Downloading hardcore pornography – 13th October 1999

My Wednesday 13th I went kickboxing this evening with Abby, Evie Evans and Julia Dennis. Greta Allan and Caroline Middleton (College 2s from Swing Band) go already but when we arrived they weren’t there and it was just men in the hall so we got very nervous and didn’t want to go in. Greta etc. turned up eventually so we relaxed a bit and went in.

There were actually more women than men. The men consisted of a few fit lads and the rest older and uglier! One lad is starting next week so he just sat at the edge. I mention him because he looked like my Duncan a bit.

We just did a lot of warm-ups and then stretches and then learned how to stand in left guard and right guard and do a side kick. The whole class was doing it at the same time even though everyone’s at different levels.

It was really good, I really enjoyed it which is why I’m extremely pissed off that I can’t go next week. I’ll be on that bloody Geography field trip so I’ll have to miss kickboxing. I really don’t want to because it means I’ll be a week behind the others. The instructor said he would get this Rob man to teach us the basics next Wednesday so I don’t know how or when I’m going to catch up. Bloody Geography!

The bloke said today wasn’t how they usually run it so I reckon they probably do more normally so when they get back to normal next week, I’ll miss even more. He’s teaching beginners how to do punches and kicks and stuff.

Oh God, I’m going to be so far behind, aren’t I?! Then I’ll probably have to catch up on my own the next week. I feel like I’m going to cry I’m that frustrated. I’m going to miss loads of stuff at school too. [At least I was having a better week than Cat…]


Cat’s Wednesday 13th I found something out this morning that makes me feel sick. Mr M said in assembly last week that a while ago someone in college was suspended for hacking around the computer “barriers” and downloading hardcore pornography from the internet on the school computers… and I found out who it was… Chris Kelly-Banks.