He smirked a huge grin (creep) – 14th & 15th October 1999

[I didn’t write in my diary on the 14th but I did feature in Cat’s…]

Cat’s Thursday 14th Lovebites are clearing up nicely.

Tess said she asked Chris yesterday (I wasn’t present), “Have you seen what you did to Cat’s neck? I didn’t think one person could do that much damage!” and apparently he smirked a huge grin (creep) and said, “She asked me to!”

Tess obviously thinks the same way I do; “Yeah, like she WOULD!” He said, “She wouldn’t remember as she was a LOT more pissed than I was.” – which statement about sums everything up – he liked me and was just tipsy enough to act on it, and I was just drunk enough to think HE was a good idea until the crucial moment.

Gethin Turner is a good mate of mine at the moment. He thinks I should laugh it off – this is good advice.

My Friday 15th Oscar knows about Lizzie and Brett. Aled found out yesterday once and for all from me on the way home yesterday. Lizzie’d been going on all day about Brett and was reading messages off people’s phones from him out loud. Aled had been around and heard so he wanted to know what was going on and stuff.

To start with, I told him I didn’t know so he started telling me what he reckoned happened. He was spot on and was threatening to tell Oscar so when I told him not to, it kind of gave it away.

Lizzie’s now really pissed off with Aled and wouldn’t speak to me for about 10 minutes then she seemed okay again. I think Oscar’s even more upset now.


Cat’s Friday 15th It was a MUCH less eventful Friday night than last week’s but I’m counting that as a blessing. I’m not embarrassed to say that I stayed in and watch TV with my mum. Dad arrived back from his work trip about an hour ago to this idyllic family scene, none the wiser to the last week’s excitement.

[That’s it from that episode in Cat’s teenage life. I’ll see if I can persuade her to share more of her diary when we get to another one of her… er… predicaments.]

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