It doesn’t seem real – 11th September 2001

Tuesday 11th I was listening to the radio this afternoon while I was on the computer and the DJ suddenly said to switch on the news cos there’s been a plane crash in New York. I waited a while and then went to see what was going on.

Just before I switched Sky News on, a 2nd plane had crashed into the World Trade Centre. It was on film because the news crew had got to the scene because of the first crash. That just looked like an accident but when the 2nd one hit it was obvious it was deliberate.

I just can’t believe it. It doesn’t seem real.

I couldn’t stop watching the news because it was so unbelievable. As I watched, more and more awful things happened such as the plane hitting the Pentagon and the one crashing in Pittsburg and then seeing the WTC towers collapse while there were still people inside.

It must’ve been awful, especially for those on the hijacked planes because they must’ve known they were going to die. It’s so hard and awful to imagine.

It just looked like the scene of an earthquake or something when the towers collapsed and all the clouds of dust were so scary.

It didn’t feel right somehow after what’s happened in America but Lizzie, Cat, Isaac, Denny and I all went out to Warrington tonight. We went in Edison’s first where they were showing the news on the little TVs and Denny and Isaac told us how they went in the WTC when they went to New York a couple of months back. Scary!

While we were in Edison’s, we had a 1 minute silence for the people in New York. The DJ said we in Warrington especially should do it because our town’s been a victim of terrorism with the bomb a few years back.

We went pretty much straight to Smith’s after Edison’s. I pulled once. It was some lad called Mike, He wasn’t all that fit but he was nice enough and quite a good kisser! He didn’t dive straight in there either, he held my hands first. Meanwhile, Cat snogged his mate. She said it was awful!


I hope he wasn’t being seriously slimy! – 24th August 2000

Thursday 24th I got this e-mail from Jake today. →

Jake cruise email 4

It’s not very long cos it was just to let me know the new e-mail address he’s using. He said he wasn’t getting my mails to him so he’s trying a new address. I hope this one works.

I spoke to him on the phone today anyway. He was in Corsica on a pink beach with a lizard on his bag or something! It was a more cheerful conversation than the one on Tuesday cos we didn’t get onto the subject of Canada. It came up but we didn’t go into it.

Mum was there when he phoned and she asked me to ask him how the food was. The little creep said, “Nice but not as good as her cooking!” I hope he wasn’t being seriously slimy!

My mum told me today that Jake comes across as being an intelligent sort of lad and that he’s very nicely spoken!

I did send a few texts to Jake today to ask when he’s going to Scotland with his Venture Scouts. He told me that’ll be at the end of September but he’s going again for a few days in October to visit friends and to scatter his mum’s ashes. I can’t help but wonder where they’re being kept now.

I went with Mum up to Grandma S’s again today cos she and Auntie G had met up with Auntie Jean + Uncle Alf + Auntie May at the hotel nearby. Uncle Alf knew Grandad from when they were quite young. Alf’s a few years older than my grandad was and Mum told me that they used to live nearby each other and one day Uncle Alf went round to where Grandad lived and asked, “Can I play with your little boy?” and they were friends ever since.

Uncle Alf wrote a letter to my mum recently asking if he could see a log book which she has of my grandad’s from the war so she took it with her today.

Alf letter page 1 2000

Alf letter page 2 2000

Grandad with bicycle

[Grandad and his bike. I guess he had a photo taken there because of the W Simpson sign in the background!]


[The log book from when he was an observer/navigator during the Second World War.]

Grandad RAF Egypt

[Grandad (left) and his mate Les during the war. He never wanted to (and never did) get in a plane again once it was over.]

 He and Auntie May were really nice. He kept telling us loads of stories about what he and Grandad got up to and Auntie May was really sweet and smiley! I think Mum thought I was bored but I wasn’t really!

Abby got her GCSE results today. The swotty little cow (yes I am jealous!) got 2 A*s and the rest As. Oh, except a B in either French or English Speaking + Listening but it rounded up to an A. That makes me feel thick!

Robbie Taylor did well too. Jake told me he got 4 As, 3 Bs and 3 Cs. His are the only other ones I know.


The only thing I lost on Friday night was an earring!! – 10th & 11th October 1999

[I didn’t write in my diary on the 11th October but Cat was piecing together what had and hadn’t happened at Natalie’s party…]

Cat’s Sunday 10th


You’ll never guess. Amanda’s just been on the phone and thankfully the only thing I lost on Friday night was an earring!!

BUT… Chris says I had a, urm… romantic rematch with Charlie Wilson, which I have no recollection of whatsoever. That could make for some awkward situations.

