The smell was lovely and so was the man – 24th-26th July 1999

Saturday 24th We went to Bruges. It is absolutely gorgeous there. All the buildings are really old and there are canals and horses and cobbled streets. We visited a chocolate factory. The smell was lovely and so was the man giving us the talk! [Here he is…]


We went on a boat trip round the canal on which most people fell asleep! We then got to walk round where we wanted so we did.


That evening, Charlie Wilson seemed determined to get with Emma but she was determined not to let him! She really didn’t trust herself so she kept telling me to keep him away. I managed to keep sitting between them and stuff which she appreciated but he didn’t!

I ended up feeling really sorry for him and I apologised and ended up in a deep and meaningful, heart to heart conversation about why she wasn’t interested and things like that. I didn’t mind telling him but other people began to get suspicious as to why he wanted to be alone with me outside in the dark or in another corner of the room!


Sunday 25th Travelled back to England. The journey to Calais seemed fast and I bought a big bottle of Bacardi at the cash and carry. It was cheap, okay?!!

The ferry crossing was really calm and hot which was good. On a stop at a service station, Emma and I were sat by the emergency exit and as Charlie was getting out, she complained he tickled her foot. Well, on his way back on he did the same to my ankle. I didn’t mention it!

When we finally arrived back, I said my goodbyes to everyone and they all said they’d keep in touch but I don’t expect it to be honest.


Monday 26th Hayley’s phoned me 3 times today. I filled her in on stuff and she told me what I’d missed which wasn’t much. She told me she’d collected glasses in the Sports Club and had spoken to Ste Rollinson and she now knows where he lives coz she saw him in the garden or summit. She also told me that Milla Green (lottery jackpot winner’s granddaughter) is moving back from Australia to Warrington.

I have a bit of a dilemma now. I told Hayley I’d go with her so she can show me where Ste lives tomorrow maybe but then Emma rang before (which I really didn’t expect) saying that Gethin had just phoned and was going round at 1:30pm tomorrow and she wants me to go. I was the 1st person she phoned which I was pleased about and she was phoning the rest later. I dunno what I’ll tell Hayley though coz she’s bound to ring here.

I’d rather go to Emma’s, you see, and Hayley’ll be deeply suspicious that I’m going to leave her out and be best mates with Emma again. I don’t want to do that to her so she has no reason to think it but she will. I’d lie but if she found out it’d make matters worse.

This could just be a one off and Emma’ll get sick of me again once Suzanna comes back off her hols and Emma’s parents get home from theirs but I don’t want to miss anything. I just feel so guilty about Hayley coz whatever I say, she’ll think the worst. She just won’t trust me.


I’m single out of choice – 20th July 1998

Monday 20th Guess what. Yet again I’m bored. It must have summit to do with the fact that it’s raining and I have no homework.

I’ve had quite an easy day actually. I’ve been to 2 primary schools to give the Swing Band a practice before we go to Paris. This morning we went to Newlane and I had Hayley’s nieces waving and smiling at me all the way through and there was her nephew too on the front row.

In the afternoon we played at Mum’s school. This time half the school was waving at me and my mum pointed me out to her class. She also happened to be equipt with a camera.

Then Mr P made us stand up if we went there. It was good overall, even though we made a few kids cry coz we were too loud. There were loads sat there with their hands over their ears too. I thought we sounded really good actually.

I saw Ferny for the 1st time in about 2 weeks. He’s had his hair cut but is still looking as gorgeous as ever. He caught me staring at him too outside form room so I had to quickly divert my gaze to Ralph in hope that he didn’t notice.

Charlie Wilson is worrying me. He keeps smiling at me and talking to me. He’s never really bothered before.

Emma’s gone over to the pub across the road from my house this evening so she said she’d phone me later so we can sort out cinema arrangements. We’re meant to be seeing Godzilla at 6:00pm on Thursday so we need to tell people that and maybe ask a few more if they wanna come. It’s very unlikely that it’ll all go to plan, it never does.

So far there’s me, Rach, Emma, Ralph, Freddie and Graham going. I also want someone to ask Ferny. We also might get Dougie, Lena, Olivia, Lindsey, Ed and Davis to come and possible Jade and Hayley. We already know Georgia can’t come and Rach and I aren’t sure whether we want Hayley to come or not. It’s just if everyone else comes, we can’t not invite her.  Rach is just worried she’ll flirt with Graham and I’m worried she’ll get Ferny. She always comes up with a seating plan too which doesn’t involve any of the rest of us sitting with who we want to be sat with but we know that if we don’t keep her happy she’ll throw a tantrum, go depressed and will probably cry.

I know she likes Ferny though coz last time we went to the Sports Club she was regretting changing her mind and not going out with him. I reckon she’s gonna ask him out again coz she wants a boyfriend.

If I started getting all depressed like she does about not having a boyfriend I’d just remember that I’m single out of choice coz I had a chance with Ralph and didn’t take it.

Anyway, I might write again later when we’ve phoned people but I don’t reckon Emma’ll ring me. So…


P.S. Mr P’s getting married to some woman that’s been hanging round all day. He told a few people and now most people know. Yuk!

Jingle jangle silver bangle – 12th February 1998

Thursday 12th I’m going skiing tomorrow, finally! I’m not going to take this diary with me coz I will be terrified of someone getting hold of it. Instead, I’m just going to take a notebook and then I can write down roughly what happens in Austria and write it up when I come home again.

