I don’t mime that often! – 12th to 14th July 2001

Thursday 12th I had to do concerts again today for the Year 6 induction days at school. Heidi Warner was being a bitch saying she’s the only flute that plays and things. Grrr!! I don’t mime that often!

I’ve finally sorted an HSBC account out. I’ve got a normal one and they can change it to a student account when I get my results.


Friday 13th I had to do the Swing Band Au Revoir concert at the British Legion tonight. It went well and everyone in my year got certificates and a photo of the band.

Suzanna was there and kept looking at Jake. Afterwards, Jake and I, Denny, Michael and his mate Sam all met up in The Coach and Horses. Sam was very southern and very loud but he seemed nice enough.

We all decided to go to the Trafford Centre cos Michael wanted to see Sarah, even though she’s told him to back off a bit. He saw her and the rest of us danced about in free wigs for 70s night in Prior’s. Jake and Denny got up on the dancefloor and were dancing together which worries me slightly! The also got asked if they had any ecstasy pills! They must have been dancing badly!


Saturday 14th Jake and I went to The Dog with Sarah and Michael tonight. It was quite good actually cos we just chatted. Sarah told me that Gethin had been gutted when Jake and I got together because he fancied us both!


Emma’s dyed her hair and now looks like a zebra/skunk! – 8th February 2001

Thursday 8th
8 weeks to go!

Robbie apologised to me today for what he said last Friday and says he’s going to ignore me tomorrow night just in case he says anything else! I’ll forgive him! He’s alright really… but then I was never that annoyed with him in the 1st place cos there was nothing too bad written in the letter (he still shouldn’t have read it but I can’t honestly say I wouldn’t have done!) and it was his dad who said something in the 1st place.

Everyone else seems to know about his dad coming round and phoning me and started asking me what he’d said and stuff today.

Emma let out the truth about why Declan dumped Lizzie today. There was a group of us sat around talking about Declan and Kim, and then Emma said, “I don’t know how she can face speaking to you, Lizzie, after what she did.” We all turned to face Emma saying, “WHAT?!” Emma then had to tell us that Robbie told her that Kim and Declan had shared a bed on Friday and things happened between them. Lizzie then, quite understandably, got upset. We were all blaming Declan until today and, yeh, it was his fault but Kim knew he had a girlfriend but still didn’t say no.

Declan then came over to me and Sarah later and swore down that all he and Kim did was kiss. Even so, it’s still not fair.

Jake phoned at about 6pm tonight. He was sure it’s Friday today but I put him straight! His email really confused me when I read it today cos he seemed to think I might be going out. Poor lad, he’d got all confused too! He didn’t have much to tell me so I updated him on the Lizzie and Declan situation and stuff!

Emma’s dyed her hair and now looks like a zebra/skunk! She’s got really blonde bits and black bits too! I didn’t like it at first but now I’ve got used to it, I think it looks quite good!


Today’s emails →

08-02-01 Jake email08-02-01 Tess email

Jake had Floyd and I holding his hands – 27th October 2000

Friday 27th Our first day in London!

We stopped over at Cat Elliot’s last night but didn’t get much sleep cos Lizzie Bond talked all night. That’s not good when you have to be up at 4am!

The taxi arrived at Cat’s at 5am and took us to Liverpool Airport. Gethin Turner was his usual hyperactive self even that early but Floyd wasn’t so chirpy. He was totally wetting himself about having to go on a plane! I have to say, I was a bit nervous too so on the flight, Jake had Floyd and I holding his hands.

[Here are some weird doodles that we did on the plane…]


It went really quickly and we got a coach from Luton Airport to Victoria Station from where we used the underground to get to Earl’s Court where the Youth Hostel is.


[Here we are on our journey. Left to right: Lizzie, Floyd, Cat, me and Jake.]

The Youth Hostel wasn’t too bad actually. We were all in one room which was quite good. We dumped our stuff there and then got the tube to Harrods cos Jake and Floyd wanted to go in. It was all Christmassy which was nice. Jake dragged us into the ski bit (which depressed me and Cat cos we really need to ski!) and bought £110’s worth of ski gloves. Rip off!