I’m definitely teetotal but, on Amanda’s advice, only in male company.

Oh, another thing Chris says is that I kept pushing him against fences on the way home. Well. It was SO him doing the pushing. I’ve got a bruised lower back and a coat stained with fence treatment to testify to that. At one point I had to physically fight him off.

I’m relieved I didn’t do what I feared I might have though and Amanda’s been such a good friend about this. SHE spoke to Chris; SHE told everyone that I hadn’t done it etc. Top mate.

I just rang Lizzie’s house. Her mum says she’ll ring me later on cos she’s at work at the mo. I need to get Lizzie setting the record straight before I get to college tomorrow.

(10:20 ish)
She didn’t ring.

I’m not feeling well. Sore throat, headcold, and tomorrow I have to face Chris, Charlie, Dougie and everyone. It’s Open Evening at the high school tomorrow too, which means I’m in the orchestra with Charlie and Dougie while we perform for the parents and Year 6 kids. Not good.

Earlier, I remembered a moment from the party when one of Rich Dawson’s friends asked me to go with [snog] him (his sister, Jen, used to be my best mate in primary school). He was embarrassed, had a go at his mate and scarpered. I should have gone after him. That would have been so cool – Jen’s little bro. (15 or 16 though!) He’s really nice looking now too – and I hadn’t seen him for five years but he remembered me for some reason.

My Monday 11th I went to Alex Ferguson’s testimonial match tonight. Here’s the ticket:


It was really good to be there. Man Utd lost to the rest of the world and the old United players but it wasn’t a serious scoreline because we had dancing goalies coming forward and stuff like that. The only player that really got booed was Vialli and then there was another reason behind the cheer for Cantona coming on because Vialli went off! I’m glad I got to go. Thanks Lizzie!

I found out that if my Auntie G hadn’t have decided to have an extra half hour in bed that morning, she would’ve been on one of the trains involved in the Paddington rail disaster. She was so lucky.

Cat’s now saying it’s a lie about the Chris Kelly-Banks (that’s his name) thing. It’s all round the college but she only came in the afternoon because it was someone’s funeral this morning. Cat’s neck is covered in love bites though.

Julian fancies Lucy Jacobs so in Biology I was questioning him on whether that was the person whose name he wouldn’t say on Friday. It was. I then deliberately got onto who Aled likes because I wanted to know but Julian wouldn’t say. Lizzie then tuned in and started asking who it was. Julian said he’d tell Lizzie but not me because I had a big mouth.

Lizzie went over and he whispered to her. It turns out it’s me. Mind you, this is according to Julian. He said Aled thinks I’m alright or something.


Cat’s Monday 11th Today has been such a long day.

As soon as I got to college (in tears and nervous) all my friends were really sympathetic and they now all know that the rumour isn’t true.

In Art, Mr D found out about my, er, neck problem. He said he’s only ever had one, from a girl called Angela, and said to rub toothpaste into them. It worked a little bit – six layers of foundation later I was able to wear my orchestra t-shirt without looking too much like a giraffe.

I think my mum may have noticed though – she’s a bit quiet.

Pure edge-of-seat stuff – 14th April 1999

Wednesday 14th I just can’t think of any words which I can write down to describe to you how I, and I’m sure many other Man Utd fans, feel right now. I have just witnessed one of the best games of football I have EVER seen and that’s something coz, believe me, I’ve watched a lot of football.

It was the replay between Man Utd and Arsenal after a 0-0 score on Sunday and that was a pretty good match too, although very frustrating with Arsenal down to 10 men and Sheringham’s wrongly-called offside goal.

Tonight though was pure edge-of-seat stuff. This time it was United who were down to 10 men when Keane got sent off. By then it was already 1-1 after a great goal from Beckham and then Arsenal equalising.

I thought Utd had lost it when in stoppage time Arsenal got a penalty after a bad tackle from Phil Neville. Dennis Bergkamp took it and The Great Dane made a brilliant save. I was SO relieved.

It went into extra time and it did look like the others were going to score coz they had so many chances. Then Giggs, who I’d not seen much of, made a magnificent run, dodging defenders only to score United’s 2nd. I tell you, my throat doesn’t half hurt from shouting!!!

My bad P.E. lesson seems to have been cancelled out by a top match. I had Miss P on at me again – wrongly. Shauna Adams was with me and was complaining to Mr P-K about having to do the 800m and I agreed and pointed out that the other group got a choice of event and Miss came along and started telling me to sort out my attitude and stuff. Bitch! I hate her. I think she likes humiliating me.



