This will be a good diary to BURN – 12th October 1999

My Tuesday 12th Lizzie’s dumped Oscar. Poor little lad, he looked really upset. Mind you, it wasn’t exactly fair on him seeing someone else at the same time, even though he didn’t know it.

Lizzie and I actually phoned Brett last night from Old Trafford. He sounds okay on the phone anyway.

Even though Lizzie and Oscar are no more, Aled was still insisting we stay over at his on Saturday. We actually don’t really want to stay all night but we might go for a while.

Cat’s neck is covered in love bites. Oh, I said that yesterday! Well, she showed me today. It looks terrible – like someone’s tried to strangle her or something!

I’m probably going kickboxing at the leisure centre tomorrow night. Abby and a couple of her mates’ll probably come too. I’ve wanted to do it for a while because I feel like I’m getting unfit now I don’t do P.E. anymore and it may also come in handy for Sports Studies. I’ll see if I like it tomorrow, although I’m a bit nervous now because I’m not sure what to expect.

I need to see Trotter! I’ve not seen him for 4 days now except for a few seconds today when somebody opened the door to the pool room as I walked past. Sad, I know!

There are 3 new girls in our year now. I think I’ve come from a college in Warrington. One, called Diana, is in my Sports Studies group. The others are called Mariam and Tara, I think. I’m not sure what they’re like yet. I hope they won’t be a threat to my getting Aled, Trotter or Jake!

Zoe’s seriously considering asking Jake out. That’s not good!


Cat’s Tuesday 12th She certainly HAS bloody noticed…

I was about to leave the house this morning when she said, “Still wearing a poloneck jumper, Cat?” I said, “Err… yeah…” and she said, “That mark on your neck not gone yet then?” I muttered “not quite” and scurried out of the house!

I told Mr D at break and he said, “Oh no! What’re you going to tell her?!” Good point – she hasn’t said anything else yet though.

He’s so nice – we get on really well cos we’ve got the same sense of humour, and he looks gorge at the moment…

The do seem to be fading… I just hope they’re gone by Friday when Dad gets back from his work trip!

Why do I get the feeling this will be a good diary to BURN very soon?

I’m going to find a new diary to write in soon anyway, maybe when I’m in town on Friday.

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