We then went a bit down market and had a look in Gap. I got some cream flared pants from there. [Ew.]

Next we had a look round Covent Garden. I really like it there but I didn’t buy anything. We decided to go to Bond Street after that to get some shopping done. The lads got bored and we got tired so we decided to head back quite early.


We bought a bottle of Southern Comfort from some shop and drank it with lemonade in bed! I didn’t get pissed though and neither did Jake.

I ended up sleeping in Jake’s bed and it was quite a good night! We got to 3 a few times. Later on, we were just kissing and he stopped and I’m sure he said, “Shall we?” but when I asked, “What?” he changed it and said he thought there was someone outside. I wouldn’t really have wanted to go all the way with the others in the room anyway!


I’m worried that she might be in a mood with me – 25th December 1999

Saturday 25th (Christmas Day! Duh!)

I woke up at 8:30am, forgot what day it is and went back to sleep. I woke up again at about 10am and went downstairs to open my presents but Abby was still fast asleep so I couldn’t. By 10:30am I was sick of waiting so I woke her up. My presents were just pyjamas, chocolates, hair stuff, make up, the usual stuff. As always, I got bored once I’d opened all my presents but the time went quickly before Auntie G and Grandma S arrived.

Grandma S has not stopped eating all day. Mum and Auntie G are pleased because they’ve been worried that she’s not eating as well as she should. We had all the turkey and stuff and then Grandma went through about 3 bowlfuls of ice cream.

I’ve spent all evening in front of the TV. There’s been loads of good stuff on and I didn’t really have much else to do.

Rhian’s a bit fed up stuck on the Orkneys still. I spoke to her on the phone and she sounded very unimpressed. She wants us to go up for the Millennium celebrations in Wick because her mum’d let her go out and party if she was with someone older but we’ve got to stay here. We probably won’t see everyone in Scotland until the summer now. I really miss them all. Auntie S said she sent our Christmas presents 2 weeks ago but we haven’t got them.

I want Lizzie to send me a text message. I sent her one to see if she had a good day but I’ve not got one back. I’m worried that she might be in a mood with me for being horrible to Gethin and hinting to him that she wasn’t telling him everything about the last party just to make him paranoid. Sarah and Lizzie are meant to be staying here at New Year because they can’t get home too easily so if she still wants to stay, she’ll have to get in contact with me soon.


I called him ‘The Honeymonster’ – 15th November 1999

Monday 15th I’ve not had a good day today really. The main fault was with Zoe. She fell out with me because of things I’ve said about Reevesy. Here’s the list:-

  1. I’ve called him ‘The Honeymonster’ too many times and too many other people have caught onto it.
  2. I’ve been slagging him off in front of her and other people.
  3. I’ve been telling people that if I’d have met [snogged] him on Bonfire Night then he wouldn’t be with her.

(I apologise for the various spellings of Reevesey/Reevesy/Reevsey/Reevsy/whatever!)

She confronted me about it upstairs in college and other people (mainly Freda) began to join in. It got off the subject of Reevsey and Freda started on how I was jealous because Zoe had someone and how I fancied Aled but I couldn’t have him. I don’t know where that crap came from but someone did point out that there was Leon.

Later on this evening, Zoe phoned me. I was quite glad really because I could try and give my side without other people butting in. My explanations were:-

  1. I called him ‘The Honeymonster’ because of his messages on my phone asking if Zoe liked honey. I apologised for carrying it on too long.
  2. Can’t remember slagging him off but I did do a bit of piss-taking which I didn’t mean anything by. Apologised for that too.
  3. Bollocks! I never said that to the people who’d told her I said that (Freda, Hayley and Aled apparently). Told her that what could’ve happened was that they twisted my words from when I said Brett asked if I’d go with [snog] Reevsy but I said no then he went for Zoe. Told her I didn’t mean it how it sounded. Apologised.

