My love life = virtually non-existent!! – 3rd & 4th October 1999

Sunday 3rd Rhian phoned today. Other than telling me stuff like Duncan’s had his hair cut and he’s got obvious sideburns and he’s been off school because he’s had a cold, she told me something quite spooky.

She said she’d just had MADD (music and drama thing) after school one day and she and some mate needed the toilet but the pupil ones were locked up so they had to use the staff ones. She said there were loads of lockers in there and a lot of them were empty. She opened one and something fell out. She picked it up and it was a note from Grandma L about Auntie S. Not only that but if she’d found it a day later, it would’ve been exactly 23 years old! She’s kept it and it’s in her room so it’ll probably be another 23 years before it’s ever found again!!


Monday 4th I have gossip! When I got to school this morning, Lizzie said she had something to tell me but not in front of other people so we went for a walk to the garage. She pretty much came straight out with it – that she’d snogged another lad when she went to this party at LA Bowl on Saturday.

He’s called Brett and he’s only 15 but she was getting on quite well with him and the people they were with were trying to get them together, most not knowing she’s going out with Oscar. She said they got left alone round a corner and it just sort of happened.

She said she’s feeling really guilty because of Oscar but she’s been getting a bit sick of him recently because he’s got really clingy and keeps acting all suspicious of other lads round Lizzie. She said she doesn’t really regret going with [snogging] Brett as much as she might have regretted not going with him because Oscar’s unlikely to find out anyway and she’s also considering dumping him but she’s just not sure how to.

More and more people are beginning to find out because she keeps going on about it and what a slapper she’s turning into. She’s only snogged one other lad! She’s making it into a bigger deal that it really is but I think she just likes the image of having lad trouble.

Personally, I’d rather she didn’t dump Oscar just yet (although it’s tight to keep him hanging on) because that’s really my only link to Aled and if he goes I’ve not got much of a chance.

Another thing that seems to be happening is something between Sarah and Big Paul. I heard there were getting on pretty well at LA Bowl on Friday (it all seems to be happening there!) and then today he took her to McDonald’s for lunch in his car. I know she likes him (I definitely can’t see the attraction!) but he wouldn’t tell me if he liked her. Probably the fact I was pretty much demanding to know if a room full of people didn’t help to get an answer out of him but later on, Zoe told me that he said he wasn’t sure if he liked her because he’d just had sex with his ex-girlfriend last night.

Yuk! I just don’t understand. Not only does he claim to have had a girlfriend but Sarah fancies him along with Georgia Dean and Grainne Maguire. He’s totally minging – tall, fat, greasy, freckly, horrid glasses – and he’s a complete creep!

The lads who fancied Hayley are apparently going bowling again on Friday. She says she won’t chicken out of doing anything this time.

So, Lizzie’s going out with one lad and is seeing another. Sarah is likely to get into a relationship type thing with Big Creepy Paul. If Hayley ends up being brave or drunk on Friday she could get an 18 year old called Michael who has a car.

Then there’s my love life = virtually non-existent!! There is Duncan I suppose and I’m meant to be going out with him but he’s not even going to be in Wick after Thursday because he’s going to Florida for a while. Never mind!


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