Loot (+ Pillage!) – 12th & 13th January 2000

Wednesday 12th The Hayley-Andy situation is not too good again. He’s told her she’s too pushy and sends too many text messages and phones too much. I very nearly told her to stop ringing him after about the 8th time the other day for the very reason that it might annoy him but I decided against it because of Hayley’s temper.

Sarah has also decided that ?Mark’s a creep so she’s stopped texting him. I am doing it on her behalf again. He actually wanted us to go bowling tonight but we couldn’t. Well, this has all blown any chance I had of seeing Stu again.

I went skiing after school today but unfortunately it was only to the dry ski slope in Runcorn. We are being prepared for the school ski trip to France in February. I’ve done it before because I went to Austria with school 2 years ago (it doesn’t seem that long!) so I could manage pretty well but Abby was having trouble!

I got my white belt at kickboxing tonight. I’m dead proud of it! It’s not very impressive (or scary!) when you say you’re a white belt but I don’t care. I think it’s cool!


P.S. ?Mark says he’s known Stu since he was 6. Aaah!!

Thursday 13th In the room I hang round in at college, someone’s brought in a white board and people started putting daft advertisements about each other up. At the top it says “Loot (+ Pillage!)” for a title and then the adverts say stuff like:

In the lost and found section there was stuff like:

  • Lost:- Virginity. If found please contact me on…

There were 2 that included me:

  • Tess wanted for carpet-licking contest! Please contact Freda on 07876 ******.
  • Vicious rumours + bitchyness by Tess on 07876 ******.

One about Lizzie was done in hope that she’d get the hint. It said:

Hearing problems? Contact Lizzie Bond got constant repetitions until you die of boredom. Tel: 07900 ******.

I thought it was a bit mean but it didn’t work, anyway.

Hayley sent a message to Andy last night and Stu was replying to them. Then she told him I fancied him and he said he had a dog called Tess. Today she got a message off Andy saying that Stu is bisexual with a girlfriend. Bloody typical!! Sod him then!

I’ve been sending messages to ?Mark for Sarah today. He said he likes blondes but brunettes are sexier. Good! That’s what I like to hear! I also told him later on that I don’t fancy Stu, just to try and save any embarrassment.

Lizzie sent me a message before. She’s been talking to Damon and he said Leon’s got a new girlfriend. We don’t know her but she’s a friend of David’s. I’m not sure which David they mean though. There was still a slight him of jealousy there!


It’s just bloody typical – 9th & 10th January 2000

Sunday 9th Andy’s broken it off with Hayley. She was in tears on the other end of the phone to me before saying how she didn’t understand. I feel really sorry for her actually. It’s just bloody typical, isn’t it?! Just as things seem to be going well, everything changes for worse. She said he wanted to meet in her village today but she was doing something else and couldn’t so he told her to just forget it and said that they weren’t really suited anyway.

I’m also pretty gutted cos this means that I probably won’t see Stu again. I really like him too. I was disappointed when I woke up this morning cos I dreamt I was actually going out with him!

Amir apparently didn’t say much on the text message subject at swimming today. So that’s another thing that’s ended, my contact with Amir.

My calling credit ran out completely on my phone today so I’ve got the bloody Vodafone woman nagging me to arrange a top up now.


10th January I want driving lessons. The problem is that I can’t afford them myself and I feel guilty letting Mum and Dad pay because, even though they would, they can’t really afford it either.

I’m sick of everyone around me talking about lessons they’ve had or ones they will have and asking why, if I’m 17, am I not learning to drive. I’m having to pretend to my parents that I’m not fussed because if they thought I was then they’d feel guilty and pay which’d make me feel awful too. I don’t want that.

Hayley said that she’s going to tell Andy that I fancy Stu. I don’t want her to cos if I know he knows then it’ll be really awkward if I see him again. I’d rather just let stuff happen itself if it’s going to at all, rather than be pushed into it with all the awkwardness that comes along too.

I had a text conversation with Andy’s mate Mark (who will be known as ?Mark because I don’t know his full name and there are too many Marks about). It began with a message from him saying, “R U NOT TALKING 2 ME NOW? I ONLY KNEW U WERE AT LA BOWL WHEN ANDY TOLD ME ON THE WAY HOME – SORRY!”