She seemed to forgive me but it depends now on what others say to her tomorrow. She told me it was so hard not speaking to me because I kept talking at her! She admitted she found the ‘Honeymonster’ thing amusing to begin with until others caught onto it. She told me that it wasn’t just me pissing her off, it was quite a few others too. I hope she doesn’t fall out with me again.

I got told by Oscar today that, at the party, Hayley’d been saying that “Lizzie is stealing Tess from me”. Stupid possessive little cow! That’s not on. I also got told by Sarah that, today, Hayley’d been saying (in a nasty way) how it was so obvious I fancy Aled. Bitch!

Nowt’s happened with Leon yet either. Lizzie spoke to Brett at lunch but Leon wasn’t around. Brett said that Leon really likes me. I want to know what he’s said! I might be going out on Thursday with Lizzie, Brett and Leon but nothing’s definite.

Lizzie told me that his full name is Leon Christopher Farrell (she thinks!) and she confirmed my suspicion that he’s only 16. Never mind, shouldn’t matter.


P.S. Beginning to go off Aled – too much hassle! Not fair really.

Making his own amusement – 29th October 1999

Friday 29th I did go to Davis’s part last night and I did end up quite enjoying it. I went round to Emma’s first because she, Suzanna, Nicola Banks and I were getting a lift with Nicola’s ‘friend’ Steve. I didn’t really feel all that safe in a car with his driving. He was a bit mad but we made it to Davis’s. There were loads of people already there when we arrived, most of whom I didn’t know so I went and sat in a room with Dougie, Keira and Gethin.

After I’d had a couple of drinks, I wandered round the house a bit. I started talking to this girl called Mel who seemed alright. Last time I went to Davis’s, Nathan Holmes was there and he was there again last night. I had it in the back of my head to just go for it with him because he’s quite nice but he seemed a bit shy again and Mel kept telling me he was usually like that so I gave up on the idea.

I did start talking to Nathan when people started telling him he looked a bit like Aled Brownlee and he asked me who that was. I reassured him that he wasn’t such a bad person to look like. At this point I let it slip that I’d met [snogged] Aled on Saturday. Unfortunately, Gethin was in the room at the time so I might as well face it that everyone’ll know!

A bit later on, Nathan and Keira seemed to be getting on pretty well which, I have to say, made me quite jealous. I was glad when I walked into a room and saw Keira and this Sam lad meeting [snogging] each other. I went to where Nathan was and sat and talked to him for a while.

We ended up outside, leaning against the car, talking about Dougie and Suzanna (they’d been in a bedroom together for ages) until it got too cold so we went inside. Sam went home for a while but, even though he was coming back, Keira went back to flirting with Nathan so I went and watched TV.

Everyone seemed to be gradually pairing off and I was just beginning to think I’d be left on my own when Nathan came in. He sat down on the opposite end of the couch but reached across to offer me some of his Hooch. I took a swig and handed the bottle back. It was a slow exchange and he had his hand on mine. Then he reached across and held my hand before sliding over to my end of the seat.

We were about to meet [snog] each other but a load of people walked in so he suggested we had a look for a spare room. There was nobody in Davis’s sister’s room so we went in there. Before we did anything, Nathan and I agreed that it was just for one night, just for fun and it wasn’t going to go any further. I was fine with that because I still don’t have a clue if anything’ll happen with Aled so that way it was less complicated.

We were just lying there, snogging, when Nicola came in. She lay down between us and tried to sleep. She didn’t take the hint that we wanted her to go so we just ignored her and carried on kissing. Then Gavin and Davis came in. Davis lay on top of me and Gavin squeezed on the bed next to Nathan. This is when Nathan suggested we found somewhere else.

We went upstairs to Davis’s room and climbed onto his bed. Nathan started asking if I’d be pissed off with him in the morning but I said no and asked why. He told me he’d just had bad experiences in the past where girls had been annoyed with him. Then he’d just said it’d made him really paranoid. He kept asking me if I was okay and admitted that he wasn’t actually very experienced and that he’d never gone all the way with a girl.