It’s Friday 13th tomorrow and everyone’s worried that we won’t make it across the English Channel. Then it’s Valentine’s Day and then it’s Charlie Wilson’s birthday on 21st Feb.

Emma told me what she’d write if she sent any Valentine’s cards. This is is:-

Jingle jangle silver bangle,
You look fit from every angle.

Then she said she was gonna put the johnny she got off Vanessa Wood in the card too. Stupid girl.

I’m really worried that I’m gonna forget summit. I mean, I’ve got tomorrow morning too coz most people going skiing are staying off ‘til 12:00 noon.

Oh well…


Emma’s not my favourite person – 16th November 1997

Sunday 16th Well, Emma’s not my favourite person today. She said she’d ring me this morning and she didn’t so (as usual) I ended up phoning her. Her sister answered so I told her to tell Emma I’d called.

I was bored all day then she phoned me this evening and said she’d been out all day with Suzanna (some mate of hers) at Charlie Wilson’s house. I was pretty annoyed. [Probably because of the whole secretly fancying him thing.] She could’ve phoned to see if I wanted to go. He only lives a couple of miles away, I cudda biked it. [No. I don’t like ‘cudda’. I don’t like it at all.]

Also, yesterday she was all about how sorry she was about leaving me out on Friday and then she only goes and does it again today.

Well anyway, I’ve decided to forget about it if she apologies tomorrow but I’m going to see if she does it herself without me telling her to. Oh, actually, I might give her until Wednesday coz she’d got a sponsored silence tomorrow. I don’t think she’ll keep it up!

I’ve got an assembly on Wednesday too which I’m dreading. I’ve got tomorrow lunch to practice and that’s all!


I don’t think he trusts me at all – 23rd October 1997

Thursday 23rd Yuk, pink! Hold on, I’ll just change the cartridge. Actually, it’s a waste. You’ll just have to put up with it! [Was I writing this at myself? I certainly didn’t ever want anyone else to read it!]

The basketball assessment was hard but the lowest mark was 14 out of 25 so it was over half. We’re doing volleyball next after the hols. I’ve never done it before. It could get interesting!

I had a Geography test this morning. It was all the stuff I hadn’t really looked at! I made a stupid mistake which I only realised after I’d handed it in. I’d put 15,000mm instead of 150mm or summit coz I’d read the bloody graph wrong!

Dougie seems to be ignoring me. He just doesn’t start up conversations with me like he did once. Poppy wasn’t in today so she probably won’t be in tomorrow which means I’ll have to sit on my bill next to Dougie. It’s embarrassing coz you’ve got no-one to talk to and it looks like you’ve got no mates! I’m dreading it.

I was walking behind Charlie W again on my way to the primary school after school. He kept turning round. I don’t think he trusts me at all. I’ll have to stop teasing him about Emma.

Urgh!!! This colour’s gone weird!


I could actually like him! – 7th October 1997

Tuesday 7th I caught Dougie glancing at me today. Twice! [Thank GOD! Yesterday I thought he was never going to look at me again!]

First time was when he was coming up the stairs this morning for form and he walked past and glanced sideways at me. The second time he was coming down the stairs a few minutes later and he was sighing, I think, and he turn right round and looked at me again.

Too many people like him at the moment! There’s

Zoe’s sis in Year 7
Lizzie says she likes him but hasn’t mentioned him for a while
Emma denies liking him but I don’t believe her!

[They were just the ones I knew about. I definitely had more competition than that. Pretty much all the girls in school fancied Dougie because he’d moved from Cumbria and was therefore all exotic.]

Hmmm….. What else has happened today??? Oh yeah, Mrs P collapsed or something in the middle of the quad. I’ve heard so many different sides of it but I saw the ambulance.

I went to Swing Band this afternoon after school coz Mr P wants me and Emma to join for the Paris trip.

Davis kept winking at Lizzie in English so I asked him why and he just said something about her looking at him between blowing his bloody trumpet down my ear!

Charlie W kept smiling at me too. I hate to admit this but… well… he sorta looks cute when he does and I could actually like him! [I KNEW IT!!! There’s been way too much in my diary about how much I didn’t like him for that to be true. The lady doth protest too much and all that.]

Urgh!!! What am I saying?! Anyway, he hardly ever smiles and when he does, I’d better just not look!

Dougie was in the Music block at lunch actually. He was in a practice room with a few other lads on the kit. They all went out so he said he’d come and stand with us instead of being on his bill.

Hey, I hope Dougie doesn’t like Emma! He’s so horrid to her. Maybe he does it for attention! I hope not!


What a babe! – 6th October 1997

Monday 6th At lunch today, Zoe went over and asked Charlie W if he’d go out with Emma. He didn’t say anything at first but then Danny Barnes (What a babe!) came over and asked me (ME!!!) which one it was. I pointed to Emma and asked him what Charlie said. He just told me no. I don’t think Charlie ever actually goes out with anyone, he just goes with [snogs] ‘em!

Dougie won’t look at me. Whenever I walk past him I always try to look discreetly at him to see if he’s looking at me. I don’t know if he really doesn’t notice me or if he’s doing what I do! I’m starting to think he doesn’t even like me now!


October 1997 - JDDB

[…and secretly CW]