Emma phoned a slapperish mate of hers – 20th-23rd June 1998

Saturday 20th I went into town with Emma this morning and I got the Space album Tin Planet and Vindaloo.

[I knew I’d need them one day. I’m going to claim they were carefully archived for educational purposes. Consider this a history lesson.]

Ralph and Freddie came to her house later but I only walked to the end of her lane with them coz Mum booked us a meal tonight. Ralph was just being normal.

The meal was at some French restaurant in Lymm. It was nice but I got too hot and bored when Mum and Dad took ages drinking coffee at the end. I was really bothered about missing summit at Emma’s and I really wanted to ring her to see if I had.

Mum is really annoyed with me and Abby now coz we were being annoying tonight. Sorry Mum!

I did ring Emma and as I thought, she was pissed. We’d seen Ralph and Freddie on their bikes on the way home so I knew they’d gone. She told me she couldn’t really remember much but Ralph did keep saying he wanted me there and he tried to ring me at about 7:00 but Emma put the phone down for him after a couple of rings. We weren’t home anyway. He was going to get me to go back to Emma’s.

He also kept saying he really wanted to go with [snog] someone so Emma phoned a slapperish mate of hers, Suzanna. She didn’t turn up which I’m glad about. I don’t want anyone else to have Ralph. He’s mine… well… maybe one day.


Monday 22nd SHIT! That one word sums up the whole of this evening and how I’m feeling right now. I can’t be arsed explaining now coz it’ll get me so wound up. I’ll have you a clue:-

England – 1, Romania – 2


Tuesday 23rd Sorry for that little outburst yesterday but I had a reason. So did the rest of England. Bloody Romania! I watched it in the Sports Club with Hayley. We were the only girls in there. It was so bloody disappointing when we went 2-1 down after equalising like that.

I tell you, Glen Hoddle should’ve had Beckham and Owen from the start to speed up the tempo from the early stages. [Eesh. Where was I getting this shite from?!] I don’t want to go into any details about the chance Sheringham had with the ball by his feet, a couple of yards from an open goal coz it’s too depressing. They have to beat Colombia or they’re coming home.

Scotland have come home too soon. They’re out after tonight’s 3-0 defeat to Morocca. That’s really upset me too. Bugger! They did well up until now.

Ralph wants me, Emma and Freddie to go to a barbeque at his house on Sunday. We’ll see.

Free Dierdre! – 29th & 31st March 1998

Sunday 29th Emma and I were bored today so we got on our bikes and decided to try and find the way Ralph got to school over the moss. At first we went the wrong way and ended up in the middle of a field which took us back to Emma’s lane.

I then remembered a way that Sarah and I had gone down once but just half way. It was that way that seemed most likely until we came to a peat bog. We were sinking in and I couldn’t stop laughing even though it wasn’t funny.

We followed public footpath signs and eventually make it back onto tarmac. As well as being very muddy, we were dripping wet too coz it started raining hard. My mum nearly killed me when I squelched into the kitchen and she saw what state I was in.

We’re gonna have to ask Ralph where he goes at some point coz he could only go that way and stay clean in dry weather.


Tuesday 31st We’ve got this newish girl called Nicola Banks in our year. She’s only been here a couple of weeks and she’s already friends with Erica Larsson (Freddie’s ex-girlfriend) and her pathetic crowd. Anyway, she’s been causing trouble between Emma and Freddie because evidently she’s always flirting with him and, in Maths, she was stroking his leg. The Ralph being Ralph started stirring it more by saying Freddie was doing it back to her and stuff.

Everyone’s saying that Ralph fancies Erica and that he was playing footsie under a table with her once. He denies liking her and she says she hates him. I still got jealous when they walked past my P.E. room very slowly together this morning though.

It’s daft really coz both Emma and Freddie have got someone that they’re meant to fancy (other than each other) and someone shit-stirring. Freddie’s got Erica as his little love affair and Ralph stirring it and Emma’s got Davis as her little love affair and me stirring it. That’s another reason why Emma thinks Colin and I make a good couple. [Or an annoying couple.]

We went ice skating with school this evening. I went to Hayley’s house for tea and then we went back to school. Just as the bus was leaving, we realised that Rach wasn’t on it. Luckily I spotted her running down the road otherwise we would’ve gone without her.

Hayley spent all evening holding hands with Dougie which she’s dead chuffed about. Nobody I really like (as in Ralph or Ferny) went so nowt interesting happened for me.

Everybody’s walking around saying “Free Dierdre!” at the moment because of Coronation Street and Dierdre Rachid being stuffed in prison for fraud when she’s innocent. It’s all in the papers and everything!