At some point, Gavin walked in and sat down at a desk until we started meeting each other again then he left. Nathan had his hand on my bra which I didn’t really mind but I had to tell him to stop when he started undoing my trousers. He asked why I wouldn’t let him so I told him it was the wrong time of the month. He said that that was always the excuse and thought it was really because I didn’t like him. I swore to him I wasn’t making it up.

He shut up then and we kissed for a bit longer. He kept stopping and just looking at me sometimes and at one point he sat on me and said, “I bet you don’t mind having a lad straddling you!” I just sort of grinned. After that, he started kissing me faster and I got the impression he wanted to go a bit further than I did but nothing happened.

We got a bit bored after a bit so we went down to see what everyone else was doing. After curling up on the sofa for a while he wandered off for some toast. Keira and Davis were joking about doing a strip but they decided it was too cold so we went into Davis’s parent’s room where there was a gas fire. Nathan and Gavin came in later after talking about something (that made me a bit paranoid!) and getting Nathan’s sleeping bag off Nicola.

Nathan came and sat on the floor with me and held my hand. It got a bit uncomfortable on the floor so Gavin and Nathan went to find a room to sleep in. I followed so Gavin left us on our own again. Nathan stripped down to his boxers ready to sleep and crawled into his sleeping bag. I was shivering so he let me under it too. He’s a swimmer which probably helped him to get the nice body he has.

We just kissed a bit longer and his hand crept back up my top. I did start dozing off at one point when we were just lying there and he thought I was losing interest. Every time I started falling asleep, he kept waking me up by saying, “Tess, are you asleep?” or “Come back, Tess!” He kept humming too. Also, every so often, he kept asking me if I liked him and I told him that I wouldn’t be there if I didn’t, which was true.

I really did go tired at one point so I pretended I was asleep so I didn’t have to keep going with [snogging] him which was obviously keeping me awake. I was just lying there, pretending to be asleep and he suddenly came out with, “You’re gorgeous”. It was dark so I just smiled to myself without him realising I was still awake.

A while later, the bed started shaking and so was Nathan. I think I might have actually been asleep so I didn’t think anything of it when I first woke up, other than maybe he was cold. Then I realised what he was actually doing right next to me! I did actually have to try really hard not to laugh. He had hold of my hand still and moved it down towards his lower half. I didn’t move my hand away because he’d have known I wasn’t asleep so I rolled over a bit and rested my hand back on his stomach. Then stuff went all over my hand and sleeve. I wasn’t very impressed.

A few seconds later, Gavin, Nicola and Maz P (I think) walked in and switch the light on. Nathan, of course, had to try and cover himself up with his sleeping bag but Nicola tried to pull it off him. Luckily she was unsuccessful. We got rid of them and Nathan started mumbling about how that’d been too close. He got up and went in the bathroom and so did I to wash my hands and sleeve when he came out again.

We then snuggled back under his sleeping bag. I pretended to be asleep again when he started asking me if I liked him for about the 50th time because I couldn’t be bothered answering! It got a bit lighter outside so when I opened my eyes a bit, I could see him smiling to himself just before he whispered, “Have you got a problem with my knob?” [YES! FUCK OFF, NATHAN!] I ignored him and he said, “You don’t know how much I need a wank.” I think he was muttering it more to himself than me. He started making his own amusement again so I continued pretending to be sleeping.

He said something about having an “amazing headache” and got up and went out of the room. I didn’t see him again until I went out myself. I was watching Titanic in the living room with people and he was sat at a table on the other side of the glass doors watching it too. I turned round and we had mega long eye-contact and he smiled at me.

He left to go home before I did but I had to leave soon after him because I had a dentist appointment this morning. The only problem was that I couldn’t find my boots. I looked everywhere but I couldn’t see them. Everyone was searching and Davis eventually found them under the sofa or somewhere. I couldn’t stop thinking about Nathan [CREEEEEEEEEEEEEP!] and Aled all morning. I hope it doesn’t get too complicated.

It went fine at the dentist’s and she even said she wished her teeth were as strong as mine. I still hate going though.

