I still had my tights on when I got home – 9th October 1999

[My friend, Cat, was the subject of the MAJOR GOSSIP and she has very bravely agreed to share her entire diary entries about said MAJOR GOSSIP so, for the next few posts, you’ll be getting her side of the story too…]

My Saturday 9th MAJOR GOSSIP!! Freda phoned me up this afternoon to sort out bowling tonight and she told me some of the things that had happened at this Natalie girl’s 18th last night.

One thing was that Dougie snogged this geekyish girl called Amanda Bryan in College 2. The other thing was that Cat Elliot lost her virginity. What’s going on? The world’s gone mad!!

I really can’t believe it about Cat. Freda said that Cat got really drunk and to start with was going after Dougie. Then later on she went off with a complete geek from College 2 called Chris something. Freda said that someone ran in and said 2 people were shagging outside so she went to see and it was Cat and Chris up against a fence.

She said they did it twice.

Freda also said he tried to put his hand up Cat’s top but she told him not to and he kept telling her she was beautiful.

The worst part is that they didn’t use any protection as far as people know. How can one of the cleverest girls I know be so stupid? I feel really sorry for her now. This is the girl who’s parents won’t even let her watch South Park!

Freda said she phoned Cat before but Cat couldn’t remember anything and had a panic attack when Freda told her what happened. Then she said, “What am I going to do? I’ll have to kill myself!”

Great, so Cat’s gone suicidal. That’s all we need. If she is pregnant then she probably would top herself. I’m worried about her now. I can’t even begin to imagine how she’s feeling now. It’s all so unexpected. Cat’s the last person I thought this’d happen to.

We went bowling this evening. There were loads of fit lads but nowt happened with any of them. There were 2 which I think had their eyes on Hayley and I but some other girls came along.

Big Touchy-Feely Creepy Paul has chosen his next victim – Lucy Jacobs. Yuk!

Hayley kept telling people I was her best mate. I felt like telling her to fuck off but I didn’t.

A fight broke out while we were there with a load of lads and the bouncer-type men chucked them out. They kept trying to come back in but then a big police van arrived and a few were taken away. [#Warrington]


Cat’s Saturday 9th


[Cat thinks this says: Fri late got pissed. Went with Chris. Will go sleep. Luv Cat]

Well, I just got such a shock, which will tell you a bit about last night; I don’t remember writing that!

(About 20 minutes later)
Oh my God. I thought THAT was a shock. Freda rang. She says everyone think I shagged Chris Kelly-Banks – twice!

I have to stay calm. I KNOW I did nothing of the sort, we just got off a few times (JUST kissed, touched etc).

I know that because, for a start, I’d KNOW if I’d done it, wouldn’t I, and also I remember telling him we weren’t going to have sex, and he said he didn’t intend to.

And thirdly, I still had my tights on when I got home, so if that isn’t proof, I don’t know what IS.

Trouble is, Freda’s told everyone in the WORLD. I’ll just have to try and play it cool.

This is so annoying. As long as he thinks the same thing as me, I should be ok. It’s going to be a long month of waiting though…

Oh, and by the way, as of today I am


(10:30pm ish)
Natalie came round to see if I was ok earlier, which was really nice of her considering she got off with Dougie last night and I was throwing myself at him all evening. She’s going around to Chris’s tomorrow to find out what he thinks happened, so that should help ease my mind. (I HOPE!!)

I’ve been praying most of the afternoon.

Oh, I forgot to mention before, but to add to my problems I’ve got to try and hid two huge, red lovebites on my neck.

Otherwise I’m surprising cheerful. Probably because I know I didn’t do what they think I did. Natalie fully believes I didn’t, so it can’t have been that clear cut.

If looks could kill – 3rd December 1997

Wednesday 3rd Right, at the cinema on Saturday when Dougie and Lucy went, they came back on the bus and evidently there was this drunk bloke and he staggered along the bus to where Lucy and Dougie were sitting and tried to snog Lucy but coz he was pissed he missed (Hey! That rhymes!) and lunged at Dougie. I don’t think he did anything coz Dougie shoved him out of the way.

Lucy was sworn to secrecy but
she told Sarah
Sarah told me
I had to tell Cat why I was laughing when Dougie walked past us (but not in detail)
Cat told Emma
and she told Ed who went straight up the stairs and asked Dougie about it.

I don’t know what Ed said to him but he gave Emma the dirtiest look I’ve ever seen so far! I didn’t think he was capable of it! Believe me, if looks could kill, Emma’s parents would be arranging a funeral!

Poppy and Lizzie weren’t in school so I had to sit on my own in Geography. The 1st thing Dougie said to me when I walked in the room was, “What’s Emma been spreading about me?” He sounded so annoyed. I just answered, “Nothing.” Then I thought who he should really be blaming coz she shouldn’t have said owt in the 1st place and I said, “It was Lucy.” [Ooh, you little snitch!] She’s told quite a few people as far as I know but he wouldn’t believe me and kept saying, “It wasn’t Lucy.” I don’t know why he trusts her so much. She’s not quite as sweet and innocent as he might think!

Then Neil K butted in and said, “Emma’s always bullshitting about someone.” I didn’t react coz I don’t give a toss about what he thinks of Emma but I’d been given strict orders from her to find out what ‘the look’ was for this morning.

I sort of commented to Dougie about not really knowing what was going on, even though I do, I just don’t really want to get too involved and end up with Dougie hating me too. Selfish, I know.

Mrs C came in then and nowt else was mentioned until the end of the lesson. I wanted to ask Dougie if he was going to the cinema coz there’s a few people going on Friday but I didn’t want it to sound like I was asking him so I asked Neil instead. He said he wasn’t and then I said, “Are you?” to Dougie. He asked if Emma was going and I said she might be and he said, “Well I’m not going then!”

I’ve never known him get so annoyed with someone! [I bet I was well pleased. I could cross her of the competition-for-Dougie list.]


Why do I like him?! – 14th October 1997

Tuesday 14th Emma and I went in the Music rooms at lunch again and Ed and Dougie were there on the computers. They finished but we all stayed and talked anyway. One of the subjects was Davis. Davis and Lizzie and Davis and Adi!

Adi is this boy in Year 11 and, since yesterday, everyone’s been saying that he admitted to a mate that he was gay and fancied Davis! Emma walks home with him sometimes and has told me before that people have said (and she thought) he was gay. Adi is also said to be using his middle name and Emma pointed out to me that Davis uses his middle name too! [Did we think that meant they were made for each other?]

The other main subject was ice skating. You see, Hayley doesn’t want to go anymore so it looks like it’s just going to be Freddie Bevan, Dougie, me and Emma.

November 1996 - Ice skate

Dougie was eating his lunch whilst talking to us. It was gross! He was shoving it all in his gob and snorting and sniffing (I think he’s got a cold) and he had to keep opening his mouth to breathe. Urgh, it was horrible and then he had an apple and something made him laugh and it went everywhere!

Why do I like him?! [Perhaps it was balanced out by the way he nibbled biscuits so delicately.]

ox BYE! xo