I then had to explain that I wasn’t really bothered because it was Sarah who was interested not me and that I’d just helped her to write the messages. He started sending her messages then which is good because she’s happy now. He told her that Andy’s a bit geeky!

Hayley said that she spoke to Stu briefly last night. He answered Andy’s phone and said he’d get him to talk but he didn’t succeed. She also reckons he texted her saying nice stuff like she was a good kisser just to make her feel better. She doesn’t think it’s the kind of thing Andy’d say. She agrees with me that Stu’s sweet.



What a waste of a fine, fine creature – 7th January 2000

Friday 7th Freda has been slagging off Lizzie now for going on and on about Gethin in front of Sarah because it’s common knowledge that Sarah fancies him. I suppose it is a bit unfair.

The other day, Sarah started sending messages to Hayley’s Andy’s mate. Her batteries ran out yesterday so I said I’d send them from my phone because she wasn’t sure what to say either as he’s a bit pervy. The first message she sent to him was, “Roses r red, apples r green, I’ll open my legs + u can fill me with cream!” [Ew! Sarah!!] It’s dirty but so’s he. It was from a message sent to Lizzie from one of her swimmer mates yesterday. We thought it was quite good so she used it!

He replied saying something about, “Are you good?” and “Your place or mine?” So she sent another saying, “Oh believe me I am! How about somewhere in between? Roses r red, my pants r blue, I’ll take them off + let u get through!” (Sorry, I usually write out text message stuff in capitals. I forgot. I’ll do the rest how I usually do. Just thought I’d say so to save any confusion as to why I’ve changed back to capital letters.) The poem sent in that message was my creation. I was quite proud!


She sent another back with more poetry saying, “DO U NOT THINK I’M A GOOD POET? HERE’S ANOTHER ONE: ROSES R RED, HOMER IS YELLOW, U SOUND LIKE A SHAGGABLE FELLOW! HOW LONG IS URE…..?” (That’s Homer as in Homer Simpson.)


The next message we got from him was, “HELLO SWEETIE, HOW YA DOING? IS YOUR MATE GOING 2 HAVE ANDY?!” We sent one to him asking if he was going bowling tonight but he didn’t answer so we sent, “HEY BABE! R U GONNA ANSWER ME OR NOT? HERE COMES SOME MORE OF MY STUNNING POETRY: ROSES R RED, MY COAT IS BLACK, I WANT U TO HAVE ME FLAT ON MY BACK!” Isn’t it good?! [We clearly didn’t have enough college work at this point in time.]



I’m just including these in here for future reference so I can delete them from my phone.

I went bowling tonight with Hayley, Rachael and Georgia. Everyone else went to the cinema but you can’t hang about and talk there which is why I didn’t go. 4 blokes (3 aged 21 and 1 aged 23) were on the lane next to us. Rach and I thought they were horrible and creepy but the other 2 didn’t. We went on the dodgems with them and then in the bar.

Rach and I kept our distance and so did Hayley when they got more pissed. She says she saw them passing packets to each other and they kept disappearing to the toilets and stuff. I think they were doing drugs so we went home.

Georgia snogged 2 of them before we left though. One of them was really red coz he’s been on a sunbed and said he had a white bum though. He bloody well showed us! I was glad to be rid of them. They kept saying I looked intelligent!

There were loads of fit lads there too. One of which was constantly staring at me. This time I don’t just think he was, he actually WAS staring at me! Even when I looked back he didn’t look away. As soon as he came in our direction though, the bloody taxi came!

I’ve just been informed Jacqueline’s going out with Danny Barnes. NOOOO! What a waste of a ‘fine, fine creature’ as Lizzie’d put it! BUGGER!


I still kind of want his attention – 5th January 2000

Wednesday 5th For the first day back at college after Xmas, it wasn’t actually too bad! I didn’t really see Adrian for a start, although I’ve got to face him in double Geography 1st thing tomorrow morning.

I saw Trotter from a distance and he’s got a new white coat (probably what he bought in the JD Sports sale yesterday!) which makes him look like a snowman. That’s not good.