I slept all afternoon until the phone calls started. Sarah rang just to chat, then Oscar rang. He was mostly going on about Lizzie but then said that Aled was thinking of asking me out. I’m not supposed to know so I’ve got to act shocked if he does! I don’t really want him to because people’ll take the piss. I know that shouldn’t matter but it does.

I spoke to Oscar again later and he added that Aled had said he liked me and wanted to know when my birthday was (he knows it’s soon) so he could wait until after it before he asks me out so he doesn’t have to buy me a present. I’d say he was a cheeky bastard but I’m not so sure I wouldn’t do the same!

Oscar also said that his parents are getting suspicious because of the amount of time he’s been on the phone to me for. They think Oscar and I’ll be going out soon. I think not! He’s too obsessed with Lizzie anyway.

Aled phoned too tonight. He wanted to know if I was going to town tomorrow night. I said no because no girls are going so it’s just Aled, Julian and Dev W, I think. I hope Aled doesn’t do too much with any girls. In fact, I hope he doesn’t do anything!


P.S. Lizzie told me that she used to know Nathan because he used to swim with her team until he got better and moved to Warriors which is how he knows Davis, I think.

He smirked a huge grin (creep) – 14th & 15th October 1999

[I didn’t write in my diary on the 14th but I did feature in Cat’s…]

Cat’s Thursday 14th Lovebites are clearing up nicely.

Tess said she asked Chris yesterday (I wasn’t present), “Have you seen what you did to Cat’s neck? I didn’t think one person could do that much damage!” and apparently he smirked a huge grin (creep) and said, “She asked me to!”

Tess obviously thinks the same way I do; “Yeah, like she WOULD!” He said, “She wouldn’t remember as she was a LOT more pissed than I was.” – which statement about sums everything up – he liked me and was just tipsy enough to act on it, and I was just drunk enough to think HE was a good idea until the crucial moment.

Gethin Turner is a good mate of mine at the moment. He thinks I should laugh it off – this is good advice.

My Friday 15th Oscar knows about Lizzie and Brett. Aled found out yesterday once and for all from me on the way home yesterday. Lizzie’d been going on all day about Brett and was reading messages off people’s phones from him out loud. Aled had been around and heard so he wanted to know what was going on and stuff.

To start with, I told him I didn’t know so he started telling me what he reckoned happened. He was spot on and was threatening to tell Oscar so when I told him not to, it kind of gave it away.

Lizzie’s now really pissed off with Aled and wouldn’t speak to me for about 10 minutes then she seemed okay again. I think Oscar’s even more upset now.


Cat’s Friday 15th It was a MUCH less eventful Friday night than last week’s but I’m counting that as a blessing. I’m not embarrassed to say that I stayed in and watch TV with my mum. Dad arrived back from his work trip about an hour ago to this idyllic family scene, none the wiser to the last week’s excitement.

[That’s it from that episode in Cat’s teenage life. I’ll see if I can persuade her to share more of her diary when we get to another one of her… er… predicaments.]

This will be a good diary to BURN – 12th October 1999

My Tuesday 12th Lizzie’s dumped Oscar. Poor little lad, he looked really upset. Mind you, it wasn’t exactly fair on him seeing someone else at the same time, even though he didn’t know it.

Lizzie and I actually phoned Brett last night from Old Trafford. He sounds okay on the phone anyway.

Even though Lizzie and Oscar are no more, Aled was still insisting we stay over at his on Saturday. We actually don’t really want to stay all night but we might go for a while.

Cat’s neck is covered in love bites. Oh, I said that yesterday! Well, she showed me today. It looks terrible – like someone’s tried to strangle her or something!

I’m probably going kickboxing at the leisure centre tomorrow night. Abby and a couple of her mates’ll probably come too. I’ve wanted to do it for a while because I feel like I’m getting unfit now I don’t do P.E. anymore and it may also come in handy for Sports Studies. I’ll see if I like it tomorrow, although I’m a bit nervous now because I’m not sure what to expect.

I need to see Trotter! I’ve not seen him for 4 days now except for a few seconds today when somebody opened the door to the pool room as I walked past. Sad, I know!

