Me with my bra and top all over the place! – 8th May 2000

Monday 8th Not really anything to report today. I got onto the subject of me having a pair of knee-length boots with Jake in text messages in the night which resulted in part of a message saying, “MMM VERY NICE – YOU SHOULD WEAR THEM SOMETIME! : )”. I think not!

Gethin got a set of photographs back today and brought them into college. Some were of Brian’s little gathering at the end of February and included some of me and Jake. He looked like a weedy little kid on some of them and there was a dodgy one of me with my bra and top all over the place!


It was a really nice, hot, sunny day today so we were all lounging about outside at break and stuff. It’s good cos the sun seems to put everyone in a much better mood!

I’ve got some exams coming up in June for Biology, Geography and, for once, I’ll admit that I’m getting slightly worried! I’ve got mocks over the next couple of weeks and I’ve been trying to revise but nothing’s staying in my memory! I can’t remember anything! I’m going to fail!!

Okay, Tessa… chill!

I’m also beginning to panic about university! People are constantly telling me how hard it is to get on a Physiotherapy course and it’s really scaring me! It’s something I really want to do and I just don’t know what else I could do instead.

The other thing that’s always in the back of my mind is being split up from Jake. I know we might have broken up anyway by then but it’s still a horrible thought!


As if I would be in a marathon!

G’day! I’m Hannah from Looking-Glass Mama. Like Tess, I kept a diary as a teen. Unlike Tess, I live in Australia. We worked out that we’re the same age, going through similar things – just on opposite sides of the world. Tess dared me to share some of my old diary entries, so here you go – challenge accepted! Some of these are excerpts – it’s still a bit scary sharing this stuff nearly two decades later.

Well, I almost don’t have a brother! Tom [he was four at the time] cut through a power cord with Mum’s new sectors [secateurs]. He’s alive though. They had rubber handles [and a big hole blown in them].

I feel so many emotions! Tell you more tomorrow! Stay tuned to ‘Diary TV’. [Melodramatic much??]

Recently, R had a dream that he was watching a marathon run, and I was coming third! I mean, as if I would be in a marathon! [I’m still not known for my athletic prowess]

I can’t believe how much I’ve been writing! Last Friday the bus took a small detour via Liverpool Rd! [Wow, that’s thrilling…] And in the morning I had messenger duty and I had to polish the school trophies. [Slave labour was all the rage back then]. Oh, guess what! I might be playing at the Opera House [with the school band…we didn’t]! I should go. I’ve got HOMEWORK.

Hi! It’s Friday, but I didn’t go to youth group. I was babysitting. I got $18! [RICH!] We also had cross country [at school], but I didn’t go in it, cause I had a filling put in. I had to have a needle, then and x-ray, then drilling! [I’m way too enthusiastic about this – sounds like I might have enjoyed it…] I couldn’t feel my left side of my mouth from 9:30am to 1:00pm. Last year I had chicken pox […which got me out of cross country as well. Really not sporty.] Camp is next week! We’re having a medieval dinner, and we have to dress up for it. I’m going as a fine lady, making a tapestry. Okay, they didn’t buy kids with the pattern marked on or pre-sorted threads. I better go. It’s 10:42pm [whoa, so late!]