I get all the gimps! – 22nd July 1999

Thursday 22nd We went to Bobbejaanland theme park or “Bobberjobberland” as we renamed it! We did a concert there which, again, went well and I discovered a couple of nice looking waiters equipt with baseball caps called Jo and Jan so I stared at them for a while.

We were allowed on all the rides for the rest of the day. I went round with Emma, Keira, Dougie, Cat, Charlie Wilson, Ed and loads of others. On this water ride thing, there were these 2 ugly lads who were smiling at me in the queue. They then tried to talk to me but I didn’t understand. As usual, I get all the gimps!


After going on the water rides I was soaking and the rain didn’t help either. It was Mr P-R who was splashing everyone with the manky greeny-brown water that had the worst effect. Prick!

We wanted to warm up and dry off a bit so we went on the Revolution which was indoors. There was a good looking lad that Emma, Keira and I had spotted during the concert who was stood behind us in the queue. He was with his mates by then though and turned out to be a right creep! Typical!

We had tea back at the hostel. As the bloke behind the counter handed us the plates of food, he turned round and grinned at his mate as he said, “Bon appetit”. We realised later on that it was coz we’d all thought the meat was beef but it was in fact horse tongue!

That night went pretty much the same as the last one had with us all visiting each other until very late. Charlie decided he fancied Emma and was constantly asking where she was. She was in the room of Essex slags, I think keeping an eye on our lads but I didn’t tell him that coz she told me she doesn’t like him and I hadn’t got to let her go with [snog] him or anything.

Later on, when we’d all had a bit to drink, I went in Charlie’s room, sat down and talked to Joe Anson and Anthony Wiley. I turned to talk to Charlie who was on his bunk, only to discover Cat had wrapped her arms round him and was lying down behind him rubbing his chest! Charlie was giving the rest of us an oh-my-God-what’s-she-doing kind of look but we all went and left him.

I ran up the corridor to Davis and Dougie etc. and told everyone they had to come and have a look at Cat. Emma was the only one who did actually come and by the time we got back, Charlie had turned over so the 2 of them were sort of intertwined. It was so funny coz it’s not the kind of thing you expect from Cat!

We found out later that Cat had actually launched herself at Charlie and he hadn’t resisted so they ended up going with [snogging] each other. That was even more amusing. I also realised that I quite like Charlie myself but I managed to convince myself that it was only because there was nobody better.

I went in my room later with Davis and Heidi Warner coz they weren’t allowed on their own in a room. I just got talking with Davis and he said that I should go into town with him and Gavin Bilson etc. when we got home. I hope he means it and gets in touch coz I can’t stand the thought of being bored again.

Keira got a bit upset before we slept coz Dougie was giving her mixed signals or summit. She said at Bobberjobberland she’d been getting on really well and stuff with him but that evening he’d been really off with her. She was confused so she got really upset.

Cat also began to piss the rest of us off today coz she was being really miserable and constantly had a long face on her.


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