Foot-soldier of the MCRmy – November 2010/February 2011

[Hello to Isabella!

She’s here to share her diary account sexy, hip-shaking mofos. I’m not sure enough time would have elapsed for me to set any teenage diary entries free into the internet after only 8 years so that wins her extra cringe points. 

If anyone else out there feels brave enough to do some diary oversharing with me then get in touch via the ‘Share your own diary‘ page. 

Over to Isabella…

Le bye!
Tess x]

Well, here you go. Two of my teenage ramblings, dedicated to my then-obsession My Chemical Romance. I absolutely adored them, and literally cried for three days when they broke up. I also can’t believe I used to write like this – apparently I was channeling Georgia Nicholson a lot (Angus, Thongs & Full Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison). The grammar is very random and the odd bits of “French” here and there? Um… 

I was 17 in 2010 and going to gigs all over the place. I think I saw MCR 5 times, The Blackout (eventually) 11 times, and I’m currently on 7 for Green Day… 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! My writing has gotten a little more sophisticated over the years, and you can check some of it at my blog: Isabella Hume 



Wednesday 24th November 2010

So Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys hit two days ago → The world will never be the same again (or certainly mine won’t). It’s amazing. My favs so far are Bulletproof Heart, Summertime, and Planetary (Go!)… they all fucking rule. Supposedly a Feb/Mar European Tour is being announced on Monday… Eeeeeeeeee! A little bit of overnight camping is in order… 🙂 *I have to get the barrier (preferably in front of Mr. F. Iero… ♥)

Le sigh…

In other news… my mother thinks I am going off the rails. Yay. Dad is back to his cantankerous old self (work does this to him). My skin has exploded into something close to a minefield. Jack B is being evasive… so and so. Yeah. CH + 4 A Levels + OU really isn’t helping my stress levels!! Gah!!!!

[insert two months worth of ramblings here]

Sunday 13th February 2011

Isabella MCR

Mel and I arrived at the LG arena at about 1.30 in the afternoon, having taken a 9.20 train from York to get us into Birmingham for 12.20. The 9.20 was the earliest we could get on a Sunday :(. We then caught a train to the NEC and met two other people from Cardiff and quickly made friends with them.

Upon stepping outside of the NEC I realised that it was pouring with rain. Excellent. Queuing for five hours in the pouring rain was really how I envisaged spending my Sunday afternoon. Anyway, ended up in the early queue (obviously) about twenty or so people back from the doors and we made ourselves comfy (as you can in the pouring rain on the concrete ground); Mel – being a brainy person – had brought bin bags for us to sit on so even though we still got wet, our bums stayed mostly dry :).

It soon got to around six and the doors opened. The way the ticket system works is a bit dumb though; you get your ticket scanned at the door and then you go wait in another little queue for someone to give you a wristband, you then have to wait to show your wristband before you actually get in. Anyhoo, got through and ran into the arena right to the centre and was one person deep from the barrier.

Unfortunately I got stuck behind two boyfriends the bane of any gig goers life. Their girlfriends were both on the barrier and they had their arms around them in a protective I’m-going-to-give-my-girlfriend-as-much-space-as-possible-and-if-anyone-
touches-her-they-die kinda way. Fuckers. That’s why I said I was only one person deep from the barrier because the girls kept turning around to suck face with their bfs so they became one thing anyway.

The Blackout (support act) were really good. I’d never seen a band with two frontmen before and I was surprised at how well it worked and how they bounced off each other so well. During The Blackout the crushing was insane and I was getting pushed from behind so much but I got one arm between two people on the barrier (one of the girlfriends being on my left which the boyfriend was not happy about). This girl kept trying to push my arm off the barrier but I don’t quite know where she thought I was going seeing as there was literally no space behind me.

At about 9.15 the house lights went down and the screams filled the place as spots of light started to illuminate the black curtain. As it got to the middle of the intro you could see silhouettes of band members beginning to appear and then as NA NA NA (NA NA NA NA) kicked in, the black curtain fell and the place blew up. I was to the left of Frank, in front of Mikey, and slightly to the right of Gerard – fantastic place to be. I have never danced or sung so hard in my life.

Notes from the show
– I got another Frank pick. A security guard gave it to me. 🙂 I’m gonna make a necklace (like a dog-tag necklace) out of the two of them I have. Although I did have a fight a girl next to me for it!
Gerard is one sexy mofo… when he shakes his hips… 🙂
– I was so mashed against the barrier. At one point I couldn’t even put my heels down without standing on the toes of the girl behind me. I have so many bruises… my inventory currently runs to: a line on my ribs, three on my thighs, two on my calbes, a load on my upper arms and one on my face.
– People kept getting pulled out over the top of me and a security guard had to keep putting his hand over my neck to protect it from flailing feet. At least nine people got pulled out over the top of me, it was insane. There were so many people getting pulled out. I got kicked in the back of the head three times. Yay. There goes my brain cells.
– The show was amazing and for how much I’m aching now, I have two Frank pics to make me feel a hell of a lot better. It was incredible… and I get to do it all again in nine days time! Newcastle here I come!

The End

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