The only thing I lost on Friday night was an earring!! – 10th & 11th October 1999

[I didn’t write in my diary on the 11th October but Cat was piecing together what had and hadn’t happened at Natalie’s party…]

Cat’s Sunday 10th


You’ll never guess. Amanda’s just been on the phone and thankfully the only thing I lost on Friday night was an earring!!

BUT… Chris says I had a, urm… romantic rematch with Charlie Wilson, which I have no recollection of whatsoever. That could make for some awkward situations.

I’m definitely teetotal but, on Amanda’s advice, only in male company.

Oh, another thing Chris says is that I kept pushing him against fences on the way home. Well. It was SO him doing the pushing. I’ve got a bruised lower back and a coat stained with fence treatment to testify to that. At one point I had to physically fight him off.

I’m relieved I didn’t do what I feared I might have though and Amanda’s been such a good friend about this. SHE spoke to Chris; SHE told everyone that I hadn’t done it etc. Top mate.

I just rang Lizzie’s house. Her mum says she’ll ring me later on cos she’s at work at the mo. I need to get Lizzie setting the record straight before I get to college tomorrow.

(10:20 ish)
She didn’t ring.

I’m not feeling well. Sore throat, headcold, and tomorrow I have to face Chris, Charlie, Dougie and everyone. It’s Open Evening at the high school tomorrow too, which means I’m in the orchestra with Charlie and Dougie while we perform for the parents and Year 6 kids. Not good.

Earlier, I remembered a moment from the party when one of Rich Dawson’s friends asked me to go with [snog] him (his sister, Jen, used to be my best mate in primary school). He was embarrassed, had a go at his mate and scarpered. I should have gone after him. That would have been so cool – Jen’s little bro. (15 or 16 though!) He’s really nice looking now too – and I hadn’t seen him for five years but he remembered me for some reason.

My Monday 11th I went to Alex Ferguson’s testimonial match tonight. Here’s the ticket:


It was really good to be there. Man Utd lost to the rest of the world and the old United players but it wasn’t a serious scoreline because we had dancing goalies coming forward and stuff like that. The only player that really got booed was Vialli and then there was another reason behind the cheer for Cantona coming on because Vialli went off! I’m glad I got to go. Thanks Lizzie!

I found out that if my Auntie G hadn’t have decided to have an extra half hour in bed that morning, she would’ve been on one of the trains involved in the Paddington rail disaster. She was so lucky.

Cat’s now saying it’s a lie about the Chris Kelly-Banks (that’s his name) thing. It’s all round the college but she only came in the afternoon because it was someone’s funeral this morning. Cat’s neck is covered in love bites though.

Julian fancies Lucy Jacobs so in Biology I was questioning him on whether that was the person whose name he wouldn’t say on Friday. It was. I then deliberately got onto who Aled likes because I wanted to know but Julian wouldn’t say. Lizzie then tuned in and started asking who it was. Julian said he’d tell Lizzie but not me because I had a big mouth.

Lizzie went over and he whispered to her. It turns out it’s me. Mind you, this is according to Julian. He said Aled thinks I’m alright or something.


Cat’s Monday 11th Today has been such a long day.

As soon as I got to college (in tears and nervous) all my friends were really sympathetic and they now all know that the rumour isn’t true.

In Art, Mr D found out about my, er, neck problem. He said he’s only ever had one, from a girl called Angela, and said to rub toothpaste into them. It worked a little bit – six layers of foundation later I was able to wear my orchestra t-shirt without looking too much like a giraffe.

I think my mum may have noticed though – she’s a bit quiet.

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