Snogging Code

To protect our exploits from the prying eyes and ears of parents and teachers, my school friends and I developed a Snogging Code. We added to it over the years and it became the one you see below. Although, I’d just like to point out that use of the higher numbers was never necessary.

Snogging Code
1 = Snogging
2 = Copping a feel (usually in the bra zone or nether regions over clothing)
3 = Hand to nether regions
4 = Mouth to nether regions
5 = Sex
6 = Backdoor sex
7 = Threesome
8 = More than threesome
9 = Sex with an animal
10 = Sex with a dead person
11 = Sex with a dead animal

If you ever had your own code for such dealings then I would LOVE to hear about it. You can get in touch via the contacts page or by using the form below.

If your teenage life was sans Snogging Code and you (Shock! Horror!) had to talk openly about incidents of heavy petting then you are very welcome to use this one whenever you see fit.


Tess x