There are 3 new girls in our year now. I think I’ve come from a college in Warrington. One, called Diana, is in my Sports Studies group. The others are called Mariam and Tara, I think. I’m not sure what they’re like yet. I hope they won’t be a threat to my getting Aled, Trotter or Jake!

Zoe’s seriously considering asking Jake out. That’s not good!


Cat’s Tuesday 12th She certainly HAS bloody noticed…

I was about to leave the house this morning when she said, “Still wearing a poloneck jumper, Cat?” I said, “Err… yeah…” and she said, “That mark on your neck not gone yet then?” I muttered “not quite” and scurried out of the house!

I told Mr D at break and he said, “Oh no! What’re you going to tell her?!” Good point – she hasn’t said anything else yet though.

He’s so nice – we get on really well cos we’ve got the same sense of humour, and he looks gorge at the moment…

The do seem to be fading… I just hope they’re gone by Friday when Dad gets back from his work trip!

Why do I get the feeling this will be a good diary to BURN very soon?

I’m going to find a new diary to write in soon anyway, maybe when I’m in town on Friday.

I still had my tights on when I got home – 9th October 1999

[My friend, Cat, was the subject of the MAJOR GOSSIP and she has very bravely agreed to share her entire diary entries about said MAJOR GOSSIP so, for the next few posts, you’ll be getting her side of the story too…]

My Saturday 9th MAJOR GOSSIP!! Freda phoned me up this afternoon to sort out bowling tonight and she told me some of the things that had happened at this Natalie girl’s 18th last night.

One thing was that Dougie snogged this geekyish girl called Amanda Bryan in College 2. The other thing was that Cat Elliot lost her virginity. What’s going on? The world’s gone mad!!

I really can’t believe it about Cat. Freda said that Cat got really drunk and to start with was going after Dougie. Then later on she went off with a complete geek from College 2 called Chris something. Freda said that someone ran in and said 2 people were shagging outside so she went to see and it was Cat and Chris up against a fence.

She said they did it twice.

Freda also said he tried to put his hand up Cat’s top but she told him not to and he kept telling her she was beautiful.

The worst part is that they didn’t use any protection as far as people know. How can one of the cleverest girls I know be so stupid? I feel really sorry for her now. This is the girl who’s parents won’t even let her watch South Park!

Freda said she phoned Cat before but Cat couldn’t remember anything and had a panic attack when Freda told her what happened. Then she said, “What am I going to do? I’ll have to kill myself!”

Great, so Cat’s gone suicidal. That’s all we need. If she is pregnant then she probably would top herself. I’m worried about her now. I can’t even begin to imagine how she’s feeling now. It’s all so unexpected. Cat’s the last person I thought this’d happen to.

We went bowling this evening. There were loads of fit lads but nowt happened with any of them. There were 2 which I think had their eyes on Hayley and I but some other girls came along.

Big Touchy-Feely Creepy Paul has chosen his next victim – Lucy Jacobs. Yuk!

Hayley kept telling people I was her best mate. I felt like telling her to fuck off but I didn’t.

A fight broke out while we were there with a load of lads and the bouncer-type men chucked them out. They kept trying to come back in but then a big police van arrived and a few were taken away. [#Warrington]


Cat’s Saturday 9th


[Cat thinks this says: Fri late got pissed. Went with Chris. Will go sleep. Luv Cat]

Well, I just got such a shock, which will tell you a bit about last night; I don’t remember writing that!

(About 20 minutes later)
Oh my God. I thought THAT was a shock. Freda rang. She says everyone think I shagged Chris Kelly-Banks – twice!

I have to stay calm. I KNOW I did nothing of the sort, we just got off a few times (JUST kissed, touched etc).

I know that because, for a start, I’d KNOW if I’d done it, wouldn’t I, and also I remember telling him we weren’t going to have sex, and he said he didn’t intend to.

And thirdly, I still had my tights on when I got home, so if that isn’t proof, I don’t know what IS.

Trouble is, Freda’s told everyone in the WORLD. I’ll just have to try and play it cool.