Didn’t see much of Ollie but Charlie grinned at me.

I found out that Emma spent most of the night with Nathan at Gavin’s on New Year’s Eve. I’m not too bothered though.

Mr P noticed I’d had my hair cut and said it made me look more sophisticated. I think that was a compliment! Unusual for him!


[Looking totes sophis that year with my shorter hair and Bacardi Breezer in hand.]

Floyd Miller fancies Karen Brent but she’s going out with Russ on Saturday to the cinema.

I was getting on quite well with Hayley today. She actually wasn’t annoying me! Also, on the phone tonight, she apologised for repeatedly not speaking to me and stuff and admitted it was because she was jealous of my friendship with Lizzie. It surprised me that she admitted it and I thought it was quite brave of her to do so. She said she was just feeling a bit left out. I think Andy’s doing her some good!

I found out that Danny Barnes’s middle name is Campbell! Ha ha!! It was on the General Studies group list on the notice board.

I was on the phone to Lizzie after school and we mentioned Amir. We’ve been ringing his mobile all day to see if he had it switched on so we’d know if he’d got his message so I decided to try it again on my mobile. I was talking away to Lizzie and I didn’t realise it’d rung until I heard a lad say, “Hello?”

I got a message from Lizzie before when she got back from swimming saying, “HA HA HA! AMIR GOT SARAH’S MESSAGE + HE WAS SAYING HE WANTS 2 KNOW WHO SENT IT. IT WAS SO FUNNY. I HAD 2 TRY SO HARD NOT 2 LAUGH + I DIDN’T.” I was the one who sent it but it was from Sarah’s phone because Leon’s got my number so Amir could’ve found out.

I feel really shady now. In a way, I want her to say that it was me. I’m not sure why though. I don’t fancy him but I still kind of want his attention. [Liar. I did fancy him.] He’s the only lad in her swimming lot who’s a possibility if I get bored, I suppose!


“Do you want a cold?” – 18th December 1999

Saturday 18th The party last night was yet again quite eventful. I think I’ll begin with me. I could’ve snogged 3 lads but I managed to keep a certain amount of self-control.


[My Christmas party attire.]

First of all, there was Ollie Bramwell. He kept asking me, “Where did you get those legs?!” and saying how I should show them off around college more. I was quite flattered but I kept avoiding him. I’ve already met [snogged] him before anyway at another of Freda’s parties. Keira and I were telling him how we were going to do an Xmas strip but Davis was the one who wanted us to do it and he didn’t turn up (we wouldn’t have done anyway though!) and Ollie was trying to convince us to do it anyway.

Then there was Charlie Wilson. I’d been getting on quite well with him all night and he asked me twice to meet [snog] him. He asked indirectly by saying, “Do you want a cold?” I told him I already had one and he asked, “Do you want another one?” I refused him quite simply by saying no. After that he kept giving me hugs and later when we were sat on a sofa he said, “You can snog me if you like.” I started going on about how Cat wouldn’t be too pleased and then luckily he went home. I couldn’t have done anything with him after the amount of piss taking I did out of Cat in Belgium. I’d have been laughed at anyway.

As most people were leaving the party, Adrian Ford turned up. He kept talking to me and putting his hands on my waist as he was doing so. To start with I did my best to avoid him too but then I got bored and found out that most other people had got a snog out of the party so I thought, “Sod it” and took the next opportunity. This was when Adrian went to see if Nigel Groves was okay and he dragged me with him outside, only to find Nigel being sick around the corner.

We left him to it and headed back to the house but Adrian stopped me and we ended up meeting [snogging] each other twice. He wasn’t bad but kept hitching my skirt up and trying to get in my top so I went inside before somebody saw me.

A while later he followed me into Freda’s room and I snogged him again. This time his hand ventured but stayed on the outside of my clothes so I didn’t care! He asked if I was alright, I said yes but took the opportunity to mention that Cat (who was on Freda’s bed) might wake up so we went and he went home pretty soon after.

