calm. I KNOW I did nothing of the sort, we just got off a few times (JUST kissed, touched etc).

I know that because, for a start, I’d KNOW if I’d done it, wouldn’t I, and also I remember telling him we weren’t going to have sex, and he said he didn’t intend to.

And thirdly, I still had my tights on when I got home, so if that isn’t proof, I don’t know what IS.

Trouble is, Freda’s told everyone in the WORLD. I’ll just have to try and play it cool.

This is so annoying. As long as he thinks the same thing as me, I should be ok. It’s going to be a long month of waiting though…

Oh, and by the way, as of today I am


(10:30pm ish)
Natalie came round to see if I was ok earlier, which was really nice of her considering she got off with Dougie last night and I was throwing myself at him all evening. She’s going around to Chris’s tomorrow to find out what he thinks happened, so that should help ease my mind. (I HOPE!!)

I’ve been praying most of the afternoon.

Oh, I forgot to mention before, but to add to my problems I’ve got to try and hid two huge, red lovebites on my neck.

Otherwise I’m surprising cheerful. Probably because I know I didn’t do what they think I did. Natalie fully believes I didn’t, so it can’t have been that clear cut.


[Guten tag to Lynnette – guest diarist extraordinaire!

I was very pleased to find Lynnette’s blog a few weeks ago whilst searching for other people daft enough to share their teenage diaries with the world. They’re always a pleasure to read but this one has made me do actual LOLs to the point that someone in the next room asked what was wrong with me. I suggest you go and have a nosy to cheer up these gloomy winter evenings.

If you’ve got a teenage diary of your own that you’d be willing to release into the wild via IDST then you can get in touch on the ‘Share your own diary‘ page. 


Tess x]

Hi, my name’s Lynnette. Well, it isn’t really, but none of the names in my diaries are real, to protect the innocent (and guilty).  Also known as the Untrendy Teenager (‘untrendy’ being one of my most over-used words in the 80s), I’ve just started blogging my diaries online, starting with 1984), at, and was both thrilled and inspired to find Tess’s fabulous blog, which I am enjoying hugely!

After my mum got the Adrian Mole diaries for Christmas 1983, I was inspired to start my own, and although they were sketchy to begin with, they subsequently morphed into something frankly quite terrifying. My initial tiny diary was crammed with miniscule writing by the end of 1984 (which I needed a magnifying glass to decipher when I typed it up last year), and by 1986 I was filling an A4 page every day, sometimes with continuation sheets!

I’m really excited about contributing to Guest Diaries, and with some trepidation I’m sharing some key dates chronicling a sorry saga of teenage angst spanning the second half of 1985. A boy who loved me but lived in Germany; a boy who lived locally but thought I was hideous; impossible homework; spots, greasy hair and a good dollop of ‘depression’…

31 May 1985


I’m v depressed tonight and still tired, so I’m going to bed early. Slept till 10am. Spent the morning putting up my new Duran Duran posters from Germany. They fitted quite well. Asked Dad if I could go back to Germany in the summer but he said we couldn’t afford it. I can understand that and I don’t blame them at all, but I’m so upset cos it means I can’t see Ralf until next year! My first boyfriend – and he has to be 6 billion miles away! I must buy some heart notepaper to write to him on, and get him something lovey-dovey for his birthday which is in July.

In the afternoon I started copying up my diary, and also started my Germany project for school, which is a bit like a diary too with drawings and diagrams. It will have to be edited though, I don’t think my parents and teachers will appreciate pearls of wisdom such as “I got my first snog to Simple Minds’ Don’t You Forget About Me”. Got very tired and depressed at tea, and started crying later on the phone to Ros so I got shouted at. They just don’t care. I suppose they’ve never had a boyfriend 500 or so miles away. Or girlfriend in Dad’s case.

4 August

Spent the day listening to Germany songs. I miss it so much, esp Ralf. I BLOODY WELL WANT TO KISS HIM, and usually end up kissing Lenny the toy lion instead. Mind you, that won’t really do because if I kissed Lenny like I kissed Ralf I would get a mouthful of fluff. So I peck him only. Sorry to go on about SNOGGING, but it’s still a novelty to me and it’s v frustrating that now I’ve found a boy who is actually willing to do it, it is impossible. Mind you, I nearly choked several times on his tongue. He put me straight onto French kissing without even asking! I am now wondering how you keep your tongue out of the way on a simple English snog.