This is so annoying. As long as he thinks the same thing as me, I should be ok. It’s going to be a long month of waiting though…

Oh, and by the way, as of today I am


(10:30pm ish)
Natalie came round to see if I was ok earlier, which was really nice of her considering she got off with Dougie last night and I was throwing myself at him all evening. She’s going around to Chris’s tomorrow to find out what he thinks happened, so that should help ease my mind. (I HOPE!!)

I’ve been praying most of the afternoon.

Oh, I forgot to mention before, but to add to my problems I’ve got to try and hid two huge, red lovebites on my neck.

Otherwise I’m surprising cheerful. Probably because I know I didn’t do what they think I did. Natalie fully believes I didn’t, so it can’t have been that clear cut.

“Go and get in a car with Jake” – 5th & 6th October 1999

Tuesday 5th Aled surprised me again today. He actually admitted to being nervous about going to the dentist. He’s got to have 2 fillings and was going on all day about how he didn’t want an injection. I just didn’t think he was the type of lad to admit stuff like that for fear of being called soft. I thought it was quite sweet.

He’s also ended up being a rep for his form. They have to go to meetings and put our opinions forward and stuff. He said he didn’t really want to do it but he put his hand up as a joke and then Julian seconded him.

We had a fire practice in last lesson. I got to see Trotter so I was quite happy about that. There were loads of people stood between where I was in my form on the all-weather pitch and where he was but at one point there was a big gap all the way through so I looked at him and he looked at me and glanced away. That happened a couple of times.

I really do like him. Lizzie reckons he’d be really nice looking if he toned his sideys down a bit. I like them the way they are.

Big Touchy-Feely Creepy Paul told Zoe he liked her yesterday. Sarah’s really upset about it. She hasn’t actually said so but I could tell.

Lizzie’s probably going to go somewhere with Brett at the weekend. He phoned last night and asked if she wanted to go somewhere and she said yes. Poor Oscar! He’s not got a clue what’s really going on.


Wednesday 6th I’ve found another lad now to add to the list of lads I fancy. There’s Aled Brownlee and Darren Lawton (Trotter) and now there’s Jake Taylor. There’s a problem with the new one though – Cat likes him too.

I didn’t like him during today at school which is when I found out Cat did. There was a secret which she told Lizzie and I narrowed it down to being that she fancied a College 2 lad last week. Then today I did a lot of mithering and eventually found out it was Jake that she liked, although it was only this evening that I decided I liked him myself.

There was meant to be a bowling trip with college tonight but it got cancelled because hardly anyone was going but Aled, Oscar, Lizzie, Cat, Freda, Zoe, Bridget, Zack Bain, Denzel Chadwick, Harvey Anson, Julian Olsen, Karen and I all went anyway. When we arrived I spotted some College 2s and then realised Jake was with them. This made Cat happy.

I commented how he was actually quite nice looking and Freda heard and twisted it and decided to tell everyone I fancied him (I do now). She started shouting stuff like, “Do you really fancy Jake, Tess?!” when he walked past and told his mates I fancied him. Jake then kept looking over at me, probably to see if I was looking at him, which I was but only to see if he was looking at me, which he was.

After I’d won a bowling game against Lizzie, Oscar and Aled, we ate and then headed for the dodgems and arcade bit. Jake and co were over there and, just as people were beginning to climb into the dodgems, one of Jake’s mates came over and said, “Are you Tess?” I said yes and then he said, “Go and get in a car with Jake.”

If I hadn’t known Cat fancied him and if he didn’t think I fancied him, I might well have done but Lizzie cut in and said, “No, it’s Cat that fancies him.” Meanwhile, Jake had wandered over and heard this and, I don’t mean to sound big-headed or anything, but I’m sure he looked a bit disappointed! Nothing interested happened in the end though.

We had to go back to Oscar’s afterwards because that’s where we dumped our bags. I saw his mum and dad and they were introduced to Lizzie again.

Nothing seemed to be happening with Aled and me either. I don’t think he likes me that way. He acts more like he fancies Lizzie than me. He has re-invited me to stay over at his house with Lizzie and his mates sometime soon though.