While I was trying to get some sleep last night, I was putting all the lads I’ve kissed into a list from best to worst! This may seem cruel but, unless they’re psychic, they won’t know. It goes:-


Now I get onto what happed with other people. This could take a while. The expected happened between Lizzie and Gethin, and Gethin made me take a photo of them mid-snog! Gethin also met [snogged] Hayley and Rachael but that was for part of a bet. To complete the bet, he also had to snog Cat and Julian Olsen which he didn’t do. He went back to Lizzie for the rest of the night and kept thanking me for pushing them together with my superb match-making skills!

He really likes her but after he’d left she snogged Anton Roper. He was creeping on to me a bit too, I forgot about that. I was stood next to him and he was rubbing his hand further and further down my back until I moved then he kept feeling my leg when I was trying to sleep on the floor.

My match-making also worked with Karen and Floyd Miller. Before they arrived I’d said I was going to do it and I kept making her sit on his knee and stuff and they ended up meeting [snogging] each other.

Emma was having stalker trouble with Neil Kennedy. He cornered her and was saying how much he loved her and gave her a diamond heart-shaped pendant. I rescued her because I came round the corner to find a drink and saw her trying to get rid of him so I started up a conversation with Emma and told him someone was looking for him. She is now seeing Orson Platt but doesn’t want to be now she’s sobered up!


[Orson & Emma]

Maisie Jones snogged Tunde S and then Adrian. I don’t care coz I don’t like Adrian like that. I was just drunk and bored!

Big Paul upset Cat by meeting [snogging] her and then buggering off with Keira.


[Big Paul & Keira]

There’s more stuff but I can’t quite remember what it is just yet!

Zoe rang me before to see if I’d go to the cinema with her, Reevesy, Brett and Ste because Hayley wasn’t going but I couldn’t because I had to go and see Grandma S.

It’s not good at Grandma’s. She’s had a bit of a fire but must have managed to put it out, her sink in the kitchen was blocked, the basin upstairs was blocked and it looks like there’s been a flood upstairs in the bathroom at one point coz all the paper on the ceilings is coming off. I got a bit upset actually because Mum’s really worried but Grandma’s being stubborn and won’t come and stay with us for a few nights until everything’s sorted.

The other thing was there was a mini explosion when Dad tried to switch the TV on. Grandma had wiped it down with water because it’d been smoke damaged. I hope she’ll be alright.


Let’s way up the pros and cons – 20th August 1999

Friday 20th I had a phone call from Gethin Turner this morning asking if I wanted to go bowling with him, Anthony, Emma and Keira. I couldn’t really go because I was going with Mum and Abby to see Grandma S in the afternoon. When I first picked up the phone and heard a lad’s voice, I thought it was Duncan but then realise the voice did not have a Scottish accent. Then I thought it was this lad called Adam from Stoke on Trent who I used to talk to on the internet. Then the voice said its name was Gethin. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed!

This afternoon we took Grandma on a trip to Tesco to try and make her buy some food because she hardly has any in at home and most of that went off in about 1992. Grandma gave Abby and I £21 each so we bought the Now 43 album which contains Better Off Alone (sob, sob!!). Duncan’s got that album and so has Rhian so the whole lot kind of has a Wick feel to it!

This evening I ended up at the Sports Club (groan, yawn!!) with Hayley and Milla Green. Gethin turned up later with The Brownies (a sad group of lads and one very sad girl who are actually Venture Scouts, whatever they are, but we think our title suits them much better!) and came over to talk to us. He said he didn’t go bowling in the end but he thinks the others did.

Then he started talking about last night. Milla sat in silence but Hayley went all moody and started going on about how she was never invited to “Swing Band get-togethers”. Gethin pointed out that she’s not actually in Swing Band but, other than last night and only because it was a last-minute thing, I always ask her along. She got over it eventually when they began reminiscing about primary school but no doubt she had a good one-way bitching session to Milla about me after I’d gone.

I’ve got a decision to make about tomorrow night. Hayley wants me to go to The Plough with her but Keira wants me to go to her brother’s party. Let’s way up the pros and cons.

The Plough
If I go there with Hayley, I’ll feel less guilt because she asked me first and she’s meant to be my best mate so I shouldn’t really dump her like that.