11 August

A really sad letter from Ralf. He said what I’ve been thinking for ages, that it would be better if we were just good friends. It was really hard for him to write it. He said I could have my boyfriend in England if I wanted. Greg maybe?! I’m not really that upset – it couldn’t last.

27 September

Had our dinner on the school field.  A couple of people had a grass fight and were really showing us up, esp as Greg was playing football nearby. Ooh, he’s got a lovely body! Mind you, he did once tell me I was ugly (“God, you’re bleedin’ ugly, and that was a compliment”) , so I don’t know why I still like him. Wish I didn’t. Huh. I couldn’t even write about it at the time as I was so upset, so this is the first time I’ve mentioned it. Sob!

29 October

This week seems to be going so slowly! Today we got German and Maths homework and I can’t do it! I will go MAD soonl I’m firmly convinced that I will hate school for ever, all the best is over. We have got six weeks of it at least before Christmas. I am feverishly trying not to compare it with last year or it gets unbearable. I wish I could be ill again like in June, but you can’t even be ill now without having loads to catch up! I keep getting spots and my hair keeps going greasy. I AM DEPRESSED, DEPRESSED, DEPRESSED! I usually play German tapes and escape into Germany with Ralf, seeing as Greg clearly finds me repulsive. But I am considering a nervous breakdown. Or actually killing myself.

22 November

All day I have had to endure, “Ooh, did you see Wham on Top of the Pops last night? They’ll be no 1 next week!” Tiffany was showing off this book which is to be used for her ‘school memories’. Huh! I have included her in my ‘10 Most Boring Things’ lists from Smash Hits, along with Wham! Radio Caroline etc. Had English with Mrs Y’s group today. Greg is in that group and I couldn’t stop staring at him and probably experienced the female orgasm, whatever it is. I still feel Ralf is better for me though. Even though Greg turns me on sexually and he doesn’t, there’s more to love than that and Ralf the personality that I love, and that’s much more important. That’s enough about those two for now.

23 November

The frantic babbling of last about Ralf and Greg took its toll and I had very weird dreams. Firstly one about Ralf in Germany next year when we were trying really hard to be good friends. Woke up at 5.00am, felt sad, went back to sleep and dreamed about Greg. But I’d much rather love Ralf than Greg, as he wouldn’t hurt me and Greg would.

Well, I just CANNOT describe how mixed up I feel at the moment. I reckon I’m going through typical teenage stuff and I almost like it. I know it can only happen once…

(To be continued well into 1986 and beyond…)

Stunned at my ugliness!!

[Welcome to guest blogger Rachel!

Go and have a look at her lovely new blog. It even involves diaries so it’s a YES from me! (Soz, I’ve been watching too much X Factor recently.)

Feeling inspired by Rachel braving the cringe? Fancy sharing bits of a teenage diary that you’ve got squirrelled away? You can get in touch via the ‘Share your own diary‘ page.


Hi, I’m Rachel from Discovering Me.  I’ve gone through various phases of keeping a diary since I was a child.  In 1991, when I was sweet sixteen, I wrote in my diary almost every day charting all the boys I fancied, school sagas and general mundane life.  I came across Tess’s website when I was looking for inspiration on starting my own blog. I thought blogging her old diary entries was a great idea, they reminded me of my own and I thought it would be a good way of getting me warmed up for blogging!  So thanks for having me!  CRINGE!

Sunday 3rd March

Went for a walk this pm, saw Pete snogging with his new girlfriend on the beach huh!  Nice tea. Took Claire to evening service which wasn’t bad at all. Guess what Simon from St Davids asked me out!

Monday 4th March

I don’t know what to do I’ve been thinking about it all day I was going to write to him but I don’t know his surname. Went round to Rachel’s but no one was in.  What am I to do? I don’t know why he asked me wished he hadn’t, it wasn’t very romantic.

Tuesday 5th March

Parents evening today. Went well except I forgot to tell M&D I’d got a test in Science tomorrow so Dad was a bit off but he’s recovered now. BT was really nice about me so glad. NJ was yuk CH was nice & DAE said it was pleasure to have me. Thank you God.

