He called me all the names under the sun – 17th June 2000

Saturday 17th It’s the village Millennium thing today. Mum and I went to see the floats which were actually quite good. Clara Taylor was on the schools one dressed up as Geri Halliwell in the Union Jack dress. She saw me and said to the girl next to her, “That’s my brother’s girlfriend”. I lip read her and Mum must have done too cos she said they’d been talking about me after I’d told Mum who she was!

Tonight was that party for Jake’s mate Alex at the leisure centre. Jake’s dad gave me, Sarah and that Marco lad a lift there. He told us that Jake had told him not to speak so it wasn’t too bad! He’s got a big, green, T-reg Merc!

Sarah and I felt very out of place at the party cos Gethin and everyone else was already drunk and we didn’t really know anyone. Jake stayed with me though, even though all his mates were there. Sarah and Gethin were being really nasty all night. They’d both drunk quite a bit and that’s the effect it had. They both kept snapping at me and making snide little comments. At one point later on, I saw someone tumble out of the door and fall down the steps onto the floor behind the next table and roll about a bit! I was very amused to see that it was Sarah and that she’d gained a huge hole in her tights and 2 grazed knees!!

We left Alex’s at about 11:30 and got a taxi back to Floyd’s cos he was having a gathering at his house. A few people were sat watching TV in the living room so Jake and I went in there. Everyone else wandered off into the kitchen so we took advantage of the fact we were alone to get a bit of kissing done!

At one point, everyone moved into the garden and then Gethin appeared at the window and started singing! I went to shut the window but he wouldn’t let me. Eventually he wandered off and I shut the curtains. Jake and I then carried on kissing.

Unfortunately, Gethin came in and started singing and wouldn’t go away. He knew perfectly well he was being annoying but when I told him where to go, he called me all the names under the sun and then went!

We got up to 3 on him and I had to keep an eye out for people coming in cos he was lying there with his eyes shut! Nothing happened cos first Cat ran in telling us she’d just been chased by a dog, then Floyd came in and told us Sarah had gone missing, and then Sarah came in and whinged she wanted to leave so we gave up! Lizzie was the only one who left us alone! I think she understands what it’s like to be interrupted thought! I hope nobody realised what I was doing!

Anyway, Sarah was sat with us for ages so I eventually told her to just phone for a taxi. It wasn’t even that late, she only wanted to go cos Gethin and Lizzie were in the garden together or something. The taxi came within about 5 mins so Jake and I were very pissed off!

I had to try and be nice to Sarah cos she was stopping over at mine. Maybe I was being a bit selfish wanting to stay when she didn’t but Jake said she was the one being selfish cos she wouldn’t have wanted to leave so soon if she’d been with Gethin.


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