Although, there’s no guarantee she’ll even be going because her sister (who’s about 30, may I just add – not a good image!) is meant to be chaperoning (or however you spell it!) her with her husband but that’s only if she can find a babysitter. If she can’t find one, Hayley can’t go which means a night in front of the TV.

Also, Milla’ll probably go and it’s so awkward trying to make conversation. I suppose that means if I don’t go then Hayley wouldn’t be on her own.

If I decided to go to the party and not with Hayley, she’ll go in a major mood for weeks, tell everyone how two-faced I am (Her and Emma don’t get on. She and Emma, even!) and hold it against me forever.

Believe me, falling out with Hayley is more trouble than it’s worth.

Keira’s bro’s party
If I go there, I’ll feel guilty about Hayley but, at the same time, I’ll probably be having more fun than I would otherwise.

The things that are bothering me about this party are that it’s Robert’s, not Keira’s, so I don’t know how he’d feel about me turning up.

Also, I’m not really friends with him or his mates. In fact, I can’t stand most of those bitchy girls and self-obsessed lads who he’s mates with but I could just talk to Emma, Keira, Anthony etc.

Gethin said he’s not going so that’s one person down.

The thing that worried me about not going is that Emma and Keira will stop inviting me places if I keep turning them down. I’ve already done it once today and they might think I don’t want to go anywhere with them or that I’m really sad and just don’t want to go anywhere if I say I can’t go again.

Okay, I think I’m done with that. I’ll just have to see what happens tomorrow if anyone phones and decide when I’ve spoken to people.


They’d probably find amusement in making me squirm! – 18th & 19th August 1999

Wednesday 18th I couldn’t stop crying last night because I was missing everyone so much in Wick. It’s horrible knowing it’s ages before I’ll see them all again. I just want Duncan to give my hand a comforting squeeze like he did when Melanie came over on Sunday night but I’m not going to get anything like that off him for a good few months.

I’m also worried that he won’t keep in touch. Abby was online tonight and Laura came on too but all they really chatted about was Ashley Ewart. We mailed Laura and told her to get Duncan to mail me but I’m not sure that he will and phoning’s too expensive and writing a letter takes time. We’ll see I suppose.

I went to see Hayley this afternoon. I told myself I wouldn’t go on and on about Scotland because she might have got jealous and gone all moody but I did… constantly. Surprisingly though, she didn’t seem to mind. I thought she might get on my nerves too because she was doing a bit before I went away but I actually found that I was quite glad to see her after all.


Thursday 19th I went round to Hayley’s this afternoon to help her babysit her nieces. All we did was play Monopoly and we all lost to Hayley… badly! She bought Park Lane and Mayfair, put 3 houses on Park Lane and a hotel on Mayfair and we all landed on one of them on nearly every time round.

I also picked up my photographs while I was in the village. Some of them are from Belgium and some are from Wick. There are about 5 with Duncan on and he doesn’t look particularly nice on any of them.


That doesn’t bother me because I know he looks a bit better in real life but I only showed Hayley a couple because she might not have been quite as jealous about me having a boyfriend if she’d seen what he looked like on some of the photos! Now I couldn’t have that, could I?!

Rhian phoned this evening. She said she’d not seen much of Duncan but she seemed to think I’d phoned him already because that’s what her mum told her. Great, so Auntie S knows. It’s going to be so embarrassing if she’s told my parents and then they ask me about it. I’ve actually got no idea how they’d react though. I suspect they’d probably find amusement in making me squirm!

I hope Duncan’s not getting too teased about it. He has my sympathy, having to live up there with half of Wick knowing about us. Most of them wouldn’t go out of their way not to embarrass him either!

I went to Keria’s tonight. Emma phoned me up and said she was already there and that Gethin Turner and Anthony Wiley were on their way and did I want to come. Nothing much interesting happened. We just sat there talking. By the sounds of it, nothing much interesting happened in their lives (unless they weren’t telling me some things) while I was away.

Oh, except that Maz P dumped Keira, he said because he was going on holiday but really he’s just gone off her. Gavin’s apparently madly in love with some girl called Ali but she fancies Maz. I think Nathan is still single. Oh yeah, but I’m not!

A Level results came out today. Only a week to go until I get my GCSE results. Ooh yey, can’t wait… NOT!!!