Wednesday 6th Match

Yesterday I had a typing exam that was a bit tough. I made a lot of mistakes I’m afraid.  Today was ok.

Thursday 7th March

I went to youth group tonight it was ok.  Got my list of exam dates today, not long now & I leave school!

Friday 8th March

Hi! Not much happened today, glad it’s Friday. Ann’s birthday. Posted letter to Simon saying no, because I don’t know him very well.

Saturday 9th March

We went to Chester today, awesome! I picked a bargain pair of pumps for 99p from DP’s(Dorothy Perkins) I’d fancied a pair like that for ages. I also bought a pencil case and we went in a cafe for lunch, v.nice.

Friday 14th March

Comic relief red nose day, wear what you like. Nothing much happened at school. Geography was embarrassing got a question wrong and went bright red.

Watched comic relief until 11.30 it was good. STONK!

Sunday 17th March

Went out on my bike this afternoon. Saw Simon at church he gave me a letter, he was very sweet about it all.  We had to leave early so I didn’t get much chance to speak to him. Then 9.30 he rang me! Anyway I’ve written to him again just to make sure he knows I’m only interested in being just friends for know. Hope he’s ok.

Monday 18th March

Another boring day in school at least DA wasn’t there so had a free lesson. Meant to be studying tonight but somehow I didn’t.

Tuesday 19th March

Everyone at school thinks I fancy Matthew huh! BT wasn’t there today, so there.  At the moment I feel a bit fed up, I’m only sort of looking forward to hols cos I’ve got loads of art work to do.

Wednesday 20th March

Got a lovely letter of Simon, he says that from first time he saw me he was stunned!! Stunned at my ugliness!! Only joking. He should have got my letter today hopefully.

Watched a film until late tonight.

Thursday 21st March

We had cross country today, loads didn’t do it, 40! And out of those that did, most of them walked it.  So we got a lecture after about what a flop it was with so many bunking and nobody really trying!  I enjoyed it sort of, it was a laugh.

Friday 22nd March

Got another letter of Simon, he says he understands and was quite chatty.  I’m beginning to like him more now, he’s very sweet.

Well schools finished but I’ve got loads to do unfortunately. We did hockey in PE today.  Isn’t life exciting! (sarky)

Saturday 23rd March

I watched grease 2 tonight it was good I enjoyed it but wish I had someone like that….

As if I would be in a marathon!

G’day! I’m Hannah from Looking-Glass Mama. Like Tess, I kept a diary as a teen. Unlike Tess, I live in Australia. We worked out that we’re the same age, going through similar things – just on opposite sides of the world. Tess dared me to share some of my old diary entries, so here you go – challenge accepted! Some of these are excerpts – it’s still a bit scary sharing this stuff nearly two decades later.

Well, I almost don’t have a brother! Tom [he was four at the time] cut through a power cord with Mum’s new sectors [secateurs]. He’s alive though. They had rubber handles [and a big hole blown in them].

I feel so many emotions! Tell you more tomorrow! Stay tuned to ‘Diary TV’. [Melodramatic much??]

Recently, R had a dream that he was watching a marathon run, and I was coming third! I mean, as if I would be in a marathon! [I’m still not known for my athletic prowess]

I can’t believe how much I’ve been writing! Last Friday the bus took a small detour via Liverpool Rd! [Wow, that’s thrilling…] And in the morning I had messenger duty and I had to polish the school trophies. [Slave labour was all the rage back then]. Oh, guess what! I might be playing at the Opera House [with the school band…we didn’t]! I should go. I’ve got HOMEWORK.

Hi! It’s Friday, but I didn’t go to youth group. I was babysitting. I got $18! [RICH!] We also had cross country [at school], but I didn’t go in it, cause I had a filling put in. I had to have a needle, then and x-ray, then drilling! [I’m way too enthusiastic about this – sounds like I might have enjoyed it…] I couldn’t feel my left side of my mouth from 9:30am to 1:00pm. Last year I had chicken pox […which got me out of cross country as well. Really not sporty.] Camp is next week! We’re having a medieval dinner, and we have to dress up for it. I’m going as a fine lady, making a tapestry. Okay, they didn’t buy kids with the pattern marked on or pre-sorted threads. I better go. It’s 10:42pm [whoa, so late!]